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Welcome to Patricia, the industry leader in Giftcard and Bitcoin exchange. Patricia allows you to securely buy or sell Giftcards and Bitcoin of any value, store them in a BTC or Local Currency Wallet and smoothly switch between the two for everyday transactions like airtime, data and cable subscriptions. With the all new Patricia App, Transacting with your Patricia account is a breeze.

Patricia makes buying or selling Bitcoin and Perfect money a piece of cake. Its simple and seamless and with an email, you’re on your way to being a Bitcoin master.


Receive funds through your Patricia Bitcoin wallet. Its safe, easy and accessible at anytime!


New to crypto? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. With our learn portal, we educate, inform and entertain you while keeping you up to date with every change in the crypto world.


Stay ahead of the game with our clear and UX friendly dashboard that keeps you up to speed on the state of your finances at any time of the day, anywhere you are through our mobile app or website.


Your account is safe and secured by industry-standard cyber security, Your Patricia wallet is subject to the same scrupulous safety standard as a bank, with various multi-stage verification processes and encryptions. You can even lock the app with a passcode or disable access if it gets into the wrong hands.


Whether you’re a seasoned Crypto Captain or an Eager Beginner, you’ll find everything you need in one Place. Patricia is here to make your dreams reality and it all begins when you download this app. We promise. SUPPORT ALL ALONG THE WAY.

**Having issues?**

Send us an email at [hello@patricia.com.ng](mailto:Hello@patricia.com.ng)

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Why is that? I can’t get my money off Patricia, this is the last time I’m trading my card there.

Boss Smilezz

Redeemed an apple Giftcard of $350 at 180/$ as if thT wasn’t enough after agreeing to your horrible rate they credited me 56k instead of 63k please after staging your own rate why still steal from charges y’all better change or boys go go back paxful with good rate


It’s not fast and if you’re trading there and your network mistakenly bad you will start from the beginning again

Favour fx

When I started using it It was cool but after I updated it face unlock stoped working on the app And sometimes the app quite by its self You guys need to fix it


Worst app ever they need to be sue to court scam site …everyday they are doing maintenance I can’t even transfer money from my wallet

Mr Kelechi

I have always traded my Gift cards with your app and it’s been really awesome, it get processed in less than 45mins and the cash withdrawal is cool, though I had some challenges 2-3 weeks ago with my card (Google play) being declined. So I am giving Patricia 4 stars because they’ve been doing a wonderful job though I haven’t done a Bitcoin transaction yet and I pray it’s as nice and simple as your GIFT CARDs transactions….


The rate of your btc is very bad . Considering we sending from an external wallet .with service network charge of over $2 how fair is that and you still even give us very bad rate it’s not fair at all !! 😒😒😒


I want to trade bitcoin and it started saying services unavailable


Ok fine I traded my bitcoin and I can see it in my wallet, but why can’t I transfer to my bank account?

stardone malone

This a real scam. site call Patrica I sell iTunes card amounts $250 and they declined the card. I can’t make a used of it again.

JUSTME 12789

I tried to transfer money from my wallet to my bank account but it’s so frustrating.. if you cant Render quality services to people let us know other than this Rubbish your doing


I can’t withdraw my money


Why am I locked out of the app after filling in my details? I did a transaction on the app the other time it went through,we had a smooth deal… but I wasn’t allowed entrance into the app anymore, been trying for days now… work on your app pls!!


You guys should pls work on both your website and app I can’t even recharge an airtime with my money Your site has been pissing me off Your service is too wack


I don’t understand what’s with your company, I logged in to my account yesterday and sent some out of bitcoin to my account only to withdraw it to my bank account and keeps on showing transaction failed… Logged out for a while, tried to log in again my Touch ID doesn’t work on it, passcode doesn’t work, then used my normal login details (username and password), only for me to get incorrect login details… Changed the password three times and I keep getting the same incorrect details pop up. Later I got a message that I haven’t verified my email which I had done months ago. I verified it once again and to my surprise I’m just opening a new Patricia account, my money gone… This is not the first time I’m loosing money in this your company.. Nobody should try downloading this app, you’ll just be wasting your time and your money too. Who knows if personal details are not even used.


It’s always difficult to withdraw my money from Your platform please do something about this please


You guys logged me out and now I can’t login back no matter what I tried…..I contacted you guys you ain’t responding


This if frustrating, I can’t imagine me having money on my wallet and can’t make use of it because of your poor service , I just need to get my money of this app and never use it again @,


What is going on why can’t I login to my Patricia account on the app


Patricia give me my money, I have a lot there and I can’t even redraw anything from it, this app is scam please don’t download it, they will hold your money and will not allow you redraw it at all


U guys are the worst…u just ripped me of my bitcoin what kind of app is this.Pls don’t download if u are yet to download the app it’s scam


I made 3 transactions yesterday and I have not received payment for them. Here are the transaction Id : TR_GIKK4DMM TR_QMRXGQED TR_D2DNDVD0.


Don’t know what’s going on..can’t login on app and moreover I want to unable the google authorization from my account.


My app just logged me out and I can’t login with my details


I traded a card and to transfer the fund to my account it had been telling me try in few minutes but it’s almost a day now.


Please I need help my google Authenticator app has been deleted and I tried to download it back now I can’t log in to my account because it needs me to input the 6 digit code and I don’t and I don’t know how I can go about this for the pass few days now I need help I need assistance For the pass three day I have tried to get in contact with you guys no way please i need help


I have been having issue with withdrawing my money on the App and browser as well. Kindly give me my money i no do again ahhhh😡😡😡😡


I can’t login to my account what’s wrong pls


I paste my gift card on this app but it keep pending for like 11 hours


This app is rubbish, I can’t send bitcoin for more than two days now


Pls look into this it’s so annoying

james hookmichigan45

This is so fustrating I have a money in my account and I can’t log in back


I need help on this, I tried to transfer out from my Patricia wallet after trading 100$ iTunes but not working out, not happy with this not only the rate is low I can’t transfer out, this is not what I downloaded for, my bank account is intact and confirmed by you, why can’t I transfer out from my wallet, I need help on this, I tried to transfer out from my Patricia wallet after trading 100$ iTunes but not working out, not happy with this not only the rate is low I can’t transfer out, this is not what I downloaded for, my bank account is intact and confirmed by you, why can’t I transfer out from my wallet I need help on this, I tried to transfer out from my Patricia wallet after trading 100$ iTunes but not working out, not happy with this not only the rate is low I can’t transfer out, this is not what I downloaded for, my bank account is intact and confirmed by you, why can’t I transfer out from my wallet


I don’t know what’s wrong with Patricia today, I’m trying to login on the app but telling me incorrect details.. you need to fix this issues because I need to copy the wallet bitcoin address now.. please fix


I’ve been trying to send out my bitcoin money which I sold on your platform for weeks and all I get is, my bank isn’t available even other banks are also not available, went online to do some research and realized it’s the same thing with many people which some have been battling the same thing for over 5 months.. please don’t be a scam platform, we didn’t force you guys to sponsor Big Brother naija so why try to hold our money in ransom without making us unable to withdraw it


I made a withdrawal to my account from my naira wallet and it showed successfully but I have not been credited


I want to login into my patrician account But it’s telling me details errors and my details are correct and I want sell some cards now worth of $700,please do something ASAP


I need to be able to trade French iTunes gift cards how soon and possible will this be

ola moore

I tried to create an account for the app and I finished everything and tried to login and I was told my details is incorrect


The most stupid btc app I know My account was hacked and I lost 9000 usd and you could do nothing about it I advice all downloaders to desist from this app

dv shh hyddc

Don’t download they will take your money away


I send btc to my btc Wallet on Patricia and it’s on process since 1hour age and they already deduct btc from the sender


This is by far the most unreliable App in the country. Low degree customer service and very unprofessional as to how they handle transactions that didn’t go through. Made a bitcoin transaction about 7days ago and it didn’t go through but the selfish app debit my account. They refused to handle and fix this via phone, they keep saying their so called superior are working on it each time I called and to think that this has been for a week now really tells me all I need to know about this service. I strongly advice using paxful if you’re into bitcoin as they have strong moderator rules and moderators get online to resolve issues every 24hrs

jessy krain

With all this bad and mad comments I will never use this app. No be me una go kill


Waiting endlessly for my money to be reconciled . Worst for a financial platform .


I just tried it today and I love it 😊


I’m having issue with my 2fa and I can’t login now


Please you guys should try to be fast with the transaction process . So that if the card isn’t valid, the seller can return the card to the store where he or she bought the card


When my in-law introduced me to Patricia, oh I felt like finally our savior has arrived who will deliver us from Paxful. Today, I traded $325 gift card (Amazon 300 and ITunes 25). And it was declined. Sometimes last week also $25 was declined. Well, reason why it was declined and USED was not made known to me but lesson learnt…..We move but I will make sure none of my friends, relatives or enemy use this app to trade for card or bitcoin. Thanks


I have trade with Patricia and I didn’t get my mom. After I proving them the informations to send me my money. Guys don’t trade on this site you will lost your money. It’s a scam


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