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Ask Bongo iOS

Ask Bongo 简介

Bongo knows every about YOU and your FRIENDS! Who loves you? Who hates you? What’s the future got in store? Bongo knows all this and MORE!

Ask Bongo anything and instantly be amazed by his knowledge! It’s easy to be in the know with Bongo!

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Ask Bongo 下载

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Lol nick girl

Why would u want my location…


Thais app is so fun yo do


It says to select the option of buying or earning coins, but I don’t see how to earn coins.

id toa tp

It’s a little weird that it asked for you location like if it’s a stalker


I have to pay so he can aswer and I don’t like it


Im broken

music am

Same answers. Buuh


I just got this app and at first I thought it was a scam but it didn’t ask me for my social security number or anything. I hate that points are so limited and you only get one a day. I don’t think I will actually be a famous blogger, but the predictions are fun to read and you never know, it might actually be true!


Terrible app



Alice Gheorghe

It is sad because I can’t buy coins and It will be cool to ask our personal questions :(((


Is trash they just give you two answers and then they tell you that you got to pay 4 box for each question you got


Please give me my money back this is ridiculous


So why is there not free coins and it did not give no coins just one free but they made me text ehat they wanted so

tapotepuy 207

Tenemos que pagar en dolaresssss 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 y alguien nos puede controlar nuestro celular


Bongo es lo mejor


No la descargues 😒


Porque no me sale la predicción ash 😒. No se si es seguro porque cuando abro una página me dice q “no es seguro” y eso da mucho miedo, aparte q al principio dice cual es tu ubicación y eso te da un poco de desconfianza. Quiero saber por q no me sale la predicción

Ryan Endreszl

1st off you can pull up dirt about other people it’s basically like a fortune teller 2nd you have to pay you get free questions here and there but it’s not as advertised


Es importante no tengo más créditos


Tienes que pagar dinero para las preguntas es un asco de basura no lo compres es una basura enserio no la compres 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


This app is so stupid. You can only get one free answer and you have to pay so much money for more. 1 more answer is 4 dollars!! Don’t expect anything good from this.


Cuesta dinero pero lo úelvez a descargar y puedes saber más de tus amigos 😈😈😈

lil muny

This app is the worst it will tell you different things and lead you on then it will say that you need to watch an ad and are then they would say “our bad it looks like something went wrong with the ad.How about you try again?Tap the “Watch ad” below”. They are sooooooo annoying I watch about ten ads and then finally realized that they are doing this just to make money for advertising other people’s games plus when I did pay Money for the game the game would say sorry unavailable bongo cannot answer questions at this time😤🥵🙄👎🏾.


This is a sweet app to use


Cuando dise saber de mi futuro lo único que ase es gastarme dinero, y para saber mi futuro por un teléfono es muy muy estúpidamente mal

The Trash Bag

The catchy add song really catches u in but then u get like one half question before it starts asking u to pay $50+ which totally isn’t fair it’s a scam and totally uncalled for i’m poor and ion have money this isn’t a good game and it’s stupid like “bongo” isn’t gonna find out who my crush is or find sum random dude who likes me it’s rlly stupid.


Solo q hay q pagar mucho


u have to pay thats so dome

Ariana West Grande

Omg people keep talkin how 1 answer costs a dollar. Now y’all can chill cuz they changed it 😍😍💯💯 lol $4 per answer now, what a STEAL 😂😂


This app is complete bs. It’s all lies and it just tells you what you want to hear.


So I kept on getting adds for the app, so I eventually got it. It turns out you get one credit in total?? That’s so wrong, you should at least be able to watch adds to get more or like 1 every hour. Something like that. I put in my sexual orientation and (I’m a lesbian) and it still is saying “he” whenever I’m asking about “love.” ITS NOT WORTH GETTING!!


When you ask this app a question, it gives you the most generalized answers and still makes you pay🙄⁉️

i wanna die in arizo

if you keep redownloading the app then you won’t have to keep buying/waiting for coins


When I was getting this app I read a review where you guys said that we get one free question a day and that is not true you get the first question free and that’s it.Then it’s a hole bunch of money for answers that probably aren’t even true if it was free you would probably get a lot more popularity.Thats just my opinion,I really like this app but the fact that I have to pay 3 or 4 dollars for 1 question is a waste.i personally don’t have money to be wasting like that. So this app is pretty much just wasting space on my phone.Please think about the pricing of the questions or the fact that there is a price at all.

heyo tis me

They going to give you a reply that’s very relative so it seams like it could apply to u but it could literally apply to anyone. They’ll only give u part of an answer and u have to pay to see the rest, I guarantee it’s not true. Just warning all u, don’t waste ur money! 💛

pink Barry

I really only get one question like god u say it’s fun spending money is not fun and for a silly game like this


I don’t get my one free question a day.

fortnite dude 29

You have to pay to get coins and sometimes you get to watch ads for the coins but YOU DONT GET TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT WITH THAT COIN.


This app is cool but you can’t put in how old you are so t could say like oh back in 10th grade well i’m not there yet so and you have to pay like what if you have to pay why not make the app money so you have to buy it like i do like it it is so much fun to mess around with but then all you get is the tutorial and it’s like so when can i ask another question like a day later like uhmmm no mam you have to pay if it was not money at that part then you would get more people buying it and it would become top seller easily this is just my opinion like please let’s get the company to read this please and why is it like 3 or 4 dollars to get ONE HINT that is to crazy all they want is people to waste their money on something that’s not true and for something that is like a fortune teller like go to a fortune teller and pay them like a dollar or if it’s free rather then paying 4 dollars o get one question like a no


It’s good. I mean I little creepy I guess. But it fixed its problem and you get one free question each day


I have found this a good app but the problem with this is that you have to pay for your questions however, in the beginning they do give you 1 coin but just 1 and the rest is payment 😒please fix this!!!!!


Is Bungo asks for your location in order to play sounds a little creepy. I guess the game is pretty fun, but why do you need your location? Is it to ask where you live? What if bangles is your exact address? It’s creepy!!!!😧😯☹️🙁😕😔😓😥😰😨😱


Está madre no sirve solo quiere robar dinero


Is really fun to ask

Luke Roman biggest f

Just don’t even bother to download it.

hello how are you

This is horrible only gives you one coin then you have to pay the rest! Horrible suggestions not getting it😒😒😒😒 1/5


give them 5 free coins to start & im not paying any money at all

Lia The wolf

Ok sooo this is a rip off U HAVE TO PAY TO ASK omg every single time do not do it


After u coin it wants me to buy more….no….they can keep there easily guessed questions to the selves cause I’m not buyin it 👋


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