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【图】Road to Valor: World War II
【图】Road to Valor: World War II

Road to Valor: World War II iOS

Road to Valor 简介

“Dive into the battlefield of World War II! General, give us an order!”

Road to Valor: World War II is a real-time PVP strategy game where you can compete with global players around the world as a General of World War II, the biggest war in history.

Select “Command” that suits your own strategy style and collect various units to build the strongest troops. Fight against swarms of enemies in the realistically presented battlefield. Destroy enemy Headquarter and bunkers to get medals as well as the most glorious victory!

Please note! Road to Valor: World War II is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased in cash. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. You need an Internet connection to play the game.

● Compete with global players in real time. Start a challenge to be a ruler of the world!
● You can select factions from among the Allied and Axis powers!
● Select a specific command strategy, such as Support Ops, Airborne Ops, Fortification Doctrine, Blitzkrieg Doctrine and more. Combine them with powerful Active Skills! The strategy is the key to win!
● Collect different type of history-based units such as Infantry, Vehicles, Tanks, and Buildings. Build the strongest troop and gain the victory. Also, there are some heroes who motivated by real war heroes.
● Get rewards from Crates to collect new powerful units or Upgrade remaining units.
● Destroy the enemy headquarter and bunkers to receive medals and Reward Crates. Don’t forget to open Free Crates given every day!
● Gain Rank Points to enter the higher Battlefield to unlock new and more powerful Units to use. Try until you reach the highest Battlefield!
● You can gain or lose Rank Points by each Battle Victory or Defeat. Dive into a global competition with players around the world to become the greatest General in the world!
● Create a community, “Corps”. Share units with Corps members from the same Faction and have a debate on winning strategies to enjoy the game even more!

If you need any help, send us an email at the below address.


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I absolutely love this game, it looks, sounds, and feels amazing. I must say this is one of or possibly the best ww2 mobile games out there. I especially love that although the gameplay is recognizable from other games (clash royal, ect) it still has its own creative ways of distinguishing itself as well as giving each faction its own fighting style. This truly is a splendid game. However, unenjoyable to many. I don’t know if it’s just me, and that I’m just a bad player which may just be it. But Germany can be insanely strong, and even at times impossible. I a US-SR main just can’t find myself beating the Germans, even in 2v2. The round either goes by in a flash as they blitz through with every tank and it’s mother, or I’m grounded down by an immense amount of troops armed with rockets and grenades in numbers i as a US-SR main though I would have. No matter how many times I “confuse the enemy” or, “shock them with an il2” it only stalls my inevitable loss. I just can’t find a way to enjoy playing if all I’m gonna do is lose. What happened to the kv-1 hull being thickly armored and impenetrable to early war machines, or the T-34 being more than a match for the panzer-3/4 (search it up its true), and what the hell happened to the vast reserves of manpower when I can barley pull out a squad of 7 conscripts who just run to their death leaving an assault squad alone and pinned down. Before this gets too long, my point is either Germany mega stronk, or US-SR weak. F I x P l e a s e


Hi I’ve been playing your game for sometime but I’ve noticed that the algorithms change when you’re playing after a while it’s almost As if it’s being manipulated in order to spend more money as you progress in the levels . I understand this game is pay to play however it’s unwise on the developers end to do this And highly miss leading practice from the developers end I caught onto this because I’m a programmer and noticed the discrepancies when i’m playing the game. I ask that you please Stop doing this and stop manipulating the algorithms


Decided to revisit the game to see if anything’s has changed and boy have the game being downgraded even further, the US faction still needs a complete rework in terms of card speed for the M4 and the M10.


밸런스 개좆같은 게임에 현질하지않아서 다행이다 밸런스 개같이 패치해서 현질유도하는게 리니지, 모두의마블급 ㅇㅈ? ㅇㅇㅈ


Game won’t load

wodo heck

I love this game so much


I don’t know who you geniuses are that made this game but Russia and the US were allies in World War II maybe read a history book before you create a World War II game also balance the Russian army they sent 12 tanks out well I can only send one who is making this game you guys need some serious work get a grip


I’d like to see japan and Italy at some point and Britain and France! I think adding the British and Japanese would be the biggest advantage you could have in this game or Italians and French


I have done a total 180 on this game. I was frustrated for a while and stopped playing. When I came back to the game I realized something was missing……. More nations need to be represented to give this game a true historical feel. British and Japanese sides would be a great start. You could also add the French and Canadian forces as well. The Afrika corps and the British 8th army would be a great addition to this game! Thank you for listening. P.S. I recently purchased Gustav Hartke for 40,000 gold pieces, and when I logged on this morning, I realized he was not in my deck. Is there a way you could put him back into my deck? I would appreciate it very much.

JorgeGeorge Guevara



I love playing as the red army but their units are so bad and their good ones cost a crap tone of mp. Also the fusarium squads anti tank grenades need to be buffed


It is not working

random gamer

The game is very fun and when I play it I have very little lag but for some reason it won’t load past 50%, it just freezes the screen. I have restarted my device multiple times as well as deleting the app then reinstalling it. None of that worked. I hope this is fixed soon because I really like the game.


I love this game its simple yet fun and has all the bells and whistles with no bells and whistles. The opposition is balanced, so far. I’d like to see more customization new graphics etc. because you guys did so good I’m dropping some cash on a free game for the first time.


you don’t need to spend money, lots of units to change so the game doesn’t get boring.

Butch Castle

Heavy imbalance favoring german armor. One shot kills against all other armor and anti armor… ok game otherwise

commander of the thi

Best game I have played for years I would like to see more factions such as British and japan and Italy and French


Games, across the entire spectrum in my humble opinion, get the AIR SUCKED out of them by people who don’t care about or want to follow simple, common-sense, common-courtesy rules of behavior. Technology should be an aspect of our world we CAN enjoy. When people use cheat codes, use programs to play games, etc….it ruins much. There NEEDS to be a simple, straightforward and cost-effective BLOCK for Cheaters in this game. Glad I’m not literally paying for this game. Wish game owners/designers would get some integrity, morals and ethics. Yes, I’m disgruntled….after 43 yrs of busting my ass, I feel I DO deserve some peace of mind!


The game is really fun accurate and historical but if u could add G.B or japan it would be a way better game.You can add BANZIA charges for japan and more.i don’t really know about Britain tho .pls add this in the game it would help alot thank you.


Worst game made, thought I’d be cool cause it’s historically themed but the balancing is worst than any moba around, might as well choose allies and enjoy your easy wins. Can not express my displeasure from this game and it’s terrible design, few ideas are good with this game but all the executions are as poor as the population of 18th century England

Stop loading please

The Germans with their ferdinads panthers and tigers and that stupid BV-238 that crashes into your tower is overpowered, meanwhile my soviets cant even stand a chance, nerf the Germans.


Totally recommend ipad pro 2nnd gen 11 inch compatible and iphone 11 pro makes game look beautiful keep up with updates !


Developers, pls nerf D DAY, that’s all i ask u!! Just nerf this OP … pls


just do it.


Let me just say that this game is Probably the best game I have ever played. It is very realistic and fun, but it could use some more realism. I’m not trying to be nit-picky but if destroyed vehicles and killed units not despawn that would really add to the realism. Best game ever


This game has so many glitch problems it makes it annoying to play.


I’ve been playing this game since October 2019. You can play up to 4 factions that consists of Americans, Russians and 2 different German factions. You can choose between 3 Commanders for each faction. Each Commander has its special ability. It’s really like 4 games in one. Yes it’s ptp however only if you want to advance quickly. So try it out and have some fun. Oh you can join a gang and chat as well.


Great game I’ve played it since launch the only thing I would like to see are more factions and units. The British, Japanese, maybe even the Italians would be a great addition.


I really like this game and I play it everyday. I think the game is very realistic and historically correct. I suggest new cards be added monthly and Japan,Italy,france and britain be added.


Best war game ever


I’ve had this game for a while and been through lots of updates I really enjoy the game and I know that you guys are still reworking some units but in the future do you guys plan to add new units?


I absolutely love this game but I think someday you can make a new game where you are a time traveler who can use things from different wars like world war 1 or the the Iraq war or go all the way back to the revolutionary war I know this game would take a long time to make but with hard work comes great success.


That would be so awesome to see British and Marines fighting the Japanese in a Pacific Arena and seeing British units that we’ve been dying to see


I’ve redownloaded the game restarted my phone , and the game , nothing has worked. I have waited at 50% for around 10 min. Without it going up


Way too much un-policed cheating. Especially Asian players. Legat is one. Every skill available multiple times. Especially in the last minute of play.

Kik me plz D

I hope you guys add like friend codes to add buddy’s and play with them. Hope you add in on the two vs two Where if you join with a friend y’all can keep playing with out having to reconnect after each match

pretty much of a goo

OK so you should make more games like this because I lov this game

LaMesa BJM

I thought it’s was so unoriginal I thought it was crappy but i loved so much


I love the game and think it support ops USA could use a new ability instead of the wave of soldiers idk what it’s called because I don’t ever see anyone use it but I was thinking something like white phosphorus that can damage more to soldiers and buildings.I think it would be a improvement to the game but overall a amazing game.


This will be the most frustrating game you will ever play. I had to delete the app before I destroyed my phone. It’s well done, but impossible. Maybe I’m just too old to play games.


I AM SO ADDICTED TO THE GAME. But I feel like it could use a Japanese side with their suicided charges and a “boom stick” carrier it would also be cool if you had a British faction with there strategized tanks and amazing infantry. If you could add this to the game it would be amazing and I think not only would it be the best thing ever to me but this game would be better for others. -please add this soon-


Game is Great and has such real potential, but the USA versatility and absurd attack speed, Along with the spam of soviets and low map units makes it hard for any German factions to reach a decent place in the leaderboards.


This game is so fun you should make more like it but maybe different wars


I love this game! I wish that you would add Great Britain and Italy.

pedro wad

This is the best


I really enjoy this game… I would like to be added some way of making a game mode with a bigger map to have like a conquest or domination style like in the BATTLEFIELD game franchise where you take objective and defend… would make the game much more amazing

Pixy vs mobius01

Not bc of the game itself but its unstable system such as unreasonable matchmaking, random unfair unreasonable rewarding by unbalanced matchmaking & the result, lagging due to the disabled automatic memory flushing after the match, absurdity of American oriented bias especially that bazooka fire car that one is just stupid can easily be able to beat a 9slots unit such as tiger & ferdi, by itself that’s ridiculous, what is it a terminator? and more. It’s stressful & annoying


This game is good however I wish that the 2v2 could give you cooperation points and that would make you level up your faction in working together, but you still can’t move Battlefield places. Otherwise it’s the best WWII game I have played. The music you have is great, but I think the theme I’d listen to for 1hr is the Faction level up.


في طل الحجر المنزلي اللعبة جداً حلوه وتستطيع تلعب اثنين ضد اثنين


Good game and anything with camouflage can you make them cloak and I request camouflage for vehicle and make people change tank version like change panther ausf. D to panther ausf. A and add a poison gas grenadier to the storm trooper card and make the card cost 7 to deploy and make the poison gas grenadier primary a kar98k. And add the sturmtiger which was a SPG use in the western front for infantry support. Different from the sturmpanzer.


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