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My Astrologer & Love Horoscope iOS

My Astrologer & Love Horoscope 简介

Have questions about your future? My Astrologer lets you talk to REAL astrologers and advisors now and get accurate psychic readings on your device!

We provide you with a personal consultation with an experienced astrologer. Whether you are seeking general direction or have a specific question about love, life or anything else on your mind, our astrologers are available for you 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Even if you do not have a specific question at the moment, we will send you your weekly horoscope and information about astrological events. Be prepared for your week and know what the future is bringing!

How to use My Astrologer:

– Create a profile with your birth data
– Ask your question inside the app
– Your assigned astrologer will use your birth data to read your natal chart
– Receive your psychic reading
– Rate the reading to help us improve our service

IMPORTANT: Do you want a reading for someone else? Simply send us their birth details and let us know what issues you would like us to look into.

“Every question I have they give a very detailed psychic reading. I had a lot of love and relationship questions and each answer seems to be spot on. I definitely will continue to use My Astrologer. I LOVE IT!!!”

“Accurate readings! Not only are they accurate, but they give you your own free personal horoscope every week and that’s truly amazing … It gives you hope as well.”

“I was skeptical about astrology and psychics but I am a believer. Now, 6 months later, it is clear to me that their first readings were spot on accurate. I asked them about my potential for a good relationship with someone I work with. Exactly what they said happened. They told me precise details about how things were going to evolve. They were right and we are now an item celebrating our first month together. My Astrologer is the only astrology app that got all these fully accurate.”

No premium rate telephone calls or appointments to plan in advance; consult a professional astrologer inside the app.

– Ask your question with just a click
– Receive a personal reading from your astrologer
– Advice from experienced astrologers
– Lock the App with your personal pin code (PRIVACY GUARANTEED)
– Free personalized horoscopes and astrological event updates
– Professional customer support at hand

*Privacy: we will not share your information with anyone now or in the future. Don’t forget you can also lock this app with your personal pin number so anyone using your device will not have access to the app.

Ask anything, from a specific question to general guidance:

– Will I find love?
– When will I get married?
– Will the man I love come back to me?
– Will I be happy?
– Will I be rich?
– How many kids will I have?
– What does my future hold?
– Will I find a job?
– What career path should I follow?
– Where will I be in 5 years?
– What should I do to be successful?
– When will I die?
– What will happen to me in the next 12 months?
– Will I be successful in my career?
– Will I stay healthy?
– What is typical for my zodiac sign?
– What is my relationship compatibility with the man I have a crush on?
– And anything else on your mind…

We deliver the best astrological service.

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My Astrologer & Love Horoscope 下载

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Well said and accurate


My profile is entered but I can’t ask a question


This apps very inaccurate and the reader came off rude


Im putting full faith in this app. So far so good only time will tell.


All they give you is negativity! It’s better to kill yourself after their readings!


I love this app! I love the professionals who are apart of this app! They know their professionalism and disperse it to all of us wonderfully. I give this app a 5 star rating! Everyone should definitely download and give them a chance. You get to ask very personal, to the point questions, and they analyze it with your birth chart very well. I have not been let down at all since I got this app! I’m very spiritual and I love the extra help I’m getting! Thank you!!!! ✨📿✨


I never write reviews but I have to for this app! It is truly amazing. The astrologers work hard and have always given me accurate detailed responses. Thank you My Astrologer!


I’ve been using the app for two years or so and it has been dead on for some important events of my life. I wished they provided some premium service with longer question and answer with a little higher price, if necessary, because sometimes I could get only negative reading not accompanying some wisdom or encouragement.

Ann da star

This is pretty cool I was impressed sounds so realistic and as I’m reading I feel change and positivity can’t wait for the future !! ❤️❤️


I just tried this app a few times and my astrologer is amazingly right and I recommend this app – it does ask for money and could be addictive but he seems honest and intuitive – I have gotten to ask 2 questions but then app will ask for money for 1 or 2 w/ 1 free questions – 💕- love this app and their astrologers


Yes I asked a question about the new people that had moved in and the answer was very true..


I’ve enjoyed this service. They seem very accurate, I appreciate.

heather whatever

Gave me the cold hard honest truth and while it was not what I was hoping for, it is what I NEEDED to hear so desperately for the love of God! Anyway! Thank you!!


I’ve been using my astrologer for close to 4 years. Always the most intuitive, accurate insightful readings that bring hope and clarity.


I hope and everything they tell me is true 😆😆

r Leonardos undulati

Great app! Offers a free ask an astrologer question. My astrologer gave me some gteat advice that was on point. Kudos to Astrologer Michael.


They gave me comfort about my dude now I don’t have to worry any more


I liked my reading, it made sense and it was accurate thank you.


I love the fact that this app responds yo your question very neat and handy


Good advice!


Not too many apps like this one!


They always say the true


Keep up the good work.


Nice and accurate app.


Lame lame lame, called both people in the question asked a him, when clearly ones a guys name and one is a girls name, maybe there beginners idk but you can literally go to a cheap psychic for more accurate answers than what they give you , then the app has a weird glitch where it took forever to open, a clear “sign” to not use this ever again god forbid you pay for it


pretty much a good reading for the most part, i wish i can type more though because i accidentally hit the send button thinking i would be able to finish the questions they asked in a another message but then it prompted me with a message about purchasing, and thats when i knew it was too good to be true smh


Everything he told me was right on point, I loved my reading. Thank you


Thank you for everything


Clarity and peace of mind when you need it.

Yams gcdtn

Used to offer a free reading and astrology info now it’s all $$$$. Waste of time


I used this app for 6 years and there has been more inconsistencies than truths given to me. They have been wrong about a lot of things and have presented a negative tone while doing so. I would not recommend this app for seeking answers for your future. I can finally have relief deleting it. I would recommend Yhoda Pro. It’s more expensive but they have been spot on for me.


Perfect and right on the mark. Thank you!


On point reading. Just one star off because it could have been more detailed. Would have shed some lights on different aspects of life with this person as well as if there is a future with this person later in life.


Every question Iv asked, had an indirect answer. Also, if it was about future never came true. If it was about past, it wasn’t right. Waste of money!

Jemicia Olivia

The advice given on this forum it so on point that it makes the unknown is known! I appreciate the accurate readings I receive here, I want to be the best I can be in my relationship.


Every answer so far has been answered fully with complete accuracy. They’ll be my go to for life’s challenges and mysteries from now on!


Excellent very good! I like it.


I love it soooo much


Who knows if their answers are right. They are pretty mean and kind of dicks about everything.


Very nice and resonates. They definitely have great service. I enjoyed my reading, receiving honest answers.


I have been using this app for a few months now, and I am just amazed by how accurate it is. The astrologers know what they are doing and they try to give you as much clarity as possible. Really worth it!


That’s about the best way to get on with my life… I can’t even begin to start trusting her again,& I didn’t want to get back together again anymore… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS.!!!


Although I don’t know these people, the responses I’ve gotten have been genuine and I receive them well. Been having a hard time dealing with life and this app helped me with just one questioned answered.


At first this astrologer seemed to be dead on about my situation then after wasting about 50 bucks in readings I’m get very inaccurate answers and I’m not satisfied with the readings. I want a refund or credit to get my questions answered correctly. And this astrologer said he didn’t have my birth details. How were you able to tell me so much about my boyfriend chart without specific details just his date of birth.

YOLO more than once

Well done. Simply amazing.


Go to a real psychic. I’ve given fake situations and real ones and they say the same for each. Waste of money


This app has been so helpful!


I would say, of all the apps like this that I have tried, this is the most accurate.


Very happy with all my interactions I felt that each question was answered with honesty that I specifically connected with and I will continue to use this app and absolutely tell my friends.


Great app!


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