【图】Enemy Waters : Naval Combat下载
【图】Enemy Waters : Naval Combat
【图】Enemy Waters : Naval Combat

Enemy Waters : Naval Combat iOS

Enemy Waters 简介

Line up your submarine and launch a torpedo salvo. Send the Warship to the bottom of the sea

Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships. Command and Manoeuver your fleet as you face off against waves of pirate John’s warships. Conquer Seaports and Oil wells by defeating the enemy warships. Expand your influence and procure the best submarine or battleship to stand up to the ever increasing machinations of Pirate Little John

Ambush and destroy Pirate John’s convoys by laying the perfect trap. Expect no less from the dreaded pirate as you take the role of a captain and escort your own warship or submarine to safety

Sonar ping to identify underwater submarines and drop depth charges on them, before they unleash a torpedo salvo on your warship

As the captain, it is upto you whether to engage silent running on your submarine and sneak past an Pirate john’s battleship, or get to its port or starboard side and unleash a torpedo right into the warship

Simulation grade controls will let you control the depth of your submarine

Simulation controls will also let you dive into deeper waters as you escape the depth charge from enemy warship

Deploy and battle warships and submarines from World war 2, Cold war era, and current times


Tench Class: Submarines built for the United States Navy. Also used by Brazilian, Turkish, and Pakistani navy. They saw combat in World war 2 and Bangladesh Liberation war

Oberon: Built for British Navy. Popular as museum submarine

DaphnÈ : Diesel electric submarines built in France for the French Navy. Primarily used for patrolling by French Navy. Has rear torpedo launch capabilities

Foxtrot : Foxtrot was the NATO reporting name. Built by the Soviet Union. Saw action during the 1971 war between India and Pakistan(Bangladesh liberation war of 1972) by the Indian Navy. Known to be exceptionally good at silent running

Kilo : Built by Soviet Navy. Kilo was the NATO reporting name. Operated by Russian Navy and Indian Navy. Saw action during the cold war period

Akula : First deployed by the US-SR Navy and later Russian navy, Akula is nuclear powered. Operators are Russia and India(on lease). developed near the end of cold war

LosAngeles : Nuclear powered fast attack submarine of the United States Naval command. Improved silent running

Arihant : With nuclear powered ballistic missile capabilities, Arihant is developed for the Indian Naval forces. Has top mounted missiles

Yasen : Built to replace Russian soviet era fleet. Can launch missiles

Virginia : The most advanced sub ever built. They are expected to be in battle ready state till 2070


Flower Class : Used as a warship during World War II, specifically with the British and French navies as anti-submarine convoy during the Battle of the Atlantic. Also served in Battleship escort role.

Evarts : Used by US Navy as destroyer and convoy escort roles during World war 2

Whitby : Frigate of the British Royal Navy, which entered service after the second World war

Commandant Riviere : Battleship built for the French Navy. Can perform overseas patrol in peacetime and anti-submarine escort in wartime

Petya : Petya was the NATO name for this warship. Designed for anti-submarine warfare in shallow waters. Operated by US-SR(soviet navy, and later Russian navy), Indian navy , and Vietnamese navy during the cold war. Still active in Vietnamese navy.

Leander : Battleship of the Royal British Navy for anti aircraft roles. Also operated by Indonesian navy and Pakistani navy

Espora : Warship of the Argentine Navy built in Argentina based on a German design

Braunschweig : Built by Germany. Under NATO command, this battle ready warship is built to perform littoral operations

Kamorta : Built for Indian Navy. Anti-submarine corvette with stealth capabilities. Possesses anti aircraft missiles and array sonars. Fought against Somalian pirates

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Enemy Waters 下载

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Hey guys, would you mind adding battery optimization cuz my phone keeps on going down fast, so pls add that for the next update. Thanks and I hope you have read this too


This game is really awesome but is thinking physics building we’re gone can you add like fire amor realistic Ness to it would you find a shipwreck skinny like her more money if you when you find one can you make a training with a free roam


This has uboats ships every thing


I honestly thought that this was a game that I was going to play for a few minutes or a couple days but this game is actually really well made and I hope the developers keep working on it cause it’s a really good game and the story is really awesome but I do kinda want new factions but besides that this is a really good game.

spycakes fan

There needs to be a FASTER way to trade oil for money because when I run out of money I need to wait till the next day or I could trade oil for money but it takes forever just to get $10000 worth the the oil and the money that amount of oil gives is way off 15 barrels for $10 it should be 15 barrels for $200-$60 or above that I have 70000 oil and I won’t use it all so I want to trade it for money so plz make the oil trade faster PLZ. If added I will give 3 stars if you add that and some new ships and subs I’ll give 4 stars and if you can add aircraft carriers and some planes that will get you 5 stars but for now 2 stars. Just PLZ add the faster oil trade PLZ I need to repair and buy lots of ships and subs.


Is there Titanic In this game


It need’s a sandbox mode🙂


Hi, this is a good game but it could use some cruisers, patrol boats, air carriers, and some destroyers. But otherwise this is probably the best naval game I’ve ever had. Keep up the good work! -white fang. ( thats my multi player user name )


I love this game and I must say it is a wonderful, simple, and fun game for naval strategy. I hope the developers add more ships of different sizes instead of all they have now. The graphics does not need to be improved and there are no bugs in the game. Just please make it so you can buy more ships and even an aircraft carrier and Air Force, if so can you defend your bases with naval guns? Please I am just giving a list of the stuff the game needs. But please do not make it so you can upgrade ships! I love this game and have to thank the developers… but this game desperately needs a big update!

ark central

Hello developers let me start of by saying please add new battle ships like I mean it’s a great game but it’s like you’ve just abandoned this game I’ve played for a while and it says multiplayer coming soon but still no also I’d like if you added more battle ships or even add historical ships like Arizona Missouri Iowa I don’t really care if it’s historical or not please add stronger and more ships


Excellent game. Can there be more ships though?



buttercup pizzabrain

Great game and I love the yellow submarine Easter egg


The talking Is corner but game is fun


Really like the game. The visuals are nice for a mobile game and it is fun to play. But you guys haven’t updated the game in some time. Is multiplayer ever coming to the game?


Yes! This is a great fun simple free game you did well creators 😀


It’s fairly fun but the developer has abandoned it. There is no multiplayer, though campaign is pretty engaging while it lasts. The side missions can keep you entertained but as the enemy gets more numerous you’ll have a harder time, especially when you have to protect an objective. AI allies will completely ignore your directions and are nearly useless in combat so you have to do the work yourself.


Wish it had more great game just needs more upgrades


I stoped playing this game 2 years ago and ween I started to play it again I thought that multiplayer would be out please if you put multiplayer it will be a better game


Thank you so much for making this game it is absolutely amazing! I love that you can sink a ship and loot it later! I also love the submarines! Epic!!!


Enjoyed the game but after clearing the missions on the map you get two escort challenges that are impossible to complete. Guess they only built one map. Has promise if they build it out. Gary


I’ve only played a few scenarios, but the graphics in the action or interesting and promising.


It is a little too easy I’m 11

Mike t

I was expecting a more realistic game. Will keep playing to see if it improves. Not bad for a freebie .


I like to be in the navy and all that stuff and I found this game I tried it and I was like omg I love this game don’t get shut down


This game actually is awesome

karwan kurdy

لعبة ممتازة و شيقة شكرا ..


Let me just say that this is a awesome game, just a few suggestions 1: typhoon class submarine 2: sea wolf class submarine They might not be the newest but if they were added there would need to be a custom battle mode where there is open water and you can set the ships who go against each other Thank you and I hope this is added


Needs a better tutorial


The enemy ship was like where are you? Because of the detection area. I love the detection area! But how about a sound room? I watched a movie called hunter killer it is a submarine movie but it has sound room and it has a remote that controls the torpedo to the Russian submarine and BOOM there is also a distraction so the Russian torpedos goes around it


I just started playing but find the game interesting snd fun. So pretty easy. Hope to see multiplier soon. Graphics are great. I will make futrher comments near future as I deeper. So far enjoyable and hoping for more action.

Wolf Fabrication

Having a ships captain defer to a king for every menial task and a king dictating orders is just plain stupid and detracts from the overall game. Meh


Fort nite This game


I love this game I love this I love this game I love this game I love this game I love I love this game I love this picture



caption epic

This game is epic. I like the submarines and battleships as well. I enjoy the amazing battles. The coolest is when you can takeover docks. One problem is the ships and submarines. When you battle and a ship or sub gets destroyed. You will have to purchase a new one. The good news is the ships and subs are not that hard to get. I think the game needs to have more details, ships, and submarines. This game needs aircraft carriers and fighter and bomber warplanes. I think this game needs multiplayer as well. The multiplayer button still says “coming soon”. This is one of the best games I have played. There is other better games but this game is wonderful.


Good game fix theise prblems and i will give 5stars.


Too often games on the iPad can be engaging at first but run out of gas quick. This is enjoyable, challenging and stays somewhat fresh. Looking forward to more months ahead!


Great game but can you make sinking ships more realistic like the bow stern or even having the ship fall onto there sides but other than that great game.


I love this game but please add battleships


Really like how they added the britannic in it


Only been playing a short time but this game is very enjoyable. I especially enjoy using the subs. Which to be honest was whole reason I downloaded it. My one complaint is that there’s still no multiplayer. I really enjoy the campaign tho n hope it’s a long campaign.


Wow! I’ve been looking for a game like this for along time. The stealth for the sub, the power of the ships, and all the actions they can perform make this game really good. If the developers can incorporate the game play into a solid pvp platform this game will be awesome. Targeting could use some tweaking but isn’t bad. Battlegrounds aren’t out yet and the missions are a tad cheesy but so much potential! I’m crossing my fingers on this one. * just a request ❤️ – Give the subs the ability to dive deep to avoid charges. Make that ocean deep af. – Large af maps – Good balance between subs and ships 👍 Update: Aug 15 2018 – still no pvp….. Are we going to ever see pvp?????????? Great game, but “Coming Soon” has been a long time.


Drop the constant adds

Benjamin Deloney

Every time they hit my ship with one hit it sinks! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!????


One of the best out these

Bob L

When operating two vessels, I stage one… come to a full stop and go check the other vessel… which for some reason causes the first vessel to go full steam, giving away it’s position and being destroyed.

dawn hough

We need carriers in this game and missiles and battle ships


Boring game I ever hated played, bad graphics to.


This is the best submarine game you can play offline and not worry about connectivity issues. The gráficos drain your battery big time, however the game play is very good.


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