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Baby Dream House iOS

Baby Dream House 简介

~~> It’s the baby dream house! Explore 9 amazing rooms while you take care of babies!
~~> You can play in the garden, bake cakes in the kitchen and even take a shower!
~~> Check out all the rooms like the Bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and living room! There’s so much to do!

Have a fun playtime in all 9 amazing rooms with your baby! This is your dream house– so you can do all the fun you’ve always dreamed of, but don’t forget your chores!

Toilet Time!
Using the toilet is a super important part of any baby’s life! You need to make sure she knows how to ‘go’. Don’t forget to wash her hands! Make sure she keeps her good hygiene habits for life!

Eating time!
For this adorable and fun baby to be super healthy and happy, you need to give her the best kind of food and make sure that she’s all clean once she’s done eating!

Once your baby’s awake, go take care of the garden with her! She’s in the inflatable pool, and you need to put your green thumb to good use when you tend to the garden!

Now it’s time to get cleaned up!
Bath time is a lot of fun, and it’s important too! Give your baby baths before and after playtime!

Now let’s get creative!
It’s time to show the world how you can create a masterpiece! Try out all the utensils and all the colors to be the next Picasso or Mondrian!

Laundry list!
Now that we’re done in the art room, it’s time to get our clothes cleaned and ready for dressing up! Separate the clothes, white from colors, and use the right detergents!

Time to clean up the house!
Phew, after all the fun activities, it’s time to clean up the living room before we can play inside too! Teach your baby what tools to use to make it all sparkling clean!

Dress up!
It’s been a long and fun day but before it ends, we need to play some dress up to let your imagination run wild and look amazing too!

Full days like these are one in a million but they all end in a sweet story for your starry eyed baby!

What’s inside:
> 4 babies!
> 9 games and rooms inside and outside the house!
> 20 shirts & dresses
> 10 pairs of fun & fancy socks
> 10 pants, jeans, skirts overalls and bloomers
> 21 bracelets, necklaces and watches
> 10 hairstyles
> 10 funky hats, 30 sunglasses
> 10 pairs of crazy and fun shoes, sandals, boots
> 10 toys, wagons, baby carriages, balls & more

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Baby Dream House 下载




The game is amazing I played it til I was 8!! But now that I want to play it again it shows the octopus! Then a white screen please fix this glitch! Ty.


The game literally wont open 😕




Yeah I agree! I got a new iPad and it isn’t loading same with the baby thing? Like the babysitting


Ok I have played this game before I loved it was super fun but now I tryed to download it again and all there is is a white screen I waited but nothing and I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the same white screen too


I had this game like a year ago and it was wonderful and awesome and just amazing and I loved it but now I decided to download it and I did but when I tried to get on it just shows a white screen. Can’t get on.:(


I was talking to my friends about this game because it was my childhood but I couldn’t remember what it was called so I searched a few thing and finally found it!! I downloaded it but it is just a loading screen, very sad but amazing game


I gave this 4 stars because I know this game is good but when I got it it wouldn’t let me in it showed a white screen. I waited for a while but nothing happened. I don’t know if that means it doesn’t work on my IPhone or if it was something I did. Please make it work!


You game no work For me


It’s because the screen turns white on thrips game and several others so fix the taptale or I’m deleting all the taptale games the don’t work.


I used to love the app but every time I use it now the screen is just white

Mick man little man

I am ten years old and I love this app and it stoped working and I am really mad fix the app also f you

Ellyn N

I used to play this game when I was like 5 years old, but now it doesn’t work. When I turned it on, it showed the octopus, but then it went blank. It happened to all the other games too. Please try to fix it as soon as you can.


Whenever I open a tabtale game, I see the octupuse 🐙🐙🐙 but then my screen turns white. Others are talking about this glitch. Please fix!


Hello, i have played this game when i was 6 , it has been 3 years since i played , and now when i tern the game on i see the octopus 🐙🐙 and then the screen terns white. I don’t know what’s wrong but please fix it! 🙂 I saw that all the most recent reviews are all talking about the glitch! We all want you to fix it, thank you.


It’s cool and all but we have to buy at least 95 percent of the game. 😬😳. Cute game though. 😋


So it’s not working help pls

warda ayashe

Hello I downloaded this game 1 year ago. And i wanted to try the game out to see if it is fun! But when I first opened the app it was all White. I got confused and then I download it again and still white. and then my iPad froze and then I just got confused and delete it. NOT A GOOD APP PLS DONT BUY!!


So I just got this game and I can’t get into the game. So I tapped the game and it showed the little octopus 🐙 with goggles and then the screen went white. I waited for a minute and nothing happened. I used to have this game in my iPad but it didn’t work on my phone. So anyway please try to fix that!




I don’t know what to do with these different baby games. I click on the app but then it won’t load and let me access the game . I’ve tried multiple times with many of these baby games. How do I fix this?


Ok so I was playing Roblox and then I this weird flashback to when I was younger and playing this game on my tablet and I thought hmm ok let’s get this on my phone so I got it and it’s a pretty good game for not being updated for 2 years. I would recommend this for smaller but not too small of children.


I love this game it is very kid friendly game i reCommended for your kids


The app won’t even let me go on it. The screen will start with the Tab Tale screen and turn into a white screen and stay like that, I have waited hours and it still was on the white screen (I am on iPhone 7: iOS 13.3.1

aliya michell


call my Lanta

I love the game so fun for kids who are girls. Thank you 👍👍👍👍


I used to play it, and it was rlly fun. but when i downloaded it now it shows the logo and then a blank white screen! It doesn’t work! I would really love if you could fix that so i can play!

tiktok is addiction

Ookkk appp not the best though

SS 61

It dose not work when I get on it shows the logo and then a blank white screen so plz fix it I loved it so Much when I was five

Morg Manuel

I downloaded the game and saw the tab tale sign and then it faded to a white screen and wont even go to the game. what do i do

by callie

Hey, I’m Callie. I remember I played this on my grandmas iPad a few years ago. I tried downloading it on my phone, it stayed white for several minutes…. and the bad thing is my grandma got a new iPad. So, I guess I can’t relive me childhood. I deleted it. 😬




I can’t even get into the game plz fix!!

reviewing crappy app

I had this game over 5 years ago, the app downloaded fine but you can actually go into the app. All it shows me is a white screen and exits out of the game. I downloaded other ones if there games and they also don’t work.


I got that app and after it showed tad tale it went to a blank screen


As you can see you literally watch the baby do potty like what?! That is totally weird. This is short but 5at’ all I’m going to say.


The game is not working after the tabtale thing it’s just a white screen. 😢

spongeboob yall

Got this game a few years ago. Came back to it today and now I’m staring at a white screen for god knows how long! Can u fix that? Please and thanks!!!!


Paid for all rooms now app won’t load to play.

marin g 1

I love this game it is so werth to get ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


i used to have this game years ago and i wanted to play it again but i won’t work. i will just have a white screen and it won’t play the game. i’m really sad because i was so excited to play it again😭

Take this

My grand kids all loved it until suddenly it was gone! Please bring it back. The youngest ones really miss it! You would get 5 stars but I’m disappointed now that it’s gone.


So I downloaded this game like 5 years ago, and I downloaded this game on my iPad, and it worked. My cousin loved this game, but a few years later came by to now, it doesn’t work on my brand new iPad?! Like what the heck! Please make it allowed on iPads, and I had to see my cousin sad because she loves this game so much! Anyways from that, this is an awesome game and if it works on iPad, I can see my cousin with a big smile on her face. PLEASE MAKE IT WORK ON IPADS!


I love this game but I wish all the rooms were unlocked.❤️😟

Roblox is pretty awe

I like this game a lot but I wanted to feel like a baby again so I downloaded it and all it was is a white screen can we fix that


Hi. I’m writing a review because I only have three rooms THREE ROOMS and I’m not paying for more so can you please just unlock all of the rooms? Thank you Bye


I downloaded this when I was 4 I loved this game but then I couldn’t find it so I love this game and I happy I got to download it again


I loved this game when I was five I had all the games and I remembered about them and downloaded them. I was SO disappointed that they cost money. I really used to love all these apps but I don’t like spending money on something that gets boring after awhile. I’m 10 and I really still love it. Again, PLEASE no in app purchases. PLEASE.

soleil smith

Every time I play this game it makes me think l’m at house and its like a baby doing parents work it is adorable I love if you want to get you should


Great game I played since I was 10, but please unlock all the rooms. Spending money just on rooms is a bit desperate… and it gets boring. Otherwise pretty cute game. =)


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