The super masterpiece of the action game “MEGA MAN X” now powered up!
With variety of weapons and reinforcing parts, break Sigma’s dark ambition down!!

◆Power-up points
1.【Supporting Retina Display!】
“MEGA MAN X”’s old graphic was localized!

2.【2 Display Modes!!】
In addition to “REGULAR MODE” which displays whole screen of the game, “FULL MODE,” which displays full iPhone display, is available!

3.【3 Levels of Difficulty!】
In “STORY MODE”, there are 3 choices (“EASY”, “NORMAL” and “HARD”) for the level of difficulty!
Choose “EASY”, so that some stepping stones will appear to prevent prayers falling!
If you are confident enough, try “HARD”!!

4.【Ranking Mode! (Function supporting Game Center)】
“RANKING MODE” to compete ranking with other users will be available!
Compete with score in “SCORE ATTACK”, and with time trial clearing stage in “TIME RACE”, for number of cleared stages in “ENDLESS”.
Brush up your skills, and aim the top ranking!!

5.【80 Challenges!! (Function supporting Game Center)】
20 challenges in the Opening Stage of “STORY MODE” (*1)!!
There are 60 in following stages, so there are 80 challenges altogether!
※(*1) does not supports Game Center.

6.【Support Items for Your Advantages to Play the Game on!!】
When you cannot find reinforcing parts while you are playing the game, or when you want to power up immediately, get the items from “CUSTOMIZE” screen!
“FULL ARMOUR”, “FULL WEAPON” etc. are available for you to carry on playing with advantages!
Try discounted “Perfect Set” to be strongest!
*Items are available as in-app purchase.
*To purchase the items 3G or Wi-Fi environment is necessary.


◆Operating Methods

Move・・・・・Direction button
Shot・・・Attack button
Jump・・・Jump button
Change Weapon・・・Change Weapon button on the right top

Quick Change・・・Try touching the top of the game screen! And scroll your finger right and left then let it go; you can change the weapon quick and easy!
Dismounting Ride Armor・・・Tap the icon on the right top



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Make part two like this


The touchscreen controls are hard to use because they are so far towards the middle of the screen. So many problems could be forgiven if MFi controller support was added so the problems with the touchscreen controls could be completely bypassed. I absolutely loved the touchscreen controls of this version of the game on the iPhone 4S’s but with larger phones the game has letterboxing on the left and right sides of the screen and it just stays that way the entire time.


Mega Man X is one of my favorite games of all time, and is one of the absolute best games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Unfortunately, this is by far the worst version of the game. HOWEVER, despite that, it is still playable on a phone once you get used to the weird controls. Playable is about all I can give it, unfortunately, as while the game’s level design is as good as ever, the game just looks…bad. The new art style for this version just doesn’t look good as the original or even the remake Mega Man Maverick Hunter X on PlayStation Portable. The music is still intact, thankfully, and there’s multiple difficulty modes and other extra features which are nice. Conclusion: If this is the only way you can play Mega Man X, it’s serviceable, but if you can, play it on other platforms. This is still one of the greatest games ever, it’s just a shame this port falls short.

Harmony Bay

Mega Man X brings back many good and some frustrating memories from my childhood. Now that iOS supports controllers, this game would benefit a lot by using that. Either way love this game and thanks for bringing it to the mobile platform. Cheers


Good game but it’s not full screen and has bad controls

Finn vanity

ADD one joyatick :v


A match made in heaven

chapter 3 is glitche

First of all, let me say this is so easy! And I am a huge fan of your games. (Keep up the good work!) But, to make it more challenging, could you put in Megaman X2, X3, X4, X4, X5, and X6? Thanks.


Megaman X has a special place in my heart , I’ve played the SNES game countless times , it was one of my first . This feels more like a bootleg than an official product , it’s slow, clunky , and you have pointless and awful achievements showing up every few seconds . The game is segmented into rooms you have to walk out of like an old PC sides scroll RPG.


Honestly this is a poor attempt at a port at best, I guess it was meant to be played on almost any phone, so for that I suppose it is a decent port, but for me it was a waste of money

epic animater

This game is a lot of fun but you should make it controller compatible then it would be way more fun

Adam Gonzebra

I bought this game because i wanted to play it on my new “steelseries nimbus+ controller”. But is not compatible at all! I wonder if capcom will ever update it for iphone xr or new ipad air 2019. I love the game but it is annoying that capcom knows exactly this game came out for snes and always used controller to play it. If you please update the app for the controller system compatibility it will be another story! Thanks for nothing capcom! 😒


Despite some drawbacks, this game delivers some great nostalgia for anyone familiar with it, although a bit less satisfying than the original, its mostly enjoyable for a couple bucks. A few drawbacks: – music doesn’t play without headphones 🙁 – controls less than ideal. Charging xbuster is automatic, which is more annoying that you might think. Dash/dodge and jump can be painful, especially at first. The Face is arguably the hardest enemy with these controls – no stage effects (when you beat a boss it doesn’t break a related stage) for some reason – a little glitchy and slow at times. Mech suit doesn’t always show up

salvatore tringali

I love X 2 3 and 4 but the time I saw this I was freaking out!!! When I played the stage start I loved the graphics, I loved the story line, I loved the X Buster, and when I found Vile, I was like Stop it you stupid robot!!!! But the molment I saw zero I was freaking out I was like what the freak am I playing!?! This is mega man X! But still I am stuck on sigma pt 2. But I think this app is amazing!!!!!!


Love the game and played it more than the super Nintendo classic port and is the only mega man x game I know how to play.

farting seal

MEGAMAN x is my most favorite game of all time. I have it on Super Nintendo and it awesome. I was surprised to see it on App Store and I have had a blast playing it on mobile thank you for making this possible


The game is so classic but brings hd which is cool it’s also not too hard but just right difficulty in normal and the boost oh Megaman is it good and fast, good for the flame mammoth level to. The only thing I have to get use to which is fine but I was expecting the slide but overall it is a great game for me and great for passing time with the easy chill penguin level. Capcom good Job 🙂

Ray Northman

I grew up playing megaman on the old NES and super NES systems. I would love to be able to connect a controller and play these so I can enjoy them on the go with my son.


Great game but a little bum that we can’t get the hadouken

scientist weirdo

When I press continue, it starts over. Bad game.


I was very skeptical about playing this game without a physical controller (the option of which should be added 🙂). However, I was able to control X pretty well without 1. The problem is that the display is very choppy. I am not sure if this is a problem with compatibility with the OS, as it looks like the last update was for iOS 11 & I am on iOS 13. Please fix this issue?


Make it work with a controller and put 2 and 3 please


I bought this game when it first came out and I still play it, Megaman is my favorite gaming series and this game is still a blast to play never had any issues within the game or controller wise game works great with touch screen. This is still a great classic, mixed up a bit between SNES and PSP versions. I like the colorful graphics, gameplay and sound track still rocks! I recommend this game highly especially is Megaman fans. The game doesn’t disappoint and it’s a solid version of MMX. Now capcom it’s been a longtime please make X 2&3 or release a X collection that would be amazing. 😎 or better yet bring the legend/Dash series to mobile 😉. Rock on!

Fox Dog

This is the greatest game ever! I have all the original games, plus Mega Man Zero, and I’ve played them all for a long time. When I got this game on my IPad, I was amazed with the updated graphics. I think it would be great if you did this to the rest of the series! 5 Stars!

David Z

A platformer that doesn’t support a physical controller is useless to me. Not only that but it is locked in one horizontal view and doesn’t support rotation either.


I cannot play this game the way it was intended to be. The controls are awkward and clunky, especially on an iPhone XR. Please improve the controls.

predator 23456789

I love this game but when you get to sigmas temple four make a checkpoint after you beat the dog and sigma please.


Makes this annoying to play without controller support

Bon Bon

It just makes me want to turn on my Super Nintendo and play the REAL game. Also for the people who keep calling the original Mega Man X 8-bit, it was actually 16-bit, so please stop pretending you know what you’re talking about.


Please! I just downloaded this and the onscreen controls are okay for most of the game, but when fighting a difficult boss or jumping across moving platforms, I need to use a controller. Update to support external controllers and get rid of on-screen controls!


Like first we have to get the hadouken with a different and difficult method, and we only get 2 lives. Like seriously CAPCOM. Can you at least make this game more like the original? Oh! Can you make X2 on mobile? plz make it free :/

Boys oh boys

I love this game. But we need x2 and x3


The game is absolutely impossible to play on an iPhone. Incredibly glitchy. Freezes. They force you to use a control pad in the left corner that can’t be moved. Screen doesn’t adjust to bigger screen. Have played all mega man games from 1 to X6. Waste of money. Don’t waste your time.


The controls are absolute garbage. Being able to jump and shoot is next to impossible, especially while wall jumping. If you played this game on SNES then you know how important this is. Also the movement function doesn’t work like a bunch of other mobile games, where if you move your finger slightly off the edge of the move button you will continue to move. In this game if you move your finger one centimeter off the button you just flat out stop moving. Very disappointing I was so happy for a dose of nostalgia from a game I spent 100+ hours on as a kid.


now with IOS you can connect your xbox or playstation controller up via bluetooth natively. no jail breaking or anything the phone recognizes the device and your on your way. yet this game has no controller support. gta SA supports controller chrono trigger, and FF7 both support controller. STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC supports controller? why in the hell does KOTOR have controller support yet mega man x does not……. please please please push an updating supporting ios 13 and controllers


And Megaman zero games please


Its simple. Please make an update where you can move the touch pad controllers ANYWHERE on the screen so that I can move Them to the unused iphone x space on the sides. PLEASE!!!


Pros: it contains the game and it is able to be played to the end of game. Cons: the frame rate is bad. Looks super choppy. Not formatted for iOS 13 which means you have to use touch screen controls. The buttons are designed for a mobile experience which means auto-shooting and auto-charging. Overall: This game has aged terribly. This would be an amazing experience on the iPhone 3 or iPhone 4, but it is a laughable experience on The iPhone XS Max. However, they (Capcom) would have to rebuild the entire game from the ground up to make it comparable to the SNES version you remember which means it is not gonna happen.

le Nibbles

This game is literally everything I could want for an “I have like 100 hours on my hands how do I use them” kind of game, just I play it even when I do have something to do. I could probably go on a lot longer about how amazing this whole game is but then the review would be really really long. The only suggestion I would make for this game is that if you get all the achievements you get like a special achievement or some kind of trophy on the achievements screen or something


So far I love the games graphics and everything but for some reason I can’t figure out a way to save I’ve completed the first few levels and when I got on it later it completely started me from the beginning. This is the 2nd time this has happened. FIX IT PLEASE!!!!


I really enjoy game, and how smooth it runs on phone. I purchased a Gamevice controller thinking I could use it with this game, but it does not. I do not understand why controller support is not enabled, and why Chrono Trigger, Fortnite, and Minecraft work but not Megaman X which would be so simple and yet not there. 3 out of 5 but would be 5 out 5 with controller support.


They should make mega man x2

William Kanyike

I got so far in the game and I went to the main menu because I wanted to play again later, when I came back I had to start all over again. They should at least explain how to save your progress, I can’t find a save button or anything. It’s a fun game but I’m starting to think this was a waste of money!


Great port of this game but needs external controller support to make it 100%. I have the steelseries nimbus and was hoping to use that to play


Pretty good port. Bummer the stages don’t change. And saving doesn’t work. Also why are the touchscreen controls on the display instead of the dead space? Very silly


If this was a port, I’d be a bit forgiving. This is a mobile made title and is just poorly made. Frame-rate is horrible and feels like a game made back on flip phones. There’s no smoothness to any of it. If you’re not going to stretch the game out to 18:9, at least let me choose to put the on-screen controls in that blank spot. Another cash grab attempt to cash in on Mega Man.


That something isssssss the rest of the X series! Like, c’mon! This was a GREAT port and I would LOVE to see all the others in this same exact style! Please Capcom this would be AMAZING. If you do that, I will give X2 a 5-star rating as well!


Most awful touch sensitivity. I downloaded it less than an hour ago and want my money back. Just terrible.


This game is better looks cooler and other


I am a big fan of all the megaman games but megaman X was overall a hundred percent my favorite series. So when I saw megaman X was getting added to iOS I was freakin out! When I bought the iOS version i saw the graphics were intensely good. I mean I do like 8-bit pixelated graphics but that for me doesn’t fit well for mobile. I easily like this better than the 8-bit megaman x. Also the ending is a little different in this one Do not read down if you don’t want to get spoiled X is standing on a cliff looking at the castle break down and fall into water as in the 8-bit version I can’t remember 100% of what happened but I think it just showed x dashing, now this may be wrong so don’t hate on me if it is but what I am trying to say is that the end is a little different. I like this ending better though. Here’s my idea Capcom please make a megaman x2 for mobile that starts close to the end of this one. Because the 8-bit megaman x series games all continue from what happens in the game before it so maybe you could make a slightly different megaman x2 just for mobile. Thanks for your consideration. Ps happy new year it’s 2019!


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