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Thank you for joining us using the ARknet App, the NEXT GENERATION SOCIAL PLATFORM for a more intelligent, secure social media experience. It is our mission to return privacy, ownership and publishing rights to content creators. (Works with iOS 6s and up).

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i-Card Business Card App

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Story Studio-故事制作者

Airo: Speak your mind苹果官网最新版下载,From sports and entertainment, to politics and finance, to your favorite hobbies and your favorite people, it’s all on Airo, your new destination to tune into any and everything. Listen to your favorite speakers, discover new thoughts, ideas and perspectives, follow your friends, share your favorite soundbites, and then join the conversation!

【图】Airo: Speak your mind
Airo: Speak your mind

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Cant wait to see the future with this app


Uploaded my small business. Love the app, love the company!!


I use this platform for my beekeeping needs as well as will bee selling honey and more on it. This platform has made it so easy to do inspections for myself as well as potential inspections from county bee inspectors that join the platform and can see geo location of each hive as well as pictures and what has been going on between each inspection that I do and will always be up to date as I go along. When something happens with one of my hives I have ease of access to all my notes from previous inspections to see what could have went wrong or right. If you are a beekeeper I highly suggest using this great tool.


Absolutely must be place if you are a small business. It is our turn to unite!


App is new. Nothing happening and very boring. Hard to navigate


This is not just an app, it’s an amazing platform. Create a geo-located augmented reality ark in the space around you, which others may summon then view. TravelPin, Business, General, Event, Real Estate arks, etc.. made public, restricted or private at your choosing. KlickZie technology built in which watermarks/protects your photos & imagery. Teleport option is amazing. App is rapidly being developed & growing continually, so watch for updates. Sooo many uses for this, the world just needs to discover & catch on.

Roger Copernicus

This app truly has the ability to become one of the biggest game changers in the history of apps. Augmented reality is becoming a HUGE part of the world and Arknet has their sights set on massive growth. Love this app and company. Next Facebook / Twitter type growth here.

0 to 1000000

Huge game changer !

I am a Treasure Hunt

WOW! Finally a way to have a Celebration of Life event that continues non-stop to celebrate and honor our loved ones that have passed. Arknet has outdone themselves by creating the Memorials function and filled a void unlike any other. Now family and friends, from all over the world, can contribute photos, well wishes, updates and more for all to add to, see and share! What I love about the Memorials is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is easy to add new photos found or leave new messages to share. What a fantastic way to keep the celebration going! Bravo!


New update crashes app when using the AR viewer. Also performance on iPhone 7 is very slow. Your team might want to implement a patch update soon


But I’ll take some. App is unusable


I got this app for the scavenger hunt. The app itself seems to be a new type of social media, except there is absolutely no description on how its supposed to work. From what I understand you can take photos directly to the cloud and either share or keep them privately? I don’t understand. The app itself is poorly designed, the graphics and user interface are completely juvenile and amateur. The scavenger hunt itself brings you to a location map with what I assume is supposed to have a list of items for the scavenger hunt, but it shows no actual items nor any location on the map on where to retrieve said items. Especially after reading these reviews, the entire app seems sketchy and untrustworthy. Finally, once downloaded there is no way to use without confirming email and phone number, and no way to delete your account once you’re signed up. Do not get this app. RE: I live right in the middle of a participating city.


I couldn’t find the code so I wanted to make it send me again. So I clicked back then continue AND NOW I CANT PUT IN THE CODE!!! Thanks developers.


Really disappointed did work at all, signing up alone was a bit of a nightmare and then it’s a loading screen then nothing.


Fake scavenger hunt, nope


It doesn’t even launch for me on ios13.


That’s sums it all up


This needs to be updated a bit while it continues to get noticed.


This app is going to change everything!!!! Absolutely revolutionary!!!!


ARknet is the coolest app to hit. You have no reason for not advertising now. You can hang arks all over for people to see. Very cost efficient. Never loose anything again, just hang an ark over it. Never forget anything, just hang a reminder. Sooo many uses. Put up a memorial for a loved one. Menus, recipes, song lyrics, and the list goes on.


There’s a bit of a learning curve but well worth it. Big fan!!!


Love this. This is the future !

The real Stone

So I can take a picture and look at it by myself? This app makes absolutely no sense👎🏻


It’s the best social media app


Social media of the future!


This is a great and has lot of potential

Madam Blueberry the

Not sure most will easily use this app. The lack of clear instructions has befuddled more than one. I looks forward to revising tjis review. The expextiaion exceeded the initial delivery. Its a great platform.


Could it not be more obvious that the majority of these “reviews” are from investors in TTCM. The app is subpar at best, yet it’s almost 5 star rated by over 200 users. Shameful




I am really surprised by this app! It has so many possibilities. I feel like this is the new up and coming top social media app! Seems very promising. I give it a thumbs up, way up!!!


Great app! This is the future- 👏👍


This is real future for next social media generation


I just downloaded this last night and all I can say is wow. This is definitely a game changer for AR. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


Amazing new technology and specific uses across all business and much more.


Great app and so much potential. Looking forward to future updates.

Medium Pimpin

I’m throughly impressed by this application and it’s versatility. This is definitely something ahead of its time. Looking forward to more

Master maykel

So cool and fun to use.


I love this app and all the endless opportunities it can bring! It’s only on the beginning stages and I’m loving it already!

Flipflop Mom

While I am not as savvy as most regarding digital innovation, this platform is simple to use and will fill a huge demand in the digital realm. I am looking forward to seeing how it progresses!


The potential that this app has is limitless. There are endless social, navigational, instructional, e-commerce, and creative uses. Just to name a few. This is the future.


This truly has great potential. So many useful applications. I’m digging it

Kellie King

Businesses use these arks to advertise sales, discounts, special announcements, etc! Create an ark to save a memory. You can place at ark anywhere and next year or years from then when you return you can add another one to track memories at Disneyland, etc! Place arks around your home for loved ones. Ark anything! Truly an amazing app!


Say goodbye to Facebook! This app has endless applications and potential uses regarding real estate and social interaction. Although in its infancy, this app is going to EXPLODE. Enjoy!


The potential seems immeasurable—this will touch so many areas of everyday life.

ND Teacher

I cannot wait to use this in my high school claS-SRoom! What a great tool for engaging students!


Can’t wait for the updates.


Knowing that this is only the skeleton of what the development team has in store for this platform…I am extremely excited! ARknet is going to change the way we interface with the internet. Instead of just scrolling up and down, we are about to scroll a map of the planet to view ARk’s instead of posts. Also, it is great to know that soon users will be able to monetize their ARk’s if they choose and ARknet has promised to never save user data to later sell to the highest bidder. Can’t wait to see updates unleashing this platform to it’s maximum potential.


This app has the potential to change the world. My advice is press all the buttons and get to know it well now, because new features will come along and make it even more amazing and useful. Create lots of arks (you can always delete the ones you don’t like), add lots of friends to see (access) their arks, make private arks to keep to do lists, grocery lists, see what’s in your fridge, etc. Make an ark at your favorite restaurant and “summon” the menu to browse right in front of you while you’re at home! Soon so many people will be using this you’ll be able to do almost anything! The potential uses are only limited to your imagination. AND, it’s private and secure!


This is such a cool and fun app to use!!! My friend told me to downloaded it and honestly is one of my favorite apps now😁🙌🏼 can’t stop using it!😎


This technology will have so many uses! This is the future!!


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