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Get a whole lot of Texas, right in your pocket. Order curbside pickup or delivery, browse digital coupons, create shopping lists of your favorite products, and so much more.
It’s never been easier to shop online with H-E-B. Enjoy the convenience of curbside pickup or home delivery with in-app shopping and ordering. Plan your shop with shopping lists and coupons. No matter how you shop, the My H-E-B app offers new ways to save time and money.
With the My H-E-B app, you can:
• Easily order curbside pickup or delivery
• Clip and redeem digital coupons online and in-store
• Create and manage shopping lists
• Quickly browse products and coupons
• Find where items are located in your store
• Keep track of your order progress
• Browse and reorder your past purchases
Questions about the app? Reach out to customer support at 1-800-432-3113.

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Every time you try to log in it says something went wrong. Then shopping list do not hold. Items disappear. Very bad experience.

No Gilt

Your app remains solid and very useful … on a phone. I’m very grateful for the ability to make lists that persist and even update across multiple HEBs … on a phone. I join the many others who have posted (and my prior reviews) to ask for an iPad-capable version of this app. Already dreading preparing for holiday shopping on a tiny phone. The iPad keyboard would be so helpful. Thanks much for your efforts –


The app does not have all the items that are in the store. One example is the 32oz Hill Country Fair Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese. They have the 12oz but not the 32oz. I would use the app and curbside more but because the app doesn’t have all the items, it forces me to go into the store, so why bother.


I mainly used this app to find out where something is when I’m store, instead of hassling an employee. Now the only way I can see it is if it’s my lists, but I usually just want to look for the item I need and then exit the app. I don’t make lists on this app. I can’t see that info anymore on normal product pages. No idea why y’all would take that off but PLEASE add it back!


My only real issue with the app is the In Store Location feature. You can only set one store as your location. Unfortunately, I go between two stores and it’s inconvenient to go in the store locater every time to manually change it. Please give us a feature to have multiple locations that we can easily toggle between. Thank you.

Rich truck

Why why why wouldn’t you let me exclude categories in coupon search? I don’t need to look through baby stuff, dog food, alcohol, and other categories. And on top of that, your coupons are so hard to manage along with tiny descriptions about having to buy 3 of something to get this item free. Kroger and albertsons are miles ahead of you I’m sorry to say. Wish you weren’t my only option here Noooo, I realize I can apply a filter and search individual categories 1 at a time… which is ridiculous and time consuming. Give me a button to exclude categories since most of your coupons are on crap like makeup. lotions and junk I have no interest in buying. Exclude button. Exclude button. Exclude button. Exclude button. Exclude button


Complete waste of time trying to add coupons. The department developing this app should be fired and start fresh.


Giving this 1 star in hopes to have a feature restored to be able to give it 5 stars. There used to be a list of all your past purchases, that was easy to add items from previous purchases. Now, you have to go look at each individual order to be able to add previously purchased items. I liked the previous version where all purchases were collimated in one spot, and the ease of being able to add items. I’ve been using curbside for over 2 years now and am just jot a fan of this particular update.


Having to scroll through all the coupons and select them individually is a pain in the butt! Please create a select all option, it’s 2020 and the UI shouldn’t be that difficult to integrate in to the app.


It was working great until one day it started failing. When I try to log-in, it says “Something went wrong. Exception occurred while converting the model to json” and it just WOULD NOT let me in at all!!! Deleted and re-downloaded the app but nothing. Such a huge disappointment since I really loved this app when it was working! Such a shame on the IT department’s part!


We exclusively shop at H-E-B right now and only do curbside. (Thank you to all the hard workers – you help keep my high risk husband safe!) I’ve liked the improvements they’ve done to the app but would really like to see an iPad version. Honestly even if its just the exact same thing but with bigger font.


I like the app. Ability to scan barcodes and aisle locations. Would be helpful to (1) be able to airdrop the list to someone and (2) when you check off an item, would be nice if you could have a feature to turn which would sort as you go. It would move checked items to lower section so the top is remaining items to get. I shopped a new store yesterday and the app made thing easier!


The new app is lacking. I preferred the old app. Now I have to scroll through all items on my list to shop. I’ve quit using this and gone back to ShopShop. Sad to see you ruin the app with all your “improvements”


This app works great now. A recent update had made it glitchy but now (October 7, 2020) it works again. Pretty intuitive to use and it saves your previous orders so you can easily add everything to your cart with one button if you want for reorder the same stuff later.


I liked the app everything was perfect until I had to pick up my order. To pick up your order you have to text a number but for whatever reason don’t know if this is my own phone or what really every time I would text the number it would come out as service access denied. I did it so many times I had to call them to let them know I was there. This didn’t happen just once but twice. I wish it was easier to let them know I’m there. Maybe through the app instead?


Lately over the past year the app has been finicky to say the least. Throughout the week I add my items as I remember them but lately when I go to check out all my saved items are gone. The app also freezes up many times throughout checkout. Overall this app is not the best.


Starting about 3 weeks ago, I continually have to delete and reload app because it won’t work. This is becoming a real hassle!


Please bring back the ability to share (text/email) lists, and please add an option to see the price total of a list. And please bring back the ability to see on an item what stores carry that item. These things would make this app perfect. Thank you.


The app is great and makes it easy to shop for groceries, although not 100% on locating where the groceries are in the store. I’d like to have the ability to share shopping lists for when someone else is going to store to help me get groceries. The sharing ability shouldn’t require app download either. There also wasn’t an option to send feedback in the app. That would be easier than having to write an App Store review.

D Brownlee

The only thing you’re missing from the old app is the recipes and my recipe box. I use those for weeknight meals and having it in the app is extremely handy! When will that be added to this new app?


The app works, but it could be easier to use. Ideally I could view my old orders and add items from there right into my cart, that would save me a lot of time. Also, when I search for an item that I have bought previously, it should be the first thing to show up. i.e. I buy the same butter every week, I shouldn’t have to scroll through a page of butters to find the one I always order.


I spent 40 minutes on the list and it would not accept my ebt card number.


Love the app except I’d like to use with full iPad capability. This renders as a phone app so it’s not as flexible to use.


I’ve recently switched my grocery shopping to HEB because of the new app. I avoided HEB because I wasn’t familiar with the layout of their stores. With the new app, regardless of which store I go to, it tells me the location of my entire list ( it’s it’s carried in the store). Two suggestions that would improve the app, for me: 1) The ability to delete all checked items on my list. 2) The ability to “unclip” a coupon. That way, if I’ve used, accidentally clipped, or no longer want the coupon, I can unclip it. Right now, I’m stuck with a coupon that I accidentally clipped.


The app doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s just mine, but every time I try to refill a prescription, I get a message about the app being under construction and I need call the pharmacy. Also, I hate that I can’t get a refill unless I enter the prescription number. I don’t always have the prescription bottle with me, and if I’m out of refills, the prescription number isn’t valid anymore. It’s not supposed to be this hard to get a prescription.


Where are the aisle locations ???


App crashed when searching for a productive

Good App1211

I have setup a number of list for daily items, salad items and such. When I go to, for instance, the salad list it contains a jar of olives. Now, I don’t need olives every time which, one would assume, is the reason for the selection control within the list. But, one is wrong! The selection control essentially does nothing except to provide a little exasperation. I can indeed select individual items from the list but I only get the option of adding the whole list. Please change the list control to “Add selected items to cart” when some items are not selected. Thanks


This has gone on for 3 weeks.


So, I would absolutely LOVE to use this app with my iPad and keyboard…except that it remains in portrait mode. So dumb. How hard is it to make an app that’s either portrait or landscape? Come on HEB, you’re better than that!


I was glad to download the app, because I was hoping it’d make it much easier to shop. But after using it for the first time, it would have problems loading anything I searched for (5x). I kept having to go to my regular browser window to add the items I wanted to my cart. Hopefully it gets fixed.

not stupid just not

Looked for an item but app had the aisle incorrect so I wasted so much time searching. 🤦‍♀️. Get it right and I’ll change my rating


When ever coupons work it’s an amazing app, when they don’t it makes it feel like false advertisement


App works good. Ordering was easy. can you all have a live gps tracker of when then driver is near my home ? Kinda like Uber when u are being transported and shows on the map where u are going or going to be picked up. And the fast shipping delivery app is not good. Modify this one and get it to try fast shipping through you all. Kinda like Walmart. I had ordered and within 1 hr i had my order. Here I ordered at 5:45p and was only left to have delivery until 10p no


The app won’t allow me to add a credit card, it simply gives error messages when I try. And yes, I’ve triple checked each field is filled out correctly.


It’s impossible to add a payment method, there is an error and have been days likes this… Fix it ASAP you are losing sales, at least mine!


Why can’t I delete this stupid wish list??? I just redownloaded this app onto an additional device, and it’s a million times more frustrating! want ONE shopping list so I can add items at different quantities easily and quickly from the search results without picking an item…choosing a shopping list…confirming that I want to add it…dismissing the annoying ‘added’ banner that sits at the top of the page forever…then x-ing out of the product…then going to the shopping list to change the quantity… It’s an endless maze of never-ending extra taps to do what worked so efficiently before. For some ridiculous reason every time I click between shopping and my checkout list, it also just adds a page on top of the old one, rather than jumping back and forth, which I didn’t realize until I tapped out of one page, and found my entire activity history stacked in pages one on top of the other. About ready to delete this whole app and set my other device to never update. Or just go to Kroger.


Glitches often. Sometimes when it glitches, it will delete my entire cart. Can’t pull up pick up times for the store at times. It also freezes and glitches. It seems like it gets worse everytime I update the app.


This app definitely needs improvement… you are asked to tip prior to the service but there is no way to alter the tip if you receive poor service or delivery.. I have received damaged and opened items on several occasions…


This app hasn’t worked for me in months, it won’t even let me sign in anymore. I’ve erased and downloaded the app over and over again and it still won’t work, and it’s updated. 🤷🏻‍♀️The old version of this app worked just fine and never gave me any issues…

con says no

1)Stop giving me curbside delivery info. 2)We don’t have an H-E-B GO location so NOT want that app. 3)Old H-E-B app worked well and I could find what I needed easily—now it’s very hard/impossible. Please adjust. 4) What about bulk foods? I can’t get my necessary ingredients in the store now. 5)the site requires a reason selection but won’t open the box so it refuses to allow the submission to “send” so I had to search for this (different) app to send my rating. Please help


So multiple times I’ve purchased groceries for curbside pick up with no issues. Then on one of my purchases my card was declined, my purchase was flagged as fraud, and my bank account & card were frozen. I had to get all of that undone and back to normal. Now a few months later I try again, my card is declined and It won’t accept any other card when I try to add a new payment method.


Overall, I like the app, but I have found it impossible at times to find one specific item. Sometimes I have to scroll through numerous items to find the brand I want. Its very tedious and time consuming. Why can’t you make it where the brand and item can be entered. I’ve tried using the SCAN BARCODE feature, but it doesn’t work. I scanned several items that I recently bought at H‑E‑B and it said the barcode wasn’t recognized.


I thought I would never say or dislike anything H E B does, but this time I have to say something. Your app is getting harder and more confusing to use lately. Trying to use it to get the digital coupons is almost impossible because my VP* will not let log on, because I am in the store. And try to search a item is getting hard. I know this is not the H E B way.


Any chance this could rotate so I can use it with my ipad and keyboard?


Soooooo basic to fix…Add ons to already placed order, customers cannot use coupons or apply towards add on items. HEB offered dumbest official solution to use coupons for add ons. cancel original order completely and reorder with applicable coupon items. Rated one of the best grocery store but when comes to app still in IBM punch card mode. Unbelievable! Programmers are based in Austin and San Antonio a techie capital of the nation BTW! Add on process needs total rework completely detached to main ordering section. ************ Finally enough * one star ratings to make basic logical changes. Glad allowing changes to order instead of using captured sales tactics. Please make it to 12 hrs or less. Baby steps towards customer service and please appreciate store associates efforts having to pick and restock. if order is not picked up or cancelled cause could not make changes. Please think of the folks on front line helping “us” customers. Maybe spend few days with working with store associates might help and not wait months to fix basic logic of application and shopping experience. Bumped to 3 star. Only two more to go 😉 …………… Pleases read your response carefully. Why would anyone place an order without pick up time. Why would you allow to add (ONLY 10 items) like 12 hours or less before pick up time. But not allow to remove unless you consider “captured sales”. Seriously your logic does not make sense, unless you shop at Walmart cause they are totally flexible up to few hours before pick up time. Need to reconsider your customer service and maybe check out and copy Amazon processes. Someone explain the logic.. I can order 500+ items when placing curbside order with no issues. Even if the pickup date is few days away, why limit to 10 items. Once I place the order I cannot remove or change the item quantity. Again pick up date is days away. Please don’t suggest a dumb process of delete the whole order and reorder… At Central Market it’s worse once ordered is placed cannot add items or remove items. Seriously!!!! Either you folks don’t have competent “programmers” or they shop somewhere else at more user friendly ordering process. Such as Amazon or Walmart


I would have rated 5 stars only there was an feature to calculate the total price of all the items in my shopping list. I had to delete the app. This app is just worthless. As soon as I find out that that feature has been brought, I will greatfully bring this app back into my phone.

HEB friend

The new app will not download and stick. I have to go through “oops wrong app”. That is no big deal. I will continue to use H-E-B as my go to grocery store forever. When you go to review your cart then want to continue shopping it is a little confusing how to go back. These are minor things to deal with. I have been shopping at H-E-B for 30 years and will continue until you run me off. Thank you for giving great service. Allan Rutledge. 😁👍 Big Al


When you leave the app, it resets where you were. Additionally, signing up is a huge pain in the butt because it never goes through. The app made me very angry where other store’s apps are very easy and allow you to find things in the store without the anger. I am going to go to heb now to buy some nice groceries to calm me down!

Louise Belch

02/02/2020 The new app doesn’t allow you to search a product and see which stores has it available. You have to select a store and then search but that store might not have it, so you have to search on each individual location to see if they have the product available. This is a feature that I use A LOT with the old app. They even made their website like the new app so once the old one stops working , the old way to search will be completely gone. 08/12/2020 UPDATE: it looks like they attempted to make it similar to the old way we were able to search but it still only shows the item if it’s available at the store they make you set as your “home store” for ex. I searched for “honeysuckle split turkey breast” with my home store. That store didn’t have it available so it didn’t show up nor does it show other stores that have it in the area, but when I changed it to another store that had it in stock, ONLY THEN will it show me the other locations that have it as well.


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