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San Francisco FCU Mobile iOS

San Francisco FCU Mobile 简介

San Francisco Federal Credit Union is available 24 hours a day through our mobile application!
Get access to a host of convenient features just a click away.

Mobile App Features:
• Track account activity
• Pay bills online
• Deposit checks
• Perform Member-to-Member transfers
• Add External Accounts for Funds Transfer
• Manage alerts, contact information, and security preferences
• View recent statements
• Find nearby Credit Union/Shared branch locations
• View cleared checks
• View your mortgage details
• Perform a stop payment
• Order/Re-order checks

San Francisco Federal Credit Union is now available on your smart watch!
Smart Watch App Features:
• Receive alerts
• Sneak peek into select accounts
• Find the closest ATMs and branches and their hours of operation
This Smart Watch app is a companion app that can be used with your Apple watch.

Banking made easy, whenever, wherever.
Please note that you need to be an existing member of San Francisco Federal Credit Union as well as have Online Banking enabled on your account. If you do not have this enabled, the setup is easy. Simply visit our website at http://www.Sanfranciscofcu.com and select “Login” at the top of the home page. Then click on “I am a New User” to register. Members can also register into digital banking via Mobile Apps “Enroll now” option.
We hope you’ll enjoy this application. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 415-775-5377.

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San Francisco FCU Mobile 下载

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Love SFFCU whenever I go in the people are friendly with smiles even if they have a nut in front of them they hold their composure, on line banking never had a problem only once with the new download I emailed twice with no reply. I’m chalk I g up to new download. Thank you SFFCU you make my experience wonderful

Prince of LOL

I much want to support a credit union over a large bank. Technology decisions in the last couple years make this difficult. This outsourced disaster of an app is one of them. The old app was jank and needed replacing. True. This isn’t any better and in some ways worse. – occasional start up bugs where the app has a white screen on first load. Cannot proceed without force quitting and restarting. – check deposit basically doesn’t work and hasn’t since launch. At least the old app you could manually take a picture of a check if the automatic detection didn’t work. No longer. You have to fight the automatic photo taking system which doesn’t work most of the time. Furthest I’ve got is holding steady where it briefly flashes 3 and then gives up. On a completely black background with the best camera Apple offers. It’s non functional. No mobile check deposit. Broken for months. During a shelter in place pandemic. Come on get it together. – most of the app is clearly just web views and not native. As such they error sometimes leaving white pages with no way for navigation, or sometimes there’s probably some JavaScript error and the elements don’t respond to navigation. Either care requires force quitting the app and hopefully there’s no white screen on app open – device rotation causes the main navigation position to march off the left side screen. This means you cannot access other portions of the app from the side menu leading to, you guessed it, force quitting the app and starting over As for the other technical decisions they decided to update the financial system last year. In doing so they didn’t import any transaction history! Everything before 7/21019 is gone. Over decade I cannot access. Poof. What an awful decision that people had to sign off on. This is San Francisco, still the highest concentration of people who can build something competent in the world. We have this clearly outsourced cheaply built dumpster truck rolling downhill on fire instead. And with fires, fire everyone involved in making all these poor choices and hire people who will fix them. I want to support the local credit union, yet I just can’t work with an institution that keeps making poor decisions in 2020. If these decisions are user facing I can imagine what a technical disaster things are internally.


Completed form. Nothing happened. Logged out. Repeated same steps. It went through no problem.


Since I moved 65 miles from SF after retiring 5 yrs ago, mobile banking saves me time & is very convenient. No problems! Easy to use.

Chase Mobile

The San Francisco FCU mobile banking app makes managing my auto loan so easy. And the interest rate is much better than at the other bank. Love that.


Easiest bank App that I’ve ever used. And I currently use three different major bank Apps. Highly recommend SF federal Credit Union. The branch teams are also very professional and attentive every time!


Having to wrestle with three different representatives so that they would release the amount of money that I’m allowed within the proper period of time, took more than an hour and a half. It’s unacceptable. Are you out of money?. I was asked some very inappropriate questions as well. I am very disappointed. I’ve been with this bank for more than 25 years. I’m thinking about leaving. This is the second time this is happened.


Updates have fixed the sign-in problem …. spoke too soon. Now it randomly disables touch id so you have to type in the password to re-enable touch id. Back down to one star. I hope the developers of this app gave you a money back guarantee. Maybe this time hire someone with a degree?🙄 The old version also showed the balance under each transaction amount without having to look at the details. This one requires you to open each line to see the balance after the transaction, an unnecessary waste of time. It was much better to see the running tally, and nothing is gained by burying it. Edit: I can’t get the ‘Tap for account balance’ feature to work either. Not a big deal, since it’s new I’m not used to using it. More touches = slower operation. Opening more pages = less accessible information.


The improvements are awesome! Thank you!

mg iphone xr

The old version had a feature where you could click to find out the account number to use for arraigning EFT payments with other companies. Now it’s gone. Navigating the app is slower now and less streamline. It seems like there are a lot of unnecessary extra steps. On the other hand, I haven’t experienced any freezes or glitches And while it is a little more cumbersome, it gets the basic jobs done. Facial ID is unreliable and Account Sneak Peak never works when I select remember me


Otherwise pretty good


I just love😍the new app. I find it easy to navigate and with the virus out there I can get a lot of my banking done through the app 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾!

Ahmed algazali

Great app and easy best regards.


I’ve only been using the app for three days and I already have three major complaints: 1) The app is frequently unusable due to navigation and layout issues. Sometimes the tab bar at the bottom doesn’t render and leaves a blank white space. This makes it absolutely impossible to actually navigate the app and perform any functions. The other major layout issue that I have had issues performing a mobile check deposit. After taking pictures of my check, the app switches from landscape to portrait. When this happens, sometimes the app layout does not format properly so half of the app’s contents are rendered off screen on the right. This means I could not push the button to complete my mobile check deposit and had to force quit the app and restart the check deposit process again. Minor but also frustrating thing is that their “iPad” app also only supports portrait mode. It’s pretty much unusable when my iPad is connected my keyboard case. 2) Functionality is broken. As mentioned by others, the Manage Your Loan button does absolutely nothing. It puts up a loading screen for a while and then does nothing. 3) The UI is incredibly unpolished. The app simply renders their mobile web pages, but somehow manages to do it incredibly slowly. The pages themselves look like they’re out of the early 2000s with little attention to detail in regards to spacing and layout. Lots of misaligned text all over the place. Overall, the whole app feels like it only exists so that the bank can claim it has one. Feels like they slapped together whatever they could as fast as possible. This app does not inspire confidence in the bank at all.

possibly gone

Love the new app features! I find it really easy to use and pay bills with. I wish there was a search feature on the account page to find in on certain transactions easier.


This app doesn’t last me for too long. It works or a short while and then it goes blank. This new app doesn’t do what the old one could do. It is a bIg disappointment.


Way better than the old app!

Alena M T

This app is great, this version of the app is better than the last version. Sffcu is an amazing bank.


1) On the Accounts panel, tapping the “Manage your loan” link for my mortgage loan does nothing – nothing happens after the spinning cursor stops. 2) Overdue payment notifications continue daily even though the app shows the payment as having been received. 3) The only way I found to stop the daily “overdue” emails was by going to the app’s Settings/Alerts/Account specific settings/Mortgage Loan/Payment overdue notification, and tapping on the trashcan there.

the redwoods

Solid app but it is slow.


This version is too cluttered, hard to find exactly what I need for my banking needs. The previous version was clean, intuitive and this one is t at all.


I am able to figure out how to do what I need to do very easily and I appreciate that. A. Reynolds


The new update looks more sleek, options are more clearly defined and easily available, overall a good job was done by someone.


I have no idea why SFFCU changed apps, but this one lacks the ability basic items like post date payments, transfer from outside banks, etc. It is also no longer works with budgeting apps which messes us up because we do all of our budgeting this way. Not to mention that the app looks like something made as a high school coding project. I attempted to contact customer support for the app, but NO RESPONSE. SFFCU has limited locations and hours. Their business depends on their online platform. We are currently looking for a new bank.


The recent update to the SFCU has me really annoyed this is so much worst than it was before, not only that the design is ugly but performance is limited. I can’t deposit a check or make payments! Bad bad bad


This app is so bad it seriously makes me want to switch to another bank. The layout and UX is terrible, half the features seem to work intermittently, and mobile check deposit doesn’t even work. You’re in the tech capital of the WORLD! Hire a good designer and developer!


The print it’s bigger, therefore, scrolling and viewing is shorter.


I opened an account last week. Yesterday I deposited my stimulus check. They put a hold on it for 10 business days. Truth!


I have been with SFU for decades and their apps have never been great BUT this one is horrible. I keep having to delete the app – and start over – it works for a day – then by the next day – it’s buggy again. This may be due to the Face Recognition? I don’t know it seems to be the only new feature and it IS NOT WORKING. Get it together. Already the lack of support/atm branches in the east bay has me thinking it may be time to switch banks. – I have just deleted and re-loaded the app for the 8th time. It’s time to get a new bank.


I hate this update so much I want to leave SFFCU. It looks terrible, the linked accounts are gone, you can’t search transactions easily, or see scheduled transfers.


Now they’ve totally overhauled it and it barely works. Even just trying to sign in is frustrating now. Extremely slow as other users noted. First time I’ve considered switching banks since being a member for almost 3 years. A real disappointment that someone internally let this be released when it is so obviously an unfinished product.


I’ve already posted a review regarding why this new version is a terrible “upgrade”, but the longer I use it, the more frustrating it becomes. Aside from adding more buttons to tap to get where you want to go, and being clunky, slow, and aesthetically desolate, I’ve been noticing that I’m doing a lot of guessing regarding which transactions have posted, why money seems to have been deducted without seeing a line item, and wondering how many days I have to wait to see a transaction accounted for. It’s really made the app unreliable, and the desktop version is no better. The whole point of having an app for your mobile device is to facilitate your banking on the go. This version definitely doesn’t facilitate anything, and leaves me uncertain, and uncomfortable regarding my balances, and my account status.


The previous version wasn’t great but it was miles ahead of this “upgrade”! Slow, clunky, unintuitive and just plain ugly. Hopefully someone at SFFedCU downloads the Chase or Bank of America app and sees what a decent functioning bank app looks like!


Just got the app – pretty simple to navigate. A few bumps and errors here and there. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Please add Venmo, c’mon it’s 2020.


Every 4th time or so that I attempt to go to the website the full page doesn’t load just a portion of it which is not helpful at all. I have to update the app or shutdown my phone and turn it back on. Kind of ridiculous


Creating an account with a different bank just because this app doesn’t work and i need mobile deposits to work during quarantine.


Love the new features on the App! Mobile Deposit work very well and very convenient.


loving the new app


This app is sorely lacking. It’s a rushed and botched replacement for the previous app. 1. It’s ugly and unrefined 2. Bill pay does not work within the app. To use Bill pay, the app requires you that you follow a BROKEN redirect link to SFFCU website. From the SFFCU website, you can use use bill pay. (What’s the point of an app that redirects you to the mobile site? Also did I mention the link is broken?) :/ 3. This app is painfully to load slow. 4. You cannot search your own transaction history by name or amount. The previous version of this app allowed you to type in a search box to find specific transactions. You are only allowed to filter by withdrawal/deposit. 5. Transaction history doesn’t have automatic loading when scrolling down. You have to click “view more” each time. (That’s a pet peeve. It’s 2020. No app uses “view more” anymore. That’s so 1998. Clunky and old) 6. I cannot view my own account number anymore. The previous app listed my full account number and routing number side by side which made it easy to reference my info when I didn’t have a paper check handy. Now it’s gone. Honestly, so much of my banking depends on mobile banking. I hate doling out harsh criticisms but this app needs a lot of work. I need an app and a bank that can offer me solutions, but this isn’t it. I’m considering switching banks. I can’t use what doesn’t work for me.


Please go back to the old version, you can’t search for specific types of transactions on this one and visually it’s just awful looking.

emerald montes

Don’t like it at all


For all the fanfare the bank made about the great, new, updated app, this looks like it was done by a group of high school students. I don’t know what kind of improvements may have been made under the hood, but from my brief experience this is hardly an upgrade.


I have to agree the new app doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement and visually is a lot more cluttered or difficult to read. I assume that behind the scenes is where the changes were made to necessitate a new app. I struggled to find the log off button. Why is it buried at the bottom of the settings page? Make it at the top of each screen like Citibank and Bank of America’s. Also experienced same frustration with login page not remembering the settings.


I’ve tried twice now to take pictures of a check to deposit with the new app. Both times, after I was done taking the pictures and returned to the main deposit screen, the app didn’t sit correctly on my phone screen, but was offset to the right a bit, leaving a blank white space on the left and making the “complete deposit” button inaccessible off the screen to the right. I’ve tried closing the app and reopening it, I’ve tried rotating my phone, nothing works. I always come back to this frustrating split screen that doesn’t let me complete the deposit. Since I don’t want to have to go to a branch during Shelter In Place, please fix this bug ASAP!

the real ESkUE

I’ve been with SFCU for a while now and the old app was not the greatest. The update was very much needed and it looks WAAAY better.

k pim

I am not impressed with the update. The OTC code is annoying and no way to edit it. The budgeting tools were removed and all data that was there is lost. No support for third part budgeting tools


Can’t see the balance after each transaction. Have to actually click on finger print then unlock with finger.


The new release is very simple and straightforward to use.


Tried calling the bank – they didn’t even know how to work it over the phone. App insists on a OTP code which it doesn’t send via email nor text. HIW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO LOG IN??????


I live outside of the USA and do not have a zipcode resulting in being unable to access my banking both through app and online – While I was able to work with previous app and online for over a decade


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