【图】General Knowledge Quiz !下载
【图】General Knowledge Quiz !
【图】General Knowledge Quiz !

General Knowledge Quiz ! iOS

General Knowledge Quiz ! 简介

The most popular game of general knowledge is now available for iOS.

Download the game, have fun, learn and show what you got!

– The player must answer 15 questions correctly
– You can use four lifelines
– At the end you will win 1 MILLION dollars (virtual)
– If you fail you will lose everything or gain the corresponding to the level you are
– It has several personal achievements to reach
– Finally, the online ranking to show what you got!
– Good luck!

Users feedback:
* “Challenging, but fun. I get together with friends and play this once a week. We’ve achieved Millionaire status several times”
* “I love this game it’s like the old Millionaire without all the extra stuff. Just good trivia. Thanks!!!”
* “This is an excellent way to increase your trivia knowledge. I like it.”
* “This game is surprisingly tough. Most importantly, it isn’t that repetitive (especially once you get past 1,000). Pretty smooth gameplay, limited ads. One of the best free games you can get”

Play with no time limit to relax and share knowledge with family and friends.

In this game mode you have limited time to answer each question. Your challenge is to be the fastest.

You’re still not convinced?
– A quiz game to have fun and learn with the whole family. Don’t miss it!
– An addictive and fun quizup with questions updated to play at any time.
– More than 20,000 questions to test your knowledge and general culture.
– This trivia game is available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
– The perfect hobby to show that you still have a lot to learn!
– A game of questions and answers for lovers of trivia.
– Millionaire is a dynamic game to speed up your thinking and help you to be faster and faster.
– Share in social networks (Facebook and Twitter) your achievements and show your friends you’re the best!

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General Knowledge Quiz ! 下载

App Store 官网美版


tiff zee

I love the fact, that I can use voiceover on my iPhone, as for I am totally blind, I love this game thank you for making it accessible with voiceover

always bored

This game used to be great, but lately it just crashes all the time, plus I can’t view any of my notifications—or anything really. The only thing that works (once in a while) is actually playing the game. Anything else just crashes the app.


March 2020 This is one of the BEST trivia games out there. I tried several & I’ve stuck with this one for almost 2 years. I learned a lot about the world playing this game & at the same time I’m able to educate my young son with the information. It’s the old Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game, it just got renamed. Recently it’s running into some glitches where it randomly fails to record a lot of my wins. It is very frustrating so I hope the wonderful Quiz Team fixes this problem. I’m a die hard fan! Bernadette K. August 10, 2020 UPDATE: The new revised game is awful. It stalls all the time too. They shouldn’t have tempered with something that was great. I played for a long time but now I don’t think I’ll be playing. I’m really disappointed. Bernadette K.

kevy wevy two by fou

That is great that you improved this game. I love it!


When you review the questions after the game, not all the questions and answers show up. So if you get one wrong and watch the video or you skip the question, you do not find out what the correct answer was. It’s extremely frustrating. I assume this is a bug and not a feature, so if this gets fixed I can upgrade this rating. Otherwise love the new interface and the addition of picture questions. What fun!


Love this game.


Great game!


This is the best quiz game out there! Thank You

mj mj

Fun game to play with interesting questions. You can spend many hours on this app.


i would be happy to work on correcting some grammar errors


Best no nonsense game ever.


Quizzes can help me to learn new things that I already did not know. And I love using the lifeline and Earning lots of money


Have to rate at 1 Star. Searching for a friend to play the multiplayer feature doesn’t work. I’ve tried to get support from the app developer without success.

kevinty Kevin

Love this app. Points instead of dollars, great!


Love this game


Keeps the ol’ brain working well.


They’ve done a lot right here. First, the game isn’t very complicated. Second, it is a bit chalenging. This is good because when games of this type are too easy, they get boring quickly. Third, the adds don’t get in the way of the fun. In short, I really like this take on this game.


Have played this app for a long time and can very much recommend it. It is fun and has a good balance of questions, and the life lines make getting to a million dollars eminently possible for anyone with a reasonable level of general knowledge. Only one problem, I was so pleased with the app that I opted to remove the ads, more to reward the developers then to get rid of the ads which were not really intrusive. Unfortunately, since removing the ads, every time I choose to watch a video when I am about to lose, it freezes up and locks we out of the app. Worse, it makes my iPad bottom menu bar/tray disappear. I have to reset my iPad to get the app tray to reappear. It also disappears if I just watch a video to get an extra lifeline at the end of a game. This one needs fixing.


Very similar to the TV show format except for the occasional forced commercials. Fun and addictive.


No need to waste money on those other apps this one works how it’s supposed to. They recently added more questions so that’s amazing, been playing for awhile since the last update and I haven’t repeated a single question. No intrusive ads no payment walls.


I was playing this game with my family and a disgusting ad popped up out of nowhere. Fix this or I will not play the game again.


I used to like this app but now it just forces too many adverts and most of them you cant even skip or stop! Urgh

No sports Nut

Challenging, but fun. I get together with friends and play this once a week. We’ve achieved Millionaire status several times…although those English sports questions are tough! Wish there were more American-themed sports ones. All in all, a fun game. Update: We’ve had several questions answered correctly, but the game says we’re incorrect. We’ve looked up the answer and found that we were correct. Still, we lost the opportunity to reach a million several times b/c of this. In fact, once we answered a question correctly, and the next time the question came up, we gave the same answer and were wrong! What’s up with that?


Nothing special, buts it’s an ok trivia game for FREE, can’t beat FREE

Kathy 28

The app just switched my earnings from 81 mil to 18😢 How does this happen !! Beware. Also, there was someone else’s review that kept popping up when I attempted to write mine. Finally had to delete it. Sorry. These kind of glitches need to be fixed. Tried to delete the app and reinstall, but it just went up in the cloud, and the same app was reinstalled with my same score! Help




I love challenging my mind and seeing how much I remember.


Love it!

That Awkward Turtle

I enjoyed this game greatly, the lifelines were fun to use and you didn’t have to pay to get more!!

Old Blood Guts

Love it!


My dad and I play this game on my iPad every time we take our 3 hour ride to the casino. We try to win our million before we get there!



Gdfdyhvvhhdviifx jud

Answers are inaccurate

Rizzle Dizzle Dj Dar

I Do Miss The Other Millionaire It But Enjoy Playing For Thill Of The Game Because Millionaire Is Easy To Play Thank You For This Version Millionaire Player And Watcher Darrell Wynn


I’ve been enjoying playing this game since I could no longer get onto the Who Wants to be a Millionaire game website. Glad it was here so I could keep playing trivia games.


Great and Fun APP!! I could play for hours! All questions are randomly picked on any level…


AWESOME GAME but the sound effects and music are quite loud with no option to lower the volume. And I wish if you miss the answer or choose to change questions that it would give you the answer to the question. After all you don’t know it or you wouldn’t miss or decline it and thus could be used as a good learning tool if they gave the answer.


Ok. Fun to play.


One of the questions was which of the following is not a nickname for New Orleans? The Big Easy, The Crescent City, the City that Care Forgot, or The Big Apple? I selected The Big Apple and was advised that I lost because the correct answer was The Big Easy…


Very entertaining!


This is a great entertaining and educational game. It’s fun and exciting.

peaches westerly

Never watched a soccer game in my life . You should have usa questions like tv show also metric????? Not here!!!!also metric is not used either


Keeps your mind thinking but in a fun way👏👏

mr funski

The only complaint I have is that there are too many soccer questions. Otherwise a pretty good game. Oh, and the music is annoying.


The functionality of the game is fine meaning that it doesn’t freeze up or close out. However, I am deleting it and closing it out on my own. The ads pop up constantly every-time you lose. It’s very annoying. And believe me, you will be losing a lot. 99% of the questions no one in their right mind would know. I even Googled several of them and nothing even turned up on Google! You’d think the starting questions would be easy but there not. And as for the rankings? I did some research and talked to people. The people at the top and who are near it, aren’t there because they are good and smart. They are up there because they look up the answers on the internet and the majority of the answers are easy to find! Just don’t waste your time on this. It will just make you angry at how stupid and unimpressive it really is. The people who put it together didn’t even pay attention to what they were doing. They didn’t even take the time to categorize the questions into values. Also, don’t play their Family Feud 2 app. It hardly ever connects tomFacebook which means that you have to play as a guest, and ads keep popping up. I don’t mean ads every now and then because Im fine with that but its literally constant.

Valarie Ritchey

Excellent way to pass time!!!!!

Some knowledge

Not been taught a lot of what happened in other countries….so I have to guess a lot….but I sure am learning a lot!


After you use the switch-question lifeline, it should reveal the right answer before being replaced by a new question. After using wither the audience or phone lifelines, the suggested answer should be highlighted. Many iPad games don’t let us view in landscape orientation. I would suggest all iPad games use landscape orientation, especially this one. What would make this game better is if it had the music that was used during the Regis era of the show, whether it was he himself or Meredith Vieira. And I bought some lifelines from this game, says it removes the ads. But apparently, I still see some on the bottom left corner of the screen. Not that it’s a lot to worry about, but… 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Anytime I’m bored or traveling I play this game and can’t put it down!! There’s only 2 things I don’t like. One is the spelling errors, and second is there are way too many sports questions!! Especially relating to soccer!


Good game while waiting. Educational while passing time on the plane or trying to relax before sleep. Challenging.


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