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Welcome to Remit2India!
Be it Medical emergency, EMIs, Surprise birthday gift, Property purchases, Investments or Travel expenses, Remit2India makes sending money to India a piece of cake.
A pioneer in online remittances, we have been in the industry for over 19 years and have helped many NRIs to transfer money back home. We offer easy, hassle-free, and secure money transfers to India, with no hidden charges.
Benefits of sending money with Remit2India:
• Transfer money with Zero fees* at great forex rates. Also, avail attractive offers on transfers
• Choose from multiple payment options like Bank Debit (ACH), Wire, online transfers, net banking, etc..
• Opt in for guaranteed/locked-in rates with select transfers, wherein the exchange rate is fixed at the time of booking your transaction and you will know the exact amount that will be credited to your beneficiary
• Opt for flexible rates to get a better deal, if forex rates go up. Also, avail special rates on high value transactions only with Remit2India
• Transferring money through Remit2India is convenient, transparent and seamless
• Competitive exchange rates with Guaranteed Rate
• Earn on referrals
• 24/7, 365 days a year support
• Repeat transfers in seconds
Benefits of Remit2India App:
• Easy, convenient & secure
• Transfer money on-the-go
• Send money to India in just a few taps
• Check transaction status on-the-go
• Get latest offer & rate updates
• Avail service on-the-go with transfer updates via SMS and Email notifications
• Access your transfer history

So go ahead and download the Remit2India app now and enjoy a brilliant experience of sending money to India.
Send Currencies: GBP (British Pound), Ireland (Euro), USD (US Dollar), AUD (Australian Dollar) and CAD (Canadian Dollar)
Receive Currencies: INR (Indian Rupee)
The ‘Remit2India’ team is actively working to add new countries to our network and provide greater coverage across India. Subscribe to our promotional email and join us on FB & Insta. Stay tuned for latest updates!
Disclaimer: Transaction limits, transfer fees and sending options vary depending on the sending country and currency
*T&C apply. Please visit www.remit2india.com for more details

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Not worth, they don’t allow you to delete your accounts in tha app once you have added those.

balarama anuja dasa

1) Crashed 2) registration went into a dead end with Alert “document already exists”. I cannot believe such a popular thing came out with such an absurdly poor quality app.


App always keeps saying upgrading try again later


They rollout the offers for gift vouchers, but they don’t send them. You need to follow up with them and if you are lucky they will send you the gift cards else they will just say offer expired. Bunch of cheaters…it happend to me thrice. Stopped using it.


Not working from more than a month


First of all app is not working from last 2 days. Virat kholi is brand ambassador, I don’t understand how these people becomes brand ambassador … whenever I transfer money it always takes more than 1 week …


Not able to use this app


How long you will upgrade the app??


Remi2india taking more time than other remittance sites.. always we have to chase the people for cash back or Amazon gift cards.. the worse thing is, that they are denying gift cards sometimes and saying that there were no such offers.. asking for promo code info which was used during transaction time.. should we take offer screenshots and applied promo code screenshots for evidence??. If so please mention the same on your website..

Prafull J

Noticed, last 2 days, app is down..


Took 3 days to verify the account and then I initiated the transfer 15 days ago and it was still showing pending. I tried to track down and then got an email saying that transaction is canceled and will be refunded to my account. I don’t understand why are they canceling it? No reason mentioned. So I wasted 15 days without having any outcome. There is no contact service available that can help you immediately. You have to send the email and then wait for the reply and then you reply to that email and cycle goes on. Whenever I try to open the App it shows “we are updating try later” so I had to login through browser everytime. So basically the app was of no use for me.


Such a crappy app. It always shows we are upgrading. Try later. PS. Thier service is good but app is pathetic


They changed the the amount on the transaction and you can never reach their customer service, I did not get same rate that was promised on the day of transaction


Worst failure errors while adding new account


Process is very slow and taking more days to credit the amount.

sandeep manu

This is the worst app , where they say cancellation is successfull but still take money from bank and in another scenario they have initiated same transaction three times because of which my balance went into negative and my bank have charged me a fee for negative balance and of all the worst thing is when ever we call customer service all they say is wait for 10 business days and they say sorry .


Taking too many days to complete the remit!! NOT Recommended!


All apps in my iphone are working properly but in Remit2India app whenever I tried logging-in the request always gets timed out.


Initial set up is so confused & took 15 minutes to figure out.


It’s been more than week, it is still not credited to account 🤭


Been trying to set up a bank account and it wouldn’t register a single one. Really worried about my details being in their system. There is no delete profile option as well.

Naresh Gandra

My transaction was too late and what I have seen on my app and the exact amount was not sent. I have just downloaded the app seeing virat Kohlis add. But this is the worst experience.


Bad service bad customer care …celebrities should endorse consciously

Braja Patra

In the website, the default is guaranteed rate. In app, the indicative rate is default. If someone is not careful enough then he/she may be in problem. I don’t want to gamble with my money. So it would be great to keep the same thing in both website and app. Initially I was having trouble with login. The app directly going for password change fter login. But after giving new password, the app was not able to change password. I had do the password change using your website and then I was able to login in app.


It’s take time to load on every steps. that makes customer unreliable because of money matter


It took more than 7 days still the money didn’t get credit in my bank. Whereas from other vendors it gets transferred within 24hrs.


Do not use Remit2India. I repeat do not use their any platform – app or website. They have been claiming since last 5 days that their backend does not work. Extremely poor service. Save yourself, use Remilty or Xoom


Very poor performance and not a reliable app for financial industry.


Don’t use remit2india for your transactions. They simply say it’s takes few hours to send money but later comes with stupid story that they can’t process it soon and it will take weeks to complete and if you ask for refund then we need to email and it will take another week . It happened multiple times to me but i was not in a urgency but this when I need to more you failed again …NO MORE REMIT2INDIA


Instant Transfers will take more than 3 days atleast

Whale race

Remit2India promised to transfer money in less than 30 min, But in reality I transferred 5 days Back and Still hearing due to technical problem it will take another 24/48 hours.Strongly Avoid. Raj Hegde Feb 19 2020.

ram ji soni

After 24 hours money not transferred and no one is picking up call


App does not show the date when receiver should expect the money. I transferred the money 5 days back and the status has not changed ever since.


When I make a transfer from US to India in Express mode, it changes to regular mode taking 5-6 working days to deposit to my account. Even their customer service is not efficient to handle customers and resolve the issue. Otherwise everything good interms of their exchange rate, user friendly mobile app etc.,


My first two transfers are instant and my third one was marked as ACH indicative and looks like it will take at least 6 business days. I have initiated a fourth transaction even I have selected guaranteed which will make me eligible for instant transfer this is also went in ACH with the same SLA as minimum 6 business days. when I reached out to remit 2 India, they explained the worst process they follow. There is a third party service called yardley which will identify whether am eligible for instant transfer every time I transfer even if I am using the same account in US and Same account in India. This is my worst experience with money transfer in this decade. XOOM is always the best.. I am unable to rate zero 👎


It’s taking a week to deposit though they mentioned it will take hours only.


Very very poor service, sending money will take long time, decision making by kyc team took 10days for just verification after submitting all the documents. worst app for money transfer.


The app takes way long time and repeated linking to you bank account.


Not all good, xooom is much better


Always they commit for instant and goes for ACH and it takes 7 days to get job done which is not a fit for purpose


First thing is that this App is very much startup beginners level app which only provides basic features. N major problem with them is that they will never send your money on time…. never. No matter whether you send via immediate transfer or any other options. Their verification is so slow that they will annoy you to the extreme.


Very slow in the transaction process


I can’t even give 1 star for this app. It stuck and takes ages to respond.


DONOT SEND MONEY. Very bad experience, they show that both indicative and guranteed rates same exchange rate, looking at that new ignorance customers place the transfer in ach indicative get fooled after the money transfered exchange rate is very less. I will never recommend this to anyone. I lost my money. There are others much much better than this company.


This some kind of fraud app just to take your data and sell. I tried to make a transaction and it’s went to pending stage, for which I tried contacting the customer service through calls and email. None has worked for 7days with multiples tries a day. At last after writing a review one guy contacted me trough call and asked few of my details and said case is pending and will transfer the call to appropriate manager, call was in hold for about 5minutes and then ended up without solving the problem and in an hour I got a mail of your transaction has been cancelled. It’s purely collecting ones data. It’s a big fraud company. No option to cancel the transaction. No option to delete the account. Even they ask you which company you work, how much salary you get. None of other service provides doesn’t do all this stuff. This is pure FRAUD


I had a transaction on hold. It took me like 4 weeks to cancel the transaction and I feel it is not secure as the status of transaction never accurate.

bharathiya janta

This company practices a FALSE ADVERTISING instant transfer when actually the money takes a few working days to reach. If you call them they will state some crappy reason like internal checks etc, it didnt happen once but on 3 transactions, will never use this crap again, you get better exchange rates outside


Not showing how much amount will be credited after the transaction is posted. Also only one status is showing that without any reflection of ETA by when the amount will be credited


App does not open in ios 13.3. Please fix it.


Indicative rates are no way near final rates after including the fees, commissions. There’s lot of scrutiny for high value transactions which should be informed to user prior to initiating the transaction. Promo offers are not the most recent or they’re outdated on the website.


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