【图】Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking下载
【图】Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking
【图】Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking

Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking iOS

Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking 简介

Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking is a secure, convenient way to access your accounts anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device.

This application allows you to:

•View account balances
•View account transactions
•Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts
•Deposit checks
•Be assured that your information is safe and secure
•And more!

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Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking 下载

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This is a terrible banking application. I can not depend on this app to work , it often logs me out or gives me error messages. When the app does work it moves very slowly. I’ve had a difficult time trying to contact customer service regarding an issue with my card and have not been able to reach anyone. Hopefully, the bank will make updates to the app to keep up with the times. Sincerely, a loyal customer.


I use this app on a daily basis to check my balances and at least twice a week a “system error occurred” or I’m prompted to have a security code sent to my phone. This is frustrating. When I try to transfer to my savings, it’s a 2-3 second respond delay. It’s just so many things wrong with this mobile app it’s ridiculous.

chuck tuna

The previous version wasn’t very good, but at least it worked. This new version is an absolute downgrade. It is excruciatingly slow. The navigation is awkward and confusing. Many features do not work. Not only is the new “Transfer Funds” interface confusing, it is completely broken. I can’t transfer funds to another account and I’m always met with an unexplained error when I try. My biggest complaint is the “upgraded” security. This is the only device I use the app on, yet I am asked to authenticate with a code sent by SMS nearly every time I open the app. Why try to reinvent this wheel, but only to make it worse? This doesn’t inspire confidence in CU1’s ability to keep up with technology and keep my funds secure. I stuck with this bank for decades because they were a better alternative to the big banks, even though they were “bare bones” and weren’t the most convenient; today there are many more alternatives that meet my expectations for social responsibility, security, convenience, and reliability. Time for me to move on.

Mackenzie Daniels

There’s a tremendous amount of bugs and issues with this app since the massive overhaul update. It was always pretty basic and ineffective, however it now has a feel of rushed and sloppily put together. Swiping down to see the verification text it sent on a phone I’m always signed into resets the app and I have to do it all over again… the incredible lag time just to view my balances… it unlinked my husband and I’s accounts so now we have no way to share funds for bills without putting ourselves on each other’s accounts as joint owners…the inability to make more than 5 transfers in a month… the list goes on. Given that I personally only do mobile banking as I work during bank hours, it’s come to the point I’ve considered just going elsewhere for a functional mobile solution. I’m very saddened by this recent update, it was always laggy and clunky like an old computer but it’s just so much worse. CU1 just put bright red lipstick on an already geriatric pig.


I have been banking with this place over 35 years. I tried to transfer funds and the option is not working. I tried online website and the app. Called but now sit in the phone for over an hour. Tried the chat feature but they were not able to help. They did the transfer after spending 30mins with them.

top player ftw

i used to love the app before this new update. it never works, and it never lets me transfer money from my savings. almost every time i try to use it, it is experiencing some type of issue


I’m genuinely surprised with how bad this application is. You press one of the icons on the bottom menu and it’s a good 2-3 seconds before it responds. It’s not instant like you would expect. The bill pay feature is obviously a completely separate service duct taped to the app as another window pops up when you need to use it. The app frequently just stops loading at random points and is just an pain to use. It’s mind boggling that credit unions and banks need to keep their apps update and good to maintain their younger customers.


If you enjoy intermittent access to your account, then this is the place for you. Service has been on steady decline over the years and now with their “new” stuff access is intermittent at best. We are looking into Intouch credit union as a new home for our debts and $$.


I loved that they gave the website and this app a facelift, but it is awful! I liked it at first, but ever since it has been such a headache. It is not user friendly at all and it really lags when trying to sign on or do anything. Simple is so much better!


Change your developer this is just a okey looking app but no function.


Overall the new design of the app is nice and easily maneuverable and I would give 5 stars, however, I’m having trouble with my widget on the iPhone X. I’ve logged in and changed my fast balances settings, I can see the fast balances on the app, can’t see the fast balances on the actual widget for my screen on my iPhone X. My phone and the app are all updated to the most recent version as well. Please fix this and I will change my rating!! Thanks in advance.


It’s difficult to navigate. You aren’t told to login to the website before trying to use the mobile app. I haven’t found where to make sure automatic payments are still listed even though told to do it when I logged on. I’m not going to give it any stars.


Update: evidently you have to log into the online legacy website first before you attempt to use the new mobile app You will also be asked to register on line some information including your Social Security number which I thought was odd but seems very legit You then have to delete the updated app and re-download it and it let me into both online and the mobile app and they both look like a much better experience than before This was all with the help of an online customer service person at 6 AM in the morning! Credit union 1 failed to inform everyone that you needed to log onto the online legacy website first even though I’m sure many people like me only ever use the mobile app and rarely go to the online legacy website anymore! Honestly I have updated mobile apps with Bank of America and Chase and Discover and it’s been much more seamless and user-friendly than this whole update experience… otherwise the new app and the new website get four stars ****************************************** Would be great if it would let me in …both the legacy website and the mobile app have locked me out even though I’m using the same exact login credentials I’ve used for years


New update is a huge failure. The app has locked up the CU1 system. Visa debit cards can’t be used and there is zero phone support to assist.

locked out 999

App no longer works with previous userid and password.


We count on this app, and it is more convenient now with the updates.


CU1 needs to catch up with the times! App is very limited! Considering leaving to another financial institution.


I have been a CU1 member since 2013 and they are very secure about how you save and spend your money depending on your account set up. I absolutely love them and the new upgraded app. Only thing I wish they had was facial recognition but other than that one of the best banking in the world.


Lately every time I open it the message appears that I do not have network connection and I need to try again later. Not sure what more I can do with full bars. A bit behind the curve and it’s really starting to aggravate.

Hypertext Markup Lan

An update to the interface would make this app 100x better, so outdated. More options/ buttons would be amazing addons to further inprove experience when using the app.


Overall, it’s a very – very bare bones app. It’s very old school. But it usually works. One of my biggest complaints that I would like to see fixed is to support Touch ID for logging in.


The fact that I can log in online just fine but have “issues” on mobile even though I am literally typing in the same information is stupid frankly. It was handy for a while but the app is a waste of time if you aren’t allowed to log in.

Tai Rich

This app is the worst. Mainly bc it’s overly difficult to login. The security questions don’t even make sense. They ask questions that you’ve clearly never answered or don’t have the answers to. The features also need to be brought up to date. This app is very poor and I wished they’d fix it so that I can bank properly like I do with Chase or Citibank. 👎🏽


I can log in on a computer with no problem. But I have errors logging into the app.


Sometimes password works and sometimes doesn’t. Have to try back later when password doesn’t work. A touch or thumbprint password capability would be a nice feature as other online banking apps do. Also real time balances would be very helpful.


I been with this bank for over 2 years and yet pending transaction take days to take out my money or been post on the account. Than im overdraft and you guys take $29 per each transaction. I hate the fact of loosing money when i dont have to. Also referrals takes months to get. My opinion this bank doesnt really care about us cause if they do they would of fix how transaction its post it(right away).


Many problems and often afraid to use because I can’t see emblem.

Rona red

The app rarely works. A waste of time.


Set up my account on the main website and wanted to setup the mobile app but it won’t even get past the first screen. This is ridiculous, needs to be fixed ASAP.


Fix app! This app is the worst; it can ever validate info.


Won’t work with my iPhone 6+. Can’t sign in.


Please fix!!! The page consistently reloads after answering security question.


This app needs an update to fix the last update. I haven’t been able to log in for months. It’s awful! Log in gets stuck on the security question and won’t continue.


Every time i log in and enter the security question, the page reloads and asks the question again. Both ipad and iphone! Please fix!!!

Hypnotic Addiction

Please fix!!!!!


Was great before the last update. Now will NOT log me in and keeps locking me out of all services for failed login attempts!! Had to have customer svc unlock account 3x!! DELETE!

Broken Hallelujah

Has not worked in weeks. Called credit union, everyone passes the buck. Was useful when it actually worked.


I like the app! I wish it had an option to allow me to log in with the fingerprint for iPhone. I can easily transfer & quickly before its my turn in line. Haven’t had to use the check deposit feature yet. It could really be enhanced if I could see pdf version of my statements (go green hint). Also it would be a “cool” feature to be able to transfer to other account holders within CU1. Just my thoughts, I’ll look forward to the updates. #mkethpn (MakeItHappen)


won’t allow me to log in at all! I must have answered like 500! Questions already to confirm my identity. My patience ran out. This app is stupid! Fix it please!

Raquel the unicorns

Can I log in? It’s keeps asking me to confirm my identity. Would not recommend to anyone.


Seems okay, just opened my account so I haven’t used it a lot. However, one complaint I have is there is no where to deposit checks like advertised. I don’t have that option at all. It would be nice since this isn’t a local credit union for me.


Can’t get into account. It’s asking to prove my identity???


Can’t login, all I get is security questions over and over.




It allows me to check balances, pay bills and transfer funds between account on the go. I’d like to see a check deposit feature added, till then 4 stars.


I use this app a lot and it is so frustrating when I try to go to my account and it “cannot verify my information”. This has been happening on and off for the last 3 weeks, mostly on weekends when I need it most. I call customer service and give a temporary password. I get in, put in a permanent password. I can’t get in. Customer service has me delete the app and then open the app and we start all over again. Why does it work one time and then not the next time?


The app is asking me security questions that I did not choose when I set up my online account, and I can’t log in.


When app works it work good, but the app is always down. You can’t access your account when needed.. Needs help,


Update: The app now has mobile deposits! This saves me serious time and money (gas). I did have a bit of trouble like some others logging in with the latest version (i.e. asking me security questions that I hadn’t ever answered), but I waited a few more days and they seem to have resolved those issues. Don’t let those reviews keep you away! Original review: The app is easy to use, but comes a little late to the game and has limited functionality. It’s easy to see your balances and activity, transfer money between your accounts, use bill pay, and find local branches and ATM’s. But why can’t I deposit a check like my USAA app? Honestly, that was the only feature that I was potentially excited about since that was the only feature that would save me time and money (gas). So the app is still useful, but not really a game changer.

Swag panda

Every time I log in the security question is “who is your best friend?” First of all I never set this as a security question. And I’ve never given them a list of my best friends. So I don’t know what’s going on here.. Maybe it’s some kind of a trick question but either way it’s been going on for a few weeks now and it’s extremely annoying.


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