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Flash Foods Mobile iOS

Flash Foods Mobile 简介

Take convenience to a new level with the Flash Foods mobile app! Find the Flash Foods location nearest you and check current gas prices for all 172 locations. Rewards in a Flash and GOBLUE customers can now go cardless to build Flash Cash, receive instant discounts and coupons. The GOBLUE Mobile Pay feature allows you to securely pay for your purchases inside the store or at the pump. GOBLUE Mobile Pay customers will save 5¢ on every gallon of gas! GOBLUE enrollment is available within the app; it’s simple and FREE. Rewards card members can also view their Flash Cash balance, Beverage Club statuses and lifetime savings! Download today and shop in a Flash!

Features Include:
– Store Locator
– Digital Rewards Card
– Coupons
– GOBLUE Mobile Pay

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Flash Foods Mobile 下载

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We loved this app and the ease of use, but after several calls to Circle K customer service with an issue we get no response. Apparently they don’t care about their customers. Hopefully they start soon.

Help us out here

This would be a great app if everything worked. I use it for discounts and coupons but they don’t scan when you get to the register and the store won’t give you credit for the coupon if it doesn’t scan. This really needs to be fixed.


I can’t open mobile pay since the 4.0 update. And support is hard to find.


I buy my gasoline almost exclusively at Flash Foods because of this app. I save a lot of money in the long run, find stores when i am out of town, and get notified of sales and promotions. It does have operational issues occasionally but for the most part it’s great!


The last several times that I’ve tried to use this feature, it would not recognize me and suggested I try later. It is pretty hard to try later when you are sitting at the gas pump.


Setup should be quick and easy. App won’t recognize rewards numbers, registration is cumbersome. Needs serious improvement before I’ll allow it to take up valuable real estate on my phone.


Been sending requests for a card for 3 months!!! Sent many emails to no avail they don’t care about anyone and I won’t do business with them any more


This app is very good with the exception of sometimes I can’t open the offers in the stores but other than that I love the fact that I can just put a code in for my gas and not have to worry about swiping a card


Saves time and Money!


Save money and I don’t have to use a card. A must have for regular customers.




Good for nothing. After taking about five minutes just to figure out my current location, which always tells me there are no stores within 150 mile radius, then I proceed to search manually for my store and after waiting another five minutes it MIGHT find it. Most of the time it will not. If by chance it does load, the it will take another 5 minutes to attempt to load current offers. Most of the time it just feels and says the servers are having difficulty. App needs totally re-designing a new servers.


Straight discount on fuel and I can find the lowest price at Flashfoods on my route anywhere in Central Ga. No grocery games or points required and I always have my Flash Card when I have my phone. Works great.

Sleep is so Awesome

Awesome, especially easy for everyone. I personally prefer it to everyone! Use it!!

Reel sorry 0811

I love the ease with which I get in and out by using the mobile pay. I also use the gas prices at nearby stations function


Fix the app so it supports iPhone 5 and 5c. You know some are still out there 🙄


Overall I’ve enjoyed using this app; it makes paying at the pump a lot easier, is secure, simple to navigate, and useful. Other than the occasional issue of not having enough data to load my code, it’s worked well. I did notice on the new update of the app that it is no longer supported on the iPhone 5. The description says it requires iOS 9 or later, but even the iPhone 4s can run iOS 9. My iPhone 5 is on the latest version of iOS 10 and runs it well, so I’m confused as to why the update for the app is not compatible with my phone? If further updates that I can’t receive hinder my usage of the app, I will be disappointed.


Why does my phone not support your app


Great place to get gas and other items.


I absolutely love this app! It’s very easy and convenient to use.

Milo Evil

Great app. Great store. Love using this app to pay for my gas so I don’t have to swipe my card.

Kudzu Company

My phone crashed and know I can not get my flash cash back are my account ???




We have tried for almost a year to get in contact with someone at customer service to help us unlock our card and app with no success.


Great App!


Love mobile payment. Wouldn’t go anywhere else


Love being able to access my rewards and find a store! JS

Willie slingshitz

Great app best people to deal with live Fashfoods


I just love this app! It’s fast easy and it saves you money at the gas pump!!!!! Everyone needs FLASH FOODS APP😎❤️ I LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

D H Daniel

I can pay at the pump or inside from the app. I can get rewards also.

Great money saver

Great app to save up to 20 cents per gallon.


Easy to use… Great way to save money!! Only way to consistently save on gas!!


I use it every day, scanning my card on my phone really helps


This app works great for pay-at-the-pump. I’m often hesitant to use it for paying inside the store because I’ve found more than a few clerks aren’t trained on how to take payment through this method. Otherwise, I love it and Flash Foods!

Peanuts Daddy

GoBlue card works only in the store. The pumps decline it. The app generates purchase codes, but again, declined. I’ve called Flash Foods AND the number on the back of the card only to never speak with anyone but a recording. No help from anyone. No return calls. Clyde’s and others will get my business from here on out.


I love the mobile pay option- it’s so convenient at the pumps with my Go Blue plus I save 5 cent a gallon too! Leave the wallet at the house!


Great app! Just wish they would put exit number when looking up gas prices when on major highways!

DSG Daddy Dave

Works great on my 6!


Easy to access and quick results!


The new updates really streamlined it even more!


I love not having to dig for a card to swipe to pay for gas.


The new app update is great! I love being able to use mobile pay at the pump and in store. The most recent version fixed my issue with the authorization code not showing up on my phone. This update has more features and looks even better than before!


The mobile app worked fine until this latest update. Now I can’t get an authorization code! Time to try another store!!!


Didn’t and won’t add my Go Blue card back into my app. Just adds the rewards card. Does not allow my GOblue to pay for gas at the pump. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it, still didn’t work. FIX THIS!!!! I USE YOUR APP MANY TIMES A WEEK.

TT Baby1

No code till you scan your card! When you try to scan your card the app shuts down! No Flash Gas till it’s fixed!

Debi Pratt

I stood at the pump for 15 minutes this morning trying to figure out why I couldn’t get my GoBlue code to work. I deleted the app and reinstalled it…still doesn’t work….left and got gas somewhere else.


I was creating a membership for my rewards card and I can’t submit my information, same for the Flash Foods website. System error pops up for both.



Lt David

Absolutely flawless and time saving. Flash Foods just need to update some of their pumps to be able to use the code generated by their app when paying for gas. The negative reviews are from people that don’t understand how to use the app or are negative about everything. Flash go blue saves money and I’ve never had a problem.


I’ve had this app 2-3 weeks and can’t even use it. Always crashes when I try to scan my card


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