【图】Royal Farms Rewards下载
【图】Royal Farms Rewards
【图】Royal Farms Rewards

Royal Farms Rewards iOS

Royal Farms Rewards 简介

Royal Farm’s free app allows you to easily pay for items on the go, so long as the card is linked with your account. The app allows you to earn more points, view current deals, track purchases of key categories and locate ROFO locations in your geographic area. Key features include:

● Being able to track key food and drink categories to earn free items
● Being able to track points in order to use against a store item
● Viewing a list of current ROFO deals
● Geo-locating a ROFO location based off preferences (gas, electric, diesel fuel options, chicken, open 24-hours, car wash)
● Playing the ROFO match game to earn points
● Birthday perks during your birthday month
● Enroll in rewards program

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Royal Farms Rewards 下载




The app works well but I can’t up load my rewards card into my Apple wallet. It keeps saying there’s an error and it try again later. How do you add the card to Apple wallet? It’s says there’s an error.


Other than finding a location, which I can do with any GPS app, and tracking rewards, there’s not much else you can do with this app. This app really needs online ordering so you can walk in and pick up a meal or a drink after you’re done at the pump.


There is literally no good reason to have an app that doesn’t allow you to place orders. Why bother? Completely, utterly useless.


I Cannot edit my rofo pay 😒 this app still looks like it was developed in 2008


App is good but why no menu on it or ability for mobile ordering like its competitive Wawa??


No one that works at the stores know how to use the points which makes the app and card worthless


This app works ok in the store but when I added payment function to purchase gas, every time I go to that function in the app, I get a failed login message. In addition, when I try to add the card to Apple Wallet, that fails as well. Deleted and re-downloaded the app but problems still exist.

Fred 563

This is an invitation to information theft. Other loyalty programs don’t require that. Shop around.


I recently just turned 21 and I use the rofo app everyday, so I was excited to get my 400 points. Days later I have yet to receive my 400 points as a birthday gift… I’m upset


Added my bank info to the rofo card to get the reduced priced gas. Paid using the rofo card and I was still charged regular price for gas. Went into the store to ask about it. I showed them my payment confirmation from RoyoPay in the app and on the receipt. They said I need to call claims and open a claim to get a refund “if I believe I was over charged because the store can’t handle this issue”. This card is false advertisement. Don’t waste your time signing up.


If I could load money on the card using ApplePay, it would be ideal. I am not going to link my checking account to anyone’s card.

TS Communicator

Tried several times to create an account, all it says is “Unexpected Result has occurred”. I try to login with my other account and it hit forgot password and it says password has been sent and it never arrives, checked spam folders also to no avail


Kinda useless when you can’t use the digital card at the pump. Way behind the competition. I hate carrying 50 different rewards cards so I patronize the businesses that allow me to punch in my phone number or scan the barcode on a digital card. Get with it, RF!


This app doesn’t work at all I have yet to use my rewards I’ve had the app for 2 weeks


Every time i go to log in it says that i have the wrong username and password, which i don’t. I’ve tried several times to reset but never get the promised email. Just ended up deleting from my ipad.


Will not let me create an account. Keeps saying “unexpected error”


This app collects too much information. It requires you share your: Bank Acct Info, Birth Date, Driver License #, Last 4 numbers of your SS#. This is way too invasive! Many other apps allow you to setup payment through their app without any of this information being asked. Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, Panera, to name just a couple. This app is identity theft waiting to happen.


I’ve tried and tried and tried again to creat an account but always an error! I’m done!!!!


Please add fuel price display to the app. Previous versions had it


Can’t even sign up for an account. “An unexpected error has occurred”.


Can’t register my physical card OR generate a digital card on the app so basically a complete and utter waste of time.


I don’t understand all the good comments about the game. I have such a long delay that I never get past 3 matches. I also don’t like that there isn’t a way to get discount if you forgot your card. Most reward programs go by telephone number. I understand that probably isn’t possible because the purchase is debited from your account but the cashier could verify your identity with license. I also would prefer to have 2 cards on the same account because we the account being debited is a joint bank account.


App works better then previously and it is much faster to scan my rewards.


Good but could be better. There is no functionality for online orders which the other major convenient store in Southern New Jersey has. I also don’t like when I purchase coffee the punchcard is not working. I bought coffee twice and the purchases are not showing (one time I scanned the coffee cup barcode to the scanner and the second time I selected the coffee from the touchscreen kiosk). I have to keep looking on my receipt for the number of coffees I purchased.


The ROFO card and the app will not sync.


Here’s an idea… if I’m in the app and try to enroll to add a payment method, don’t ask me for my card Id since I’m already in the app and the ID was just on the previous page. Here’s another idea. Why do you need my last 4 digits of SSN? Why is the Pay page so long? Why do you need my email again? And my phone number? What’s wrong with you!


Can’t log in, reset password and was able to get in but no rewards were there. Next time I tried to open at kept telling me my email/password was wrong. I have keep me logged in checked, but obviously that doesn’t work either. Totally frustrating and a complete waste of time


App is terrible, won’t accept the last 9 digits of card… nothing works on it. WASTE OF TIME.


I’ve tried setting it up multiple times online and it won’t let me. I’ve called the help desk and they were of no help at all. They didn’t know why it wasn’t working and couldn’t offer any advice and one time I was told that it may or may not work where I was, which makes no sense. Highly disappointed with the ROFO Pay because ROFO is what’s mainly in my area and it annoys me that I can not save the 10cents a gallon because no one can figure out the problem.


We have been trying for 2 months now to try and get into the app. When we follow the step to forgot password to link our card to the app it never sends an email. When I try to set it up manually, it says my card is reported lost or stolen.(no it’s not !!!! We use it every couple days for gas!!) even if I get an account set up manually, the next time I log in it says my credentials are wrong and won’t let me in. For an app that I know worked great in the past, this is a major let down

ios nickname

Initially the rewards were working, now after a few months they don’t. You pay the full price just like everyone else. Only benefit from using Royal farm card is for actual royal farm – they save a lot of money by not having to pay for credit card fees CHEAP!


If you go into Royal Farms often this app will help! I lose track of all the different offers and club chips and this helps me see what I can get! The game is easy points too! Best rewards program!

trucker bb

After the update it still not working, and customer service is the worst on handling problems.


Not worth the download. Can’t add card to apple wallet. Throws nothing but errors. Deleted and driving to Shell


Why is it that i just made my account and it tells me my username or password is incorrect


This app doesn’t work, at least in my location (in and near Store #152) and on my mobile carrier – “Connection Error… check your internet connection….” Solid LTE connection. Its only this app, all my other apps work.


Map gives me an error message. Deals gives me an error message. Digital Rewards card gives me an error message.


I love having a rofo card! It saves me on everything which is extremely nice!!

21 tiff

Love the chicken


Great chicken!!!!


It’s a good app, really easy to use ! I also love the little game that you can earn points with.


I don’t use it much but it does its purpose


I have tried to use the app repeatedly and have never been successful at having it do what I want. I have reinstalled it after several updates the “improved the app” but I just uninstalled it fo the final time.


Royal Farms made this rewards system so complicated it’s downright inconvenient. I even called their tech support and it seems like it’s a one man operation. He explained how it works and it is very confusing. To lay the low ROFO price, they want to link a bank account or debit card. That’s definitely a security concern. Why can’t we just put in a phone or account number like every other gas station? Simple and convenient! Overall 1 star for this terrible app and rewards program.


The app is just ok. Needs more games to play.


This app is easy to use I like how it’s look and it shows me my ROFO point I have earned on the front screen mobile


The app is fine but should let people know when their points are about to expire




Seamless, easy to use.. great upgrade ROFO!


Love the new app. Wish it would show when points start to expire. But other then that I really like the new app.


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