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Uniconsole 简介

Personalize your messages, e-mails and tweets with all kinds of special symbols and characters, which will be readable on any iPhone, iPad, Mac, and most PC applications — along with emoji, which are compatible with other iPhones and iPads.

Uniconsole gives you several pages of quickly accessible symbols; you can just touch a symbol and quit the app, it’s already in your clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere you want it. Or you can use Uniconsole’s text field to work on a tweet, mixing text and symbols, and copy the whole text when you’re done by touching the big scissors. Tap-hold the scissors for sharing options, including tweeting right from the app.

You can customize the first page of symbols by tap-holding a symbol to add it to your favorites; apply fancy filters to any text you’ve typed; access a detailed list of pretty much every special character that can be displayed on the internet.

You can also enable a systemwide custom keyboard that will give you access to all Uniconsole’s symbols (your favorites, common symbols, and the full list as well) within any iOS app.

Uniconsole is a universal application that you can download once and install on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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Uniconsole 下载




Please, Add more symbols

Nick Name 0

This works very well and gives access to all kinds of additional characters. The 3rd party keyboard option is awesome! Now I don’t have to even open the app if I just want a character or two.


Well Worth the .99 price! I have several iPads and I got the paid version. Since there are 2 different apps…one for free and one for paid…you don’t ever restore purchases…just delete the free one and install the paid one. It’s ¢.99 I wish I’d paid sooner. For me…the big difference between paid versus free is that with the paid version you can install the Uniconsole keyboard and use it where ever you need it. Otherwise, you create your text in the app and copy/paste it to where you want it. That worked fine for me for years. But now I do a lot of writing for websites, so having access to all the special symbols and things immediately is really helpful because I’m using online editors for content writing. This app has been around forever, but it still works beautifully and lets face it Unicode characters aren’t changing, so there’s not much to update I guess. There’s not much else to say…this app, while maybe not elegant, is a true workhorse and one I’d be hard pressed to survive without! And in the new subscription madness direction so many apps are going…you get a lot for your money with Uniconsole.


this is a fun and useful app, it’s really nice how the Emoji are organized into categories. The selection of complex emoticons is also super convenient, and fun!


nice app


I love this app like I. Love bacon


Best app

I device king

Love all the things on this app a lot to mess around with


Better since update! Thanks!

kitty kat2012

Could use an anchor though


Isn’t there supposed to be an infinity sign? I thought there was. And how come there are blank spots on the keyboard part? Someone please help!


Good app to use in Instagram in my biography. So worth it-it was everything I was looking for!


It’s alright but it NOT worth 1.99


Great app. Does exactly what it says it does. No-nonsense. Cheers!


I just got it and its awesome!!


Great app with the best library of symbols, icons, and emoji I’ve seen. To top it off you can add your own. Beat that!


A great little app. Easy to use. Fun characters.


This little app is a delightful surprise! It is much more fun than I expected it to be and also very flexible, allowing you to add characters from other sources, copy and paste, and develop a favorite list. I think my emails and Facebook posts are about to bloom!

Wolfe with an e

There are hundreds of useful symbols and emoji characters you don’t have access to on your iPad keyboard. Uniconsole lets you add them to your clipboard and paste them into most apps. + Type a note in the character field and easily send the apps like Twitter. + Characters from many languages available. + Favorites screen + Filters translate characters unto readable but wild fonts.


This is a rip-off, the fonts are limited! What is the point of having only a few letters of different fonts? I would give it negative stars if available!

Brandon Conner

its soo worth it Ω℉ⓌⒼK✟△


can find any symbol and new emoji in here


Yes, this app needs more characters — it is indeed missing , among others. That said, being able to use iOS 6’s new emoji (for those of us who have to wait until fall) TOTALLY makes up for it! I’ve been dying for new emoji for ages. 💗

TheKid with no name

I’m stuck at fonts but AWESOME APP


This app is confusing! I’m stuck at the text filter page and can’t get back! :3


Good ~ keep going


A HUGE disappointment! The free version is the same thing. I really want a refund! 😡


for instance I can’t find the recycling symbols ♲ (U+2672) and/or ♻ (U+267B).

Danie loves pocket f

I got his while it was still free, but it is AWWWSSSSOOMMEE! ☺


Excellent app, all is clean, crisp and modern. I usually delete these apps ASAP because of the cheese factor. Well worth the money in my opinion.


I had to use like 4 other similar apps at the same time for special characters. Now that I have this app I can delete them all. This is a great collection, very handy and easy to use. Copy to clipboard with just one click away + favorite page = ❤ Hmm I think  and ➛ are missing! Please add them unless I’m mistaken.

Sam Wojo

Got for free. Very nice. More fonts?


it needs more font types. what would REALLY be cool is the font type that the band Def Leppard has their name in, then it would be . DEF LEPPARD FONT TYPE PLZ!!!

Jays job

IDK. I like this app. It has a big library and is cheap compared with others and its fast to select items. Yes, Some of the emoticons don’t transfer out but the app tells you which ones these are. I don’t think the symbols transfer to text or SMS posts but that’s a small portion that I don’t use it for anyway. It works good in Facebook and just about everywhere else you can paste text. I’m very happy with this app.


Straight with everything easy to find. Worth the 2 dollars

Bryce Timko

But it isn’t in my apps? Wth?! 🙁

Katelt3s Eli

I loooove this(: But i want the anchor dingbat<3


Very helpful for storm8 games


Great App (:


I have the same problem as TreatFairy


I love this app. It is the best for games, texts, etc…. I would highly reccomend the app. 


When I use the font filter, then copy, it writes regular lettering… The whole reason I bought it was for the fonts…


ℑ ℓưƲ ƭℎ℩ƨ ☻☺✪☮


I bought this thinking it would have all the glyph images and it seems they left a few key ones out like an  button. The free apps have it. Why not one that’s $1.99? Don’t buy this until they fix it.


HUGE FAVOR!!!!: Please add customizable text filters as well as more premade filters! I like to choose which characters replace which letters! Thanks in advance!


Everytime I try copy and paste it goes back to normal letters? Help?


This app is really nice and well worth it in every way. It’s not about getting unicode free somewhere else..it’s about being able to do everything that I want in just one app. No notebook needed. Yes, you do have to copy and paste but with this app you can do the entire message within the app. So I’m losing about ten seconds of my time. Which I save by having an iPhone 4 in the first place.. My only concern is that it DOES freeze on one screen. This is easily fixed by closing and starting the app again. Not a huge deal but I did pay for it so I expect a lil better. Fix that and it’s all stars from me. Enjoy~ℒaƌ⅄Ɗřaƙ℩ℵa❦™ 


____ _______(__(⌖)________ ___/ ▿ ____….________0 |____…../▔▔/ ( / ./ \. /__/ ▔ ./ \. / \


Can I have my 1.99$ back? It’s stuck on the same screen over and over! Hate it.


This is my first paid app and it’s awesome love it very cool


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