【图】Ice Crush – for Summer下载
【图】Ice Crush – for Summer
【图】Ice Crush – for Summer

Ice Crush – for Summer iOS

Ice Crush 简介

Ice Crush is an all-new matching puzzle giving you a new way to play in the frozen adventure, you’ll be addicted from the very first hit!

Switch and swap, match 3 ice crystals, adopt and raise snowman, challenge snow monsters and elves, face puzzling levels, save bunnies and polar bears, collect coconuts- all with strategic matching!

====== Highlighted Features ======
– Unlock breezy Summer adventure as you crushing through the frozen puzzle!
– Huge and brand new game play! It’s time to show your matching skills!
– Great rewards and daily bonuses prepared for you!
– Eye-catching graphics, cute and adorable opponents and friends!
– Rechargeable boosters, well-designed power-ups help with those challenging levels.
– New way to win coins and snowballs for you to upgrade your equipment.
– 800+ of well-designed free levels! Free levels and game modes added regularly!
– Facebook connected, easy to sync progress on different devices.
– Free & easy to pick up, yet challenging to fully master.

====== How to Play ======
– Switch and match 3 or more ice crystals, create combos to reach the target.
– Unlock power-ups, collect coins and snowball, adopt snowman for the preparation of tough levels.
– Less moves you pass a level, higher score you’ll get. Can you score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?
– Ice Crush is completely free to play but some in-game items may require payment.

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Ice Crush 下载

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Are there ever going to be more levels?


Like the game but has a tendency to freeze almost every time I use it. Could use a few more moves to meet the goals or more boosters but very pleasing to play.


I really HATE that this system insists on making me play something I don’t want to play. It always for forces the first play in every game I start. PLEASE, let me make my own choices.


EDIT: Where are the updates? It’s been 8 months since the last one! The developer used to be really good about regularly updating this app. I really enjoy playing this game. Please do an update soon! EDIT: I just bought a new iphone and made a purchase, AGAIN!!! And, just like the ipad, the ADS ARE STILL THERE!!! Tried to go to the support page, but I can’t read Chinese! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!! I uninstalled and reinstalled, but of course, I lost the points I paid for!!! I made2 purchases on the new iPad in January, which is supposed to make this game ad free. Ads are still showing up after each game played. Please fix this ASAP!!!!


My fav game on my phone can sit and play it for hours


Please do an update for this game


I like it very very much.


I love this game. Sometimes it’s hard but always fun. Give it a try.

Sandradee lee

Great game


73 years old. I started with word games thinking graphic types of games wouldn’t interest. All one has to do is read a few articles on dementia, especially Alzheimer’s which my mother had, and other types of games seem more challenging. Great graphics…the cutest little critters and I was off. Thank you so much…and while my 14 year old granddaughter is beginning to write and code her own projects, I have fun with the little snowmen/gals of Ice Crush. Maybe a few more for holidays…how much more difficult could it be!!!!!! 🎄 Thanks for the fun…Dee Cothern


Love this game I’m on level 750 and they haven’t added any more levels in months 😒


One of the best games ever. Very entertaining. Can be challenging but with the help of boosters you can go as far and as fast as you can

Worlds Weirdest Woma

A game that takes skill and talent. It’s very entertaining.

Forests woman

This game is fun but can be challenging at times. Starts off easy and becomes difficult.

Fantasy Red

This is a awesome game keeps me playing for hours. Would love more games, the same.


This is a very fun game if you are fidgety!

Flower of liberty

One of my top favorite games

Reynold Yasay

I bought and from the in game store yet there were still ads


Game stops working even after reinstalling. Purchases do not charge correct amount and do not get rid of ads!


-update- uninstalled and reinstalled only to have what i described below happen again less than 24 hours later…so disappointing i’ve tried everything, but i can’t even get to the game menu now…i’d been playing daily, for over 6 months and never saw an issue, but now i get kicked out before it can load… it’s unfortunate that a fun and very well thought out game has essentially become a non-functioning, memory using, icon that has to be deleted…i hope the app team gets it together…

Dr Lady Mystic

This is a fun and easy way to pass the time. Kind of sad they have to hit snowman to win some levels. Got to level 45 the game just shuts down on me!

Krispy Critters3

A fun and enjoyable game!


Keeps freezing and won’t open it keeps closing out.

Theresa Galligan McH

Why does this game keep disappearing when I try to open it up


Cool game! Love it!

robert grenier

Fun so far give it time


Fun to play.


Very fun cute game. 3 stars only because app does not accurately sync progress or rewards between devices via Facebook. And there is no help page. A list of games that you offer is not a help page. P. S. Rewards and points and achievements should merge together from all devices running the same version of the game for use on all devices. Including fish tank building!! 😀


This game was awesome but every time they do an update it crashes!!! I’m really tired of starting over, please fix it!!


I like this game a lot good graphics too


It is a fun game. I like playing it, kind of addictive.


I luv this game. Fun yet relaxing. There r ads but it doesn’t slow me down. The levels are challenging but achieveable. I’ve got farther with this game than others. Music and graphics are the best! Can’t put it down!


This game is awesome. Very addicting great action with the power ups. It even sound sounds good definitely don’t mind the sfx lol. This is better than candy crush for me. The unlimited lives is great I can play to my hearts content!!! ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!!

Windy Casper

I really love this game.


I’ve been playing this for a few weeks. I especially enjoy the good daily bonus/ daily spin for power ups. Really well done game!


I love this game. Got my husband hooked. Spent money on extra credits and it’s crashes on my over a dozen times. It doesn’t give you your credits back. Cant write to the owner of the game to let them know what’s going on.


This game is so addicting! Hours of fun


great game, challenging and you don’t have to wait for lives to refill. you can play for as long as you like.


Game have a Hugh freeze problem


This app continuously crashes on ipad for several days. Enjoyed the game but unable to play it.. Please fix it ASAP.

CandyI really like t

Cool game


Not unlike some of the other games, but it’s still fun, and addictive!


Gives me something to do when just sitting around


Since I have my new iPhone I loose my game every day or every other day & I have to down load it & it is annoying


This is an awesome game, but can we get some more levels? I’ve gotten to the end of both Winter and Christmas.


Still having to delete the app and reinstall it….getting old. Please fix this cause my kids and I really enjoy the game.


Very fun fast paced game. I really enjoy the unlimited lives and the changing challenges at every level.


Love the game. Won’t ever spend money on it, though. Get frustrated when a level takes, literally, weeks…shouldn’t be THAT challenging.


Love playing this game but since the last update the game is locked and I can’t play it. I tried to contact app support but the link gives me other games that I don’t play. I just want to continue playing this game. Please fix this bug. Thanks.


Good game


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