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NYCB Mobile 简介

NYCB Mobile – Banking on the Go! A safe, secure and convenient way to manage your money from virtually anywhere, at any time.

● Enroll for mobile banking and online banking directly from the mobile banking application.
● Once enrolled, you can use the credentials created to access both online banking and mobile banking.

● Touch ID or Face ID to quickly and securely login for supported devices1.
● Get your instant balance from the home screen without having to log in.
● View your account transaction history and balances2.
● View check images.
● Setup alert preferences, receive email, push or text alerts and view alert history2.
● Transfer money between your eligible NYCB accounts2.
● Use the convenient “Remember Me” function for easy login.

● View your e-Bills and schedule payments.
● Setting up payees is a snap! With Photo Bill Capture, take a photo of your bill using your mobile device and the company is added automatically.
● Send money to people you know with Zelle®! Securely send and receive money with Zelle using an email address or a U.S. mobile phone number.

● Register your device for text alerts, push alerts and email alerts. You can set up your alerts preferences directly from NYCB Mobile.
● Various alerts available, including balance alerts, transaction alerts, and security alerts.

● Deposit checks from your mobile device directly to your account with on-screen limits3.

● Manage how you would like to use your NYCB Debit Card, with enhanced controls. This functionality requires a separate NYCB app download to utilize all of the enhanced features available. Some of the features include monitoring and controlling the spending limit and card transactions, turning card on and off for transactions, setting alerts and more.

● Locate the nearest branches and ATMs using your current location, zip code or address.

NYCB Mobile is available for eligible New York Community Bank and MyBankingDirect customers and accounts that have registered for NYCB Online or NYCB Mobile. Some features may not be available through NYCB Mobile and can only be accessed by logging into NYCB Online at mynycb.com or mybankingdirect.com.

New York Community Bank ranks among the largest thrifts in the nation. Our roots go back to 1859, when we were charted by the State of New York in Queens, a borough of New York City. Today with over 230 branch locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area, Long Island, Westchester County, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida and Arizona, we operate through eight local divisions – Queens County Savings Bank, Roslyn Savings Bank, Richmond County Savings Bank, Roosevelt Savings Bank, Atlantic Bank, Garden State Community Bank, Ohio Savings Bank and AmTrust Bank –each with a history of service and strength to the communities they service.

For more information visit us at myNYCB.com or call us at (877) 786-6560.

Standard messaging and data rates may apply when using mobile and text banking.

1Supported device is needed.

2Subject to certain limitations.

3Deposits made via NYCB Mobile Deposit may appear real-time in Transaction History however availability of funds is subject to Bank review. Deposit limits apply.

Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

New York Community Bank – Member FDIC

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NYCB Mobile 下载

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The absolute WORST app. Nothing works, glitches constantly.. when you call to get help, they never answer or respond. Definitely switching to another bank because this never works.


Nah. Next time, have your genius IT guy ask someone older than 50 to look at the ridiculous typeface he wants to use. I can’t even see the letters let alone read them.


This is an easy app to navigate. Very convenient for Bill paying, check depositing, checking account history, etc.


Need to be able access messaging on the app. Apps are half useless if can’t access everything that you access on a laptop.


The most slowest apps possible it works for one or two sessions then I get login issue or error with app I clean app my sessions and download still get error On install It is Horrible and still have issue installing it after updating and resetting


I received a message saying Update Required. I clicked Update Now but I still get this same message: There is a new version of the application available. Please click Update Now to obtain the new version. When I click Open it takes me back to Upgrade Now.


Poorly designed app


The new version of this app is horrible. The older version was more up to date with transactions. New interface is also annoying.


I’ve called several times while on hold for over 10 minutes to be disconnected. Never got to speak to anyone at all. Going to branch to withdraw and will be going to another bank!


Before the upgrade in August 2020 Point of Sale transactions would show up immediately. I made two purchases yesterday and neither has posted to my account. Also why is there a NYCB MOBILE AND NYC DEBIT APP? Makes no sense. Everything should be built in one app.


I had to delete the app, shut down my phone, restart my phone and download the app 4 times so far. It keeps saying there is a problem with connectivity. Or sometimes it says nothing, just displaying the photo of the building. This is VERY frustrating especially because the closest physical bank is 100 miles away from my home. That’s a long drive to make a transaction!


I personally hate this new update, its doesn’t show pending purchases any more, which can be really confusing & misleading when I’m looking at my account. Now I have to write down my purchase in my notes to be able to know my actual available balance vs my current balance.


I have been trying to log into the new app and nothing. Ever since the new update it’s impossible. Tried to call customer service countless of times and after 20-30 minutes they hang up. Call one of the branches and they simply told me that there was nothing they could do, unbelievable!! I guess I’ll be changing banks.


Ever since the upgrade I can’t login and every time I call and wait on hold the phone just hangs up on me. Good by Richmond county and switching banks.


I was forced to upgrade this app. Which worked fine btw and 4 days later I still can not get into it and do any banking. If you call the help number they keep you on hold for 20 min than disconnect you. It’s ridiculous.


Facial ID won’t work. It’s not my phone because it works on every other app and yes it is turned on on my app. Facial ID works when I log directly onto the site but not on the app. I couldn’t find a support number or email for tech issues.

Sad Luca

It’s amazing to me how any institution can do update after update to its app and have each one be far worse than the one that came before. In this case they announced the site would be unavailable over a weekend as work was being done on the system. On the Monday following that weekend, I was unable to log on. I called the phone number for customer service and, after waiting a half hour a customer service representative got on the line and said the site was still being worked but would be up and running the next day. As if it was supposed to explain things, she offered:”They’re working from home you know.” No, I didn’t know, but it raises the question: In the midst of a pandemic with people afraid to leave their homes, would anyone but a moron decide to upgrade a fully functional on line banking site with people working from home? No Luck getting on line the following day, so called the service number. After being on hold for fifteen minutes, I was cut off. Called again with the same result. By Friday, after spending more than Five hours trying to do online banking, I was able to get online with help from someone at the branch bank. Thought I’d reconcile my account since I hadn’t viewed my account in 10 days and guess what: they no longer have a computer available on the site. Decided to pay a bill and went through all the steps but, as was true in the past, no notice saying Paid, and no confirmation code. Went through the whole process again, and then get a message that this would be a duplicate payment. I guess they figured confirming the payment and the date it would be paid that used to exist was too practical a procedure for their terrible update. I can only wonder what further disaters await as I use the app.


Can’t log in, wait on hold with costumer service and get disconnected after an hour TWICE!!! What a flop!!! Do not open an account with this bank. Nothing but headaches. Pathetic costumer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s been 8 days that I’ve tried logging into the app with no help from anyone. The branch can’t help u, no one answers the 800 number or it shuts after 20 mins on hold, the system and website is outdated and keeps getting system errors for me to log in. Tired of the baloney… I’m switching back to chase tomorrow. My friends love chase and their app is a million times better. Shame cause I’ve been with this bank for years but today was the final nail in the coffin


The new upgrade is horrible and not well handled. I have not been able to get view my account ever since they did the upgrade. I’m not happy with this bank that I have. Even with for 30+ years. After this is all done and I can walk in a bank I will be closing my account with them.


I would say at least once a month I have to re-enter and change my passwords and username for some reason. Face login stops working after a month??? Need help logging in and changing a password?? Well apparently you can’t just do it online yourself, you have to call customer service like it’s 1990 and wait on hold for an hour so SOMEONE ELSE can help you log in to see your YOUR account. It is really a great way to start the morning. Frustrated and in no way able to see your own finances. I hate this bank. I hate this app. A revamp is way overdue. I was on hold while writing this review, and I was just hung up on. So way to drive it home, NYCB mobile!


Is there a 0 star rating? Update? Really? If you are updating something, doesn’t that usually mean improvements? Not with this. It was ancient before the update and now is even more archaic. Worst app ever. My balance on the app does not agree with what’s on the website on the same day. How is that even possible if it’s the same systems? Your only saving grace is now you have Zelle. But other banks have had that for years. You are so far behind the times. The other banks will be moving on to bigger and better and NYCB will just be catching up.


My husband has been with this bank for 30+ years. I’ve been using them for almost 15. Since the app was updated It pops the message that my info cannot be verified and prompts to call the bank without me even trying to put my ID and password. I tried to log in to my online account and it doesn’t allow me to log in either. I called the bank and was on hold with awful screeching sounds over the elevator music for 1 hour 15 minutes and lost my patients. I will call today again. But I’m seriously considering to switch to another bank. It’s disrespectful to loyal customers. I feel like I’m in the third world country. What kind of banking is it when I can’t use my money and can’t talk to anyone?!!


After the new update, I can’t even access my account at all. On top of that, the customer service line always fails 10 minutes into waiting. Terrible, not sure how a bank can do this to their clients for so long


Not able to log in. Customer service lost call 4 times after waiting 30 minutes. Shameful! Not able to schedule payments.


This update is terrible. I can’t get into my account and when I call for assistance no one picks up. Please fix this ASAP.


They updated the APP, I can’t log in and trying to call stuck in hold at least 10 times and it hangs up after 10 minutes…. horrible


I can’t login and can’t get any support over the phone!!! Can’t rest my password or do anything!!! Even though I’m sure of the username and password.

raven 2736

Disruptive to my ability to get the financial information I needed. Not easy to navigate. Do not care for this app


It’s been a couple days now since the new system work was supposedly completed, yet now with the new update I can’t even login to my account. It says it can’t validate my credentials. Won’t work on the website either, so I guess the entire new system has bugs still? Can’t even change password or anything. I’ve been considering changing to a bigger name bank for a while now, and this issue might be the one to finally make me do it if it’s not resolved soon.

Dame anne

Why did you change this. I’m 83 yrs old It’s very difficult for me to now have to Figure this out. Can I still use the yellow Icon??? I can’t seem to get onto this new One. I’m not happy!! I can’t even get a nickname. This sucks😡

Casino junker

Tried a hundred times to log in to the new app no success. No help from the phone number they give you either. Very unhappy !


I preferred the previous version! This new update is 🤬

Farrah M33

I’ve been a customer for about 10 years and this upgrade hasn’t let me sign in yet! I’ve deleted and downloaded it multiple times. They have changed my access to accounts with no way of getting help. Haven’t been able to access my account in 5 days. Don’t waste your time with this. I officially changed banks today can’t deal with this out of date bank and it’s so called new app


Way to go to screw everything up. Now the system won’t accept my ID or password. Waiting 30 minutes for customer service. Fire the tech guy.


Very easy to use

Rosie hdez

Need to take picture several times to be able to make a deposit :’(

really nycb

What in the world? No one I know who uses this app can login to their account, since the update. The phone numbers are swamped and I’m sure the brick and mortar bank is as well. If you’re going to do an update let your customers know what to expect when the update is complete!!


I just got their latest iOS update. And I keep getting error pop up saying unable to validate information. Their IT resources really need to do a better job than this. For their app update the app was unavailable for 3-4 days and today once the app is released it doesn’t work. Worst customer experience!!!

Maria Teresa Jimenez

This app update is THE WORST! I have not been able to get into my account and I tried every way of doing so! And on top of that I am trying to get in contact with customer service and no one is picking the phone to help me! I give this a 0/5 stars!


A bunch of canned security questions, most of which have no bearing on my life style and therefore I won’t remember the answers. App is so bad I couldn’t finish setting it up. Guess that the objective is to get as many depositors as possible to change banks.


It isn’t bad but it could definitely still use some updating sometimes worried that it lags


I have had so many issues with this app. Not excepting my checks, and not working in general.


I had no issues with the old app. This updated app is useless. I can’t log in. It keeps on telling me that I need to proved a valid password. I had changed my password so many times but it’s still giving me the same error. Fix this useless app…

frusted banker

The list of glitches on this app are countless. And when you try and call the bank they give you the automated run around. Glad I am changing banks

M A 4

Face ID support is very welcome! But now they’ve added a new issue for no reason: believe it or not, the phone actually vibrates during the taking of a check photo. Predictably, a vibrating phone takes blurrier pictures. You can still get an image but it takes more tries. The focus was much more forgiving before when they didn’t make the phone actually shake on purpose!


I am currently using the app ( with the black background app pic) & it works great. Made a few deposits, Accessed all my accounts & able to track all transactions. No problem at all. iPhone XR. Definitely recommend this app!!


Used to be able to log in did an update and now it says system error Totally frustrated customer service useless Have uninstalled and tried again Should NEVER do updates of things that are working!!!!!!!!


Haven’t been able to log on in months. Just a repeated message starting with “A system error has occurred.” What happened to this app???? Someone needs to get on it and fix the bug because I’m sure I am not the only one this is happening to.

Jazz Robin

Since the app was renewed many little bugs prevent me to comfortably bank with my phone. One example; I can’t deposit checks anymore. The app just doesn’t let you upload pictures. It’s been like this for months now. Really really disappointed…


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