MedMutual iOS

MedMutual 简介

Welcome to the MedMutual mobile app. The app provides instant access to your health plan information and tools to help you manage your care.

Do you:

– ever forget your health insurance ID card?
– wish you could find in-network providers or facilities from your phone?
– want to check how much a medical treatment will cost?
– need to easily view your out-of-pocket healthcare spending?

Don’t sweat it. With the MedMutual app, we’ve got you covered.

For more information about all the app’s features, visit MedMutual.com/mobileapp.

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MedMutual 下载




App works just fine on my iPhone. I have no complaints. I do have one request. Please add DARK MODE to this app.


I got locked out of my account after two incorrect password attempts and was directed to reset my password. I entered my member number and DOB and was told I would get an email with instructions. Waited 10 minutes no email. Hit resend and got the message “something bad happened”. Real cute and not helpful at all.


Every time I try to use the app, I log in and it just stares at me or says my user ID or password is wrong. Won’t even let me try to reset the password.


It is so frustrating to start the app and wait. You hope it works but it doesn’t. It’s sits there and spins a doo-hicky. You hope, you pray, you cast a spell of goodwill upon the world and… nada.


I deleted this app once before, thought I would give it another try. Same problems as before… won’t load… takes forever… blah.


This is very easy to use. I am able to navigate to find what I need in regards to claims, find a provider and so on.


This app is a exact translation of their coverage- garbage.


Finally this app works and is up to date. It only took a year of complaining for med mutual to finally update it


I’m sitting here in pain trying to find out what providers are accepted and the app just simply doesn’t load anything after I log in. Thanks for wasting my time. Might just walk it off I guess


Went to the website that I used to use frequently, I know my username and password. The website says that I have to download the app to have access to my insurance card for my doctors office. Downloaded the app, got logged in. Half of what it says I should have access to isn’t even an option.


Barely deserves a star. No update for 2 years. Does not even function anymore, just a blank white screen. $2.9 billion in revenue and it looks like they invested 75 cents into software development.


This app is functional, I guess, and it’s handy to be able to have my card on the go. But good grief it looks like it was designed for an iPhone 4 and just never updated. It looks ridiculous on a iPhone XS. This app is so neglected and in desperate need of updating. I shudder to think of security issues that an app this out of date must have. Cmon, Medical Mutual. Do better.


Probably the worst app I’ve ever used. Never works. Every single time I log in, the screen freezes and I am completely unable to navigate.

Nonna 60

I was looking to see how the fitness section worked. It says the app is health and fitness. What am I missing?


Can’t even view my claims anymore. Why even bother?


Please update this app. When I log in it goes to a blank screen and won’t load anything. I also just downloaded the app the other day so I know I don’t have an older version.


Please allow the ID card to be used in landscape orientation. The card is too small and hard to read in the portrait orientation. Also, please update it to allow fingerprint touch access. It gets tiresome having to enter in the password every time you log in.


This app is a mess. I’m waiting for Medical Mutual to call me back for the 4th time in two weeks. I’m able to change my password with my policy number and birthdate but when I go to log in it asks me to verify by selecting my birthdate which is tells me is wrong. Then after three attempts I get an error message that the service in unavailable at this time and to try again later.


Please update this app! It says I can pull up my insurance card and no such option exists in the app! More errors than anything else.


Absolutely a terrible app. Doesn’t work, will not display. Just plain sad when you think about how much you pay into an insurance plan. Another disappointing reality.


Embarrassing, Unacceptable in today’s world.


App not showing option to view claims. Without it, app is worthless.


This app is absolutely worthless. It has not been updated since the iPhone 4. It desperately needs a major overhaul. Just get on a computer use the full website. There is no need to get upset about medical mutual’s terrible insurance AND their terrible app.


Downloaded. Signed in. Screen came up to give feedback. I clicked skip. Then a blank white screen. Thats it. Cant do anything else. Using iPhone 8. Ios 12.


Like a turtle


When I log in nothing loads, terrible app!

Gregory Morrissey

Please add Touch ID enable/disable option for people who don’t want to remember their password. Thanks!


A price gouging insurance company has an app this terrible?

JC Pal

Literally just downloaded the app, opened my account and went to search “provider” and app froze on me. Then finally said it was being updated. I sure hope you are revamping the site for iOS users.


I can’t even use the app to pay my bill! What’s the point?


I think that this app needs a complete re-write. Is still looks like a pre-iOS 10 app. It doesn’t support Touch ID or even a PIN. It doesn’t allow you to access secure messages sent from customer service. It is little more than a mobile browser version of the web content, rather than a functional app.


App does not allow IOS format to read messages.


App crashes when attempting to use the provider search


I always have an issue with online access! Can’t log on, or cannot find what I need, wrong password or username or whatever! We LOVE online use and info!!!


Convenience is great – just emailed my ID Card to my Doc for my appt later today.

1st to rate it

Love the mobile ID card and find the provider search handy!

1984 Apple Fan

I downloaded the app and searched for a list of local physicians … it found none. I expanded the search radius to 50 miles and set it to look for “general practitioner” … the app found none! I guess the app is very limited in usefulness, or we have a much worse medical crisis in the US than anyone knew!


I tried to login but it said I was locked out so it asked me to enter my ID number. When I entered my ID # I was asked to change my password, so I change my password, When I logged in with my new password, it said I was locked out and I had to enter my ID number. I entered my ID number which then prompted me to change my password AGAIN. I went through this 4 times. I guess I am the idiot. I deleted the app.

Eye rolls

Why can’t I see my ID card and view my claims on the app? I know it’s supposed to be on the main page after you login. Where did it go? I deleted the app and even re-downloaded it again.

Susie Summit

I’ve never used the MedMutual app before & was hesitant, but downloaded it to have easier access to my info. Right out of the box, it froze up& wouldn’t allow me to enter my birthdate. I practically poked a hole in the screen, waiting quite a bit between “pokes” before it finally “took”. Once in, there seems to be no way to tell if a Doc or facility is “in-network”, unless I am to assume that any name that comes up IS in-network. Not impressed. Sorry!


Whenever I log in it says the system is down and to try again

Bore no more

The inability to paste a secure password makes this very difficult for me to use. The time I did go back and forth and back and forth and again to put the password in from password mgt program it was helpful to see claims and look up providers.


Every time I log on it tells me temporarily unavailable. This is every time. If I do get logged on I can see my card but I can not look up doctors.

Disney lover 21

I had no problems with this app. I already had an account set up, which I did on a regular computer. This is a good way to look for in network doctors or check claims.


What a waste. Why put something out that does not work. Must be the same programmer that did Obamacare


While the app loads and a few features work, the vast majority do not and a notice saying “Our system is currently down…Sorry for the inconvenience” keeps showing up. It’s been saying this from day one (approximately 5 days at this writing). Useless until things get fixed.

dark fiber

This latest update STILL won’t allow you to paste your password into the password field as most other apps do! Please fix this! I and others use LastPass and other password managers. I use very long complex and secure passwords using upper/lowercase, numbers and special characters. I have to copy and paste passwords from the LastPass app to any app I need to login to. Since the MedMutual app doesn’t allow you to paste the password (like the vast majority of other apps allow) it isn’t likely I will use this app until this is corrected.


App won’t load anything. Nor can I switch to view the different tabs. It just doesn’t work!


Very convenient and awesome idea! The app works with no glitches and now I don’t have to worry about forgetting to get a card from my parents!


Not being able to paste the password means I have to use a simpler one that I can remember, or write it down. This is the only app that I’ve found that does this.


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