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SPOT – Park Easier iOS


Parking should be quick, easy, affordable, and on YOUR terms, so we created SPOT to meet your parking needs. With SPOT, you now have access to private parking spaces at the times, locations, and prices you want while also providing an easy way to make extra cash when your SPOT is sitting empty.

So go ahead, drive wherever you want to go and reclaim your time, quarters and sanity by parking easier with SPOT today. We guarantee whoever that slab of concrete belongs to will love the cash they make by listing it (within 2 minutes, we promise!), sitting back and relaxing.

Say goodbye to your quarters, impress your date with a SPOT that won’t ruin her heels, show pity for everyone getting parking tickets because that’s SO 2014, and sign up today! Park easier, and pay less. Just sayin’. SPOT… park easier.

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Used both and this app far surpasses its main competitor. Easy choice for finding and selling parking!

Dan M 88

This is a great app and makes it really convenient to take my car downtown if I need to run an errand or see a friend. It’s much cheaper than your average public parking and you can usually get very close to your destination. I’ve received excellent customer support using the messages/help section. When you book a spot you get the contact info of the owner. So if you’re booking in advance for something of great importance, it’s worth sending the owner a message to ensure you will be able to park when you arrive. *And keep in mind, the developers of the app can’t control whether the parking spot is safe to park in, without user feedback. So if you feel like you might damage your car trying to get into the spot you booked, find something else and notify the app that the spot is unsafe. It’s still your responsibility to safely park your car.


I use this app when I work from home and need to find off street parking. I have booked spots a couple weeks in advance and morning of and always had a smooth experience. Frequently recommend to friends coming into the city. A must have for Boston drivers!


Spot makes parking in expensive parts of the city so much easier!

MO Boston

The SPOT app is saving me time and money on an almost daily basis. The only thing I want is more SPOT’s to choose from when in various neighborhoods. I keep telling my friends, colleagues and clients about the app anytime they complain about parking or if they have a parking space that is wasting their money when they are not using the parking space.


SPOT has saved me more than a few times and I love that you can extend your parking time in the app. It is such a relief to not have to worry about the various parking rules that Boston imposes on the streets. I had an appointment that extended three hours past what I expected and I had no problems keeping my spot for that time. Also, the team is on top of it and quick to address any questions I have!


My wife and I use the app almost daily for our Boston daily commute. Love it


Parking in Boston has never been easy–until now! Simply reserve the spot, let the app navigate you to the area, and you’re done! No more driving around searching for spaces or paying a meter endless amounts of quarters!

Something Low

Very easy to use and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for easy parking solutions


I had a great experience using this app. The owner of the parking spot was very friendly and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend using!


I needed to find a place to park my car for 2 days in Boston and after checking out all the nearby garages and their outrageous prices, I decided to look for a more affordable alternative. The search lead me to this app mentioned in an article. I then looked up all the reviews that I could about this app and I have to admit the one other review on here talking about their bad experience made me worry a bit but I ended up giving it try by selecting a location that is professionally managed, picture of parking spot was clear and walkable distance to a T stop. I booked the spot, found it easily, came back 2 days later and my car was still there. Therefore, I was really pleased with the smooth process and would recommend. Here’s my referral code QIN7332 for first time users, in case anyone wants to give this app a try too. Suggestion for developers: Maybe if it’s possible, add a rating/review system to each location. This way users who have parked at this one spot before can confirm/review their experience and have a peace of mind that spot is trustworthy.


Long story short, the left hand doesn’t know what the right one is doing over at “SPOT”. After booking a space and thinking this was the easiest thing ever, it turned out to be a nightmare ! SPOT cost me over $100 and several hours of my time because their owners don’t care to update their listings. No one communicates anything with you until the last possible minute when a problem arises. I arrived at my reserved space at 6AM, only to find someone else parked in it. I didn’t hear anything from them until after 7AM. I missed my flight at the airport because of their negligence and ended up on a later flight. SPOT created an abundance of problems for me with my entire day because of this. Everything on my schedule became a mess. To add insult to injury they tell me they are “willing” to refund me my money and will give me a $10 off coupon…. are you kidding me?!? Keep in mind, I already had this coupon because it was my first time using the service. Very generous of them to let me use it again… This company is a total joke.


I love The concept, and I am waiting to come to Miami. Need of parking in the area is alleyways an issue


This new version is gorgeous!! It even has cool animations and of course I’m still able to find and a book a spot except they even made it easier!


To everyone and anyone who has ever found themselves pulling out their own hair looking for parking meters in Boston, or has spent more money on a parking garage than on lunch, you need to download SPOT now! I reserved a parking spot near back bay for 5 hours and three days before my trip into the city. Three days later I drove in, parked in my spot and was off! Can’t say enough good things about the simplicity and affordability of this app!


Used this app for a Red Sox game…took 30 seconds to find a parking spot and that was that. Reserved the spot, inputted my CC and pulled into my reserved spot. Saved around $20 on one transaction. Would definitely use again! Cool idea.


There were 2 spots listed in Chicago, where I live. There’s maybe 50 spots nationally on this app. Thanks, but I’ll stick with SpotHero, where there’s an actual marketplace of thousands of spots for me to park and thousands of customers who want to park in my space.


Been using this app since their old version, and I really love the updates. I’ve had good experiences and the users I have rented spots from have all been so nice! I have to say there’s a spot behind Newbury street where I get my hair done, and I no longer have to bribe my hair dresser to run around trying to find my car and feed my meter… They like me much more now.

Mark Abra

I have used SPOT app for the last 6 months. I love the new design! More importantly, it’s an incredible resource to find parking wherever I go. I highly recommend giving a try!


As a long time SPOT user I’ve always been a fan but this newest version cleans up the Ux in a major way making parking easier than ever. Gps is smooth and every question I ever had they got back to me with an answer. If you’re trying to snag a space in Boston, I’d start with these guys. 5 stars for sure!


The app is easy to use and helps find inexpensive spots easier in big cities such as Boston. Simply put it’s the Airbnb for parking.


Buddy from outta town came and stayed a week with me (a week is always too long) – but I found him a cheap spot right nearby using the app. Solid.


It’s like air bnb for parking!!!


I never have quarters in my car and even when I do, I hate that I have to go back to feed the meter every two hours. Spot makes it so easy to find a parking spot for the afternoon without having to worry about getting change and setting the timer on my phone to go back to the meter. I love the convenience of it!


I’m so impressed with the update of this app. I loved the first version but the newer version is so user-friendly and fluid to use. I live in the Boston area and have spend over an hour looking for parking before let alone hundreds of dollars in parking tickets and surge charges. Thank god for this app because I now have a cheap way of parking that’s much safer than most lots and probably saves me hours of time each week. Keep up the good work guys!

Beir Family

I rented a spot for the afternoon in Boston and it worked flawlessly. Even better than the low price was the stress reduction – knowing where I was going to park, card-less transaction, no competitive spot grabbing – and I impressed my friends with my command of Boston.


Works really well, nice and smooth. The real value of this app is peace of mind. It’s really something special.


It saved me time and money!


Awesome step up in this update! This just keeps getting better and better! Not only am I saving money in parking, there’s no more searching for a spot and then having to continuously feed the meter. This is the app I didn’t know I needed until I got it, and now I can’t live without it!


I love this app… In a few seconds you I rented spots… I saved a lot of money… and this update is awesome…


Worst app ever, don’t get it


Didn’t enjoy the user interface or experience.

John Nunz

So easy to use!! The Spot app helped me save time and money on city parking. And, I’ve made some extra cash by renting out my driveway while I’m out of town. Very smooth app and payments are secure! Highly recommend!!


The SPOT app is literally changing my life. I’ve made some extra dollars renting out my spot while at work, and found great parking, quickly, and at a great price when going out or to friends’ housing. This is the new way to park in Boston!

Happy Spotter

Really like this app. Listed my spot, which was totally simple, and have been getting some nice extra cash flow from it during the day. I’ve also used the app a few times to find parking. It’s very easy to use, and I’ve noticed there’s more and more inventory every time I use it.

Spencer Honeyman1

Awesome app. Great for daily, weekly and monthly parking. Finally able to have private parking spots at your fingertips.


I rent out my parking spot with SPOT and I probably make about $300/month on average (I live in Boston). As with any start-up, SPOT has some issues here and there, but they take feedback seriously and have been great in terms of support! The app is really useful for when you are parking in an area that you are unfamiliar with or an area that is really expensive. SPOT has been quick to release new versions which have solved most of the past issues. Two thumbs up!!

Hannah Jellinek

Love it! Must have some smart cookies working there!

Danny Deuce

Very limited amount of parking spots available in Boston area and those that are available are only hourly. Needs a much larger user base to be remotely useful


Really like the concept but app crashes when I try to add a parking spot. Let me know when you get it to work.

Avg user

This is a terrible app. The UI and overall design is really bad and makes even simple tasks difficult. I have tried several times to find a spot and I can’t find even one anywhere. I also listed my spot and no bites at all. Looks like they used one of those app builders like phonegap to make this. Overall this is a terrible app and service.


This is hands-down my new favorite App. We all know how difficult and frustrating it is to find parking in and around Boston – this App has finally solved my dread of looking for a spot. The App itself is extremely user-friendly. I’ve been using SPOT for several weeks now, and it’s great to see how many more parking spaces have been posted just in a few short weeks. Thanks, SPOT, for solving my parking woes!


I visit Boston on a regular basis for work and have always dreaded driving in the city, more importantly parking! SPOT has been a life saver. When I’m running from meeting to meeting I can always find a spot quickly without wasting time or having to stop to pay a meter. Huge help! Thanks SPOT!


Thanks to this easy to use app, I found a spot in an area that’s usually hard to find one in. I was able to secure and pay for the spot before I left my house and pull right in with no problems. Glad I didn’t have to go searching because it was a busy day. What a great time saver!


Now that schools back I couldn’t find parking anywhere in the city. Near work, near class and as a commuter student it’s incredibly frustrating. Finally there’s an app that makes my life easier. Most of the SPOTs I rented were reasonably priced, and I even rented my SPOT in the suburbs one day and made a couple quick bucks. 5/5 fo’ sure.

Swerve B

This app has been a lot more user friendly when it comes to renting out my deeded spot in downtown. Honestly a great download.


This is an excellent application to help one find parking in the Boston area. It is very useful when looking to park for dinner, shopping, or other activities in the city.


This is the kind of app that is needed in our cities to help resolve parking problems. While some other bottom-feeding companies like Haystack and MonkeyParking allow users to scalp public parking, this app does it the right way: allowing people with unused private parking spaces to share them with others who need them. Thank you for being part of the solution, SPOT!

Jacob 52

It’s like a quick craigslist. App is a bit wonky, but ultimately they just need more spaces. People wanna rent their spots, look at the monthly listing


I absolutely LOVE Spot! It’s is so helpful, convenient and easy to use. I use this app constantly- it saves me so much time and money! I can’t wait until it’s nationwide! 🙂


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