【图】Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart下载
【图】Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart
【图】Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart

Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart iOS

Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart 简介

Where comedy meets culture. Laugh Out Loud is the hilarious entertainment brand from the world’s top comedian Kevin Hart. It’s the premier all in one guide for L-O-L-s: from celebrities and athletes, to internet influencers and the biggest and funniest standup comedians on the planet, the Laugh Out Loud App is your bridge to discovering unlimited laughs.

Download today to find the funny with series like Cold As Balls, Def Comedy Jam, Comedy In Color and so much more. We laugh louder when we laugh together.

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Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart 下载




I love it the app so much but is there a way to add Season 2 & 3 of the PJ’s? ❤️❤️


Doesn’t even have all the content or episodes total waste of time download


I love this app but lately it doesn’t let me click anything. Has my favorite stand up and comedy shows, I would love if you guys fix it ASAP.


The app aint letting me click on anything to watch the content.


When I open the app I try to watch videos on the app but either the video won’t load or the app itself just won’t allow me to click on any of the content. This is the first time that this has happened since I downloaded the app. I tried to close the app and open it again I also tried to reset my phone just to make sure it wasn’t user error. Is this fixable? If so, pleas fix because I really do like this app!!!!!


Why isn’t it working??

hazem noseir

Its a great app with a lot of great content that i can binge watch for days but whenever i play a video it says i cant play it in this region and i live in egypt so it would be really great if it worked here i would really appreciate it


It would be nice if it was on roku tv.


Heard Kevin mention it on the Breakfast club so I gave it a shot and let me tell you… ITS CONTENT IS HILARIOUS


I downloaded it two times and it never worked all it kept doing was loading and loading and loading


Please fix error bug that stops me from Unsubscribing from emails.


The fact that a video content service doesn’t have applications for larger screens blows my mind. I get if you had 60secs skits like Instagram, but no, you have longer form content like Stand-Up that people might wanna watch on the iPad or TV (without Airplaying). iPhone and iPad share the same code base and tvOS is close, so I don’t see the issue.


Great app, with great content. Biggest issues for me are the lack of an iPad specific app, and the fact that I can’t AirPlay with my Apple TV. Sometimes you wanna see this content in the living room on a big screen.


Hey it’s Kaiden and I gave it a low rating because it has no search function


This app just makes my day better. There’s so much negativity out in the world and it is nice to have something on my phone and iPad that I can go to for guarantee laughs! I’m absolutely in love with this. Go job LOL

Ayo Franky

Jus one thing think it’d be awsome if u had a pair device option so I could broadcast it on my tv

this is the username

Good app, good content. Unfortunately no way to cast to TV. Could greatly improve an already good app by adding Chromecast or AirPlay connectivity.

The green irish drag

I had a group of people at my job watching this and didn’t know. Until I heard a bunch laughter and realized that’s now the the crowd. That’s how zoned out into the show I was. P.s. make sure your headphones are plugged in.


I have had this app for a while and every time I go to watch a video it doesn’t work I’ve deleted the app are downloaded it but it still doesn’t work.


I can’t use it. When I try to play a video it keeps saying not available in your region.


Love Kevin Hart and would love to actually see any video I click on but app just closes had to go to YouTube to end up watching any of episodes …Is there any way to fix this problem ?


Please fix the phone connection I have an iPhone 8 and have full bars and it says there is a low connection so if you can fix it I thank you


Love it

nova eclipse blackha

I love Kevin heart , he’s extremely funny and great app

Quincy 55

Best app on the market. I love the app a lot of funny content. Keeps me laughing for hours

spliff gang bluu

I really want to explore this app but everytime I click on something it closes the app. Please fix.


The app has so much bugs still 7/24/18. I really wish it’s fixed soon because Kevin is so funny.


Racist and derogatory towards white people.

king spiffy

It never plays videos for me. I will close and open the app and try to view videos but they only buffer and never start :/


One of my favorite apps!!!! I mostly watch Def Comedy jam!!!


This app has been great for me!!! This is one of my favorite apps to go on I have a lot of fun laughing and the different episodes. Perfect!!!!!


Its funny as hell


Yummy yummers

McKenna Claymore

I could not hear the episodes I had the volume all the way up, I turned my Bluetooth off, I was looking forward to this app because Kevin Heart is one of my favorite Comedians. (I’ve also tried the app multiple times everyday and it still dose not work). Thank You.

Americus Rex

The Volume is non existent. Using iphone 7plus ver 11.4 Tried everything


There is no sound


I know I would love the app but I’m having issues with no sound I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it is there any way to fix this issue?


So I got the app and it looked great but when I started watching things I could not hear anything my volume was up and my Bluetooth was off so I dont know what is going on.Any advice please.


Dead House was AMAZING.I cant wait for Season 2 this year💕😍😘😂🤣😻.It is so funny to watch.😍🤩


Every time I try and watch something there is no audio? Umm? I know I’d love this app if there were audio obviously but what’s going on

Buk Chao

I love this app it’s great

KP Da Chef

By far the best comedy app I’ve ever seen. Loads of timeless, classic, top notch content for ummm….$free.99


Great app very funny content


I downloaded the app and there is no sound. I went on YouTube and the sounds works perfectly.


I downloaded it to watch a couple of episodes of dead hour but the sound isn’t working then I deleted and redownloaded it and it still didn’t work


No sound!


Amazing, when I have down time and need laughter, you guys got me covered !!!


Great app has great content! Keep pushing the envelope Kevin Hart!


All around this is a great comedy app😂 Thanks Kevin Hart!!

Alex Wolf

Takes up 38MB of 256GB and it’s not worth the space


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