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Seva Call 简介

Seva Call finds high quality local professionals in minutes and puts them on the phone with you.

No more leaving messages, explaining your issue over and over again, juggling your schedule or wasting time talking to companies that can’t help you. Seva Call will broadcast your service needs to local businesses, finds those that can help, and connects them with you on the phone in real-time. Seva Call does this all while keeping your contact information private.

Why use Seva Call?
– Quality: We work with the best
– Convenience: Service on your schedule
– Fast: Talk with pros in seconds
– Private: We never share contact info
– Free: There really is no cost
– Simple: Just 3 quick steps
– Personal: Pros listen & match requests

The Right Professional. The Right Time. Right Now.

– Accountants
– Appliances Repair
– Auto Glass Repair
– Auto Repair
– Bail Bonds
– Bus Rental
– Car Wash
– Carpet Cleaners
– Chiropractor
– Computer Repair
– Dentists
– Electricians
– Elevator Repair
– Florists
– Furniture Upholstery
– Garage Door
– Garbage Removal
– Gyms & Fitness
– Heating & Cooling
– Landscapers
– Lawyers – Bankruptcy
– Lawyers – Family
– Lawyers – Traffic
– Limo Rental
– Locksmiths
– Maid Services
– Massage Therapy
– Moving & Storage
– Notaries
– Painters
– Party Planners
– Party Rental
– Personal Trainers
– Pest Control
– Physical Therapy
– Plumbers
– Real Estate
– Rent Office Furniture
– Roofers
– Snow Removal
– Tailors
– Tax Preparation
– Taxicabs
– Towing
– Tutors
– TV Repair
– Veterinarians
– Window Replacement

…and more will be added frequently.

Seva Call is also available online at www.sevacall.com or by calling 1-877-987-SEVA (7382).

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Seva Call 下载

App Store 官网美版



I’m so glad I downloaded this app because I was in the car the other day and realized I hadn’t yet called someone to help me with my broken AC unit. I normally would’ve googled around for a company I thought would fit and then would have to call and see if they had any times that worked for me. But with this app, I put in the specifics of what was wrong with my AC and I was pretty much immediately connected with a great local company that made an appointment for me based off of the available times I entered into the app. Really easy and quick, I hope this app gets more well deserved attention!


I tried in Edison nj area and app doesn’t work , seems to get frozen after I agree to call the services . Are they still in business ?


5 am on a Sunday, my front door made of tempered glass shattered. My business was completely exposed and I needed someone immediately. I had an employee use google to find companies to help us board the door and fix it. I used SevaCall to try to find a contractor. Within minutes I got two calls and they saved me so much anxiety. I didn’t have to stay at my business until Monday to make sure we would not be vandalized. Google companies were not useful as non of them answered because it was 5 am on a Sunday.


Seva call is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seva Call helped me find a computer repair technician in my budget in minutes! Using Seva call, I was quickly contacted by three companies with estimates and was able to choose the best company for me…HIGHLY recommend using this service!

Allison Gold

I used seva call to find a computer repair service close to me and I didn’t even have to search for one! Within minutes I got a call from a business and they said they could fix my water damaged computer right away. So easy!!! Highly recommend this app.

Satisfied Old School

I submitted a request for someone to repair my air conditioning. I got a reply almost immediately and had the unit fixed by the time my kids came home, which saved me a lot of complaining. I don’t know how many companies I would have called myself to get the same professional service that I received through using Seva. Really saved me many calls! Greatly recommended!


I had a fire in my house and my kitchen burned down. I hired a handyman through seva call and it was so easy to use. It saved me a lot of time.


I was looking to install a central a/c system and this app connected me within minutes! I was connected to multiple a/c specialists and found just what I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised by this magic service!


Really helpful app!


Above and beyond customer service from seva call! Was looking for limo rates and someone got in touch w me within minutes. Super helpful for a mom with not a lot of time!


The app worked great and was just as easy to use as the website.


Seva Call is a great app that connects you to professionals in no time! I highly recommend for any job that needs completion.


Have tried to open it 12 times. No Joy. 👎


It gave me a massage therapist in 3 minutes! It’s so great. Anytime I need anything done, Seva Call, it is. No more searching for me.


I’m sure the service is great. This app, however, is unusable due to crashing constantly.

Meryl B

This app helped me find a dentist in 5 minutes!


I will never call around for services again. Within 5 min I was able to talk to AND book an appointment with a plumber for a time I was available. No back and forth schedule coordination. Seva Call saves so much time which anyone can appreciate. Additionally, the plumbing service I selected was very professional.


Awesome app. Needed garage door repair at 5:45 PM and used the app. The app is crazy fast, within a second got a call back from one and soon from two other vendors. Not only did they get me 3 quotes, a service rep called to make sure I was happy and that I got what I needed. I got the repair scheduled for the next day at a reasonable price.

Neema Mehta

Have a problem or need something fixed? Use the Seva Call app to get that help immediately. It’s easy to use and there is no hassle. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone or Internet searching for a professional to help you. Seva Call does that for you, but it won’t take hours it’ll take just a couple of minutes for you to get connected. Definitely recommend everyone to download this app!


Very Helpful App. Quick and easy to find local businesses, and saves you a lot of time

Derrick Shannon

Very useful app!


Highly recommended!


Wow I’m speechless this is great and did what it said it does.

Think realisticly

I don’t use it often. But it just made things a lot easier for when I do need something

S desai

I used this app recently when I needed help finding an hvac professional. We had a crazy storm hit DC, they found me someone in only a few minutes to fix my AC.

Saureen Desai

I needed help finding a lawyer recently to help with some work. Someone told me about this app, I got three quotes super quick.


Great app that gets the job done. Easy to use interface as well. Nicely made.

Edwin Philogene

This app is simply amazing! It is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever downloaded. I recently used it to source a local repairman and it worked like a charm. Everyone needs this app on their phone!


Never seen anything like this, it works great and the quality of service is unbelievable. Amazing amazing app

Pervaan Ahuja

This app does exactly what I was looking for – you enter in what service you need and for what time and within minutes you are connected to highly qualified professionals who are eager to help. Best of all…its FREE! Don’t hesitate, download this app now.


Cool app! Very easy to use. Download it!!

Seva fan

This app is fantastic! it is so helpful and easy to use. Seva contacted me directly with the help I needed. Would definitely recommend!


I usually don’t use apps, but this one helped me so much. I hate contacting businesses for help, so it was nice to have them call me. I was able to talk to someone just minutes after I submitted a request. I’m never scheduling appointments any other way. Thanks Seva Call!

daa kidd

Used to find movers for my stuff at school. Revolutionary service, should have came out years ago!


Needed a plumber in my area. Really great interface and simple to use. Going to be a normal app in my arsenal of productivity.


Well done guys!


I love this app – its so easy to use and reliable!!


My washer broke mid-cycle, and I didn’t have anyone “on file” to call. I saw something about sevacall on facebook and tried it out, and it was faster and more reliable than I originally expected. i wouldn’t normally try something like this without any previous knowledge of the company, but they connected me to a repair man almost immediately. (and it was free!.. not for the repair of course though). I would definitely recommend this to anyone for any problem


I recently retired and needed to find a new dentist. I heard of this new startup so I finally tried their app. I found a really good dentist in just a few minutes. Thx Seva Call!

michael a

This is a really great new service, made computer repair quick and easy


Used it for computer repair issue. Was awesome.


Oh my god. I love Seva Call. Such a time saver.


Easy to use and an excellent time saver that really works with immediate results.


App is easy to use, and it’s a great way to save time. Thanks SevaCall!


Super easy to find what I needed! Like zocdoc but for everything else.

Dr Teethlova

It was amazing, a revolutionizing app. Def breakthrough technology.

Bookie book

Wow I love technology. This app is awesome.


This app is awesome! Love it.


Seamless. I used it for computer repair and I was amazed how easy it was. Don’t look anywhere else. I can’t wait to see what updates bring!


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