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Super Dancer iOS

Super Dancer 简介

A brand new dancing social game perfectly combined with the core technology of Unity3D and oversea popular music.

Game Features:
※ Millions of Dancers is to be Dating ※
Millions of girls are seeking for a perfect wedding and a loyal partner. How can you miss this! Free your mind and write you the most romantic story by the hottest ‘Social System’!Speak out your love loudly by the unrestricted ‘Wedding System’and have it witnessed by your best friends!

※ Feel Your Love, Feel Your Summer ※
Hand in hand with the companions around you and accumulate the sweet moments in ‘Couple Mode’. Date with your dream and find out your perfect partner in this summer. Can’t wait to show your charm and love to her/him? It is the show time now! Are your ready!

※ Thousands of Fashion Styles, You are the Super Dancer! ※
Thousands of fashionable costumes are lying on your private closet. The ‘Tailor’ can even cut the dress according to your needs! Match your private fashion styles anywhere and anytime. You are the most brilliant super dancer!

※ Easy Learn, Easy Play ※
Only needs 5 seconds to make you learned the complete game play. Dancing with your fingers easily even with single hand!

Contact us:SuperDancer2015@gmail.com
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperDancerGame

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Super Dancer 下载

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This game is awesome and all, I met such wonderful people, but the game freezes on me a lot. There also recently been a lot of update IN THE GAME not the app, but the game itself. I know I sound impatient and bad temper, but it just takes a lot of my time. Am I a free person(have a lot of time on my hands)? No I am not. I would like to know why there’s so many updates and if you update so much, can you at least give us some rewards or something since we waited for the game to update finish? Thank you for reading my review. I love this game and I love you for making this game 🙂 But please not so many updates or is it just my phone with the many updates? Have a great morning, afternoon, evening, night, or midnight everyone 🙂 ❤️


Love love love this game, buuuut… 1) We really need more skin colors please 2) A lil less sparkles and bright colors please? kinda hurts my eyes lol


I’ve been playing this game on and off since my young years! It’s fun and challenging but many people speak foreign languages in only English .


This game has offensive behavior swearing bad language sexual content action should be taken immediately


When I first installed it I was like why isn’t this loading so I updated my device still not working.. I never got to play it at all I only have it cuz of corona going around and I’m bored… but pls fix this


This game is a whole lot a fun! But this game also gives me a headache because you have to make a lot of accounts and have to wait for your software updates.. Which wastes my 30 minutes of the pk event.. I get my iPad at 9:30 1 issue: having to do software updates 2 issue: have to make several accounts 3 issue: if you spend money it was a rip off because it resets your whole progress on periods of time sometimes not all the time. 4 issue: Wastes a lot of storage but it’s worth it for me 5 issue: this game has A LOT of bad songs that say bad words ( I think it does)tell me if I’m wrong) I hope you’ve read this and working on fixing in these issues.. Either the game’s issues the GAME is incredibly amazing whoever made this thanks! This probably was made with a lot of encouragement and effort!!


It’s not working, the captcha thing is not working, I don’t know where it is sending it, I have tried multiple times, but every time it fails.


I remember playing this game when it first came out (2015) when the game was called “Super Hot” I believe before it had changed its name to “Super Dancer”. It has changed a lot, in 2016 i had quit the game because I was always to busy to play and then 3 years later pass by (2019).I had decided to join back to the game once again (good thing I wrote down my username and password for my account on a piece of paper ;-;) After I had logged in I had noticed lots have changed and I mean LOTS.The rooms were different,There was many different outfits and more detailed,And there weren’t many bugs and glitches anymore.I had noticed one thing when I logged back into my account since a very long time and that was my account game name is all numbers and letters.But that was a small mistake so I just went there Facebook account and messaged them.They had accepted my request and apologized and would send me a game name rewrite card in game.After that it was the only mistake/bug/glitch I had I countered.I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game.


Hi I am a huge fan of your game Super Dancer and I would love it if you put Jacob Sartorius’s music. He is an American singer and I would appreciate if you put his music in the game. Thank you!

Harmzy parzy

I love the game very much, but I think that you should do giveaways starting next month? I also, really appreciate that you guys are happy that I have been donating to the group. 🙂

best ever game i hav

Ty whoever built this game I love ur dances and I don’t spend money because my mom doesn’t let me I wish i could sorry if I can’t creator whoever u are?😞

Baby fennec foxes

Can you please fix my name on the server bc since maintenance my name changed and also some people, I hope you can fix it.:)) thanks!


I Love it because it’s so fun and who the people out there you mean


Hello! I’m trying to recover my password and I’m Geri g the captcha code but not my password. Help please.


Similar to what several other users have commented, I discovered that my account was deleted after a period of not playing the app. I logged back in only to be asked to create a character from scratch. Wasted my time and wasted money on clothing.

Stink mob

I really like this game and I have spent a lot of money on it. I do wish they had other options like the bubble play just like love dance does. I feel the arrows are a bit hard for me especially when I’m tired but not too tired to sleep. The bubble play allows me to listen to music and tap the bubbles to the beat of the song and that is awesome I feel like I enjoy that more. I certainly hope that super dancer looks at these reviews, I wanted to post on Facebook review but there wasn’t an option.


I used to play this game all the time and decided to start playing again. When I tried to log back into the server, I was told to create a new character. I am really upset that I have to restart and wasted tons of money just to have my account deleted. I would recommend the game to have fun, but don’t spend you’re money…You’ll just be ripped off.


Please stop with the pop ups of the accont login please it is annoying

Jeon Jenny20

I love Song playing with Superdance 😂💯💯💯💯💯💯💯


When the update happened I lost all my diamonds. I had 178 diamonds and it’s down to zero. This shouldn’t be happening!! I am asking to have my diamonds back and want to have a response about this. Thank you. I would be appreciate that a lot

Oh my bicycle

Deleted after five minutes.


Yes! Yes! Yes!


Ok, so I can’t play the game because every time I try to login, it says internet timed out… pls fix it soon!

Buena jente

Should add PK plah 2 times a day for players in other part of the world


Gasha is too expensive! And the clothes are too expensive too including the mounts and wings. It’s hard for PEOPLE WHO DONT RECHARGE


Fun n sweet the player lol. Wish the diamonds more cheap. Or the I clothes cheaper. Luv the game! Please change this problem.


So I was playing it for like….alot of days then I went back on and it started the whole game over again, I lost a whole bunch of stuff and I was so mad, PLZ fix this, I am KaylaXD04


Doesn’t allow u to propose while person is offline! What if u are trying to marry!!

Michi aka Michelle

I can’t pick up any name because it won’t let me!!!! It keeps on saying ‘name has be use’ Please fix it! Sincerely, Michelle


I got addicted 😂😂😂😂

Some adjustments

This game is so amazing! I can’t stop playing! I don’t know how to enhance. So, can there please be a thing in the setting that helps you with things you forgot or something. That would really help. Thanks!


Ok so this new update…won’t let me load soooooo…. That’s gonna be a problem


The game is so similar to Audition Online, which I love ! ❤️ Just wish that it was more wide-spread for Americans 😕


This app is really cool! I love the 3D animation and the dance moves! And I’m also able 2 meet new people with the same interests! 🙂 But this needs more songs bcuz I’m getting bored of songs repeating over and over again.😪💤😴


hahahaha… cant say anything.. but amazing gme, wonderful gme… nice graphics…:)


Pls make it that if you have 10 diamond gasha vouchers you could use the 10 diamond gasha


the new update won’t let me log in my account in S8-Pink my cpl is waiting for me and i can log in and btw this game is awesome but for real pls stop putting different log ins it annoying me i really don’t like it at all i wont be able to see my beloved cpl 😞😞


It’s a fun game but the Admin are unfair. Just feel those Admin just like some type of machine or robot not really a Human. If you join the event on their facebook you will see, they choose unfair. They have bad services I ever seen. All they do is just want to make money but don’t care about their customers. That’s so wrong. If they still keep doing that stupid judges and sevices, I bet one day another games will beat this game. This game already lose many players. I wonder who control this app is a bad supervisor and a bad Admin too.

Jase Stylet

ADD MORE SAM SMITH SONGS. this is my favourite game btw. cx


Hey guys there no reason I would write a review but this game is so fun that I decide to write one. So this game is fun u met a lot of people from different place and make friends . Come in play guys have fun lol


It is so fun i have been logging in every day for 23 days straight for rewards its so fun I recommend it they are also so helpful with support


Edited. Ok everything works fine now thx guys Cant login anymore after updated… Plz help i luv this game ;_; Ps. Using facebook login !!


Its fun to play but please return my account. I worked really hard for it so please return my account


Binded my account successfully couple days ago, updated.. Accounts gone. Need to create new character. GG


We need some of the old songs and a better way at getting diamonds and some better not giryl clothes for the boys.


Love the music and fashion


DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME OR GIVE THESE SCAMMERS YOUR MONEY! After the update they’ve erased my character and now I can’t get it back. These shady people are just out to get your money. I spent my time, effort and money to make my character something cool and enjoy myself, but now I’m heartbroken because they tricked me.


I really like this game

Johanna karla

Very cute☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

karen pan

I think it’s very fun because it’s just a little of everything mostly the fact that there’s always going to be a song unless you turn your volume off that obvious. It’s the best just try it out


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