The official IMSA mobile app features live video, IMSA Radio, timing and scoring and more during every IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge race weekend.

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FIA Formula E App苹果官网最新版下载,The FIA Formula E app is your definitive companion for everything electric:

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FIA Formula E App

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【图】Gasparilla Distance Classic
Gasparilla Distance Classic

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Marymount Saints Athletics

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Golf Startlist Generator

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League 2014 2015 – Live Football Score, Fixtures and Results

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UEFA Player Pitch Rater

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With every new update, it seems this app is also getting BOP, as it goes from bad to worse.- I guess IMSA and it’s app developers, can do better than this!

Sadiess Dad



Can’t login or reset password since reset page doesn’t respond. It’s a horrible app to represent a great racing series. Perhaps the developer needs to look at the apps for other series like IndyCar which seem to work consistenly better and are more intuitive and more polished.


Try to log in and get an invalid account notification. This is a good way to turn off fans


New update is a MESS. Now can not only not watch in person but couldn’t get app to function to listen to quals! Getting results for quals ….a mess as well.


What happened to watching live races on this app? In car cameras etc.?

Obsessed w this App

I have no sound when playing videos?!?!?


Great updates to the app, thank you IMSA!

RFC Nailz

Fantastic update! Thank you.


Yeah if you’re thinking, don’t do it. Once you update as you login, then your password not correct, when you go to reset and enter your email it says no account found or something like that

Rah Deluxe

Ideal and Great set up for Racing Fan’s.Im a huge fan of GT racing. it’s became my favorite sport (team BMW ) all day! So for that I give this app 3 star’s but it need’s a lot of work.The New’s feed could be nice and the Race weekend count down is really helpful but this app crash’s alot and stuff is frozen.due to bug’s I cant even select my favorite manufacture due to the selection is frozen and I cant even see which one to choose. It would be also a nice if you can choose to have notification’s On when a race start’s etc.Please update and fix this app because pure GT IMSA passionate fan’s such as myself would use this all day especially to watch live video’s of Racing. This sport could be #1 world wide if the app is done properly!


Just updated the app. Pictures don’t load. Videos don’t load. Old data. Overall—-pretty bad.


This app used to be good until NBC took the rights to air the Races. Pay for the track pass for NBC gold and get to view what our Euro-friends get to watch (which I can only assume is free). IMSA is pretty much useless now.


The app crashes often, can’t see lap times, and struggle to view live in car video.


Half of the in-car streams would not work. Missed the ending of the race because the app would not refresh


Don’t download because it won’t open. It’s laced with viruses.


Very buggy won’t even stay running.


I went through all the necessary steps to set up an account. All went well. Then I logged out. A couple hours later I went to log in and it kept switching screens every time I tried to log in. Worthless app will be deleted as soon as I post this message. Hopefully someone will read this post and save themselves the aggravation. Too bad I couldn’t give the app a -5 rating.


This app used to be great and actually useful in prior seasons but here we are a week from the 24hr and it’s worthless. Unstable, shows no sort of schedule, teams and cars etc need updating, overall feel is outdated and not user friendly. I hope it gets proper work done or a new app is released before practice begins next week….

Nissan Xterra

This app needs a major update. I open up the app and filter through the classes of cars and it freezes up. The corvette picture needs updated to the C8.R—still has the C7.R photo even though it says C8.R under the drivers name. A terrible app that doesn’t work very well all the time. Needs improvement.


Quite possibly the worst app I’ve ever had the displeasure of using. It’s easier to search the internet to find what you want.


This will be the third season I have used this app to try and follow race coverage. The app is glitchy, and hardly ever gets updated. I don’t understand how a big organization like a IMSA (aka, NASCAR) can put out such a garbage product and not keep up with the current stats/information. Now I’m trying to listen to the ROAR coverage and it doesn’t even have the option to listen to IMSA radio (even though IMSA keeps advertising it to do so in all of their emails).


I don’t know which is worse… the frequency with which the ap crashes, the inability to find information when it doesn’t or the inordinate lag with which it retrieves info. I won’t even bring up the confusing and obtuse way IMSA posts information. 1. Try and pull up the a season schedule. You got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well do you punk? Far too often, it just pulls up blank. 2. And it doesn’t matter even if it does pull up the schedule. Want to know what time to tune into the app to stream the radio? Well that’s apparently top secret. It’s as if the S in IMSA is for secret. 3. Want the complete results for the race? Well TFB! We’re going to give you 37 individual team race reports written by marketing gurus! You don’t watch the race for the racing! You watch because the cars are gee whiz cool! 4. I just want to program my bloody DVR. Whose broadcasting when? Well, we’ll post a bunch of logos! You figure it! It’s like a scavenger hunt. Of course, what they tell you doesn’t mean squat — the actual broadcast time and channel gets whipsawed like a skater at the end of the line. Notify people via the ap? Hell no! We’ll post it on FB and let FB pop it to the top of your feed 6 hours too freaking late!

sports car race fan

Since you can’t find regular sports car racing coverage, the need for a quality app is necessary. Unfortunately this app isn’t reliable. For example…Open a subcategory refinement by team or class and the app crashes and closes instantly. Totally useless.


Seriously this is the worst app. You’re better off going to the mobile website. Worthless.


I like it. It is very informative and easy to use; but it is kinda laggy and slow.


This app is trash. It won’t get past the enter your information screen without freezing up or crashing.

shower doowop

Without a doubt the most unprofessional face of the most professional racing series in North America! I don’t understand how the parent owner NASCAR thinks this kind of sub par app would attract new fans or help to maintain the current fan base. Perhaps it’s time for individual race teams to demand better corporate representation vis-à-vis or consider a schism as did CART & Indy Car. The spirit of the Bishops must be crying after spending almost fifty years building this franchise.


App crashes when you try to sort drivers by class.


The app doesn’t work 95% of the time. If given the chance to make it myself I would


Worst live streams on earth. I’ve never been able to watch a single LS due to constant errors both on their webpage & their app.


If you don’t log in with a user account, your experience will be painful. Even if your just trying to see the race schedule. When entering the app, you’ll be requested to enter a user login every single time and the skip button is exquisitely tiny and hard to see. The actual racing is still good though, app just needs a BOP adjustment.

None at all for you

Come on IMSA, this was not working 6 months ago, and now with the new season and re downloading, still does not work at all! If you guys want to capture the hemorrhaging NASCAR viewers you need to do much better!


This is an excellent example of how not to code an app. Every year it’s the same issues making it unusable. Waste of time.


The app isn’t horrible just could have a better UI and also would be nice if you could select all manufacturers such as Mercedes-AMG. Update 1/13/19: New update seems to have broken parts of the app such as schedule area. Update 1/30/19: Everything seems to work fine as of now but really needs to be updated to allow people to choose from all participating manufacturers. You write articles about how many manufacturers are participating now let people show that…


I’m nearly certain IMSA contracted a high school kid to build this app for the kid’s intro to programming class. IMSA is owned by NASCAR, thus I would expect a slightly better functioning product.


This app was bad on android but it’s unusable on an iPhone


Would you like to sign in with Facebook. Would you like to sign in with Facebook. Would you like to sign in with Facebook? Annoying isn’t it Never got timing and scoring. A while since I used an app so useless. A shame because I love sportscar racing


One of the biggest races on and live stream doesn’t work at least for me. 😕


App wants an physical address to create sign in? Why? Already gave it my email, certainly don’t see the need to give physical address. App is now very bugging since denying it the information.


Enough said.


24 hours of Daytona is on. App has no standings showing who is winning, no times, no news..ect. Unless you sign in. And then it doesn’t take your password. So you click to reset it. It takes you halfway to the imsa.com site and then bombs. Over and over. So you try to create a new account. Which gives you a validation error. What an …utter…waste of time. I guess I’ll watch football reruns.


Please add live timing to the app. It’s on your webpage, but definitely need it on the app. Basically, look at the F1 apps and make your app like theirs.


Live video says nothing but oops. Give me a break it worked last year


iPhone experience: App was good but now I can’t even get login or registration to work. Facebook integration for login doesn’t work either. What happened IMSA? This was better in 2014!


All the news and stuff is nice but currently I can’t view the live stream of the Rolex 24


New version unstable and doesn’t load. Deleted and reinstalled. Nada. Changed login and it got worse. Hung up on selecting manufacturers and never loaded the selectables. Just nothing. Which is what I get out of this app: NOTHING…


On IPhone 5. IOS 10.3.3 Logged in with twitter, then after putting in address and hitting next, app freezes then crashes. Every time.


WTH is wrong with this app? Always showing me the login screen when I’m already logged in. Rarely has news, videos, or anything to look at. Is app busted, is the feed empty? Either hire better or more devs to make this app bette. Heck I’m an iOS dev, wanna hire me to fix this?

Hip Hop Section

This version immediately goes to a blank white screen and crashes when you open it. Reinstalled it multiple times. Just in time for the 24 hours of Daytona. Great


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