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【图】Swedish Health Connect
【图】Swedish Health Connect

Swedish Health Connect iOS

Swedish Health Connect 简介

Quickly find care, view records, message your doctor, and more. Everything you need to take charge of your healthcare, now in one place.

• Message your doctor
• Schedule a video appointment
• View your MyChart health records
• Pay bills
• Review test results

More features and updates to come!

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Swedish Health Connect 下载

App Store 官网美版



I continue to have small but annoying issues with this app. I would give 5 stars otherwise. All have to do with use via iPhone 11: 1. Cannot reply to messages sent by my provider. 2. Continually see “Billing” badges even though all accounts are paid in full. 3. No option is given to initiate a message to some of my providers.

Eastside Mom

I called to schedule some follow up tests after a visit with a provider. I was happily surprised when I learned that MRIs can be done on a weekend! Great if you work M-F.


I like it


I’m not able to connect the app to mychart which was why I wanted to have it on my phone. My login is correct, but it just gives me a message of “connecting to mychart” and never does. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the application multiple times, but no change.

Redmond Jay

I downloaded this app with great expectations. After set when I opened the app it would shut down about 5 seconds later. I could not get it to stay open. I have off loaded the app several times, reloaded It but it will not stay open. I could not find a contact link to discuss this problem with the app developer but found none. If I can find information how to make the app work I will write a more favourable evaluation (as long as the app works properly. Yesterday I gave this app 1 star. Today I give it 5 stars because all of the problems above were resolved. Now the app stays open, connect seamlessly with MyChart and works perfectly. Thank you for responding so quickly to my concerns.


App fails to launch MyChart, no password error notice, nothing…

Cyclist Edge

The app tells me I need to update it, but the App Store says I have already updated. Force quit the app and retried. Same endless loop. As a result, the app is completely useless as one cannot get in.


I use this app to schedule Express Care appointments at a clinic near my office. Really easy way to get care when I need it.


Swedish’s old virtual visit app had a nice iPad layout. The new one has no support for iPad. It would be nice to add this as a virtual visit is a better experience on the iPad due to the larger screen.


Supremely disappointed with this app, which if optimized for the user experience, offers so much potential. This morning there is a message showing for me, but when I click the icon it says this feature is not available. Then I tried to schedule a mammogram, for which I am overdue. This feature was only available at a few limited places outside of my city (Seattle). Really? Why is this common screening visit impossible to self-schedule? Next I tried to schedule with the dermatologist I’ve seen before. Nope. The only option for scheduling is with my primary care doc (the person who has referred me to the dermatologist). In short, the app is extremely limited. And Swedish phone scheduling is only open M-F 8am to 5pm, with zero options for after hours or Saturday scheduling. People like me want to make our own appointments, and it shouldn’t be this hard. Hopefully this will give the developers some ideas for how to improve the app.


This app rocks! It’s the best health care app I’ve seen. I wish every app was this easy to use!!!!!


Don’t know why I need this unless it is replacing My Chart.


Every time I tried to login I had reset password then could not see my bill. Worthless


Does not link to My Chart. Does find my My Chart data but does not save the link; have to login to My Chart every time. No useful help within the app; no way to provide feedback. Only by leaving a review in the App Store 🙁 No mechanism to save login info.

Rupert Berk

Sign-in doesn’t work much of the time. My chart integration gives an unspecified error with “please try again later.” Quite useless in its current state.


The app does what I need when it comes to interfacing with the local express care clinic at my Walgreens and allows me to access mychart info. The video visit feature is really nice now that I have a little one running around because it saves a few visits to urgent care or ER due after a overzealous young parenting freak out. All-in-all a good UX, but I’d like to see the feature set grow!


Now I can do a virtual visit from this app itself.

Air kevin

This is great for finding the nearest Swedish Clinic, but not much else. I was able to set up an account, but the username and login we’ve reliably used on the web for MyChart is not accepted in the section used to link the two after the account is created. I went back to the web version which works well enough. Maybe Swedish will sort out the bugs in the next version.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I almost went there with this app. All I wanted to know was: when was I last seen for X. After several attempts- resetting password, etc. – I eventually gained access. (Even though the settings tab indicated I was signed on). You can then tap multiple drop downs and tabs to try and find X. (If you can see them on your cellphone. Thank goodness for the zoom. I’m fairly tech savvy. I wonder how many others will give up more quickly than I did.) There is no search tool. Several times I was redirected to the sign on page to renter my ID and password. I entered these correctly several times and decided that the app needs serious “medical” attention. This needs to invite real patients to practice on the app and not have techies tell administrators that it’s good to go.

Mr DEFresh

The integration within the app with MyChart is terrible. It keeps requiring me to reset the MyChart password. Fix your integration!


I am unable to click on any links in messages or test results making it impossible to utilize either.


I had trouble logging in to MyChart. The developer reached out to me and fixed it. Everything works great now. Very convenient app! No longer applicable: The app has a button “View MyChart Account”. I am unable to log in to MyChart. It always says “MyChart sign-in failure”. But the same credentials work in a web browser. Tech support was unable to help and asked me to install the MyChart app instead.


Offered another app. Does it replace My Chart? Does it have the same account credentials as MyChart or Swedish [specialsts Group]. Do I make a third password? I love MyChart. Don’t know what this app is.


I had to create a new username/password to get into this app and then had to enter another username/password to access the Patient Portal. Not only that but this app is so fussy that I had to enter my email address in all lowercase even though email addresses are case insensitive. What does this app do that I cannot do with a web browser and going to the Patient Portal?


I have an existing account via the website that uses a username, not email address to login. And even though my email address is listed in my account, I am not able to login via the app. The login should be consistent across platforms.


Love the “My Chart” app and this simply adds an ability to access care – express, at home, etc. The app doesn’t have sufficient “settings” to be able to correct initial log in mistakes (I.e., my phone number is wrong). Have the feeling that this has been quickly released without a look at complete functionality, appearance, and usefulness. App has been deleted for now. I’ll stick with the original “My Chart” and wait for some needed improvements.

Swedish Patient

Very convenient.


I love being able to see the places I can get care so easily!


I can’t believe how simple and straightforward the whole process was. professional and perfect for us busy people. Definitely will use it again.tnx


I lake this app because it’s very easy to use and it’s very helpful. It’s going to show you nearest Clinic and directions to it. Finally something good at Apple Store


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