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VTech KidiConnect™ iOS

VTech KidiConnect™ 简介

KidiConnect™ lets you keep in touch with your child even when you are away from home.

With KidiConnect™ kids can share messages using a compatible VTech toy. All contacts must be approved by parents before any communication can take place so parents will have peace of mind knowing their child is in a kid-safe environment.

NOTE: KidiConnect™ is meant for communication with compatible VTech toys. You cannot use it to send messages to adults or children who do not have a compatible device.

Why Use KidiConnect™?

• Stay Connected with Your Child Anytime, Anywhere. KidiConnect™ uses an Internet connection to let you communicate with your child even when you are away from home – anywhere in the world. Parents can also add family members and friends to the child’s contact list, so grandparents can stay close too.
• Kid Friendly. All contacts must be approved by parents before communication can take place. Users who are not on a child’s contact list cannot contact your child.
• Good For All Ages! Even the youngest kids can use KidiConnect™ to share voice messages, photos, drawings, stickers, and pre-recorded messages. And as children grow, they will be able to share text messages too!
• Group Chat. With Group Chat, your child can communicate and share with multiple family members or friends at the same time.
• It’s Fun! You can customize your KidiConnect™ avatar with your photo, or choose one of several cartoon designs. There are also fun stickers and pre-recorded messages. Your child can even use the voice changer to record a robot voice or a mouse voice!

Using KidiConnect™

Please register your child’s VTech device before downloading this app. This will create a Learning Lodge® Family Account, which one parent can use to log in to this app. That parent will be in charge of the child’s contact list and can use this app to send or approve friend requests on their child’s behalf.
The other parent will have to sign up for a separate Learning Lodge® account and be added to the family like any other relative.

You must get parental approval before you can contact a child. Once you’ve signed up for a Learning Lodge® account, send the child’s parents a request to join their family.

* KidiConnect™ works with KidiBuzz™ and other VTech devices which support KidiConnect™ or VTech Kid Connect™.

For more details about VTech, please visit our website:

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VTech KidiConnect™ 下载




This app is so bad. I spend countless hours trying to log on. Frustrated child and parents

stormie jones

I bought this for my daughter who badly wanted the idea of having her “own phone” it was complicated to set up. Having everyone who wanted to message her download an app (that no longer works and is “under maintenance” not even 24 hours later is a hassle. The “phone” itself is a pain to learn about I’m a wizard when it comes to technology but this is complicated and has way to many side apps just to get to one app. The idea of the games on the phone and leap frog is a great way of learning but if I wanted a tablet I could have simply bought one. I loved this idea but it’s complicated and now I can no longer message my child due to “maintenance” what’s the point?


It’s not an iPhone but it’s what I wanted for my five year old. He’s father and I are divorced. So this is great! I can send him funny pictures and voice messages all through the day! I love it!


Unfortunately we can’t use the app anymore – it logged us out, forgot our password, and the password reset process doesn’t even work (and the experience to even get to a broken password reset screen is an experience in unlimited frustration). One of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever used.


This app is absolute junk. Avoid.


I never write reviews, but this app is so bad!


App keeps crashing when I try to login. I get notifications my child has sent something but can’t open the app.

ri ri3

Yes I know it doesn’t cost a lot but I ordered this for my little sisters 6th birthday and the fact that we have to pay to communicate with family is bizarre. Overall the kiddi buzz is pretty fun but I will warn you about everything cost money

its funneh fan 10000

this gane is really good all i want is to mke it so that the pics fit my head


My child is 8 and loves this device. She can play educational games, text family (only) and draw, take pics and make videos. I enjoy knowing it’s safe and she can also text us and practice spelling words.


Got to connect on one phone and can’t add another member of the family . Have tried several ways for 2 days now . Useless


Set this up and was okay still was figuring out how to work it then the next day try to open the app to add family and I can’t get in. Iv deleted the app and reloaded the app 3 times and still nothing. I’m not expecting it to be perfect but I’m expecting it to work for the price we pay. $100 for the phone, .50€ to prove I’m 18. And I can’t even use it cause you can’t fix the app. The bugs aren’t fixed like you said. Fix it now I should be able to get in and use it

primcess unicorn

So O love this phone but could you add this to all vetch devices.Could you add FaceTime that is not that hard to set up just add the number or email.Also add normal calling the same not that hard to set up.One thing also is that the phone talks whatever you tap could you not make that happen anymore.Also even if you already bought it could you still add it.Like it just appears instead of downloading it.Could you add the games that you can find in App Store.Make it charge quicker even if you already bought the device.Make These Changes.


The app won’t even pull up anymore


This a very bad app DO NOT BUY!


I try 10 times and it still did not let me


The app is super buggy, slow, and bad UI. Just get a used iPod instead


One day I tried to turn on my kiddi buzz it wouldn’t turn on. So I tried to charge it, then it worked.After I thought it was done charging,I checked on it.It wasn’t charged or charging at all!🤯😡I tried again it was broken!So was my sisters, she’s heartbroken!Do not get this this device ,when all you want to do is play on your kiddi buzz it doesn’t work!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡worst thing EVER!


Very poor system setup. After several attempts to register I stopped. The entry of data recycles with no conclusion or help offered. Not waste your money.


Cant log in. For 2 days now it gives an error message that the server is down to maintenance. There was a bug fix update that I did download, but it still gives an error message


I totally thought I had a great idea to avoid getting my 9 and 7 year olds a real phone- it was great for the one month the app worked and they were able to text us. Both my husband and I can no longer access the app because an error message keeps popping up. A huge waste of $160 for the two devices. Huge disappointment VTech! I expected better, Shame on me. I’m officially done with VTech and I’ll never purchase any more VTech items. I have two very upset kids, as they loved to be able to text us and felt like “grown ups” was it’s their phones. Way too good to be true, I should’ve known better.


In my experience, anyway. “Server down” message for two days. Tried deleting and re-installating. Still doesn’t work. Very buggy before it went down. I guess we’ll throw my kid’s V-Tech phone away and try something else.


Ok so I got this bc there is a photo on my watch that I really want on my iPad, but I can’t figure out how to save it. I really need this so PLEASE PLEASE respond.

Gina L T

I’ve been trying to reach out to my granddaughter for several hours and keep getting a message about the internal server now working and to try later. This has happened on multiple occasions. Frustrating and try explaining server errors to a 6 year old when I don’t respond to her messages.

doing hi djf B dndjd

I would give this app zero stars if I could. You have to spend all this time creating a login and then it doesn’t even open when you touch it. I have 32 messages waiting and I can’t see any of them. I only know they are there because they are in in my notifications. Awful awful don’t waste your time, money, or Childs excitement


Horrible app. The developers clearly don’t have enough time/resources for this app. It’s broken in so many ways.


Was able to create an account. Messaged my grandkid twice. Then it kicked me out, even though I picked to keep me signed in, I tried signing back in and all it does is think and spin. So I said I’m sorry to my grandkids and deleted this horrible app.

Jama Hedgecoth

The app does not work! The wheel just keeps turning ☹️


We are still unable to log in to the app. It just spins and spins. We have deleted the app. It’s crazy how much we can’t do since we have got it.


Truthfully, it doesn’t even deserve one star but i didn’t have the option for zero. We bought two of these phones spending $200 for absolute junk. Nothing ever loads, the wheel will literally spin for hours. Total waste of money.


You’d think that a large, successful company, such as VTech, could afford to hire an app developer to create an app that wasn’t as awful as this one. Promoting the texting feature as a huge selling point for the kidibuzz, when the app used for this feature is so slow and full of bugs, is pretty disappointing. There is so much room for improvement but they might as well just scrap the entire app and start over.


Does not work on my iPhone. I fill out all of the registration info and enter in the confirmation number that gets emailed and it just keeps sending me back to the registration page. I would not have bought the phone for my kid had I known it would t b comparable with my phone.

Mom Momma Mommy Mama

Lots of issues.. keeps loading for a long time then error messages pop up. Have a hard time trying to sign back in. Not been able to get others setup to use too so my little girl can send & receive messages. The link it sends them has lots of issues & errors too. So many things need to be fixed & updated. Shouldn’t be so complicated with so many problems. I don’t ever complain on reviews, but this has been such a waste of time & very disappointing so far…


Just like all the other negative reviews. Works perfect for a few days, then craps out and leaves your child in tears.


I wish I had read the reviews of this product before purchase. Great idea, horrible outcome. One star only because you can’t pick zero! Come on VTech, this need some serious updating!


Here is a cheat code on how to save all of your worries and stress in one simple step: delete the app and never get it again.

unicorns roblox fun

I love and hate the app, two days ago I downloaded this app and we did all the stuff and aunt sent a request and it didn’t come through for two days, so it’s not tooo bad so… yeah byr


When far from home I don’t receive the messages sent!! She didn’t either !!! Need to fix this problem ASAP . False advertisement

Bigo o bo

I can’t do anything with this app because it says the internet connection has failed. But my internet at my house was still working perfectly! I think you have to have a certain type of phone to get the app to work. Please make this app better!


I was surprised to see all of the negative reviews! I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and we haven’t had any real issues with the app. It’s made by v-tech (as opposed to apple or google) so we weren’t expecting that level of technical ability with this app (no offense!). Daughter is able to send and receive messages. I was able to easily add my sister to the app so daughter could connect with her Auntie & it’s been working great. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because it’s a little slow in receiving/sending and I have to exit the chat and re-enter to see a new message instead of having the new message appear in the chat I’m in. Also, I’m not able to communicate with contacts added to daughter’s phone unless I add that person to “our family” but we wanted the group “ our family” to just be mom, dad and daughter. Also, one thing to suggest for others, when you sign up, set it up so that it automatically signs you in. I’ve noticed I have gotten kicked out a couple of times but it just automatically signs me in again. Overall, we are very pleased with the app.


I have tried multiple times to login and it keeps telling me my email or password is wrong!!?! I logged out of my sons phone and logged back in to make sure I wasn’t wrong which I wasn’t it logged right on so I’m totally confused and VERY disappointed


Worker for about 10 minutes and now won’t open


If VTECH still promotes this product in tv they really need to invest on their app. This app is outdated and needs serious security enhancements. Shuts down. And logs me off constantly.


I’m having the same issue as every one else, this is frustrating. Getting error code 99 on my phone and on the kidi buzz vtech. It doesn’t even work for them. Bought two and really considering returning them.


Our phones only worked on this App for Christmas Day and now we’re all receiving error messages. I’m stuck with two phones which are not able to communicate due to being at the mercy of this poorly built app.


This is only day two and the app has already crashed. Too expensive of a device for the app to crash already


Just purchased as a Christmas present for my daughter. The app. Does not work, basically have a $100. Paper weight and we still can’t communicate via text with our daughter


I honestly though I would be able to contact my child but you can’t. This log in thing is just annoying! I got to admit, this is a disappointment.


Doesn’t work. Waste of time and money. GET IT FIXED. RIDICULOUS, and VTech should be ashamed.


Seriously if you are building an app for kids to be able to communicate with others, then make an app that is reliable! We got this for my daughter for Christmas it has been 24 hours and this app has crashed 13 times!!!! And half of the messages don’t send or receive. Not to mention About half of the time I pull it up it wants me to login again, the. Errors and crashes….I expected better things from V-tech! Very very disappointed!


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