【图】Pottery Barn Kids Registry下载
【图】Pottery Barn Kids Registry
【图】Pottery Barn Kids Registry

Pottery Barn Kids Registry iOS

Pottery Barn Kids Registry 简介

The Pottery Barn Kids’ Baby Registry app offers everything you need for your baby and nursery, from expertly crafted GREENGUARD Gold Certified furniture to safe baby gear and more. Add baby gifts from our website and stores onto your registry with ease. From offering baby registry tips for a happy, healthy nursery to free interior design advice, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


20% REGISTRY DISCOUNT – Save on your remaining registry items one month prior to your event date, plus anything else you’d like to add three months after baby arrives.

REGISTRY CHECKLIST TOOL – Create a checklist to keep track of everything you need so you don’t forget anything.

ALL-NATURAL COLLECTIONS – We offer GOTS certified bedding made from 100% pure organic cotton and GREENGUARD Gold Certified furniture for a healthier home.

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY & SAFETY – Our durable collections are tested to meet or exceed the highest safety standards.

FREE INTERIOR DESIGN HELP – Make a FREE appointment with our Baby Design Crew for help designing the perfect nursery.

SAMPLE BABY REGISTRIES – Get started with our top nursery registries, from naturally organic to budget-friendly.

MANAGE REGISTRY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Shop our all-natural nursery collections on the go. Tell gift givers what your favorite items are and share your registry with family and friends.

IN-STORE SCANNING TOOL – Quickly add anything to your registry while you’re in our stores with an easy-to-use barcode scanner.

PERSONALIZED GIFTS – We make gifts extra special by personalizing them with baby’s name or initials.


We’re focused on creating the healthiest, safest baby and kid collections that look good and do good for your family, the planet and the people that make our products.

Download the free Pottery Barn Kids Registry app today!

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Pottery Barn Kids Registry 下载

App Store 官网美版



This app is SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE. I crashes all the time and logs me out when I’m in the middle of something. I never rate apps, but this one is just so frustrating I had to say something


When I go to Pottery Barn Kids to sign in to my registry there is no problem. While trying to sign in the app, it doesn’t recognize my account. Tried restarting phone, deleting/re-downloading app 4 times, changing password… nothing works to get signed in on the app


For some reason whenever I try to log on, it says my user name and password are unrecognized when I can easily log on from the computer. If I delete the app and re-download it, it will work until the app gets closed out and then username will be unrecognizable again


You can’t log in to your registry so unsure why this is even an app at all.


You’re better off using your internet browser to access the website.


I created my registry online and have been using it for weeks. I realized there’s an app so I downloaded it. Well it only let me sign on once. After that it’s been saying it doesn’t recognize my login information, but it’s face enabled and it lets me log on using safari just fine. Not useful at all.


This is the most non functional app I have ever used. It doesn’t let me log in, doesn’t navigate well through different pages and keeps freezing.


This app will not recognize my account- I receive an error asking about recently merged accounts. I have no issues signing on to my account from safari.


Initially I was not having trouble with this app and it was a great resource, easy to use. All of a sudden, it won’t allow me to log in and says my username and password are incorrect. Yet, I can log in with the same information on Safari without trouble. I found I had to delete the app to log back in – Success! Until I closed the app and had to reopen it again. Then I had the same problem all over again. Please fix so I can actually use the app!


I am constantly have trouble logging in through the app. It says my password/email is not recognized. I have deleted the app and downloaded it several times. The first time I login works, but after that, it always gives me this error. When I login through an actual browser it works every time, so I figured it was the app. They said I could email support to assist, but I’m not sure where to locate this in the app store. Other than that, I love the app!


It won’t let me sign in and I’ve had this app for a year


This app is perfect! We’re expecting our first child and last second additions to our registry has been absolutely necessary. We are still learning what we need/want for our sweet girl. I was able to add CRIB SHEETS (how that was an oversight? I’ll never know 🙈) to my registry this morning on the elevator ride to our 25 week appt. Super quick and convenient for busy working mamas! Best of luck girls!


This app. could not be more useless. Is there a reason that it doesn’t have Touch ID? It may “save” my info. but it NEVER logs me in unless I retype it. Will delete.


Considering how much money you pay for the items in this store and how awful this app works – it should be embarrassing. The app looks like from other century, frizz all the time. You have to login every time – it’s annoying. Not user friendly at all.


I wish you could just click the registry butting and it would show your list of items. Instead, it feels the same as logging in using a website in your phone.


I keep re-downloading it but it is still buggy. I haven’t been able to get to the “view cart” selection yet. I thought it would be easier than using the website but I guess I was wrong.


I am using the app for my baby registry and it’s horrible. I constantly have to sign into the registry and it gets stuck on refreshing the page or trying to upload it again. I wouldn’t even give it one star if I could.


I’ve never been more frustrated with a company. Since registering, PB-Kids has inundated me with emails (4-5 daily). I have unsubscribed numerous times, yet they continue to arrive. Some as early as 6AM and others as late as 10PM. Absolute trash.


Absolute junk! My daughter’s thermos is broken in less than a week. I paid extra thinking Pottery Barn would at least last the school year … it didn’t even last the first week, so pathetic. I was completely wrong assuming that if I paid a higher price and went with a reputable company that I would get a quality product, boy was I so wrong. I’ve had better success buying items from Target compared to what I received from PB, sad. Don’t even get me started on my son’s back bagt, one of the straps is already broken and I’ve had to take it to the seamstress to fix. Absolutely ridiculous. Inexpensive backpacks from Target have better quality, lasted the whole school year! Never again with PB.


Since the last update, the app has stopped working properly. When I open the app, i get a blank white screen and can no longer see my registry


This app crashes immediately upon opening it.


I hope this will be fixed soon. I just downloaded it yesterday and have been unable to open the app at all. It keeps crashing.

Kim kardash

The app doesn’t let you browse anymore. All you can do is scan an item instead of looking through their online items and adding to the registry. I don’t have a pottery barn kids nearby so I can’t go to a store and scan. I have to find the webid online then enter the number in manually into the app. The app needs to be revamped.


This app is not working. When opened, the log in screen continuously loads and reloads.


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