【图】iPlant with Brigitte Mars下载
【图】iPlant with Brigitte Mars
【图】iPlant with Brigitte Mars

iPlant with Brigitte Mars iOS

iPlant with Brigitte Mars 简介

iPlant with Brigitte Mars is a wild plant medicinal reference that delivers accurate, dependable information on North American edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants.

Author, professor, and plant expert Brigitte Mars shares detailed information on plant etymology, physiological effects, medicinal and edible uses, constituents, and contraindications.

iPlant is also designed to aid wild plant identification with high-resolution color photos from photographers such as the renowned Martin Wall.

Wild plants are both beautiful and useful. Use this wild plant medicinal reference to begin your journey towards understanding and self-sufficiency.

Please note this reference is intended for educational purposes only. Plants can be powerful, so please be responsible and consult your doctor or registered herbologist before using any wild plant. Never use a plant or herb that hasn’t been identified by a trained expert. Please share the Earth and harvest responsibly.

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iPlant with Brigitte Mars 下载




When I bought this app it was wonderful — it had a lot of extras with it, extremely useful. Like many developers, this one has chosen to go for the gusto — she wants more of my money, so she takes away certain features, then offers to sell them back to me for more money. I gave in and did it, only to find out she did not restore the extras – there were little parts where information was cut off, those parts were fixed, but now I’m still supposed to spend to “upgrade.“ I still miss the extras, especially the dictionary of the technical terms she uses, but in order to get those you’ll have to go join her on her Facebook page. Pretty cheap trick for getting more Facebook followers. And you don’t have access to them if youre not online. So note to greedy developers: give your customer something, then take it away and charge them again. The information in this app is excellent, but the sleazy tactics give this “medicine“ a bad taste.


Are used to love this app. Now it limits the information without an upgrade. I don’t know how to upgrade. And it is unstable and not working on my iPhone X. Will rate five stars once it is fixed. Thanks


Such a cool app! I’m a conservation biology major and I’ve always really liked plants but aside from their appearance never really knew anything else about them. This app has cool little descriptions of the plants, their characteristics, their range, and even their effect on the surrounding soil(COOL)! Some entries are more detailed than others, but I’ve learned a lot from it and there’s even a little section that lists what part of the plants have historically been used as medicine, so now I can follow along when my horticulture friends start talking about all the properties of mint and crud.


I know many of the plants, but don’t remember medicinal properties or what parts to use. This app is great on a plant walk to not just find the plants but to read a concise description about the plant.


I love the high quality photos of each plant. Thank you!


I love this app have had it since the 2nd gen touch was new or about then –I have seen many changes in it in that time and while it doesn’t update a ton it’s a very stable platform and has a ton of good info as well it’s my first reference app if this dosent have the plant then I go to another app As always room for improvement and I know some of what I’ve commented to the developers they had in mind –in the past (I haven’t opened lately) there were some that didn’t have pictures but they weren’t common to me so I wasn’t overly concerned by it


I was so excited to see this app. It’s a great little reference app. However I didn’t give it 5 stars because it wish it could be more expansive (I.e. How can it not have rhodiola? ) Also many of the entries are cut off in mid sentence so that’s disappointing. However it does have lots of information such as contraindication, etymology, plant part use and medicinal uses. It’s very general but it’s a good snapshot and there’s a bonus section on how to make tinctures and some others. Wish I could also search by scientific name. There are some herbal books I own that only list the scientific names so this would be a helpful tool. However I’m glad I have it.


I use this reference often as I am a great believer in herb teas as health enhancers and this guide, for the herbs it includes, is quite good. Even better, I only recently realized I can search for the herb I need by the condition I’m hoping to improve, e.g. Sinusitis, headache, arthritis,etc. and the guide yields a list of the most useful herbs associated with that condition. Well Done. I’ve been drinking herb teas for 40+ years and now am a tad more efficient at it thanks to this resource.


Brigitte is tremendously inspiring and this app reflects the care and knowledge she has about these plants. Please start with a few cities and pull out lists of plants we can find during the summer and then expand on that. Thanks!


Great for when you’re on the go and curious.


Horrible app. The pictures used to identify the plants are fuzzy and often taken from such a distance that you can’t make out the detail of the plants or so close-up that you only see a leaf or two or a flower. Neither is helpful for identification. The only way to identify the plants is through the pictures, so unless you already know the name of the plant, you end up looking through hundreds of poor quality photos hoping to find the plant in question.

Renna S

I’m finding this app plenty useful when I’m out and around – for hiking, casual look-ups, any time I want a plant ID and use reference and don’t have a stack of books along. Mars’ is an expert and well-respected teacher of herbal lore and her information on medicinal use is excellent. I wish all the apps I’ve grabbed were this good.

Sadistic Kiss

I was hoping that I would be able to look up native plants for my area so I could identify them. Considering the price I expected more than a simple list with photos of the plants. Disappointed.


There is no way to search when I find a plant in the wild and want to identify it. There is no range map to show where plant grows. There needs to be a search engine that includes: range, plant height, leaf arrangement, flower shape and number of petals, family of plants, ecosystem in which we find the plant (riparian, plains, forest, etc), elevation where it grows, etc. also, some of the photos are nearly impossible to identify the plant from. If you can positively identify the plant using another guide, then this app will be useful to decide how to use the plant. There’s potential here but the app still needs some development.


Still like it but the info on using an herb as a tea, tincture, etc., is gone. That was the best part!! Grrr

Rebecca Luna

LOVE THIS APP!!! It’s easy to navigate, the pictures are awesome and the information is great! So very cool!


Love the updates. And the new content really makes things easier. We use it with our scouts to identify local plants and the browse by picture view is a great way to look for your plant.


Been looking for a app to help identify plants and give feed back on them. Greay way to purchase plants that are native to the area.


great photos. i’m a novice at knowing plants and this will do just the trick at helping me identify plants while on backpacking trips. strongly suggest this for fellow scout leaders or anyone that goes into the outdoors regularly.


I can’t update because I keep getting application not compatible software update description. What the heck is that???


I really liked the app before this new update. My problem with it is the picture takes up the reading space in the herb description. The way it was before, was perfect, where you could show the picture of the herb when you wanted to. I re-loaded the older version.


Great beginning. Keep em coming.


There should be a section that tells you where to find the plan to.


this app has real potential, but the recent lack of updates has left me feeling disappointed.


Good database with lots of information.


Apparently the person is to busy to take care of the problems I am having with the app icon showing a “5” with no reason and no back arrow. I’ve re installed this twice from the app store with no luck. There are to many good apps with good support to not mess with something that doesn’t work or is poorly supported.


Disappointing!!!! Pictures of some plants not available!! Like poison ivy?!? What’s with that?! Wished I’d read reviews before I purchased!! Would like refund!


The photos used to work but after the last update they don’t work now. It tells me to sync to see photos and I did. But still don’t see photos. If your looking to buy this u would wait till the photos are working again.


Excellent source of information and useful tips. If it had pictures for field ID it would be perfect.


…on my iPhone 4, all I get is a blank screen for a few seconds, it opened once the first time successfully but after the picture plants no longer works. 🙁


If just needing basic, this is fine. But selection is limited.


Pics are missing of some plants, some very basic plants are left out. Has a ‘sync’ option that to this day never syncs or updates anything. Disappointing, would love a refund.


I can’t see the pics for plants peep would want to Identify in the field like poison ivy or summac.


I cant see any of my pictures of plants. Although it is a very good reference.

Sozo LLC

Need a way to search for field identification (bloom color, leaf pattern, etc.) Also needs a link in the app for feedback, had to log into app store and search for “Iplant” to leave suggestions.

Mrs Tommie

I like this as a quick reference. It may not be comprehenisve but it’s handy.

Horty Morty

Really all in all a great app. But don’t expect to see any photos of plants. I’ve tried everything I could and could not get it to sync for full size images. But the info is all there. Very interesting!


You had a search wear you could look up remidies (search=pink eye resault=chamomile, and any other remidies for pink eye.)


Upon first examination, this appears to be an interesting and “fairly” accurate program. However, I resent a political agenda being put forward as fact!! UPS is a contentious organization, whose founders were heavily involved in wild collecting and who you would think would offer a more balanced approach! Cultivated “should” carry as many caveats as wild-harvested. Without the UPS inclusions, this program would serve as an interesting app for anyone interested in plants! With the UPS comments it is misleading and problematic!!


Wonderful app! So many plants and herbs! Also, the Rhubarb leaves mistake was fixed from the earlier version! I love the Photos! Keep them coming!!! 🙂

The Kaptin

I hope more pics and more detail on how plants were used( how to process roots, leaves ect) I’d pay more for videos showing how to- it would be soo awesome to use this app for activities with my kids Keep up the good work!


I downloaded this (cost$4.99) with high expectations, but my hopes were dashed almost immediatly when the pictures would not sync. Also after reading information on several plants noted ALOT of misinformation. I personally feel that Jeff Lundgren should re imburse all parties for the down load and cancel it until they have all the kinks out of it.


I got it but I accidently deleted it


It crashes when ever you choose ephedra, fireweed an probably some others as well; have not checked them all to see. I also resynced with the new pics supposedly but it still says to sync to update the pics when I try and view the selected plant. I tried to uninstall and reinstall with no luck.


This is pretty good. Being as young as I am, 15, this is very usefull, but once again, I was hoping for more plants, although it is great, plaesw update soon! Treeboy 🙂


I really like this app and it is a great start. The plants listed are a lot of the ones I use for detoxification and some on a regular basis. There are quite a few important ones not listed but I’m sure they will keep adding. To make this app the most awesome would be to add a symptom or “condition” search, as other reviewers have mentioned. For example type in and search for diuretic and all the plants that have that function come up in the search. Another reviewer mentioned cultivation information and I agree that would be a great addition down the road also. I am really into reading and learning about herbs and plants and the uses and purposes of each so I don’t mind reading each description, but for those who want a quick reference this might be a bit daunting. I can’t wait for an update! Thanks!


Where is mint?


I don’t know even know what these plants are. There has to be an easier way to look for something as simple as poison ivy! C’mon now


Add more plants, and I’ll add more stars

Anna Dee

This app has much potential. Problem is that if I don’t know the name of a plant I have to open each title to look at the corresponding image. I suggest that the program allow for scrolling of images/photos as a separate option. When we find the image we are looking for we can then tap or click to get the data for that photo. Currently, one has to select the name of the plant then select the little camera icon to look at the photo. But what happens when one doesn’t know the name of the plant he/she is looking at? If you have the ‘Art’ app—it does what I am suggesting for this app. Facebook app does too—they list photos in a photo album —–you scroll through all the photos by running your finger over the screen with a right to left motion to go easily review all the photos. Keep up the good work! ~AD


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