Clockology iOS

Clockology 简介

Create and view interactive dashboards on all of your mobile devices. With a powerful editor, you can tap into your creative side and make your own feature-rich dashboards custom-tailored to the information and visuals you would like to see. In addition, you can share and import creations from other users around the world.

See beautiful clocks on your nightstand or desk using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. See steps, distance travelled, activity ring information and current battery levels on connected Apple Watch using HealthKit data.

Clockology has support for the following layer types:
– Video: Plays high speed video and has different ways of triggering the playback
– Sound: Plays different sounds with a few ways of triggering the sounds playback like on the hour or when you tap on the device
– Date and Time: Used for displaying things like current hour, minute, or seconds with a wide variety of fonts and effects
– Weather: Using your current location, will show the current weather as icon, temperature, or words
– Activity & Health: Uses HealthKit app integration to show steps and activity goals. The information can be represented as rings, bars, or text
– Device: Battery level and other device specific information

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Clockology 下载



Typhoon Tom DeMicke

This is overall a good app but a little quirky though once you get past that, it’s good. There is one question I would like an answer to: Most of the clock face designers create a space for the weather including conditions and temperatures. These displays are almost always spot on. The temp is accurate and even the weather condition. However, for location, it only reflects the city representing time time zone the wearer is in. So if someone is in San Diego, it will reflect “Los Angeles”. If one is in Kyoto, Japan, it will reflect “Tokyo”. I find this useless as it does not reflect actual location. The designers tell me this is a limitation of Clockology. If the watch faces can reflect/display actual weather conditions, then it is able to pick up real-time information from either detecting the GPS location, or getting it from Apple Watch. Is there any way you can update this app do it can allow displaying actual location? That would make it a 5-Star app. Thank you.


No way to sync to your watch. Why would I want this only in my phone?


I keep trying to use this app but it won’t work. It keeps asking me to “Enable Fullscreen” but I can’t see this option anywhere. And you really should provide an email for support!


It won’t show the sync bottom so I can’t change watch faces. Love this app a lot! Please fix 🙂


Its usless program didn’t work Always show ( enable full screen ) and black screen


I created a couple of watch faces. When I selected the app on my watch, it prompted me to go into “clocks” and enable full screen. I did that, and nothing changed. It kept giving me the same prompt. The time I wasted on this app I’ll never get back.

Joe mamas pp hole

Crashes and you can’t set the face


Lots of creative potential, but essentially useless until Apple allows them to load exports into the face gallery. There’s no way I want to have to find and launch an app every time I want to see this face.


This is an excellent idea and has potential, however, I could not get the app to work. When I would try to design a watch face, I would get about 10 minutes in and the app would crash, losing all my work. I started saving after each change, which was a pain that I was going to try to live with. However, I could never get the watch faces to transfer to my Apple Watch. I tried and tried and could not figure it out. On the watch, it would only say to “open clocks on your device and enable full screen”, and I never found that option on my Watch nor my iPhone. I spent about an hour researching online and watching videos on how to get it to work, and still no luck. I honestly cannot recommend an app so buggy and difficult to use.


With the new iOS 7 update you do not have the options to use the app w/ the new iWatch settings – which makes the app useless.

antonio tapanes

Las carátulas en el Apple Watch ya no se me quedan, cuando el Apple Watch se apaga y vas a ver la hora ya se puso vas carátulas originales.

Mariano Canjengo

Adorei o aplicativo


However, I can’t get to a finished face before it crashes. Hopefully, it is because I’m using 14.2 beta? Happy to update this if the app is updated.


I was excited to try this app cuz it looked really cool.I own 2 Apple watches and it didn’t work on either of them i watched many tutorials to see if I was missing something but noooo the app would just flash the watch face and then return to the default iPhone faces.Do not waste ur time


Will not work on this particular model, any help would be appreciated.

Deathstar activist

Honestly! It’s amazing, I just wish it was easier to find new watch faces. Scouring through Facebook isn’t good enough. That said, it is the reason I am using my Apple Watch with enthusiasm again.


I love this app it make your old Apple Watch face into art But I really want more features Like a group feature Custom Sounds Custom Emojis and Images in Particle Field And Widgets There also some bugs like Crashing for no reason And Sometimes Doesn’t Save the clock


I can create a watch face, but it crashes a lot during the process and doesn’t save the progress. When I finally struggle through and finish a watch face I can never get it to load onto my watch. Waste of time.


I was using it well, but the sync button suddenly disappeared. Please help me.😭


Maybe it’s just me but nothing works. The beta app didn’t ever sync although it said it had. I still had the right and left arrows and the orange box on the watch…


“Hey, join a Facebook group and download this shady file to make this app do what you thought it could do based on its description and preview” Waste of time and money.


Can’t find the sync option they keep referring to. No syncy no clocks


Like some others, only see Enable Full Screen on Apple Watch Series 4. No sample faces either. Looks nothing like the YouTube videos or App Store images.


This is by far one of the best if not the best face makers for the Apple Watch on the App Store. Feature request! Allow images to be put in for the Pie Chart instead of a solid color. That way we can have images be revealed from underneath an image. Also a clipping mask function would be excellent as well!


I have been using Clockology since the beta version in March 2019. Mike Hill, the developer has made the best app ever. Not only can you easily make faces but totally customize them with weather, health, etc. THIS APP MAKES MY APPLE WATCH AS PERSONAL AS I WANT IT. I remember the dark days before I found this app, they were terrible. The app is constantly getting better and better. The latest update now lets you import you own fonts!!


Never able to see examples folder


Have you ever wished you could own many different designer watches? Well, with a little effort, you can place many different custom watch faces on your Apple Watch. There are thousands of participants creating these faces and sharing them for free on a few easy-to-find Facebook groups dedicated to this app. You, yourself, with minimal art skills, can design your own custom watch face with whatever information you want displayed. Weather (current temp, cloudy, etc), activity (steps, heartbeat, movement), battery condition, day, date, time (of course), videos, custom pics (your kids, vacation places, cartoon and movie characters, geometric designs, astrology, etc. can all be inserted into your design. I, myself, have included all of the above into my personal watch faces and had many viewers ask for them to be shared. It took me one (long) evening to be able to do this, and have learned many other techniques by studying other people’s designs. That’s less time than it takes me to learn some of these new games! Reviewers giving less than three stars must be refusing to follow the announcements, FAQs and instructions that are included on the group pages. Ask a question and it is answered almost immediately by many people. This is probably the most fun I have had with an app in a very long time and no annoying ads.


I wish I could give it a 5 star, but the only thing I do not like is when you flip your arm to wake up your Watch, the second hand jumps into place where it supposed to be….I wish that when you look at the Watch, the second hand would just start from where you see it…


The app will not show up in privacy setting to allow location for weather , will not show up in health app, when I tried syncing to activity there’s no sync option to push .. I don’t not see the app on my watch, and in trying to find help is impossible just faq section that doesn’t answer my questions, directions are very minimal as far as go to install the watch faces on the watch, easy to make a face not easy to install face on watch


so good


This app has never worked even one time. There is no customer support and no help of any kind. DO NOT USE!


This app sends your health (and likely other private) data to their servers in China. Use of this app greatly increases the likelihood your identity will be stolen and your phone and home network hacked. Stay away!


I Can’t Get Not 1 Watch Face To Appear On My Watch The Only Thing Showing Is Enable Full Screen Full Screen Is Enabled I Can’t Even Get A Sample Watch To Show On My Apple Watch To See What The Clock Would Look Like On My Watch This App Needs More Work I’ve Unistalled Reinstalled and Uninstalled Again

the white vanilla ic

App is a piece of junk and a waste of time don’t download


So before I begin it is important to understand what this app can and can not do and how it works. This is an app that runs on your Apple Watch and displays faces while the app is running, so essentially you are viewing/running an app on your watch which can impact battery life but doesn’t seem substantial. Because of Apple’s tight restrictions on accessibility this app does not do everything Apple Watch faces do, such as complications. With that being said Clockology is an awesome workaround to Apple’s restrictions and provides many things that are useful. You can make and download hundreds of custom watch faces that are animated and allow an immense amount of detail and customization. Some faces have battery info, date, weather, health information but because these are not provided in complication format you can not press on these to get more information. However, it is still displayed. Making faces is also a fairly simple process with an easy to understand layout adding an exponential amount of watch face possibilities. The most complicating part of this app is the install process. As of the time of this review you simply can’t install the app on your iPhone and expect to sync watch faces to your Apple Watch. You first have to go to Clockology on Facebook and download a file called Enable Beta. Next you have to click on the Enable Beta file that you downloaded on your iPhone while keeping the Clockology app open on your Apple Watch. After that you will be able to sync Watch Faces downloaded and created on your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Also make sure to enable all permissions on the App needs on your phone and Watch.


There is no lighting sign in the app which is functioned as start sync.There is also no communication method to the developers. All the faqs are incredibly stupid.


No sync option available after long press of faces 🙁 hope fixes soon iPhone 11pro n series 4 watch

All taken nicknames

The production app is very limited in its functionality. Not as good as the beta version. The developer is a good software person, but lacks the organizational skills to explain his product. The app should be acquired by Apple to be included in Apple promise to make watch faces more customizable. The lack of consistency in its functioning will drive you crazy. You spend all your time re- installing and losing your work with no support from the developer. Definitely a self taught app.


This app is amazing! You can “set” custom watch faces. It’s technically an app that remains open but it doesn’t affect battery life in my case and you can still sync in activies. No complications, tho but that is just a very minimal complain and it doesn’t take from this being a 5 star app. I don’t know if Apple will take this down, but if you’re reading this, I suggest you download it now. I’ve gotten watch faces ranging from Rolex to Fallout’s PipBoy to Apple’s own Meridian and California watch faces on my Series 3!


Most of the faces won’t load on the watch. Every time I created my own it would not load to the watch or even save it. App would then crash and delete all my work. Maybe if you figure it out you can let the rest of us know, since the developer doesn’t seem to want to.


Love this app. Beautiful watch faces!


Clockology is hands down the best app to create unique watch face. There are many built in features like various fonts and colors. You can share you faces with others and import faces from friends to show on your watch. Your creations are only limited by your imagination. Get inspired. Download Clockology. It’s free and the developer is helpful.


Oh how I’ve been longing and waiting for an app like this to come along. Ever since I got my Apple Watch I have been wanting some way to get custom watch faces. With Clockology, not only do I get access to hundreds of user-made watch faces, I also got access to one of the easiest to use, loaded with features watch face creators I could have ever imagined. Tons of details, super intuitive, and above all else: FUN! Apple, if you read these, buy this app and incorporate it into WatchOS quick! Free the faces!


Great app


I wanted to like this app but the last update broke everything I can’t load any watch face other than activity, faces don’t stay up why update if its going to break everything! Not worth it.


Finally I can have real watch faces I create and share. It does NOT lower my battery life.


As a tinkerer, I love this app. You can spend hours just messing around with different dashboards and layouts of info. The variations are limitless. The import options of your own pics is awesome to really personalize your workouts. Especially to match with your watch bands daily! So much room for activities! Literally lol


I just could not get it to work. I made my faces but I was not able to send to phone. Thank you any how.


like the idea but i wish i could take out apples small digital time that shows on the top right also the app crashed while i was making a face and lost a bunch of progress cause it wasn’t auto saved. also when changing the hex number for colors, the text box is blocked by the keyboard


This is an awesome app for anyone wanting more watch face options than the stock faces!


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