【图】13abc WTVG Toledo, OH下载
【图】13abc WTVG Toledo, OH
【图】13abc WTVG Toledo, OH

13abc WTVG Toledo, OH iOS

13abc WTVG Toledo, OH 简介

News, weather, sports and entertainment from 13abc in Toledo, Ohio.

Track updates from First Warning Weather using Live Doppler 13000HD. The only Live local radar.

Requires iOS 9 or higher.

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13abc WTVG Toledo, OH 下载

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I’ve watched this news team for years but finally deleted the app. It crashes regularly. There will be lead headline or breaking news notifications, but when you go into the app, the story isn’t there. Bad app. Deleted it today.


For the past two days, app keeps crashing when I click the News section.


App crashes upon opening-Please fix!! Please bring back daily weather forecast video!! Used to watch every day!!


This app has too many ads and there are frequent misspellings in news stories, the weather shows the wrong time for sunrise and sunset, and mine right now (just updated) shows the wrong graphics for the forecast daily weather conditions. About a week ago I was getting only news stories from somewhere in Minnesota for several days before someone finally noticed and fixed it.. maybe it fixed itself who knows. Always crashes or just stops responding also.

Rae Huss

The items should be listed in order starting with the most recent. When I get a notification the newest article should be shown first. The way it is now I have to scroll through all the items and check the time shown for when it was posted. Otherwise I like the app. 7/23/2020 updated review: If you will NOT put articles in order, PLEASE give me the option to do so. I will remove this app in one month if this issue is not addressed. Have you even checked how many one star reviews you have? If I could give zero stars I would. 7/26/2020 updated review: Now articles appear to be listed in order of release. Thank you! It’s a much better experience this way. I appreciate your addressing this issue. Improved my rating due to this update. 8/7/2020 updated review: Articles are not in order. Maybe the few days they were was just a coincidence. I am deleting this app.

New CBS News reader

I used to like this app. Now it quits regularly and will not allow me to share stories…it quits then too. The video portion of the screen is too huge and requires me to keep scrolling to read the text. Late loading portions of the page make sure that I have to constantly adjust the screen while I’m reading. I get the idea that video is a valuable tool for the story, but often I am not able to play videos while others are present in the space I use and reading is now more of a chore in this app.


I resent you only showing president trump begging for votes everytime I open the app. You are supposed to be biased and give equal time to all candidates.


As if it wasn’t bad enough that all of your articles are flooded with advertisements, now we have to sit through opening advertisements when we open the app too?


It’s a good app, sometimes it doesn’t loop the radar as well as I would like. The thing that will make me stop using it is the trump advertisement that keeps trying to get you to take a poll. I just wan the weather and local news it


Very buggy! Would be nice if news channel knew how to inform u of new news. Some pages are days old. Very bad spelling. And lots of crashes.


This app is suppose to inform the public of the news, sports, etc… but it seems like no one updates the news stories on it! Old stories linger on the app way too long! If you are putting an app out there for the public to keep updated on CURRENT news stories and breaking news, PLEASE have someone keep up with adding/deleting the content!


Why when I reopen this app for the firs time in forever the first thing I get is a full screen requesting I say happy birthday that includes his picture. I realize this is paid for but his birthday is not representing anything on current events or political views. Dumping this App


This app is terrible and constantly quits whenever I try to view news stories.


this is really great for the northwest ohio folks, i 10/10 reccommend!

Mel Mel 2424

I’m giving the app 2 stars due to the fact that stories are posted with to many spelling errors. Where is the editor? Then today I see that you all did a story with pastor Pitts. Why? Why would you do an interview about Easter/COVID-19 with a PERVERTED MONSTER? He has multiple arrest for flashing women and children at parks, neighborhoods, etc. Why not just ask a prisoner in jail about the peak of the COVID-19 and how he feels being stuck behind infectious walls?

What Willis

Just give us the news…


I haven’t been able to open this app for several weeks.


App closed 4 times when I tried to open the app and once it finally stayed open it shut down when I clicked on a story.


Love this app when it works! Every time I open an article it crashes. Please update!!! (Apple user)


I’d give it 0 stars if I could. The app doesn’t even open anymore. It just keeps closing itself. When a breaking story pops up and you click on it you aren’t even taken to the story. Also it’s really hard to find snow emergency levels. The whole app needs redone. I deleted it and got WTOL.


I updated the app today. Then I tried opening it, it kept snapping shut. Unloaded app and downloaded again with same results… what is going on? Have iPhone.


After years of this app, it suddenly stopped working. Won’t open. Tried to trouble shoot and re download. No success


I have had this app on my iPhone for several years, about 2-3 wks ago I began having problems, won’t open. I have over 25 notifications that I have not been able to open. What is the problem?


Often get notifications of a news story, accident, traffic concern, weather warning, etc. but when I “swipe to open”, the story is no where to be found. Opens to a page of news from the recent history, but nothing about that notification on the app.


App closes for no reason at all frequently. Mine is on an iPad Air2 . When I try to open videos, (mostly imported videos) God only knows what video is going to open up, then I’m looking at a wheel spinning around in circles wondering when it’s going to open. Concerning news, very disappointing as they no longer put in descriptions of suspects involved in crimes that could help us at Citizen’s be safe. safe. Coincidently, recently I noticed that if the suspect is a Caucasian, channel 13 will put the description in.

Tito Flack

App keeps locking up. Had to delete and reinstall 3 times now.


This app had been working fine for a long time untill 6-23-2019 thats when it shut down my iphone7plus every time I open the app!!!


Today every time I use your app it reboots my phone. Please fix as yours is the only local news I read.


Had to reopen app three times in five minutes. Jumps to iPad home screen while trying to read any article. Is there some kind of a conflict between the app and the latest iOS version? Shut downs getting worse. Time to completely rebuild this app. It does not appear that anyone is monitoring the articles for updates, multiple postings, accuracies, etc. Not an award winning app.


I do not have unlimited data and when ads play automatically starting videos every time I open the app and other times when opening a news story, that makes me unhappy with the app. Understand you need ads to pay for the app but videos are not needed imo.


PLEASE PLEASE fix the app so that ads stop overlapping text in your articles. I would like to read the whole article and there is always a part where the ads are over the text and that part of the story can’t be viewed.

usaf firefighter

ANC can post there one sided agenda and not allow for any comments on outrageous reports. They know what there doing by not allowing any comments. I give this app a zero if I could.


Even though I have GPS enabled it says I do not therefore I cannot get specific weather for my town

Abi Silguero

The live stream is nonexistent and needs constant buffering just to get a message that says try another time.

Noname listed

Annoying pop up ads every time the app is opened. More ads at the bottom of the screen. Still more ads interspersed throughout weather and news articles. I would delete this app, but keep it only for severe weather alerts.


More ads than actual news, and many stories are old news.


SENTINEL CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER Is missing from the list of schools to be selected for notifications on delays and closings. It would be very nice if this can be corrected. Thank you in advance.


Never loads for me


App goes out & blacks my phone out then phone comes back on app in the back ground! It is terrible! No other app on my phone does that!

zayzay dazy

They give me the weather and breaking news I need to know I love this app


The app hands up on the splash screen most of the time. Unfortunately I’ve had to go to the WTOL app for news because of this.

Tartan sailor

The app opens slowly and does not have a category for entertainment, shows, festivals, bands, events.


No longer a fan of the 13abc app. It’s cluttered and confusing to navigate.


This app is okay but there needs to be a location that says snow emergencies and levels. When I am getting ready in the morning I sometimes don’t have time to watch the weather and I can never find them on here. Also, why is it the news is never in order. There are only a few stories and usually I see yesterday’s first. When I get a notification about something I go to click on it and it is only there half the time. This app needs to be more user friendly


When you combine almost zero news with ads for male “enhancement “ you have a guaranteed loser app.


Doesn’t even work. I’m deleting and will just use internet to get in website for school delays and closings.


This app is not user friendly. Not enough news. Too many ads! Can’t find Mr. Food recipes anywhere either after they’re featured on TV. All food postings seem to feature Everyday Moms news.


The problem listed above the Re removing them is not fixed. I finally temporarily deleted ap because could not remove ad from screen. Today news items are covered by ads.


I usually watch this in the morning after the alarm goes off; during normal commercial breaks, the same stupid bumpers, fillers, and station promos are shown over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again! (The one promo about 13abc Good Morning, with the bedraggled-looking couple I’ve named “Rumpled Raincoats,” where the guy is wearing a polo shirt about eight sizes too big, is especially annoying, especially when it is shown three times in succession!!) According to the news producer, normal commercials aren’t authorized for online consumption! If we log in with a Buckeye or Spectrum subscription, does that change?! (I’d throw you folks a couple bucks a year to be rid of the ProMedica junk, and to simply have a “Commercial Braeak–Programming will return shortly” message, instead of the piffle you show online now!) To access the live broadcast, you have to sit through an ad, which vary between Directions Credit Union, and various ProMedica ads. Annoyingly, some of the ProMedica ads take up to a *** minute *** to load, after which, you’ve likely missed Ross’ or Jay’s weather forecast!! At least, until iOS 11, I could navigate away from the app in order to avoid have to see Mr & Mrs. Rumpled Raincoat five times between the first news segment and the second segment with the weather! Now, after iOS11, when I come back to the app and hit the Play icon, the network activity icon disappears after a couple seconds, and the only way to get it back is to return to the menu screen, and go back into the broadcast–maybe you’ll get the Directions Credit Union ad which loads in ten seconds, maybe you’ll wait a minute or more to be regaled about the benefits of some stupid Call-A-Doc from the Green House of Oostra! Either way, you’re going to miss the weather, and sports, and perhaps the entire newscast as well, while waiting for the stupid ads to load! Fix this thing so that one can go between the live broadcast and other apps, and not have to either stay in the app and watch those stupid, lame, insipid promos, fillers, bumpers (and Mr. Rumpled Raincoat at the end of that promo cocking his finger in his belt loop with five inches of sleeve hanging below his elbow, looking about as cool as month-old bread–or a bucket of fecal material) in order to avoid having to watch yet anotherr Oostra ad, or figure out how to get those ads loaded in a couple of seconds, instead of a minute or more, by which time, most rational people will have moved on from this CRapp to your competitors!


I get a notification, then I tap it to read and it’s nowhere in the page. I get the first sentence or so then nothing.


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