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FastCustomer: Fast customer service iOS

FastCustomer 简介

**”Top 10 Smart-phone App of 2011″ – TIME Magazine**

Hate waiting on hold for customer service? Then don’t!

With a single tap, we navigate the phone tree to whichever department you need — like tech support or billing — then ring your phone once we’ve got an agent on the line.

Featured on NBC, CBS, ABCNews, NYT, WIRED Magazine, The Washington Post and many more. See all at http://www.fastcustomer.com/press


* TelCos like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and DirecTV…
* Banks like Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo…
* Airlines like United, US Air, Southwest, and Virgin…
* Credit cards like VISA, AMEX, and Mastercard…
* Retailers like Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, and Zappo’s…

And many, many more…


“Absolutely by far the best app! A company was NOT listed and I ‘suggested’ it and in less than 2 days I had an email that it was added and they even tried it out to be sure it worked! Fabulous!!!!!” — by KKDollface on Feb. 18, 2012

“I’ve only used it 3 or 4 times, but I love it! My husband got it and it’s been a Godsend to him. He is very hard of hearing and sometimes he misses what number he is supposed to press for his particular problem when he has to choose from 8 or 9 different options. He often ends up choosing the wrong one and ends up back at the beginning with all the numbers being listed to him again. He would often hang up in frustration or wait for me to do it for him. So this app is more than just a time saver. Thank you so much!” — by Janet H. on Jan. 25, 2012

“GENIUS! This app saves time and relieves headaches. This is what customer care should be … companies wait on you, not the other way around.” — by Bryan B. on Nov. 10, 2011


1. Choose the company you want to contact, tap “Have Someone Call Me” (you can even choose a department such as “Billing”).
2. That’s it! Go back to your life; the next available agent will ring your phone.


* Email contact@fastcustomer.com if your experience isn’t perfect.
* We work our tails off for all our users.


* Twitter: @fastcustomer
* Facebook: /fastcustomer
* Website: fastcustomer.com
* Email: contact@fastcustomer.com

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FastCustomer 下载

App Store 官网美版



This is a crashed app. It’s still not fixed. Looked like not got fixed, but it’s not working. Crashes all the time.


Crashes every time I try to do a test call


Can’t even make a proper review because all the app does is crash upon opening. What a joke


I just downloaded the app 2 days ago, I can’t get the app to work. Every time I launch it, it closes out time after time. So how can I get this to assist me, if it won’t work.


Just got this ap. Deleted and reinstalled it three times hoping to fix a glitch. I can open the ap – it stays open for about 10 seconds and then shuts off and I’m back at my home screen. Hummm Great concept – if only it worked!


App would not open after downloading – it crashes within 3 seconds of opening. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still failed. Not sure if it’s an iOS issue or what.


Excellent app when it was supported, but like other reviewers have said, the app now crashes upon launching in newer versions of iOS.


Outdated and will not run


Installed it and it’s crashes non stop can’t even open it one sec and crashes


They haven’t updated it in 4 years. The current iOS doesn’t support it and it crashes as soon as it’s opened. It was amazing back when it worked.


Downloaded the app, try to open and it just blinks and crashes. Just instantly over and over. Really wish I could try this but I guess it not for me


I used to use this but it will no longer work on my iPhone X

Anil Veera

App crashes the moment you open it.


Updated today… Tried opening… Initial screen with cell phone companies show up… And crashes out before you can do anything! Oh well…


No longer works.

help me this app is

When I downloaded it I would click only while using the app (for using my location) but then it send me to my home screen.


RE-review 12-15-2018: idk what’s going on with FastCustomer these days!!! I haven’t used it much over the past several months. THIS PARTICULAR VERSION OF THE FASTCUSTOMER APP KEEPS CRASHING! I open it only to have it crash! I keep it updated on my iPhone (just upgraded last month to XR). So today I go to open FastCustomer (Lifestyle version). It kept crashing. Would not open. So I deleted & re-installed. Still wouldn’t open. Kept on crashing. I deleted it & installed the OTHER FastCustomer version called PRODUCTIVITY??? Why the 2 separate versions? I’m hoping it’s not a scam or an attempt to install malware on my iPhone XR??? It basically looks the same. But I emailed what I think is you, FastCustomer original developers, through this version. I observed contact names I wasn’t familiar with, expecting to see only FastCustomer as the contact! PLEASE reach out to me, guys! I’m VERY concerned. TY

Jeje oosh

This was my all time favorite app!! Worked so well and really saved hours but now it just crashes please fix this app


Last update 2014, so you can see why it’s in the crapper. Awesome when It worked.


I love this app please update


All it does is crash. Really disappointing


Nothing has been more frustrating than loving the premise of an app but not be able to use it. I downloaded the app and removed it 3 times open it and within 10 seconds app crashes every single time


Doesn’t work. Period.


Downloaded this last night and tried it today. It briefly displays the “allow location” screen then kills itself.


Crashes upon launch every time. Deleted and reinstalled multiple times.


Can’t even open app for more than 3 seconds before it crashes.


It won’t stay on long enough to use…😢 I don’t know if one of the bug fixes created this or what.


Worked very well for years. Needs an update to fix bug.


Do not download. See title of review

Davino buzz

Since update it crashes every time. Used to be handy sometimes. Too bad


I’ve had this app on my phone for ages, finally got around to try using it, and it just repeatedly crashes. Pure garbage. /rebooted phone, iPhone x.


The app crashes every time I try to open it, rendering the app useless.


Re-downloaded the app. Every time I open it up it immediately crashes. I phone 7+


I had high hopes for this app, but I downloaded it twice and both time had the same issue: whenever I open the app, it shuts itself down after 2 seconds. (On iPhone)


I updated this app and now I cannot get it to stay on more than half a second. I used to love it now it is just frustrating. Fix please


I’m not sure that this app is even supported anymore? All of the companies I attempted to contact resulted in the app repeatedly crashing.


App no longer works. Probably because it hasn’t been updated in 2 years


This really does it all. Easy to use and gets it done.


Who wants to be on hold? Nobody! This app saves me so much time because it really works. It stays on hold for me and my phone rings when there’s an actual human on the other end. Love love love it!!


Fast Customer is a lifesaver. Quickly find customer service phone numbers, or have them call you instead of being held hostage to call queue waiting. If you travel, Fast Customer can help you out of nightmares such as delayed or canceled flights, having to change reservations, getting a hotel, roadside assistance, well, you get the idea. You need this app!


I request Comcast to call. When they eventually do call, I hear a FastCustomer recording, then he call immediately hangs up. I tried four times on two different days.


a lot of work.

Tech V

Tried this & receiving 10+ calls from a number that rings once and disconnects call. Annoying! Not reaching an operator either so I blocked that number from spam calling me and now experiencing the same issue with another number. Uninstall!


Downloaded this app to connect me to AT&T. It went through the steps and a customer service rep called me. So far, so good. Then about 20 seconds into the call, the app’s recorded message started playing for both to hear. The confused rep laughed it off, but then AT&T started calling me several times. I just ignored the incoming calls, but then my active call suddenly ended. Luckily, the rep had my info and was able to call me back. Frustrating experience to say the least. Would be a really fantastic app if it worked!


I love this app! This has truly made life with automated customer service much easier!

ATL Kevin

When I request a test call the app freezes and then closes. I have chosen my favorite companies and the department in which to contact but I’m not given an option to make the call that freezes and I have to close it out and reopen it. I’ve deleted the app then reinstalled it twice now and it has not helped. Should I just delete it altogether or is there something that can be done Never heard back from App tech support or anyone for that matter. THE ONLY RESPONSE I Got WAS AN AUTOMATIC EMAIL RESPONSE: We’ll investigate your call attempt using this number:


I think they may have gone out of business. App always says they’re doing server updates, website doesn’t exist, and support email address is invalid. It’s a shame, used to be the best!


I used to love this app but for several months the app keeps saying that it’s doing some maintenance. How long is this not going to work properly? Secondly I don’t mind paying for the upgraded fee if you guys will get your crap together.


We all hate IVR systems. I work in a call center environment. I deal with them everyday (Sometimes successfully, other times I feel as though I’ll never reach a human.) I wish I could use this app at work, but PCI compliance would balk at the idea. Too bad.

Dave Koston

When I first got the app, it was basically a directory of how to dial in for each company’s customer service line. Now, it’s light years beyond. Choose a company and department, let FastCustomer do its work and the company will call you. Can’t ask for a better experience!


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