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Herbs Guide iOS

Herbs Guide 简介

Learn all about herbs with this Herbs Guide!

This app contains information about more than 50 herbs: how they look, how they can be used against animals, how they can be used in recipes, which health issues they can treat, and more.

Once you have gained enough knowledge about herbs, you can take quizzes on the presented. material There are over 200 questions.

If you are looking for information about herbs, or want to know a lot about herbs, this is the perfect app for you.

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Herbs Guide 下载

App Store 官网美版


Cutie Sammy

I really wanted to see all about herbs but I couldn’t because every time I pressed on the app it just takes me out 😭


Crashed before even opening the app


it straight up doesnt even open

A kid that needs pri

Just got it and immediately as i opened the app it closed out again.


This app crashes when you try to open it. Won’t open at all. Don’t recommend this to anyone.

meep owl

I got this app awhile ago when I was just starting my craft and it has never worked!!!! It’s just black screens and crashes. Don’t wast your time, your better off just googling stuff!

boi get sum help

As soon as you open the app it crashes. Looked like a great app, but should have expected this from the 1.4 star rating. I tried deleting and reinstalling, and still nothing

ginger baby 2000

I tried to use the app but I kept booting me off. I was hoping it would work


This app closes every time I try to open it, doesn’t even load at all.


Does not work can’t get in app


I had such high hopes for this app, I wanted to learn more about the herbs that grow around me and those that I use to cook with. However the app will not launch, I get a black screen and it crashes. I’m extremely disappointed.

Cool Beans

Downloaded this app, was super excited to use it, but could not successfully launch/open the app. Hopefully big fixes are coming in the future! Would def try to use again.


I was actually pretty exited to get this app, but upon it downloading I opened it and it would keep crashing before I could even see it, I tried to power off and on my phone but that didn’t work. Would not recommend.

this app doesnt even

I was very excited about this app, but whenever I tried opening that app, the app stops all together. Fix this problem

Mr Peggy

I’ve had the app for about three weeks, I’ve tried to open it around everyday, and it still hasn’t opened. So I deleted the piece of crap app.


didn’t open -_-


I didn’t get to use it cause of the crashing 😭

Lily Songbird

The app doesn’t even load, it kicks me out all the time. I try to uninstall it and download it back again, and it never works! Please do FIX IT


I couldn’t even get into the app because it glitches out on me multiple times! Don’t recommend this!


Couldn’t even get on it. It would shut itself down everyone I tried to get on it.


I have downloaded this app five times now and it will not open.


My phone doesn’t open the app it opens but just closes right back up


Sad because it seems like it could’ve been a good, useful app but I can’t even open it :/


The title is pretty self explanatory. I was super excited for this app and I couldn’t even get on it. I thought it was just my phone but after reading the reviews it seems to be everyone. Please fix this

Creep out

I read the reviews but I wanted to see for myself, and I’d encourage that. This app has some major glitches that obviously aren’t being addressed. I can’t even get into the app. I was expecting this from the other reviews so I wasn’t surprised, but just thoroughly disappointed. Cool idea for an app, too bad the makers haven’t bothered to make sure it works.

howabout nag

When I got to the app it crashes instantly


Someone recommended me this app, but I downloaded it twice and every time I tried to even open the app, it immediately crashed. So it’s a bad app, since it does not work.


Honestly, I had pretty high hopes for this app. Mostly because someone had recommended it to me, and said it was a great app. I do a ton of things with herbs, and really wanted to learn more about what I was using. But, that didn’t happen because when you click the app, a black screen shows up and it crashes immediately afterwards. Disappointing, but I should of expected it based off the reviews. 🙁


I don’t even know if this is a good app since I won’t even launch!!

Fi Bubblegum

I was super excited about this app, but when I downloaded it just didn’t open. Don’t waste your time, look for another app.

briana angrisanio is

I never even got to open the app because it wouldn’t let me..


I just downloaded it and it kept crashing… nothing left to say


Crashes before it even gets to the title screen. What a shame.


The app won’t even open.


Crashes immediately


I really like to do stuff with plants and like to be out side and got this app so I know what I’m looking at but every time I get into it takes me back to my home screen if you can FIX THIS


I should’ve looked at the reviews because every time I try to open the app, it takes me back to my home screen!! Awful!

babi witch

It doesn’t load


App won’t open


I wish this would load, it seems cool. Fix that and I’ll change my rating.


At first I thought it was a glitch due to me having slow internet but then I tried again at a friends house and it still did not load


This app crashes every time I open it. Considering the last update was 4 years ago, I doubt anything will be done about it.


When I saw it,it looked like a great information app, but after it taking forever to download, it won’t let me open it, it crashes. No matter what I do it won’t open. Please answer me, I really think this could be a good app, if you could help.


Whenever I tap on the app it just shows a loading screen for a couple seconds and throws me out. I literally can’t even get into the app


This app doesn’t load for me at all. I have many friends who say it’s super helpful for them and I’d love to try it, but I can’t even get it to open.


Jane’s review is from March. I am writing in November, and this issue is happening still. I uninstalled it.


Is there anybody who can fix this app?


The app would never open. Every time I opened the app, it would crash and exit back to my home screen. It’s a bummer too because I think this is a good concept to have as an app. For reference, I have an Iphone7+.


Crashes before it loads to open 😔


I should have read the reviews before installing… the app will not load past the title screen before it crashes… have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, updating my device and reinstalling… still crashes


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