Celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary with the re-release of the original DOOM (1993), including the expansion, Thy Flesh Consumed, is now available on iOS devices. First released in 1993, DOOM introduced millions of gamers to the fast-paced, white-knuckle, demon-slaying action the franchise is known for.

Relive the birth of the first-person shooter, wherever you go, and experience the classic demon-blasting fun that popularized the genre.

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tic tok is sOoOoOOoO

you should add brutal doom to mobile because everyone likes gore


Just completed the last episode on ipad.. many sleepless hours in my 50’s feels a bit different than my 20’s 🙂 .. thanks for the memories!


I’ve been playing Doom since the shareware version and it still holds up to this day. Played pretty much every ported version too. Almost didn’t buy this because the reviews saying bad controls. What a mistake that would have been to pass this up! A touchscreen is not a great replacement for keyboard or controller, but this works fine. Being able to move/resize the on screen buttons would be nice, but they’re usable. This compares to the Xbox live version, which is arguably the best port- high res graphics, music. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Included if you sign up with Bethesda for free are several popular add ons including an entire re-do of the game with a Viking theme. All in all the developers honor Doom with this port and am happy to have spent $4.99 for it. I paid 34.99 for just 4 episodes on PC back in the day, this is 7x more content for 1/7 price.


I remember playing this port and I refunded the game because of its terrible controls. However I heard the new update to Doom was out and this added better controls and widescreen. I watched a video about Doom Mobile’s New Update and heard good things about. I bought the game and to my surprise it actually felt good ripping and tearing the demons. The controls were MUCH better and I loved the new update controls. Widescreen made Doom SO much better. There still is a problem though, I really wish Doom Mobile worked on iPad’s. It works but the screen isn’t full sized so thats kind of a problem but besides that problem, Doom Mobile is now really good thanks to the update. I will play Doom Mobile more now thanks to the update. Thanks ID Software for fixing this big issue in Doom Mobile. However, if they added iPad Support and Keyboard and Mouse, Doom Mobile would be perfect. Thanks ID Software and the other people who worked on this game fixing the problems with the Doom Mobile Port.


This is overall a perfect game. It is MFi compatible so it works with a controller, which makes the controls better than using your fingers to play. There is just one thing. Me and my friends at school love Doom but there is NO multiplayer. If the developers read this, PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU to bring back multiplayer. Thanks


Can u take them off or make them better or at lest give us an option to put them how we like


Recent update ruined the controls


So I have actually enjoyed this port quite a bit although touch screen controls arnt the best there still good one thing though is that whenever I try to play the game/load a save as of late it crashes the game and I havnt been able to play and this goes for doom 2 as well


Updated port is excellent. Would still like if the controls could be more customized – might switch the hand and the fire buttons on the left side – but overall everything works well. The add-ons are great


Controls are great. Gameplay is great. I never played Doom before but always wanted to and I love it. It’s the perfect FPS for an iPhone. Beautiful in its simplicity. It’s cool you can download additional levels. Would be amazing if there was multiplayer.


The game is perfect now! I’m so glad I get largely the same experience at home as I do on the go.


Doom is trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to controls. The developers keep adding new features to make the game handle better, but when they fix one thing they manage to ruin something else. With this update, they managed to fix the atrocious input delay of the old version. At the same time, however, they have scuffed player movement. It wouldn’t be a huge complaint, but in a game which very much revolves around speed like Doom, this really spoils the experience. Until the controls are fixed, I wouldn’t recommend this port at all.

jake from state farm

Add no-clip and it will be five stars (or add a command console)


Runingbutton can‘t be configured. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤮


what can i say, it does what it says on the box! controls are fine, not great, but touchscreen controls rarely are. it’s just nice to have a portable version on my phone. 🙂


New controls and FPS are great! Thank you!


Joining the ranks of GTA Liberty City Stories and many others who have (quietly) added support for this feature. It makes the game more immersive. Not quite VR but it has a higher frame rate than VR. This is a whole new game now on ProMotion devices. Especially on the really intense levels where timing is crucial. It’s not on by default so go to settings.


New update fixes the broken touchscreen and game pad controls, while adding 120hz support for iPads. This is now a very competent port.


I’d give this game 5 stars if the controls were improved. The controls are crucial in a fast paced shooter. The double tap for autofire is too picky with timing. You have to double tap very slowly. This feels like a bug and slows down the player. The inertia from swiping to aim makes aiming feel too imprecise. Aside from this it’s just classic doom. It would be easier to send the demons back to hell if the controls were fixed. Edit: I came back because I noticed an update. I’m very glad they fixed the autofire timing issue and 3 new megawads for free! If they can add more community wads then this can compete with the PC version. Edit: New controls are button based. The game is much more intuitive to play. Feels great!

Formerly happy Catan

You can’t strafe & shoot at the same time! JUST MAKE THE CONTROLS WHAT THEY WERE 3 YEARS AGO THEY WERE PERFECT




Thank you for fixing the controls!!!!


This review is specifically for the new Bethesda release. While I was initially very happy to see DOOM back on the store, this release is different enough that I cannot recommend it. The previous version had what I consider some of the best controls of an iOS game. The wheel was fantastic. This new version gives no control options, which makes things like firing continuously very difficult, as the double tap almost never registers properly. Hold on until it gets updated, otherwise give it a pass.


I did the update that appeared and was supposed to fix the previous update, now control buttons take up most of the screen. I thought this had been fixed….


Portable Doom with controller support and all the extras. Everything I’ve always wanted.


App gets updated, no TESTING, and all my saved levels are not accessible anymore. When I try to load any of them, the app crashes. Just don’t bother updating the app if you’re going to hurt it instead.


Before the latest update, you couldn’t even strafe with a controller. Now, everything works flawlessly, and the quality of the game has been drastically improved. It’s a top-notch port in its current state. Goes to show what state the game should have been in *before* it was released, but regardless, I am thankful for the update. Definitely recommend buying it.


I love the Doom series. Has always been my go to for mindless demon slaying fun to kill some time. I saw the app was updated to support higher FPS and better controls. I read some folks were having trouble with them. On the 11 pro max it works just fine with no issues. I also noticed this title and Doom 2 were subsequently removed from the App Store. I hope to see them make a full return with updates that fix it for everyone so they can enjoy this great game.


First off, I’m going to say, this is an EXCELLENT port of Doom! I really appreciate this last update, especially bringing back the classic title screen! Now, this update made the controls and map FUNCTIONALLY WAY better than before making the gameplay all the better for it and is much appreciated, BUT the downside is that AESTHETICALLY the control and map button icons are really bland looking. I would recommend the following: – Using the in game open bare fist sprite for the pickup/interact hand button control. – The LOOK (not the functionality) of the joystick in the last version for the current joystick, but keep the functionality of the current joystick. -Maybe add some color (but still be transparent enough to see through) to the shoot bullseye button. – The map function WORKS great but it would LOOK better as a roll or grid map icon (in color as well). -Lastly, an option to adjust control size, button location and button transparency would be much appreciated. Overall, this is a fantastic port of a ln undisputed gaming classic and the latest update is certainly appreciated and most definitely a step in the right direction. Please keep up the great work devs!

Mark in Brooklyn

You can’t move side to side with the controller – also not sure about the button assignments but I could get over that. Controller support is borked without straffing.


People keep saying the controls are terrible but I don’t see it and I don’t have a problem with it the only problem I have with it is the doors it got hard getting used to opening them without accidentally shooting your gun but I got used to it and honestly it’s not as bad as people make it out to be! when I got this game I expected terrible controls but no I really don’t see the problem and it’s doom on the go! The only thing I would ask for is death match and co-op on mobile if it’s not to much to ask for but honestly I think it’s worth the money!


For $5 this game is just not it. Controls are not user friendly and it’s not the original game, levels are out of sequence and confusing to navigate. Overall, I am very dissatisfied with this purchase and game. I was so excited too!


You can strafe with on screen controls but not the ps4 remote…… WHYYYYYYY

Free User7492

I played Doom years ago on my Windows PC. This versions look good but how do I move?

Carol Love

Developers, thank you so much for making this game available on the iPhone. This game looks and feels exactly like the original. I remember every scene like it was yesterday. It’s just as intense and addictive as ever.




I downloaded this three times ever since they came out with the “new and improved” version of mobile Doom. First time I immediately noticed the touch controls were abysmal. I left a review explaining how awkward the controls are. I looked at other reviews and realized about 99% of people noticed too. It’s been the NUMBER ONE complaint for about four years now. And after all the updates Bethesda keeps pumping out, they still haven’t addressed this issue. I will not give mobile Doom anymore chances, and I discourage anyone else from downloading this app until this problem is fixed. The controls used to work fine many years ago, back when mobile Doom was barely recognized. Now the game is unplayable. They just need to revert back to the old setup. That’s it. I’m not the first person to suggest this. Why are they not getting the message?


What happened to the controls, double tap to shoot? The old controls were 10x better w left stick move and tilt to turn. So simple and effective (or tilt to strafe if you preferred). Great port, ruined


Another trash port. Shame, such a good game.


The older build of this game had brilliant customizable controls that, while not perfect, were surprisingly comfortable. This updated port does away with that feature. With no support for external controls, the game is worse off.


Stupid impulse buy




I really despise the controls so much any time I play it its a nightmare and I just have to resist the urge to go get a controller and use Bluetooth and that a horrible thing if you’re mobile game requires tampering with something that can change you’re entire experience of the game honestly I don’t see why you don’t just do the controls a bit like UNDOOMED and if a what looks like a rip-off of you’re game seems better than you’re game at least on mobile than you need to rethink what you’re doing please just fix it if you ever happen to see this one tiny small little person out of what thousands ten thousands hundreds thousands peace


DooM has got to be one of if not my favorite video game franchises to ever exist. I remember having this port back when I first had an iPod touch and it was probably my favorite app to play on, but now that they finally updated it and I can play this on the go, sadly the controls are just really really bad. And now that the iPhone supports the use of a controller, you can’t strafe to the side like you can in the original which makes absolutely no sense to me?? Like seriously, how can you play an fps when you can only go forward and backwards. Cmon Bethesda, y’all be slackin.

by tall fisherman

Look you could connect a controller to your phone and play DOOM with a controller The controls are so much more easier trust me connect a PS4 controller to your phone


We need strafing on ps4 controllers. If it wasn’t for that I would give it a higher rating.


John Carmack released doom in October 2009, the game ran without delay on my iPod touch 3rd generation. Now Bethesda has “updated” doom for iOS and I have 700 milliseconds of input delay when trying to fire on iPhone 5s, I have graphical user interface visual bugs.. Bethesda is no longer a good developer. Bethesda has retrogressively ruined doom, quake (champions). I would stay away from Bethesda developed products and find the originals or learn programming. The code used by Bethesda is full of abstraction causing massive slow downs and input lag like never before. TL:DR-Bethesda has incompetent programmers and doesn’t produce games for “serious gamers”.


Unplayable without strafing on control pad


I’ve owned this version of Doom since back during the early iPod Touch years, and it was a blast to play then. The controls were good, and smooth. They weren’t perfect of course, being touchscreen controls, but they were far better than this. I’m not sure if it’s the strange way the controls shift between walk and run, or if it’s the acceleration, but the movement controls are inconsistent, and the aiming controls aren’t much better. Regardless of what sensitivity I have it set to, I’ll be stuck between hardly being able to turn, and flinging myself around in wide angles. If you want a good example of touchscreen FPS controls, take a look at Call of Duty mobile. Fully customizable, including by size, and able to be moved around the screen. Don’t cut the screen up in sections for each individual control either, give us clearly defined “buttons” on screen that we can decide where we want them to be. Also, would it be too much to ask to see more add-on wads, like “Maps of Chaos”?


The most recent patch broke strafing with controllers. Please fix it as it make the game unplayable! Strafing is key in dodging demons!


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