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Denver Post 简介

The brand-new Denver Post mobile app is the most comprehensive, accurate, and content-rich source of local news for the communities of Denver, Colorado.

Here are just a few of the many features of our new app:

• Improved push notifications for Breaking News
• Attractive layout for ease of use
• Convenient sharing capabilities
• Frequent updates to ensure the latest news is always at your disposal

Terms of Use: https://www.medianewsgroup.com/terms-of-use/

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Denver Post 下载

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Had this app for years. Suddenly they want $15 a month lol see ya. Deleted.


Why does the same story appear multiple times? I can see the same story three times when scrolling down just a few stories. It’s worse if I click “see more.” Is that a trick to get me to see more ads? It’s annoying. Look at a section like sports and there’s the story again. The effect is that there is precious little content. It needs to be repeated to give the appearance of a busy newsroom.

Columbine Dad

Though a new mobile design was desperately needed, the new app is a fail. Less info is available to be found. And no ability that I found to escape the limits of the app by opening the full site. And where are the comics. Fix this immediately.


I’ve had this app for a while. Then when I went to use it today it requires a login to access news. The amount of time it takes to create an account is considerably longer than just using google. It’s already riddled with ads.


Really sad about everything with this app. The layout is awful. Not readable.


Paid for a subscription and pop up ads are so annoying that I came close to canceling. Could they have made it any worse?


Whenever I get a notification of an article on my phone, and I click on it, it opens safari and I get bombarded with ads. First off, why isn’t it opening the app? Second, if I’m paying for a subscription (which I am) then I should not be dodging ad after ad.

Maizie Day


Scill in Denver

Why in the world did you change to this horrible app? Who advised you that it was appealing to your readership? It reads like a tabloid and the pop up ads are destroying the content.


I want the replica Edition, included in my subscription, which auto-renews monthly. Every 2-3 weeks I have always gotten a message “unauthorized to read…sign in”.. which I do then usually opens. Always frustrated by that, but now I can’t get it at all. Starting 5 days ago all I get is a whirring blue expanding circle that goes nowhere. I have reloaded the app, changed password, tried both “log in” and “sign in” links with no success. Terrible experience for a subscriber.


I purchased the digital subscription because I believe in supporting local journalism and don’t want to waste trees with the paper edition. This app is hard to manage, the black background is hard on my eyes, and the Denver.com website doesn’t stay logged in while reading different sections. As a subscriber, why must I keep having to manage through the subscription page? Sadly, this is too much frustration to pay for and I won’t renew my subscription.

The Jiggmeister

I read the news to stay informed. This is a history book of past (Irrelevant) “news “




The app is still buggy if you’re ur looking to view articles and look for specific sections like obits and the like. I can’t login with my account either.


It doesn’t cover enough issues it needs something more appealing that makes you want to read it.


I read three newspapers digitally and the Denver Post has glitches, requires reloading, and simply fails nearly every day.


I subscribed to not have all these ads pop up and in the middle of an arty.


Come on guys. You can do better. The text is crazy tiny and not readable at all. This is not rocket science. I pay for a yearly subscription to support your reporting. Spend the week making a good interface!


I have a digital subscription but can’t find the option to log in to my account. So I have to suffer through ads even though I have paid not to.


I would give this app 0 stars if I could. What makes it even worse is that it does not allow me to login on a web browser. When try to login on a web browser I get into a terminal loop requesting that I activate my account. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


DP- long time print subscriber who went to digital a few yrs ago. The app is getting better, and the content more relevant locally. Thx! Keep working it!


Awful app. This app is clumsy and awkward. You guys need to spend the money and do a complete rewrite.


I prefer to read the print replica edition and navigation is very difficult. Roughly have the gestures I use on my iPad result in leaving the print replica version for one of the digital displays that is so peppered with pop-ups and ads that focus on the article is challenging. Other digital versions do not allow the reader to understand which stories were deemed important enough to make the print version. The latest inconvenience are pop up notifications about recently posted stories that come up on my iPad and iPhone. Sadly, the app gives me no control over notifications so I don’t know how to turn them off. My one attempt to email for support was completely ignored. I would pay for the extra fee for home delivery except that the paper consistently is delivered after 8 am. Too late to read during the week. I want to receive local news and support local journalism so I continue to subscribe but this app and its predecessor are among the worst I have ever seen.


The settings page has an option to increase the text size on the settings page but has no effect on the minuscule text in the articles.

Missing the RM news

App is very slow and user unfriendly. I can see why the Denver Post is about to be bankrupt. Between costly subscription fees and outdated online services, it’s no wonder.


Truly one of the worst news apps there is. I need facts, only facts, to make my own opinion. I do not need editorial opinions or an analysis unless it is scientifically based. The coverage of COVID 19 is so confusing. Finding relevant information such as cases the previous day is impossible. I thought CNN was terrible, but you win.

rarely give bad revi

This app needs to have the ability to access the digital edition for us subscribers


Doesn’t even boot up any more. I Understand the DP is struggling. Hardly surprising given its socialist slant on nearly everything. Bring back the RMN!


Why does it only news. The most current story is 24 hours old.


I pay for a subscription and can only read the paper about 1 out of 2 days. Today and yesterday it would not let me sign in. Just keeps going around no matter what you do. This problem does NOT occur with the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times. If you expect me to pay then deliver on what you said you would do for my money. Outrageous.


If I can’t get updates for 3 days on a virus killing Colorado citizens, how can I trust anything it puts out!


The DP app takes a long time to load, contains repetitious “news”, does not auto refresh each day. Worst of the large newspaper apps.

The Steamboat Connec

Hell, these days there aren’t any presses at a newspaper publishing company. So much has changed not just in the printing of a newspaper but in the competition with internet access to news and the loss of advertising as a result. But the Denver Post has done it’s very best to maintain the quality expected from a major newspaper despite these challenges. No, it is not the New York Times but I for one will support our voice of Denver and the Rocky Mountain West! Keep it up, guys.


There is an option to change the print size in an article. Yet the main page loads with microscopic print. WHY aren’t the settings uniform across the site? One word: stupid.


The only thing worse is the paper itself. The app has posted the same news from 2 days ago… won’t refresh. Embarrassingly bad excuse for journalism.


Slow to load content but ads load fast


I paid .99 for a 3 month trial and I won’t be renewing. Have to delete and reinstall app every day to get current news, layout and navigation resemble a website from the 1990’s. So disappointing!


It’s so annoying that anytime I click a notification it takes me to the web page, not the app. I could live with this if the web page would actually remember my credentials, but all I ever see if the suscribe banner in the web page. Ugh!!!!

Grateful Grammie

This app must have been written by a socialist.

arni hugo

This is impossible as I’ll get an e mail about an article and can’t read it unless I join well I have joined and am about to cancel because it’s impossible to use . True I can get on the app but it’s not the same – sports has ever high school basketball score but NOTHING about CU or CSU ? For the sake of this paper look at the NYT app


Layout is poor. Difficult non-intuitive navigation. Why is the Post so bad when The Washington Post, NY Times, and the LA Times can provide such a user friendly UI???

Chia D

There is no way to search for an article by subject or to even look at yesterday’s paper. Instead you need to leave the app and go to server and put in exact title of story. Sometimes it comes up and sometimes it insists you need to subscribe but then doesn’t allow you to sign in It really really needs to let readers Search.


The Post seems to focus mostly on sports. Look at the major stories. And how can a reader search? I do not see a search opportunity anymore.

The Crude Detective

Update regularity is terrible!


They introduced a new article maker that just fills a template for prep games. The problem is that the actual stories get buried under 50 stories recapping every tiny high school basketball game in the state.


Can’t download for offline. Not user friendly. Not a fan


Not having a search function makes the app less useful and less worthwhile. Why in this day and age you can’t search for the article that your interested in and instead have to wade through other articles to find the one you want?

ghe hmm mvghh

Slow. Doesn’t load. Awful.


App disfunction= content distortion


No query, limited stories. We’re not uneducated southern hicks. Let us choose what we want to read. Compared to other internet news sources, this app stunts growth.


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