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Claw Machine Master iOS

Claw Machine Master 简介

Claw machine master is an online claw machine game!
Choose your favorite claw machine from our wide variety prizes!
Enjoy our brand new mind-blowing service without going to an amusement arcade!
Master our claw game and win more prizes!
Simply grab and win the prizes online at home!
The prizes will be shipped to your door right away!

■Recommended for people who enjoys■
・Claw machine & claw game.
・Penny arcade.
・Online claw machine & game.
・Playing claw machine anytime and anywhere.
・Penny arcade games for free of charge.
・Claw machine with easy handling.
・Improving claw game skills by utilizing video replays.
・Popular claw machine for free.
・Playing real claw games you can see in penny arcades online.
・To experience playing famous claw games.
・Easy online claw games on mobile.
・Claw machine for beginners.
・Handling a real claw game that exists in penny arcades.
・The feeling of excitement when winning the popular prize.

■What is Claw Machine Master?■
Claw Machine Master is a real online claw game service you can enjoy playing anytime anywhere.
Enjoy playing claw games in penny arcades for free on your device.
Acquired prizes will be shipped across the United States!
Prize variety are plentiful and we gather popular prizes every day.

The live streaming video is clear, controls are smooth and real. You can control machines easily and even beginners can enjoy playing with us.

Utilize our play videos to replay past acquired scenes to improve your claw game skills.

Registration is free of charge and you will get free play tickets. We will offer you free play tickets and points as a login bonuses and event bonuses.
Please enjoy playing claw machine with famous online claw game service “Claw Machine Master”.

■How to play Claw Machine Master■
1. Please choose a machine you want to play from the list of prizes or the game types.
2. Once you find the machine, start your game! If somebody else is playing, make a reservation and enjoy watching! You might find a strategy.
3. Once you got a turn, handle the claw with the buttons shown on the screen!
4. Enjoy and get your prize! You can continue playing even you didn’t acquire your prize at once! Sometimes god hands appear to help you out.

■About Claw Machine■
We have many types of unique claw machines you can enjoy playing. It’s fun to become good at claw machine! Please enjoy our new way of playing claw machine. Look forward for our new types of claw machines in the future!

■About a Prizes■
Win many gorgeous prizes by our claw machine!
We gather popular and special prizes you can only acquire in penny arcades.
Please take a look at our new prizes gathered every day.

■Claw Machine Master Official Website URL■

■Preferred OS■

■Preferred Internet Connection■

■Terms of Service■

■Privacy and Policy■

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Claw Machine Master 下载

App Store 官网美版



Each game costs about 2.37 per play. You are supposed to get three free games upon registering. My account glitched and used up my third/ it disappeared, so you may get only two like I did. However, a lot of prize options and lots of different games. I like the free games that let you practice, but the practice games aren’t anything like the actual games, so they don’t help much.


great game, machines are well maintained and fair to play however it costs 4000 points (or 60 or so usd) to ship or a free shipping ticket which is not explained, they need to add a vip subscription for free shipping. amd daily free tickets or perks or allow for more options to purchase coins/earn shipping the lowest amount of coins purchasable is 24usd for 1500 tickets and most games cost 200 points


Am I misunderstanding something? Without a free shipping ticket, you need 4000 points for shipping. To buy enough points, it looks like the option you have to choose is for 5000 points plus some bonus points added, but the price is $100?! That’s crazy! Tokyo Catch is much better. They give you free shipping once per week.


If you see this I just downloaded it yesterday seeing a YouTuber doing it and I wanted try it out I downloaded the game I went for the Nintendo switch lite but it wouldn’t let me move the claw and it wouldn’t work I don’t know how to play it but if you could fix it for me this game would be 5 stars Hope you See this


This game was introduce to me by JianHao Tan and when I watch his video on playing this game I was like that’s cool but when I saw that the prize actually getting delivered at there house I was in shock because I never see any claw game company ever done it and also when I play it. It was very fun and addicting 😁😁😁


Can you guys make it able to ship to Kosova


It’s wayyy too lagg and is super bad if you want to download do it but don’t spend actual money in it


I went and installed after seeing JianHao Tan played this game in his recent video. You 3 free plays but you can’t even play and win anything from those free plays. And you have to pay to get coins so you can actually win something. Overall, GARBAGE


I was so excited about this app because my friend had showed me it but when i went to play for a bunny It went in and I should’ve won but it didn’t show up. I thought maybe it glitched so i tried two more times and it still didn’t work😔


As the title says, I won 2 prizes and because I had the shipping ticket I used that to ship. Then I won 2 more prizes . Waited a week for another ship ticket and then when I requested my items to ship, I have to get a shipping confirmation. Customer service is responsive but they say because of COVID they can’t ship or everything is delayed. I’m concerned that too much time will pass and I will not actually receive the prizes I won on July 22. 48 days later…. Games are fun and exciting, I’m just bummed they can take my money yet can’t make good on their end of the deal.


I got the app and played for a switch lite that i then won but they said i didn’t and had someone put the prize back in the machine and didn’t give me it and proceeded to curse me out in the chat room when i asked why i didn’t get my prize and then deleted my video that showed me winning it, all around terrible experience


too laggy and it notifies you every one second really annoying gave it my best shot + won nothing only gives you like 1 point per day and every play costs 100 or more point and it would take to long


Only had the app for 2 days but have won 19 prizes so far!!! I can’t even express how much I love this game ♥️. The claw machine has always been my favorite game at the arcade. This app is my prayers answered 🥰. Sometimes there are glitches with the machine or a box gets stuck, I never needed to complain or ask for help; staff’s hands just pop-up and fix it so I can tell they’re doing a really good job monitoring and maintaining. To the creators and everyone involved, thank you!!!!!!! I seriously love this app!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


I’ve Been playing this app since the pandemic started. It was addicting and fun to play. Got my prizes quick as soon as the got their shipping resolved because of the pandemic. They have a lot of events that gives you a chance to earn free plays, give away points and prizes.


I have played many crane games and this one is definitely in my top 3 favorite to play. Items sometimes take awhile to ship to the USA but it’s worth the wait. This is the only crane game I know of where the staff wAnts you to win. You will sometimes see the staff adjust the prize to make it easier to win, or see them give you a thumbs up after you win a prize. It always makes me laugh. If you have an issue with a machine and send them a comment, they immediately will fix it. I really enjoy this app and will continue to play.


This game is a waste of time i hate this game I didn’t know it has time I switched my camera view but it was suckish so I tried putting it back but it wouldn’t let me so I got nothing because of the stupid time!


Is there any way to make this app work on an iPad? No matter what I do the screen in weirdly zoomed in. It ruins the functionality because you can’t see the whole claw machine and the controls at the same time. Sometimes I can get it to zoom out in the menu, but never in the actual games and when a new screen loads, it always resets to zoomed out.


They gave you a few starting plays but if you win something you have to play $40 for shipping! They give you a free shipping ticket for the next shipment, but only have 3 options to charge


I am a fellow Toreba app and came across this app and decided to try it. My first two free chances I didn’t win anything and come to my third free chance won a one piece stampede volume 3 figure. When trying to check out I stumble upon not having sufficient funds which is 4000 tickets or having a free shipping voucher. Now keep in mind shipping with toreba is free once every week. 4000 is a whopping $46.00 usd which is most likely worth more then the figure I bought. I seen potential in the app but it will definitely be going downhill for them.

OS X Samuel

Unlike the other claw machine game, you have to spend lots of money to get a free shipping ticket. I was buying lots of points to meet that goal to receive the tickets. I just saw the part of the rule that the point purchase is not cumulative! You have to spend 5,000 yen (not cumulative) in order to receive a free tickets to US. Because of this misunderstanding, I lost 5 items that I spend money to get it! They need to change that rule!!


How do you get 2 buttons to push 2!?!?!! I hate it


Very disappointed 😭😭 The app didn’t fill the screen. Everything was zoomed in, so was the game which made it hard to see the buttons and the claw at the same time.


Cropper, aw man Lol


Literally I tried 15 times and wasted all my coins to try to get a nice Nintendo lite and I got it end then it didn’t even drop it in the prize receiver thingy. I do not recommend this game.


This app is rigged the prize was taped to the cord in one of the games this app is a fraud to just get money from people mean while you win nothing do yourself a favor don’t waste your time or money it’s all a scam


This game is so retarded I was doing the first three that you get for free, and when you got one and it would drop it for you to win, you would never win, it would always somehow not go down the part where you win.

Rsty Schackleford

Bought points from them, thinking well enough that I’ll ACTUALLY get them but no. Payment was pending and they needed my receipt from the App Store in the inquiry on their website from the developers. Odd enough the payment was still pending and obviously no points. So, I’m sticking with Toreba on this one.


I really like the idea of this app. The problem that I have with it is just like every other app you have to win multiple items for them to ship. If I win something I should be allowed to retrieve it. Plus the game only gives you 2-3 points a day. It’s ridiculous considering most the machines cost 100+ points.


The view automatically changed when switching from left/right to front/back. The delay is long enough that the claw is usually past the 1/2 way point before you can see where it is.


I won an Alice figure on my 2nd try but the only way to ship is get a “free shipping voucher” when you buy 500yen in tokens ($50 usd). I had two weeks to search and find if there was any other option to ship but nope. You have to buy tokens to get shipping. I messaged them twice and it’s now 3 weeks with no response. Doesn’t matter I lost my prize after 2 weeks.


I usually never write reviews for apps, but this one deserve one. The games are a bit tricky to play, but after watching people play, you’ll understand how to play. They’re staff is extremely helpful and will actually sometimes see their hands come in and move the prize to a more winnable position. I really appreciated that and I hope to continue to support you guys.


So I tried this game for fun and I clicked on a no shipping one and I sat there not knowing what to do so I click some buttons and it didn’t even move so unfortunately I give it a 1 star maybe they should give a how to play section


This game only gives you a couple of tries before you run out of coins , I downloaded this game yesterday because I wanted to try it out and not knowing how to really play I didn’t realize I was running out of coins so before I could even get the prize out of the machine I ran out… Everything is in Chinese , The game talks about a “free ticket to play” but how tf are you suppose to get it? This game makes you pay for coins and it’s expensive.

Enery runs out to so

If you want free delivery to US you must buy $50 worth of points. NO FREE SHIPPING! I’m no thanks I’ll keep playing TOREBA!

kitty kittty kitty f

When I first played the game I played one of the min games and I did not know we needed to buy more points at first I was happy the now kinda annoyed


The prizes are great and unlike some similar games if there is a problem they fix it right away. They go the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy!


Of course your not going to get free stuff. What company makes money off of giving things out for free. Japanese claw machines are a bit different than US ones. They have machines that heavily rely on skill, are purely luck and they have ones that take perseverance and positioning. Meaning some games you’d have to play many times to set up before even having a good chance to win anything. Clawee is entirely different, they run on the American system, and I think Clawee is so much worse than most crane game apps. They have machines that are purely luck, and the ones you can win every time are pretty junk prizes. It took 3 months for me to receive mine and it was a ¢5 toy shipped from China. The prizes here are actually decent quality and some of the things are sold in actual Japanese shops – worth around 20-40$ a toy. It isn’t cheap to play, nor is it easy. But the prizes are decent and it’s good enough. Converting the points system it uses, it costs about $1.50-$2 a play for most machines. The lag isn’t great, but normally only hits hard every so often. IF YOU BUY CREDITS, YOU CAN HAVE FREE SHIPPING CREDITS. Shipping to the US is EXTREMELY expensive. How tf are they supposed to stay afloat giving free shipping for people who don’t spend money. The shipping isn’t a rip off, it’s the ACTUAL PRICE TO SHIP. The only bad thing I can say is the minimum points purchase price. The smallest they offer is about 30$. You’ll get 2400 points which will give you about 20 tries around machines. Decent value, but not a small amount. They have promos and different events, so pay attention and you can have some fun with the app. Also shipping cost is the same no matter how many items you have. If you don’t ship it, they’ll delete it from your cart, but if u collect 10 items worth $20 each, shipping is reasonable.


Daughter somehow got into our PayPal bought 2 plays. A ridiculous waste of money!


The game overall has very good and decent Gacha items. You’re given three chances your first time which is very nice. I only used my 3 free chances to play this game, but overall I can see a couple issues to this game. The first and second time I used my free chance I noticed that the claw barley grabbed/touch the item, so I realized that there’s no way for the item to drop//move. My last chance was used on an item that was stuck in between two poles. When I tried to push the item down with the claw I noticed that the item was squeezed in very tight that there was also no chance off the item falling down without a couple more plays. Well, this is a part/function of the game, but I would recommend this game in a later time, when there is more players (which will shift the items position more and the less chance you have of spending more money)


The lag on this is beyond other claw games, in other you can time it while on this one it will freeze when you are trying to move the claw upward


I won a prize with the free tickets, but $40 shipping is ridiculous. Shipping cost more than the item. Lol


I First Saw This Game, Thinking It Was Bot Trusting Because The Creator Couldnt Even Spell Machine. I Decided To Give It A Shot And It Was Not Good. I Won Something And I Clicked Ship, Which Showed Up PROCESSING So I Waited.. FOR 2 WEEKS!!! I Checked On It EVERYDAY And It Still Said PROCESSING. I Like Toreba More Than This. 1. Because Toreba Actually Ships The Item To You. 2. Because Toreba At Least Does 1 Free Ship A Week. So I Dont Recommend You Downloading This Game, Because Its A Scam And A Waste Of Time.

what i wonder

I want to play this game but it’s for sos so boooo


Iv played 6 times and I’ve bee riot off they don’t even have it in the setting we’re it show witch ones you’ve played and I won a mini hair straighteners and it didn’t give me the prize and it also did it again 2 times so iv been rept off 3 times….


Cool game but when I won something it didn’t count


When I tried to play a claw machine a notification came up saying up something in Japanese and of course me being nine and American I have no idea what that says so unless you know how to read Japanese don’t buy also after reading the other reviews the shipping fees are outrageous


This game is literally unplayable. Avoid this at all cost. These good reviews are 100% bots. Save the bandwidth do not download


This app is awful, all the games have very loose claws. I clearly hit the items in places where you can lift them and they never moved. I think they put bricks in the boxes.


It is not fun when I was out of Tickets it said I was restricted and when I was playing it would go past the prize all I did was go right just a tiny bit and it went all the way to the end.


It does not include South America OR ANY OTHER LOCATIONS THAT ARE AMARICAN OTHER THAN NORTH AMARICA! THATS RACIST RIGHT! F IT! I can’t even make a f-ing account! Screw this f it


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