【图】Dreamland Story: Match 3下载
【图】Dreamland Story: Match 3
【图】Dreamland Story: Match 3

Dreamland Story: Match 3 iOS

Dreamland Story 简介

TAP & MATCH Sweet pillows! Come to fantastic world of Mia’s Dreams!

Play this brand-new MATCHING PUZZLE GAME! One pillow, two pillows… Match 3 or more happy pillows and meet the residents of Dreamland. Everyone will get hooked!

Join Mia and her friends to travel through her colorful dreams. Start your adventure today!

Funniest pillows in the world are waiting for you. Match-3 and collect funny pillows of the same color. Your moves are limited, so plan them carefully! Travel with Mia around Dreamland to discover uncommon obstacles. Explore exciting new levels and lands every week!

Dreamland Story is a UNIQUE free MATCH-3 game! FREE updates including new levels, obstacles and more are published EVERY WEEK! Relax and make matches!

Dreamland Story Features:
● COMPLETE over 4400 exciting levels, with new levels released every week!
● MEET and COLLECT the funniest pillows in the world
● ADMIRE beautiful graphics of 220+ dreamtastic lands!
● EASY to learn with UNIQUE gameplay
● DISCOVER two new obstacles every month!
● PLAY with friends and get free gifts every day
● A highly ADDICTIVE Match-3 free game!
● Over a million SECONDS of fun
● You will NEVER be bored with it!

Like Dreamland Story on Facebook facebook.com/DreamlandStory

Dreamland Story is completely free to play but some game items can be purchased for real money.

Have fun and complete subsequent levels. We will provide you with unlimited access to entertainment! Over 915,000 fans can’t be wrong! What are you waiting for? INSTALL and PLAY NOW!

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Dreamland Story 下载

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this game is soooooo fun, must play game

nm jkh oij

Great game


Great game. Great graphics




Fun game. Addicting. Free. Bit different from other match 3 games. Come give it a try!!!👍👍👍


Love this game


I love paying this game


I’ve just started playing and I’m enjoying this game!

thir all taken

Fun to play


Love this game

Mr Big 30

I’m hooked on this game. It’s so fun and the pillow characters are hilarious. It’s challenging and the rewards are great. Awesome job making this game. Keep up the great work.


Just love it


I’ve missed you and now I have you back. I love this game.


I love to play with the pillows.

Cool Nancy

Very addictive


Llevo años jugando


I have been member of this group off and on for a while now. I have problems receiving gold and getting extra men. I have not received my gold on the last occasion when it has been offered. There is no consistency with this group. I will give it one more try. Karen Davis 8/30/19 I have not received my coins to date. I went ahead and purchased .99 to see if I was still a member of Dreamland Story? I was but I still have not received my gold. Why? Still no gold 1/10/19 – The game is no longer fun. When I run out of gold, I will no longer play this game. Your changes has diminished this game to nothing.


so many levels and great challenges


Best game


This game makes you use your mind to determine your next move. Keeps me going for hours or until I’m out of lives


Not bad enjoying so far


This match game is unique in design & method. So much so that you continue to play even when you don’t intend to…


I like the challenge


Fun Game.


This is my favorite game to play! The best ever match 3 game!


This game is great!

brownie bar 6

I get lost in this game .I could play for hours. Great game


I have played this for a long time and will continue I really enjoy it


I really like this game, how about the option to have the game to be played in horizontal mode as well. Also maybe have some more boosters and not to have to wait six hours to unlock an episode.




I used to LOVE this game. It was challenging, yet winnable. I am now on level 1546 and honestly, the game is no longer fun. It is just impossible to win. If it is not fun, then I delete and find another game, which is exactly what I am going to do. Too bad because this was my favorite game.




Great game so far. Lots of colorful fun, but if it gets to the point I have use up all my lives to clear a level, it will be deleted, just like all the levels. I play games that are free and play to relax, not to get frustrated. Way too many Free games out there for that.

Meow Kittie

I love this game.


Love this game


This game has the perfect balance of play and reward. It is challenging on so many levels yet easy on others. I must say it is one of my go to games for fun and relaxation .


It’s a great game my only complaint is that since the updates after every game I have to reload and re-open the game. Once they fix that it will awesome


Nice game


The best game,I love it,

Words on my baby

I love this game!


Fun game. VERY hard to move up levels when you get To the higher ones….


I enjoy this game! A lot of Match 3 games are fun and at a certain level become impossible unless you use some special power-ups, which is annoying, as it makes me know the devs are always going to keep pushing users to buy or abandon. This game allows power-ups, but with practice, I’m able to hone my observation skills and learn how to improve.


Love playing this game need more friends please


You offer free gifts such as gold bars, I do what you ask but never get the rewards


Lots of fun!


I’m on level 1500 and this’s the best and awesome update. Thanks. My recommendation is to let view the live in all play board.




I like this game. It’s a challenge to complete


Such an AWESOME game!!!!

Disappointed Club Ow

I’m addicted, best game!!!


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