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Beachbody Nutrition 简介

Welcome to Beachbody Nutrition+®. This nutrition app gives you access to Beachbody’s most popular nutrition programs. Millions of people have already chosen Beachbody to help them get fit because they know Beachbody programs get results!

Using this app, you can access premium nutrition programs like 2B Mindset® and Ultimate Portion Fix®,* as well as customizable meal plans. Quickly and easily track your meals, weight, water intake, and Shakeology®. Meal-tracking options for the Plate It method and portion-control container system are also available.

• Discover proven strategies to help support sustainable weight loss in the 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix program videos
• Track your daily food, water, Shakeology, and weight
• Meal-tracking options available for both the Plate It method and portion-control container system
• Note that some enhanced premium nutrition content and functionality is available with additional purchase

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I just switched to an Apple Phone. I cannot even get signed into this App or start an account. With my Samsung phone nutrition and workouts were loaded together on one app. Frustrating!!


It would be helpful if the containers indicated if you went over instead of stopping at zero. Also it would be nice If the vegan food list was also accessible.


I can’t even sign up it gives me an error message every time. Guess I won’t be using this app.

stephenie dawn

I have used this to track both 2B mindset and the container method. I use the container method more. Likes: you can edit and show how many containers you have left for the day and see past days. Wishes: I wish if you went over in a container type it would show the negative in the area where it says how many you have. I also wish you could log food for the next day to help with meal planning.


I can’t say enough good things. I love tracking with this app. – Easy data entry – Water bottle preloaded quick calc buttons. – Take a pic or select from your albums for plated meals!! – Conveniently add essential data without overwhelm – View recipes – See plate it ratios at each meal AND all of your subscribed videos at your fingertips with the added bonus of syncing with the computer. It doesn’t get much easier. Well done developers! Please don’t change it just keep the updates going so it works with the current iOS.


The app won’t even let me sign up. It keeps saying error code 520 for the past two days. I am a coach and want to use the program to help promote it to my challengers.


I would easily give this app 4 or 5 stars if it just worked more like the 21 Day Fix app with regards to containers. If you “over-eat” any of the containers it does go negative like the other app. It just zeroes out regardless of how many containers you go through in a day. Also, there should be an option to add your workout for the day as well. Not sure why that’s not a feature of a Beachbody app.


This app won’t let me sign-up. I always get an error message every time I try and make an account. So frustrating.


It will not even allow me to set up an account. I get an error code every single time I try.


I really wanted this app to work for me. Beach Body has made a big difference in my life in these past few months and I was excited to hear they have a newer app (I have used the 21 day fix tracker in the past) but honestly if I were BB I would pull this off the market until I have a better product. It does not name business sense and it tarnished your reputation. What is so disappointing is that the same and even more issues have come up for the past 2 years at least. I am hoping you are not paying for this app because this is robbery. Here is what I noticed: 1. Incomplete picture – nutrition focused only when BB is really an all around solution that has nutrition as a pillar but also workouts, mindset, networking etc. It is missing body measurement trackers, workout tracker, favorite foods, picture upload for anything other than food. 2. Ability to track overeating (negative containers) 3. It glitches – either not saving the inputs or not substracting them from the total containers 4. Ability to favor a certain recipe and save it in your recipe box At this point the old 21 day fix tracker gets the job done much better than this new app. Fix these glitches, make it more complete, then we can talk.


1. It needs to show when you overeat containers. How this isn’t integrated into a portion control program is nuts. 2. There’s should be a way to save favorite foods. I’m constantly retyping the same things and have to re-enter the containers each time.


It didn’t save my tracking from previous days. Not sure how your supposed to learn if you cannot save your daily tracking


I use this tracker daily and I love it, but it lacks a key feature for accountability. I know the whole point is to not overeat your containers, BUT sometimes life happens. I don’t like that the app doesn’t show me I went over (like the 21DayFix tracker does). Please add this feature!!


Would be helpful if the app stopped glitching and it didn’t take 2 or 3 minutes to load each page


My containers no longer update to how many I’ve had so far. Very frustrating when I’m trying to just get an easy number and instead have to count it out


Seems like a great app . It won’t let me create an account so I can use it . Keeps showing error message 609998.


I like the idea of the tracker how it shows your containers, and counts down. It would be great if you could pull out recipes or idea that are based on what we have containers left for.


I try logging my meals and water intake but nothing saves.


Love the app, but I wish it would show negatives when over eating containers


That the reviews all state same wants from a year ago and still no changes is very disappointing. Year ago Like many downloaded app to have electronic log than book. Love combined 2b tracker book info AND integration of other Beachbody apps. Hate having have to log the same info in multiple apps. At minimum should have place to login exercise or Beachbody programs. Still waiting for many suggestions from others and myself that would make this usable app. Why not take some of good things 21dfx app?


Loved this app for about 10 months and then right around Thanksgiving the nutrition tracking part of the app just stopped working! I loved that part if app and it worked so well for me-now I have nothing! I have tried all the tricks to get this content to repopulate to mo avail and now have just deleted it off my phone. I’m so disappointed as I do not like the 21DF tracking app features as much. Wish this would get fixed as without this feature-to me the app is worthless.


Please add ability to add .25 of a serving instead of only .5. For example, I often eat a tablespoon cheese in salad. Or 1 Kodiak waffle which is .25 of the container.


What happened to the recipe part??? Now when I click on it, it doesn’t give me the option to search for meals by type or ingredient!


I upgraded my phone in Dec. and redownloaded the app. Since then it hasn’t worked to track my food. It barely loads and sits on a wheel spinning. I tried again to delete the whole thing and start over. No luck. Looks like the last update was 2 months ago to fix minor bugs. Whatever was done seems worse now!

BBOD cust

As everyone else has written, this app quit about a month ago. I contacted BB support a few weeks ago & they said an update was coming that week. Whatever…. still isn’t working according to multiple posts.


I love the syncing between apps that Beachbody offers! It makes it easy to upload workouts and Shakeology between apps. I like being able to see my progress. I wish they’d add measurements to the tracking. I don’t want to track my weight alone- I want to track inches lost also as well as progress photos. I also wish logging water was a little more intuitive. Otherwise- a good app.


Tracking water took me a minute to realize I can’t just quickly log every time I finish water. Having to add it up each time when you are busy on the go isn’t as nice of a feature. I wanted to enjoy this app since I’m doing 80 day obsession but will be going back to my generic app.


I loved this app when I got it a year ago. But it has recently stopped saving or recording my meals. Very disappointed after paying for the program I’m upset that the app just stopped working; regardless of the updates.


It’s been over a week and this app does not work at all for me and many other beachbody members. We have all contacted beachbody support but they do not help. Maybe apple can speed this along….. Update several weeks later- beachbody says they sent an update to apple to fix these issues. But there does not seem to be an update available. Apple please help!!


Loved this app until it quit deducting containers, it won’t save meals, and takes forever to load!

Taina Boricua

Used to live this app, then around the Holidays it had an improvement done and since them it doesn’t work I can input weight and water and that is it, anything else goes i to clocking and stays there. I deleted the app (losing all precious data) and reloaded the app and still, is not working. Very disappointed.


I’ve loved using this app on my 2B Mindset journey. But for weeks it takes forever to load. Which is annoying when you’re trying to quickly log your food. I’ve tried reinstalling etc and nothing works.


App has been running very slow for a while. I keep checking to see if it needs and update and there isn’t one. Thought it was my WiFi but it’s just the app. Haven’t been using it to track anymore because it doesn’t want to load the dashboard. Also wish it had the same features as the paper 2b mindset journal


I’ve used this app for over a year, and over the last month it’s been impossible to track anything. The dashboard does not load, and it’s difficult to tell what data is even saved when I am able to input a meal. When seeking help to fix the problem Beach Body just sends you to their FAQ page and I’ve tried everything they recommend twice. I am very disappointed with this considering I spent so much money signing up for 2B Mindset and I essentially can’t even use the tracker. I thought it was just my phone or app, but from other reviews I can see it’s a bigger issue and Beach Body should probably address it before they lose any future business from it (I, for one, wouldn’t be willing to try anything else Beach Body has to offer if they can’t even keep an app working properly). Here’s hoping they address the issue finally and the app starts working again.


This needs to get fixed!! When you input a new meal and containers, it doesn’t save. Unhelpful!


I’ve been using this app for over a year to track my food and water intake and have loved it. All of a sudden over the last month none of the food tracking is working. I’ll enter my container counts but it doesn’t log them at all. Very frustrating especially since my group is starting on the challenge tracker on the new year and it’s supposed to sync to that app as well. Hopefully they’ll fix this bug soon.


Looks like the app is not saving what you are logging. It would also be nice if the containers showed a negative number if you have used more than allowed.


I love all things Beachbody and didn’t think this app would be any different. For the past several weeks I’ve been trying to log my containers for each meal and the app is not deducting them from the total. Pls fix this!


I am giving 3 stars because there is no place to log your workouts, same with the BOD App. You are a company whose main business is workout programs, but there is no place to log this info seems like a huge miss. CAN YOU PLEASE ADD THIS SECTION IN ON BOTH APPS? (This one and BOD) For example on this app, there is Water, Weight, Shakeology…can you please add another section to include Workout? I do love this app, but I need to see my workout progress.


I loved the original 21 Day Fix app because it was rock solid for tracking containers. When it was abandoned and replaced by Nutrition+ I expected the same functionality and more. The content and additions are nice but the app used to be only inconsistent in performance… now it just outright won’t save. I can put in a meal, tap “Log” and absolutely nothing happens. I reopen the meal… gone. Container counts don’t change, nothing. Force quitting and reopening don’t fix it. As a promoted resource directly from Beachbody, I expect way better. I can’t rely on this for tracking during my program.


Two things bugged me enough to write a review. 1- the nutrition app does not sync across my apple devices which is crazy. If I log on my iPad, I want to be able to later update on my iPhone… the should be an obvious function. 2- while I set it up to sync with Apple Health, my weight is not getting updated into this app. I use a smart scale, which auto updates my Health app. It seems really silly that I need to still type it into this app too.


Not working just keeps spinning 🙁 I’ll change my review it begins to work again cuz I was liking it Even called beach body and they couldn’t help. They just said they’ll tell the app company it’s not working


I used to really like this app BUT for over a week now it has not worked at all. Contacted them for help and all they say is it’s being worked on.


This app was working great up to a couple of weeks ago. Will not let you log food. The water and weight work but that’s it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still does not work. Support seems to be in denial.


Something happened with the new update. It won’t track my containers anymore. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled and it still doesn’t work.


Downloaded this for 2B Mindset access which has been awesome For tracking. Over the last 2 weeks it hasn’t been loading and I’ve been unable to track. Super disappointing.


You guys seriously need to get the glitches figured out!! This app was my lifeline but now I log a meal and the containers don’t change at all! I’ve tried closing the app, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling—the problem is not my phone but your app. PLEASE fix ASAP!!!


Please fix it! I love tracking my food in this app but I’m not able to track my containers in it anymore. What happened? It would also be very helpful if u can make it so I can plan my meals and have access for the next few days so I can input my food ahead of time and stay on track like that too. Please fix!

Play station gamer

No tech support at all when it fails. And the app lacks of space to put details about the possible things that may influence the Wright changes (like your period, time of the meals, etc) and the water tracking it’s too limited. For example we track in liters, and it only has certain measurements in oz settled. It would be better If we could settle our own bottle measurement.


I love this app. It’s super helpful but as of right now and the last 2 weeks, it will not let you log food or subtract the containers you have used. Super frustrating. I do love the app when it works.


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