【图】Arcade Hunter: Sword and Gun下载
【图】Arcade Hunter: Sword and Gun
【图】Arcade Hunter: Sword and Gun

Arcade Hunter: Sword and Gun iOS

Arcade Hunter 简介

Join forces with millions of Arcade Hunters and raid hideous monsters and demons in an action-packed fantasy adventure!

Upgrade your epic skills to hunt for large herds of monsters with a wide range of powerful weapons. Will you fight for gold or for good?

Be a MASTER HUNTER: Upgrade unique skills and weapons, Loot for gold and new equipment from Rare to Legendary and Hunt huge bosses.

Crawl through thousands of dungeons for bounty hunting and discovering the greatest treasure of mankind. In a fantasy world of chaos, only the smartest hunter with a perfect combination of sword, gun, and magic can stand above all.

Arcade Hunter will bring you countless unique features:

• ADDICTIVE arcade gameplay – Ultimate action experience on mobile.

• BEAUTIFUL environments – Endless adventure through different chapters.

• CHALLENGING boss – Monsters with devastating special abilities waiting to be destroyed.

• UPGRADE unique skills – Level-up and combine your skill to get through the dungeons.

• DISCOVER crazy weapons, armors, rings – Hunting has never been more fun.

• UNLOCK epic heroes – Different Heroes for different weapons, countless combat styles.

• TAP TAP – Receive AFK Rewards, open Legendary Chests and enhance your Power with just one tap.

Start hunting now! Millions of Hunters and Monsters are waiting for you in Arcade Hunter: Sword, Gun, and Magic!


Arcade Hunter is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Arcade Hunter.

A network connection is also required.

Privacy Policy: http://www.hikergames.com/policy/policy.html
Terms of Service: http://www.hikergames.com/tos/tos.html

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Arcade Hunter 下载

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Bp74 11

I’ll be honest, I found this game after becoming frustrated with Archero. This game does what Archero does, but better. In this game, I feel like the grinding isn’t nearly as bad, and the enemies don’t instantly kill you unless you’re pretty far up in the unlimited level challenge. The only thing that I’d like to be added soon, is the ability to combine items in crafting to upgrade their rarity. Such as three green items to get a blue item. Otherwise, a great game and I can’t wait to see what’s in the future updates!


Majority of the heroes are 10-15 each. Legendary equipment rarely ever drops. If you have a spare legendary and are waiting for a third one to drop and make a mythic item you probably won’t ever get it. Saved and opened the legendary chest 50 times without any legendary drops.


Very clean and fun game, 100x better than Archero in my opinion. Please fix the hit boxes of the bunny projectiles in stage 15.. They hit me when they are inside the wall, they hit me when I’m clearly not close to the actual projectile. Toughest boss so far but when I get hit by nothing at take 17k damage it hurts.. Thank you!


Pls make pets like a DRAGON IR DEMON IT WOUKD BE AWSOME and delelipors pls pls pleas write back pls

b bf d ty infhv

What do you guys mean that this is better than Archero?? Or to replace it with this?? This game is ok. But that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve heard. This is like, the budget cut version of Archero


Couldn’t say it any better. I agree 100% with buckeye’s post on Sept 23


This is a great game, it does things a lot better than other similar titles. But, at certain points the difficulty is 5 times what the previous stage was. I’ve gone from a stage with two enemies, to a stage with eight enemies, all firing at me with bullets, lasers and some kind of hazardous slime that stays on the stage. Than back to only two cannons on the next stage. Also the character that I like to use is really slow moving, I don’t know if all the characters move at the same speed, because I only use the one but, fighting two mini bosses that bombard the screen with projectiles is ridiculous, plus some of them leave temporary stage hazards like slime or fire which you can’t avoid while dodging bullets. Well that’s my two cents otherwise great game. Sept. 27, 2020 I’ve been playing the endless tower and the power-ups aren’t very randomized, the same ones keep coming up but I hardly ever get speed boosts. I’ve played for over an hour and didn’t get one.


At first I thought it was a bit boring but when I started playing the game I was so entertained. It is a very fun game. I couldn’t stop playing. I played for hours. I stayed in bed all day playing this game wanting to pass and upgrade my weapons.

Vash tha Stampede

The game is awesome don’t get me wrong, but needs improvement! This game does a lot more things better then others. But a few thing I dislike is high priced Hero’s I still bought one to support you guys but I think it’s to high for normal players have a sale or just lower them to around $6-7 would be a fair prices. Also add some gold hero’s for f2p people out there. Also I found the game to be super hard around 14-15 for a player like me and I beaten archero without spending a cent. But I’m not here to talk about that game. Thing about higher levels is not the difficulty it’s how much life is taken away when you get hit. I have max passives and my gear, but I only have one mythic item and my HP is around 35,000 and I die in 2 hits that shouldn’t be right. While I’m on stats and passive, I think some more passive would be nice addition like Attack speed/Crit/Reduce damage/added damage vs different types of enemies and other I’m sure you guys already know of. 😉 Wish you guys would add a way to craft/forge legendary-epic-rare-uncommon in the game so makes it worth play everyday. If you just made these changes then it would be fun for everyone! A fun mode I think would be awesome that I don’t think any other game does in this genre is like an Epic Boss fight where all player join in and fight a huge big BOSS with massive life at certain times of the day. With nice rewards of course or some other system to add like you guys did with the cards very nice addition to the game! I know you guys trying to make money off the few but wouldn’t it be better to make money off all the players? Think of it that way. Keep up that great work this game is one of the greatest already in its genre but not of all times. Thanks for hearing me out. 5stars is for the greatest of all time, almost there for me.


I started playing this after growing tired of Archero. The battle system, main story line, side quests etc. all make a lot of sense. Definitely a 5 star game. Understanding the game will evolve I have 3 complaints/suggestions: Forge – this is a newer feature, would be nice to have a way to forge old normal/blue/purple/ gear instead of just legendary (gold). Power Balance – the game’s difficulty factor constantly changes based on how powerful the character is. While this allows the game to stay challenging, it makes power ups kinda meaningless because the moment you power up, so do monsters. I’d like to have a least a moment to enjoy and notice my power up. Store legendary odds: the game says there is a 7% chance but that isn’t exactly accurate, what it really means is you will get a legendary every 12 rolls (but never 2 times in a row). I think this is where Archero was better. I think they should still give the 12th roll guarantee but also give a small chance of an actual legendary. Those are my main complaints but besides that the game is great.


Would be a solid 4 if devs are more f2p friendly. The price for gems are 100 gems for $1. The sale price is 600 gems for $4. It takes 290-380 gems for a single try at a legendary equipment at a 7% chance. You get a free pull once every 3 days. Gem accurate very slowly. Endgame requires a lot of legendary equipments for crafting cause legendary equipments that you pull for can only carry you to mid game. I doubt any f2p players reach the last chapter but that’s ok as after a certain point, the content is all the same. Devs should work on a way to make other equipments useful. Why even have chests for other equipments if they are useless?


That was an impressively quick fix! So not only is this a great game, but the developers are awesome as well! Old review: This was one of my favorite games before the new update. Now it immediately closes any time I try to open it. Will change to 5 stars after fix.


After the last update, when I open the game it just closes itself


This is a great game and I would encourage people to get it. Sadly for me and my older phone (iPhone 6) the latest update made it so I can no longer play. Game just crashes at start. Going to hold out hope that a future update will fix things, but if not the game was a lot of fun while it lasted.


A lot of ads but good game.

coach gamer

See subject, please fix

Conquer Joey

The latest “update client” I’ve got through the in-game email system, have corrupted my gaming app and I’ve been unable to load the app successfully. Everything I try to load the app, it crashes. Is this how you treat certain players of your game who participate within in game purchases? 18:33-07SEP2020

Proud Pitbull mama

Nuff said.


BY FAR the best of these “Single-Stick Shooter” games! Tons of weapons and upgrades! There is an endless mode, and as far as I can tell, there is no level cap! I have never understood why games like Archero have an upgrade to increase XP gained when the level cap is only like 11. Like what’s the point? No level cap is a HUGE plus, especially when playing endless!


Game is fun but after a few chapters gets stagnate and you’re unable to progress also the spider boss if it happens to be a double boss and you don’t have penetrate you’re not gonna win with the infinite spiderlings they summon there should be a limit to how many it can summon but there’s not so have fun with that.


This game is a cheap knockoff if Archero, besides that this game is retarded. I don’t even get hit by the enemies and somehow die even when there is no one in the room


این بازی عاااااالیه ، فقط باید بلد بشی


Copied from Archero even including the same bugs. For example at the left edge the double front bullets can only show one bullet. While you coping please copy the core. For example items can merge. Please add a single idea from your team rather than just coping. ——————————— For 1.9 Add more ways to get cards. Skills need balance. For example, The big bullet is very weak comparing to become giant or comparing to increase attack. For 1.8.3 Please add forge on rare/epic/legend item (so far all items below legend are trash) For 1.5.2 the endless tower and ranking system is a good start. So I rate from one star to two star. Please keep going. Hopefully this game can beat Archero. I agree with one reviewer’s comment. This game balance is a little better than Archero. ——————————— Suggestions 1. Keys should be mergeble and upgradable. 2. Same gear should be mergeable 3. Add more hero. Dollar hero and gold hero 4. In the future, introduce pet system. 5. Random skill is okay but please add more selected skill based on character. For example more active skills, or more passive skills show up during battle ——–


I love this game! I’ve been having tons of fun with this game. Good gear and power ups. But I’m stuck. I’ve noticed that at level 9 the game takes a huge leap in fun to a infuriating a pointless venture due to weeks of bad RNG and no healing orbs. It goes out of its way to give you the opposite of what you need or want no matter what character or gear or level you are. Whoever designed it was a cheater with access to god powers and a clear middle finger to the player to force you into micro transactions. I don’t mind spending some money but not hundreds of dollars just to get a little progress. And I can only assume it gets worse. So please fix the power up drop issues in later levels. 1-8 seem to be ok. Thank you and keep up the good work. Also please don’t make it an archery clone that just rips you off. That game had potential but they ruined it with greed and broken damage mechanics/ getting one shot no matter how good your health and gear is.


Gameplay is decent Graphics and animations are nice $12.99 for a single hero? You have lost your mind, the game is not that good…


Amazing simplicity but yet challenging and engaging. If your looking for the newest in depth shooter/rpg like dungeon crawler go somewhere else but… if your looking for entertainment,difficulty and a taste of mixed games genres look no further


Great game. Definite contender to ArchHero, possibly even better if if just had the ability to fuse weapons, armor, etc. The recycle concept is flawed imo. Replace recycle with fuse and you would have a 5* game.




I’ve played Archero for almost a year now, but this game has usurped that game by moving the camera out and balancing some of the upgrades. Now, devs, why can’t I use the movement circle on the margins of the screen? I keep getting bodied by chargers cause my finger is on the side of the iPad.


I’ve only tried rank hero and archers before this. This is in the top two so far. Dunno how Grundy it gets later, but so far so good.


The core of the game is solid. If you enjoy archer style games this a great one with larger maps and the the abilities don’t obscure the screen. Gearing seems to be an issue, one thing that drives me crazy tho, is how bad the chests are. I opened three legendary chests today and got two greens and a blue(not very legendary if you ask me)all of which I have multiple copies of. Allowing us to merge gear earlier or easier would solve a lot of gearing issues without having to adjust the chests.


This is honestly a good game and has a lot of potential little but of glitches here and there but over all a pretty good game. Also I kinda had really good loot after playing the game and I don’t really mind it but I atleats want half of all the stuff I had and I don’t even know if the game registered my progress, because when I loaded in I didn’t have my epic stuff and coins but I don’t mind it as much but GIVE ME ATLEATS MY GEAR BACK.


This game is a blatant rip-off of Archero, and by no means improves on its gameplay. Character and bullet hit-boxes are atrocious, gear is painfully unbalanced, and the level/progression structure is punitive and dull. Save yourself the frustrating grind… skip this game.


My last review might have been harsh, I was a little annoyed at how similar it was to archero. I didn’t play too long but I can tell you guys put in effort. On my last review I put 1 Star and the deva responded very kindly asking what they can improve. I’m changing my 1 star to a 3 star

Zar the lion

Good game ….good way to pass the time …good balanced leveling system…can even play with one finger


Better than archero and others like it in so many ways but I gotta say the drop rate for the legendary chest needs to be fixed, tired of getting uncommon and rare items allllll the time, it’s frustrating enough to make me quit playing


Awesome 👏


Trying to get 1st place in endless tower is a waste of time. How are we suppose to challenge those who cheats on your game? Do you even regulate it? Explain how a player made it to 50+ floors less then 12 mins. It’s impossible, I did 44 floors in little over 20 mins.



Dr Bee13

I played Archero pretty faithfully. When I 1st saw the ad for Arcade Hunter, I thought “knock-off”. The 2nd time I saw it, I thot I should at least open it up! I have not played another game since. This is the game Archero wanted to be!! I love it especially knowing I got started early!! Great game!


I didn’t think I’d like it. I downloaded to try, and I can’t put it down. It’s super fun and addicting! And the rewards chests you can buy with gems are actually reasonably priced when you can watch videos for most of the gems you need for one daily. Main issues are The monsters get too strong and their abilities get too harsh too early. I haven’t gotten far and already, I get overpowered by white bubbles, the rushing brutes and laser snipers. Also, when it’s a timed one, it sends waves so quick that soon you’re overrun by so many you can’t even see where their attacks are going and where your character is. The waves shouldn’t start again until you’ve cleared the first one. It makes those worthless to even attempt until you can literally just 1 hit everything because there’s no way to beat it other than that. Overall, I just think there needs to be a little more build up of character before it starts getting so difficult. Otherwise, the game is a lot of fun and I keep coming back

Mr Israel

This is a clear copy and paste of the Archero game. Everything about this game is a subpar version of their game. The graphics are shrunken and the frame rate is slow. You should have developed it more before release. Also be ashamed or the hero prices for the quality of game.


It’s so frustrating to fight in high level maps with low tier weapon and armors since drop rate of high tier gears are so low that it’s literally impossible to loot them. So give us an option to merge same type of same rarity items to upgrade the tier of gears.

Cat lover2552367

Just play Archero


Beautifully done with a balanced viewpoint for all players. I really like the Boss battles. Keep up the great heartwork


This game has no black characters uninstall


Idk who came first, Archero or Sword and Hunter but this version is much slower than Archero that I was falling asleep playing the game. Each level barely gives you enough to level up. Walking around takes forever. You’re so weak, you have to attack the boss for 5-10 minutes.


It’s a good game. But as of right now I like archero better. The game needs a graphics update and movement update bad. Overall it’s a decent game that could take over archero in the future


This is a great alternative to Archero. Looking forward to find some differences besides the characters and items. Gameplay is very similar.


Well this game could really up the ante. But at the moment Archero is much better. This is a bit more colorful though. But id wait to see how it comes around


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