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Credit Human Mobile Banking iOS

Credit Human Mobile Banking 简介

Access your accounts whenever and wherever you want with Credit Human mobile banking.

Log In Instructions:
Log in using your Credit Human user ID or account number and password. New users can enroll within the app.

• Enjoy fast, secure login with Touch ID or Face ID
• Access account balances and history instantly with Quick View
• Deposit checks by snapping a photo with GoDeposit (eligibility requirements apply)
• Pay bills (schedule one-time or recurring payments and even add payees)
• Set budgets, track spending, manage cash flow and more with eMoney Manager
• Transfer money between your Credit Human accounts or to other Credit Human members
• Securely send money to others using a mobile number or email address
• Find Credit Human locations and ATMs
• Send secure messages to our Member Service Center

Federally insured by NCUA

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Credit Human Mobile Banking 下载

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The app itself is great. However everyday, you have to input all your log in information in again! Then you select to allow the Face ID to log you in and you appear to be all set. The following day, you have to afreee to terms again, as if you just downloaded the app. Then do it all over…… every freaking day! A simple bug the IT seems to not be able to correct. Update: still happens, easy fix


The log in resetting your info happens all the time, very annoying. If having a convenient mobile app is important to you try another institution. Saw one reply saying should be done by the end of the year lol


There is no schedule transfer. I have to use computer to schedule future transfer fund between checking and saving accounts. Wait for more than a year and still cannot use the app to schedule transfer. I think it’s a standard function with other bank apps.


Update: I get an email saying they’re gonna work on the auto log out. Still the same on the auto logging out. No change. It logged me out twice in one week. I am so frustrated by this! But I really like my bank been with them a long time. The app is good on transferring and cashing checks. This has been going on for awhile auto logging out. I don’t like it cause I do have a complicated password that I do not carry with me. It’s inconvenient when I’m at the store.


The app sometimes opens and I always have to re-input all my information only works maybe half the time decently


I don’t understand why this cannot be fixed. Obviously from the reviews and responses – it’s a known issue. The inconvenience and time wasted totally destroys most of the benefit of even having an app. It’s easier for me to log-in through the web page than to continually re-type my info to re-log-in to your app.


The app is awful. Always getting logged out, having to put info back in. Well actually at this point can’t even get into it anymore. Have had fraud issues with my card, had to get a new one. When I asked for a Deposit Authorization form to give to my work, I was emailed an authorization form with someone else’s name and account info. Which is a big no no, that’s someone else’s account info. I’ve been reading through these comments and they have been working on the app for almost a year now it seems like. Not a very good sign for a bank not to even be able to handle an app, and to send someone else’s personal info to someone else. How well are they protecting my info and money? I’ve never seen anything like this with any other bank. How hard would it be to hack into someone’s account when the bank is literally giving the info away? How long does it take to fix an app?


This is the least user friendly UI ever and you need to replace everyone that made it. You bought my car loan and 1. It doesn’t show the correct amount I owe and 2. There is no way I can add my bank for payment without creating an account with Credit Human. Trash. Avoid this business as best you can.


I bank with multiple institutions. This the worst app of all in that I cannot even log in. I can only use the website; the mobile app ALWAYS returns an authentication error.


How the hell am I supposed to used this app if I have to change my password every single time I login? Y’all got money, do something about fixing this app or your system!


I can’t even log into my account… keep saying error account not found but I just came from the bank..😒


Worst banking app I have ever used. Never had this issue when it was SACU. Been banking here for 11 years and looking for a new credit union. Don’t waste tour time here


Credentials system is wrecked. Can’t login, select forgot password which prompts me to input account number and then tells me there is no such account. Call Frost Bank for some pointers, I’ve had zero problems logging into their app. When this app does work, it’s fine.


Credit Human app not working on iphone keeps opening with an error. guess i’m going to start banking with another bank, cause i got no time to play games with inferior development app bye bye credit human


This the second time I’ve had to delete the app and reinstall it to make it work. Every time I set it up with fingerprint it works that one time and the next time I try to log in I have to start all over. It’s time consuming. GET IT TOGETHER Credit Human.


Every action required a code sent to my email. Many applications timed out with an error message. Could not just simply pay my car loan or check my auto pay. Total disaster.


It’s so hard to make payment of my auto loan. I would never get a loan from credit human. I don’t know why they are just making so hard & complicated to just make a payment. Hate it.


Never written a review before but this app is that bad. Resets randomly, never saves settings. Garbage app that never improves.


App is useless. I have to re-enable everything every time I launch it. App forgets user ID, password, user agreements. This is so annoying, it’s easier to bookmark the page, and save the password… this deems the app useless if using the website is more user friendly. Developers say they are working on it but the last version was launched over a year ago…. Never had issues with Android app. Worthless app, not sure what developers are doing…. but it’s not much if they can’t fix it!!! Hire new developers, your excuses are ridiculous!!


I love it! I’ve been using this for a couple of years now. I just mainly use it for transferring and have not had any problems with it.


Used so many times but now it don’t let me login even though I know my login by heart by now even after trying to reset my password


If you need to change your password don’t do it through the app, use the mobile version of their website instead. Odd that the mobile version sends you a security code but the app doesn’t when changing your password. Also the emails you receive from each version of the application looks completely different. This made me momentarily worry that the email received from the app was a phishing attempt. Constantly received an “invalid password” even though I had met all password requirements (utilized a secure password generator).


It is the most annoying thing when you have to re-enter your login info every day because it refuses to remember it and you have to constantly set up FaceID because it won’t store it. Beyond frustrating/annoying in this day and age


I’m very disappointed in Credit Human. I’ve tried several times in different ways to make the system work to repay my car loan online and to no success. I added my USAA account to my Credit Human account, so I could do transfers to my car loan and now my bank account is no longer there. Credit Human’s online interface is not user friendly at all and nobody needs to spend 45 minutes of their day waiting to speak to a rep to call in their loan repayments every month, when it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to do online at any other lender. I won’t be getting another loan from Credit Human; it’s not worth the legwork. Credit Human needs to urgently do a system overhaul, because the current one has set them up for failure.


This has been happening for many months! Seems to get worse every month… Now daily I have to re setup my login/face enable/quick view. The app doesn’t seem secure and looks outdated compared to other bank apps. Not good for a bank to have a glitchy app.


App is horrible! Customer service is useless!


It used to be ok almost good but for about a month now it’s been problem after problem. It does not remember you user name and password. Does not display statements properly. I’ve had to call the CU directly due to all the glitches. Really disappointed as I have been a member for almost 20 years but don’t live in SA. I’m going to cancel and get into a credit union where I now reside.

Nick Name88

My first review was a 1 but changed it to reflect their response to an issue they were having that was not allowing me to use the app, I had no issues using the website…….*I keep getting an error code that the app won’t load anymore.. the only access I have now is signing on the credit union website.*


Good luck trying to actually get anything done with this suspect app. I’m alarmed that in this pandemic I’m at the mercy of a broken app for access to my life saving funds. It won’t boot, forgets my login almost immediately, and threatens my very life. I hear they’re working on an update while I work on surviving around it’s utter uselessness. Yippie, good for them. Hope I live to see it!


good for teens as a start , less so for adults . app constantly crashes , they also removed the other banking app attached to this one that made it actually convenient . cannot stress how much the app crashes and then it completely logs you out .


My wife and I unfortunately were financed for a new vehicle from Credit Human. Man do we regret it. The app is useless for car pay. You can see that you have an account, and it’s balance, but cannot pay. Payment by phone is a 40 minute wait currently. It’s almost as if they don’t want your money if it’s so difficult to pay. Do they really think we will mail in the payment with envelope and stamp like it’s 1996? Past car loans through Chase or Cap One were a piece of cake to pay. This is just pointlessly difficult. Avoid Credit Human! They are not modern enough to make banking and loan pay even remotely doable. The second we can find another lender we will jump on it.


My account information cannot be stored, my face never worked. My password always having problem and my account got locked once I tried to login for 3 times. It’s a nightmare app, shame on the developer


It is a major problem when this app Won’t save information. Every month I am having issues with logging in because it clears all the stored information including Face ID. When I try to log in with my current password it won’t let me and it’s getting to the point where I am ready to close my account and move it elsewhere. I should not have to go through this trauma every 4-6 weeks. Beginning to wonder just how secure the app is. If I could rate zero stars I would. This is the 4 time this has happened in less than 6 months. It’s getting old real fast.


I set it all up and accept the terms set up my login and password even my face login. Then after a few times I have to do it all over again and again and again


Horrible banking app! Constantly session expires and also will not let me log in again or even reset the password. This also effects my debit card if I make online payments. I have funds in my account, but they will Not process if the issue of me not being able to log in.

Rob Flores

Worst app ever. How can you not make an auto loan payment on this app. Terrible.


Tried to get a qmoney loan and the app glitched and closed out then tried to do it again and closed out again. Now I lost 40 dollars and all I was trying to do was take out a loan. Been a member for 5 years. Hopefully this issue gets resolved.


The app worked great for such a long time then a few months ago I received a session expired message when trying to log on and haven’t been able to log in since. It’s now been several months, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no success. I even went into a local branch and they were unable to resolve. In an age of technological advances and convenience, Human Credit is failing its members.


After opened account online it was closed without stated any reason or give notifications that’s really bad


You can’t make auto loan payments through the app from an outside bank, so it is useless to me. You have to do it through the website which is extremely cumbersome and not user friendly at all. The only business I have with Credit Human is an auto loan and there’s no easy way to make payments to it. It makes me want to refinance with a company that offers an easy online payment option. It’s that much of a pain. Come on it’s 2019. How about we move into the 21st century already?


NEEDS Card Control in this app, not in a separate app. It doesn’t make sense to have users download a separate app to access these security features. The app experience also should be updated. As a user that has used other banks in the past, I have to say that this app could be a little more modern. It doesn’t seem to have had a lot of work developing the app and it looks pretty cheesy.


App is not great compared to other institutions. One frustrating thing that happens to me is that it will crash 2-4 times upon opening the app. Finally it will work and let me use the Touch ID to log on.


This is a great app! Only downside is that it constantly crashes. 🙄 please fix ASAP


This app used to be decent, but recently I can’t get it to open without immediately crashing. Like I can’t even get the first screen to load before it crashes. EVERY TIME!! To me a decent app is now an extremely important part of personal banking and if this app isn’t fixed soon, I will likely take my business elsewhere. If you are lucky enough to be reading this review before you’ve opened an account, do yourself a favor and find another credit union or bank that understands the world we now live in.


I would love to check my balance but every time I open the app it closes! It does this to me so often! It’s so annoying! I love the convenience of this app but trying to check my account and it closing me out several times is so ANNOYING!


Good app to check your balances and transfer money BUT it crashes multiple times and doesn’t start up, I have to consistently close the app and start it again at least up to 8 times. I haven’t tried this hard to start something since I had a NES in the 90’s.


I like app when it works. But crashes s lot


The app has useful functions and has a very simple UI. However, some essential functions, like check depositing, don’t work on a regular basis


App is way overdue for an update. Two of my biggest complaints is that when “logging out” the face ID automatically logs you right back in leaving the app logged into your accounts. The other bigger issue I have is that the app doesn’t support the multi-account linking feature. I have to log out (somehow keeping it from automatically logging me back in) and manually enter account information for second account. Accounts are linked online but the app doesn’t support it at all. Very cumbersome to use. App is nearly useless to me.


I found by accident that you can go back to previous screen by hitting blank space top left. I have not tried depositing checks or paying others with this new update. But checking on balances from checks and debit card work fine. I gather the GO card is no longer a credit card which had benefits if you used credit option. Never collected merchandise for using it when it was available. Did anyone?


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