【图】Triple Triad Trading Card Game下载
【图】Triple Triad Trading Card Game
【图】Triple Triad Trading Card Game

Triple Triad Trading Card Game iOS

Triple Triad Trading Card Game 简介

Triple Triad is a Final Fantasy VIII popular trading card game with online multiplayer.

According to the FFVIII Ultimania the card game was created by a psychic named Orlan who modified fortune-telling cards for use in a game, coining the official name “Triple Triad.” Triple Triad was initially played among soldiers, but spread to the common people and by the time of FFVIII’s events, the game is extremely popular among all age groups.

– Win the cards your opponent
– Receive money for winning
– Buy a card at the store
– Become the preeminent collector cards

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Triple Triad Trading Card Game 下载

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I gave this game a harsh review at first, because I was frustrated w the AI difficulty, and was just having that kind of day. But now that I’ve spent more time with it, I had to come back and bump up my stars. It’s really an amazing clone of one of the most memorable parts of my childhood gaming experience. I’m glad to see someone is keeping the spirit of FFVIII alive on mobile devices! As soon as you hear the music, you’ll be transported back to 1999. The gameplay/rewards system is fair and everything looks just as it should. Only thing is, we need more players for pvp! Spend some time with it, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Long live our emo boy Squall 🤙


I won a game, asked me to pick a card. Wouldn’t let me pick a card I didn’t already have and then when I clicked on a card I had the entire app reset itself Edit: Still not sure about the first part of this bug but it seems the resetting of the app is intentional ?


I started playing 2 days ago. I already have all the best cards in the game and have beaten every battle available. Nobody is ever online to play against. Worst of all is that the same/plus rule seems to only activate when both bordering cards are the other players. Oh and there are no combos. Oh and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the rules so you are stuck with elemental. You get one card per win instead of all/some, and there is no way to sell or refine the cards that have become useless. I loved this game in FF8 and this is a Great concept but poor execution.


Very good app, takes me back to the hours spent with this minigame from FF VIII. He even got that catchy theme music. I agree with others it would be cool to see the rule variations but it’s still great without and it’s free! Thanks for this. Update: this is still a very good app and I appreciate it. It would be cool if we got more of the tile variations but more than anything I wish we had the option to toggle the current ones. It’s incredibly frustrating to play with closed hands (opponents cards invisible) and the plus rule enabled. It makes the results too random as an opponent can easily subvert your high cards and winning situation and you can’t strategize against it.


Such a fun bit of nostalgia.


Heck ya it is


Most my friends have androids and can’t play this game 🙁


Plus and same rules aren’t working. Works for computer, so seems a bit unfair. Otherwise, fun.


I like it, but the pvp seems to be difficult to figure out. Though, in the end I can picture 3 clouds 1 sephiroth 1 areth. I’m not sure what any prize would be, but perhaps making automated tournaments with power level restrictions, with 3 tiers. Maybe a buy in, then you give money to square onix, which gives winners a free download or credit to account. Last thing…no B attack going left (not really a big thing)


What is missing? Rules and Region rules. You don’t know what is active/applies to a current round. The board doesnt have elemental bonuses/penalties. Maybe the developer had enough incentive, they could add on the region/rule activations (Open, Elemental, Sudden Death, Same, Same Wall, Random, Plus,) as well as trade rules (Direct, One, Difference,All). maybe in the future, but i am somewhat content. Only “bomb” card art is different. which threw me off since you see it so early in the game.


This game is absolutely impossible to gain any ground unless you pay. They give you crappy cards and you have to use Gil to buy better cards ( can’t even use them if you win them in a game unless you’ve purchased them with Gil). Even the bad cards are 100 Gil and you get 10 Gil when you win a game, you’d have to play for months to build a decent deck.


I was so excited to see my favorite TCG back in action. What a let down. “Pick the card you like to take” more like pick one of the cards I’ll let you take. How am I supposed to get stronger if I’m forced to take what I don’t want.


For what it is, it’s a really fun card game. It’s like being able to play Triple Triad without having to boot up FFVIII. With that said, it does take a bit of grinding at first to get going (especially since I can’t go kill monsters for their cards) but each win means more Gil that can be used to purchase desired cards. A few critiques would be that a game ending in “Draw” should have a “Play Again?” option rather than having to go back to the menu. Other music options for the menu would also be nice. Lastly, I understand if making Tetra Master would be an issue due to legal reasons, but if they make it, I’d be willing to spend some money on both. I recommend this game. It’s not the original, but it’s close enough.

Lenard jones

Loved the original game and this app was just as good. Loved the additional cards from FFVII. My only small problem with it was the anticlimactic end when beating it and getting all the cards. It was just like “I beat it!” And the app was like “K”. Maybe add to it if possible? Keep it fun and interesting 🤷🏻‍♂️


This game rocks since the bug fixes. Just wish for tutorial on same plus exc


The same rule is broken in this game, and there is no plus/same combo. To top it all off we cant even play by the random rule or the sudden death rule. This thing needs work but it does have potential.


I enjoy playing this, but it crashes every 3 or 4 games when I win and choose a card to take. I’d like to have see more of the game modes like reverse added.

Marc Merrion

Love this game…..


This game is fun but it needs a re-battle or to open on the page you left for farming


Where’s tetra master?


It’s cool someone made this a card game. Over the years I’ve had glitches and crashes but has gotten better. However, when I first started playing I had purchases and the restore purchase button does not work. Also, I can see opponents do the successful and “plus” rule, but I can’t perform the “same” one.


Been playing this game off and on for a long time now. New update added PvP mode which is AWESOME! Thank you! -but- It also messed up Random mode somehow. Random mode used to put you into a match against AI where each of you has 5 random cards. Since the last update, it seems that the cards each of you get are based off of how long you idle the menu screen before clicking Random. I played 5 Random games in a row where both of us had the exact same cards, simply by tapping “Random” as quickly as I could each time the menu came up. I’m guessing this has to do with the seed the RNG is using being somehow tied to a timer that runs when the app starts, but now it think the app starts each time the menu pops up? Just a guess, idk… Anyway, still love the app, but please fix Random mode! Was working perfectly before the update. 2/14/19 Edit: I was really excited to see not only an update to the app, but also Dev feedback on my review… so I rushed to update and give it another try. To my disappointment, Random Game is still broken. The cards you get are always tied to how long you sit at the menu screen before you tap “Random.” Will update my review again when it’s fixed.


I found this gem on accident while looking up confirmation that it originated in FF8 during a conversation; Google was like, “hey… did you know about this?” & I was all, “no way!!” I probably didn’t really need to know as it’s just as addictive as it was back when I played 8, but it’s really well done! A cool part that was frustrating just because it made it more difficult for me is that you start with crap cards and have to earn better ones slowly (or buy them). In FF8, you’d get some good ones from the regular RPG gameplay that allowed you to get past early opponents easier. Anyhow… it took a bit, but I’m past that initial hurdle. Suggestions for the developer: *update* Rinoa has taken 2 of my level 11 face cards that she did not win. I thought that opponents had taken something that they hadn’t won on earlier levels, too, but these 2 cards I am sure of. I’d love to see 2 things in “my cards”: for it to show me cards that I had collected, but lost (right now they just turn back to the silver card-back design that all cards I don’t have are), and for it to show which card would fill in the blank space if my deck is using a card that I only have 1 of… like maybe a faded image of it? Nit-picking, but it would be handy! 😊 & thanks for the fun nostalgia!


I like it, I love triple triad, love ff8. Surprised this is even a thing hopefully square doesn’t pull it. Only gripe so far I have is I don’t understand why I can’t take my opponents “red” cards.


I am blown away at how much better this app is from when I first downloaded it a long time ago. The game is a lot of fun and just like the FF8 version. The weirdest difference is you can’t choose any card from the opponent when you win. One bug that drives me crazy is, 4 out of 5 times, the market place won’t actually give you the card you choose. So I spend all this time and effort to get enough points to get the card I want, tap the card, all my GIL disappears, and no card shows up in my inventory. It is very frustrating… Other than that, I’d much rather play this than the actual game in FF Portal.


This app is awesome. I only wish that I could sync the app on my iPhone with the app on my iPad.


Downloaded this years ago. Had every card and all duelists unlocked, vividly remember spending some real money at the start for a jump start. Today, I came back to the app after some time away and find that everything has been reset. No cards, no duelists, nothing. There’s a “restore purchases” button on the home screen but clicking it does nothing. Doesn’t even register that I’m pressing it. Disappointing.


So you see, I WAS going to go to sleep. Then I found this.


This app is awesome. Brought me right back to my younger days playing FF8 and Triple Triad. Enjoy this nostalgic game as I do, friends.


While this game is definitely worth downloading, there are a few things that keeps it from being a 5 star app; -only 10 Gil per win is a bit low. It would take 110 wins to buy one of the most expensive cards.. just one. I recommend maybe 20 Gil per win. -add the option to sell duplicate cards for Gil. -make it easier to scroll through cards when choosing for your deck. Why aren’t you utilizing the swipe to scroll mechanic?? At the very least, when you get to the last page and click the right arrow again, it should take you back to the first page so you don’t have to go back page by page. -most importantly – WHERE IS PVP MODE!? I want to play my friends! If I only wanted to play bots, I could put FF in my PlayStation and play bots all day long. I’ll come back and re-review as updates are released. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to build this app. I really hope you have the time and resources to continue to make improvements. EDIT: a couple bugs have been addressed by the developers and I’ve deleted them from my review. Still waiting for PvP mode…

Mike Farcasin

I love that the author got Triple Triad working on the iphone, and with a not-terrible ruleset to boot! Random and Same-combo are terrifying, but Same and Plus without the combo-potential are fine. Other reviews complained about Same and Plus not working at times, but they always do, subject to the following rule: both cards you’re matching with Same/Plus have to belong to your opponent (i.e. be red). And for anyone struggling with the beginning, the Card Queen’s deck (5x Red Bat) and a bit of luck will get you through Ward, Laguna, and Quistis, using the 8-4-2-9-1/3 play sequence (look at a number pad, the numbers are positions). It’s the most consistent deck in part because the cards are easy to replace, and because of how the Red Bat card works. After that, 2x Edea cards will carry you about to Seifer, and 5x Edea cards can win you the game. That said, here are the issues and what I would suggest to fix them: 1. The interface is garbage: a. Dragging cards results in bugs (edit: apparently fixed) and even if it didn’t I’d rather just click a card, click a square to highlight it, and click it again to confirm my card placement. b. There’s no indication of how to start the game. Rather than “Cards”, it should say “Build deck” And “Play” should always be visible, with some sort of indicator that you can’t do it until after you build your deck. For example, put the “Play” button in the “Cards” section, so you just go to play after you’re put your deck together. c. The tutorial should be in the game, rather than on a separate webpage that the app has to connect to. 2. The “Cards” and “Play” options should remember what page I was on, rather than making me scroll through each time. 3. It shouldn’t be hard to get cards. Any game where it’s hard to get cards (like in the shop/winning them from opponents), but easy to lose them (like in a surprise same/plus) is not fun. FFVIII’s TT was fun in part because it was easy to get cards, especially good cards. And if you lost, you could reset to get the cards back. A good game is easy to start, but hard to master. This game is the opposite, and I dislike that. 4. Instead of computers, I’d like to play against other people who have the app online, or with WiFi. 4.b. If we do keep playing against computers, then instead of the famous characters, we should play against the CC Group. 5. The request for a rating shouldn’t appear until after beating the game, which is when I’m writing this. Otherwise people are just going to be ecstatic that TT is on iPhone, or frustrated at how hard it is to start the game (see point 3). Edit: the creator commented on my review that they’d updated the game. They didn’t follow any of my change requests except it appears they’ve removed the bugs with dragging cards. The fact that they’ve seen my review and ignored it is frustrating, so I’m not changing my rating because while some bugs were fixed, the core gameplay problems remain. Worth adding that the change of “only take cards you flip” makes it even harder to get good cards without micro transactions, making the game even worse and exacerbating the next problem. I’m reducing the rating to 1 star because the developer is STILL charging money for in-app purchases when everything in this game belongs to Sony.


My initial review: “Not working on iPhone 6 plus at all. Start the game and you’re back to the home screen. Fix needed asap!” Now: played a few rounds because I was notified that the developer saw my initial review (3 iPhones later but no biggie) and has since fixed the critical issue I was having back then. Game runs smooth on iOS 12 on iPhone Xs (my current device) and I gotta say I really enjoy it. All the cards and that classic theme are in tact. My only gripe is the grind is going to be real to collect all the good cards which can obviously be circumvented thru micro transactions (but that’s just the world we live in now) and the transition from game to game and deck building could be a little smoother. TLDR: this is one of, if not, the best way to enjoy FF8 TT on the go. Kudos to the devs for sticking with it and giving us a much needed update.

this game is buals

I love this game and I love you

Avid triple triad fa

You hit the pay-wall pretty much right away.

Emily M

Having a great time reliving my favorite video game card game! Just like FFVIII. Game is buggy, but it works. With they’d update so it would work whenever I actually update my phone!


Not bad


Loved this game on ff8!!!!! I used to play it just to be able to play this card game! It’s the Final fantasy version of Pokémon and they could make way more money if they added online battles. Battle strangers and battle Facebook friends!!!!! Omg so much fun!!!!!

Best In Mexico

This’s pretty goooood


It’s great that there is an app like this one however they/you all should listen to the constructive criticism which are in the comments and reviews.


Please update this

The Shakedown

Well, it’s certainly not a full port of FFVIII but we have to take the small victories where we can get ’em.. solid!


Wish it was Annie updated but I love it


I loved the card game from the FF series brought back a lot of fond memories. The only issue is the story mode could be a bit better I haven’t experienced many bugs yet although I just downloaded and started playing. All in all it’s a great game and I would recommend it for the shear fun of bringing it back


Was overly excited to see this finally made into a mobile game. But was completely let down when I spent money and the game won’t give me my credits! Please fix this so I can change the ratings to the 5 stars this game deserves.


Game is bugged


You lose ur cards, there’s no online 1v1, and the collecting aspect seems extremely distant from how I remember this game playing, but I want to see this work out.


If you lose your first game you can’t play unless you reset your cards? That’s a wierd way to set up a game. Maybe for later needed but at the beginning you can’t lose or you reset.


Great game; works well.


Very close to a good adaptation.


Kinda buggy, but a fun time waster none the less.


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