【图】MySchool – You’re the teacher下载
【图】MySchool – You’re the teacher
【图】MySchool – You’re the teacher

MySchool – You’re the teacher iOS

MySchool 简介

In this game you are the teacher.
Teach your students, give them homework and make them work.
Be careful some can be naughty, chat or even eat during your course.

Best of all you can tell your parents that you’re not playing but learning !

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MySchool 下载

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This game is the best game in the whole entire world I am in love with this game and me and my sister play it every day it is the best app in the whole entire world

spred the love

Can not get better than this!!!!!,🤩🤩🤩🤩😍 I love this game. Get this game!! Please!🥺🥺🥺🥺🤗


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! you can not make a better game then this.


So i found this app over a year ago when i was on a tablet i ogt bored of the games i had sk i decided to look for games that basically the type of games i would forget everything in my life and be in my phone for hours im really not a fan of writing reviews for games i mean i didnt even write a review for roblox and im inlove with that game i wrote one for this because ITS SO GOT DANG ON FUN it may be calm and not energetic but this is my ideal game of a simulator except better all those other ones are so boring i end up deleting them as soon as i get it and finally i was able to install it on my phone as well i was so happy and all the new stuff they upgraded since last year made it much more better i love this app i dont even know how its free but im glad it isnt cause i want others to enjoy this beautiful game like i do never delete or shut down this app please i love it so much🤩🥰💗❤️


Great game it’s like I’m a real teacher but I would like two things in the next update first of all I would like there to be a way to save my progress because I deleted the game and then one day got it back but it made me start all over and I was even on level 27 but I had to start over from one so please fix that and I want to be able to visit other people’s schools 🏫 and friend them but other than that it couldn’t be any better so much fun definitely download 🥳

Omg im awesome

I feel like the game is amazing but we should be able to get more students

gracelynn lets play

So my first idea is maybe to add groups so students can work in groups! Maybe you can work with one student while the other students work on something else. I wish I could send homework or report cards. Can we speak to parents too?


I’m hypnotized to this game my dream is to be a teacher this is a dream com true

3d kiara

I have spent years trying to find a good game that actually entertained me!! And finally I find one that’s fun!! All my life since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a teacher, and I would always download games involved in teaching but always ended up deleted them, I thought I’d never find a good teaching game! Here you get to make tests, for your student and add homework, you get to choose their names, It’s just insane!!! I can’t believe how realistic this game is, how awesome it is, and I’m not a big fan of writing reviews for games but it surely didn’t bother to write one for this game. If I had to choose a game to play for the rest of my life I wouldn’t think twice about choosing this one. So I’m telling you to not think twice about downloading this. You won’t regret it.

Rilee Henderson

Its a good app even teachs me things i did’nt no. My mom think its a fun lerning app. My mom even buys me stuf that helps me lern. My mom said she recemend it

hv0n ch00ky

Hi! I love the game it’s something I can play while I’m bored , but please please please you must change that homework date .! It’s horrible and it makes the game boring , and it’s takes longer for us to complete the tasks ! So I suggest u read this and change the homework ASAP! So for right now I have to give this a three star rating !


It is fun but there is two things that could change you could, make it to were you design your claS5Room and you don’t have to wait a day to grade the homework because now I have to wait a day to go up to level 8. But besides that you should get it!


Being the teacher for once is the best you should add recess and Felid trips and would be definitely fun


It is very fun to play


I’ve had this game before in 2019 PLEASE make more games like these bc have of my work is after you guys style of game .🌸✨💞💕💙💅🏼💙💙


The game is so cute but ima just give you a list of what would be amazing for you to add 1) outside time 2)teaching more subjects 3)when head master press the bell all students from all other classes should leave too 4)teacher parents conferences 5)report cards That’s all for now 🙂

punken cheaks

Ok I said it needs more things right well it does all we have is a class room we need a lot more than that so plz put in more things


So I just got this game yesterday and it’s so fun and good and my little siblings have learned so much from this game I just wish the other items were free but still great game


Only one thing ….AWESOME


Hi developers I really love your game and I hope you see this because I have suggestions for your game! First I think you should add report cards and progress reports I think you should add them because it really gives in detail to their parents how there doing in school. Second thing is I think you should add late notes and bathroom passes/passes and more subjects to teach because it really feels like your a teacher and it would make this game more fun!.my last and final reason is I think you should add a schedule for lunch and recess basically school related stuff.So the point of these suggestions is just to make this game more school related it would really help it out and make it fun!!!i hope u see this developers!!!😀😀😀😀btw this game is definitely getting a 5 star rating!!!!!


This is awesome I love it

Anonymous Unique Gir

this game makes my booty itch!!!


I love it’s fun to teach the kids and to correct their homework and tests 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I love this game it’s amazing education Buy it now you will love it I certainly had fun with it i’m at a high-level because I play every day and I skipped year 5 and went straight to year 6 because of this game


Love it

Ashley the demon

I love this game but I feel it should have more students and grade homework the next day!

shark blasts

I like it so much think you for making this game


This game is sooo fun plz get this game 🤗


This app is a great idea! I have waited so long for a teacher game! Just some suggestions more subjects would be great! Science or social studies. Maybe even send students to specials. I would LOVE to have more students! The more the better!! I would like to also have more customizations for my claS5Room!

A Dog Drewpy D

I love this app it so much fun please make one pee there panets


Atleast we can join other schools


This game is AMAZING. But… you shouldn’t have to wait a whole day to grade homework. Like I assigned homework and now I have to wait till tomorrow to even level up to level nine. It’s just stupid that way!😤


This game is AMAZING!! My friend and I love this game. We have one suggestion: I think we should be able to give more subjects and To have teachers in the same claS5Room. What I mean by that is that for example: If I join a school, I would like to be able to be in the same claS5Room as my friend. Other than that, this game has us MIND-BLOWN. It would be great if you would add those features I mentioned earlier!! Would totally recommend.


The game is so adorable and addictive, but I don’t think we should have to wait until a day later in real life to grade the homework. If someone were to assign it in the morning, they would have to wait nearly 24 hours to grade it. Maybe make it so the next day in the game is when you can grade your homework. I absolutely love the game though. I haven’t had it long, but I think it’s so fun to play teacher. I love how you can give tests.

chug chug chumg chug

I love this game so much rn I’m in a school with a bunch of my friends This is awesome


I love the game. You should make more games like this.


The game is good and all but how do we get parental space I’m have been trying so long but it didn’t want me too pls help me Pls help me I’m under water jabs

niaa s

Me and my little brother play it all the time now and its so fun!! 🙂


This is a really great game!! But I have a few suggestions, if a student is absent you should make it to where they either don’t come at all or they come late with a note from the doctor or something. And also maybe when you end the day you go home to your house or something. Overall this is a really great game and I hope you listen to my ideas! 😀


This is the best game ever I’ll play it everyday and all day it’s amazing and I love it

homework change Plz

You should really change the homework because you have to turn it in the next day in real life some people wanna keep on playing in the same day could you still do homework but do the next day in the game not in real life


This game is so awesome because u get to name their names and it is awesome more people should play this 🤩😝😊 this is the best game ever I haven’t had that much fun in school in a very long time and this is the best it looks like I get to give test love this game and who ever is reading this please down load this app I promise u won’t regret this so please down load this and I’m Miss deavia the teacher once u join my school u will have so much fun being a teacher I promis


It’s just really really fun


I like this game a lot but there are so many quizzes maybe u should add the parents things I don’t really know how to do it I’m level 17


This app is SO dang cute and realistic! 😆 I love that we can grade tests, assign homework, complete problems, HAVE A CLASS PET! 🐰 SO CUTE! This is my favorite game ever and I am SO obsessed! ❤️AND I can speak and understand French though I am American! 😀 Please make more games!


Can u add recess, lunch bell and more like that like u can make lines to go to a library in the school that would be cool


It is a great learning game even for middle school teens/tweens!

y want gacha life 2

I’m very somone Yelp


when i click on the english button, some of its in english and some isn’t.


Can you make an all English version please and add and English class


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