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Saint Seiya Awakening iOS

Saint Seiya Awakening 简介

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac!

The officially licensed hero collection strategy RPG based on Masami Kurumada’s renowned Saint Seiya series is now available! Relive the epic saga, enriched with stunning landscapes and beautiful graphics to bring all your favorite Saints to life in full 3D! Enjoy the original BGM from the show as well as performances from the official Japanese voice actors for a truly first-class audiovisual experience!

Collect every character from the series! Mix and match to create your own strategies. In Knights of the Zodiac, even the weak can overcome the strong! Try out a wide range of engaging game modes~

[Thirty-Five Years – The Return of a Classic]

The Japanese manga classic returns in style!
As a next-generation game licensed by Kurumada Productions, Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac lets you experience the time-honored battle manga like never before, from the Galactic Duel to Sanctuary’s Twelve Temples; from Poseidon’s Temple, to the Wailing Wall, and finally to Elysion!
Take a trip down memory lane with classic tracks such as “Pegasus Fantasy.” Burn! My Cosmo, burn!

[Saints by the Hundreds: Ready for Action]

Your favorite heroes and villains are all here. Whether it’s the unstoppable Pegasus Seiya, the compassionate Andromeda Shun, the Twelve Gold Saints, the Specters, or even the Goddess Athena herself: they’re all waiting for you to summon them into battle.
The game brings over one hundred of Masami Kurumada’s original characters to your mobile device. Witness the birth of a new legend!

[Team Synergies & Epic Battles]

Build your dream team from a comprehensive selection of Saints, each with unique abilities and traits. With the right synergy, even Bronze Saints can defeat Gold Saint opponents! Use your strategy and wits to claim victory over the odds! Unleash your Saint’s powerful abilities with just the tap of a finger and activate their Seventh Sense to unlock their true battle potential!

[Galactic Duels, Global Pick & Ban Duels]

Enter the Galactic Duels stage where Saints fight for the Gold Cloth! Test your skills against players from around the world in real-time PvP battles with balanced matchmaking! Utilize the Pick & Ban duel system adopted from the E-Sports to take your strategy to the next level!

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Saint Seiya Awakening 下载

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I tried logging on today and it won’t let me log in is there a update? I tried looking for a notice for maintenance but nothing was showing!?


el mejor juego del mundo


To get the other skills for Poseidon which was hard to get I had to use 400 till I got it and then surprise you have to upgrade the skills to use combination boo just boooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!


Good game. Has a story mode. It is pay to win However


Every time I give permission for them to use my camera it glitches and doesn’t let me log out or more from there if you could fix it thanks


It’s good


While the game used to give a harder time to people not paying for different features, currently the gap between heavy payers and light payers or not paying players has widen too much. From me and my friends experience the probabilities of getting good items increase the more you pay. Competing against other players becomes an unfair deal, the person paying will have the upper hand. The game does not take into account currency and purchasing power differences across countries also benefiting high income.

fa pi co

Me gusta mucho! Felicitaciones por el bien trabajo

Darth vegeta

Worst anniversary I have ever witnessed in any game doubt this game will see a second one


Good game


Aun que estaría mejor que el juego fuera mas fácil de adquirir los caballeros SS


I have been playing this for a little while now. The game started out promising but then turned to the typical spend your money here if you Wanna get the better characters. So I purchased the 35 stars for $24.99….. I didn’t get a single S saint. I have achieved the roll 100 times without a saint to get the SAME S SAINT! Game is a typical money hungry game and I am going to go spend my money on other games that aren’t so obviously money hungry.


This is a fun game to play, but the game constantly lies to the players and misleads people in the worst way. Essentially, if you want to get ahead in the game you have to pay money. Lots of it. Need a new character? You’ll “randomly” never get it unless you drop lots of money consistently. Pay $20, $30, even $40 bucks? Suddenly the character, again, “randomly” shows up. It’s sad that these guys can make such a fun game, but ruin it with how they treat the players. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend someone to even start playing this game. It’s a lot like playing blackjack in Vegas. Not matter what you do, the house always wins.


Muy buen juego, y las imágenes son geniales


Google no está mi cuentas está allí ? Mi progreso se va a perder


I have 15 RAs to summon but I simply cannot use them. I believe there is a bug about it, since everytime I try to summon my RAs the game stops working and I need to close and reopen.


At first seems very hard to advance but the more you level up and unlock more content, the easier is to farm all you need to advance in the game; thanks for the nostalgia


After the update it won’t load after agreeing to the terms


It takes me back to my childhood and it has excellent fx!!


Low levels 20s and 30s beating guys with levels 50s, it’s unacceptable. Enjoy your one star and fix the stupid game, idiots! I have deleted it too!! There are some characters like Saga that are more strong than a God, like Hades or Poseidon! You developers are greedy scumbags!


I’m not sure of what are they called but when you make an invocation it gives you 10 of a blue thing. When I woke up this day I didn’t have the 1990 I have collected for days and now I can’t get dohko I also didn’t make any purchase. Please make a warning before buying something too… Please give me my 1990 I was getting and I’ll be ok but this game needs better things


Not worth playing. You have to pay a lot to win. Every time you log in you’ll see endless pop up “surprises” or “rewards” to ask you keep paying. This game is just a joke. Update: Can’t believe they can’t even spell “Anniversary” right on the anniversary login image.


I enjoy the game in general. The main issue is a huge one that will frustrate the bejesus out of you. The servers keep on dropping. You will be i the middle of a battle and it just freezes and/or drops you. Also the quizzes, do you really need those? You really need to be a huge fan to get some of these questions. You question would something along the lines of who played Seiya. The other questions are just general knowledge but the HAVE NOTHING to do with the game. Example of this one would who gave USA the Statue of Liberty. Just get rid of the questions. Mainly FIX YOUR SERVERS. I’m just so frustrated with the servers dropping.

your honest player

You literally have to pay to play, if we all rate this app horribly maybe they will change their ways. Update, this is still lagging in rewards


Best game ever playef

Robort freak

It is my favorite game all time but after the last AR summon is not working…


Muy bueno


I had given this game 5 stars because the gameplay and visuals are fantastic and amazing. So much that I thought I would actually spend some money. I bought a pack in the store priced at $9.99 and but when I check my receipt it was $35.00!!!! 😡 I contacted support and sent them pictures or my order id and my account information but apparently that’s not enough, they told me they need a picture of the start game screen which makes no sense and they keep telling me sorry but can’t do anything. I love this game and I hate the experience I’m getting from it now 😞 I’m very disappointed. If they resolve the issue I would give them 5 ⭐️

Robert Sil

Great game, follows the stories very well. Nintendo Hard but it’s worth it. Definitely a P2W


This is one of the best mobile game I ever played. It Brought back my child memory. The pixel is high, very nice. Only thing it is the game is a little complex. Need to simplify


Awesome game! Great strategies on PVE and PVP. Lots of characters. Only bad thing is the chance to summon a S saint since it’s really low. Also if we had Asgard chapter …


The game it’s a great game! Especially if you add the sentimental value, my favorite cartoon of my teen years came to life in a video game form. I enjoyed playing it as a free to play, but I believe in this point in time the gap between the pay to win and the free to play have greatly increased. I have played for a year. It was a great run, but it’s not fun anymore due to the same issues other games that get greedy experience. That aside I recommend this game, just be Warned it can get expensive if you decide to use real money in it.


Fun when you just started, if you want to keep a decent player you need to invest a lot of money, which even that you’re not going to get it, they just think about money


Loving the theme song.😀


Good game and easy to farm

Dohko de Libra

Muy bueno pero la diferencia de las famosas ballenas que invierten bastante dinero a las personas que no es abrumadora debería mejorar el sistema de búsqueda de oponentes ya que la desventaja con jugadores ballena es demasiada.


The game is simply the best game for this Anime series, I’ve played several in the past and by far this one is the best Saint SEIYA translated into a game. The game is very generous for starting players, they are given higher chances to summon “S” rank Saints and after a set number of summons you get a few free Saints as well. A lot of people complain about summoning rates and such but they forget that this is a Gacha game and by such they aren’t free. I love playing this game every day, PvP is fun and every month they have new Saints coming out and new game modes like the PvP Melee Tournament of Chaos. Advice: if you plan to play with friends you know make sure you make your account in the same SERVER as your friends playing with you as there is NO CROSS SERVER PLAY at the moment but it’s a working process as some moderators have said in the official Saint SEIYA: Awakening Facebook page.

osman grout

This is really fun to play


The game is solid and it’s a really good. beside is actually our how lucky you are when you draw any prices you can use real money or you can play for free if you impatiens person and you had the money go for it if your patients person go for outside you wanna regret download this game better than the ones I see on TV all the time😍😍😍


Hi guys. I just downloaded the game yesterday, but still not running. Is loading and never finish it…


Youll love the game If youre in to Saint seiya 💯 You dont even have to spend money on it to get good saints !


The game loads everything 99% percent of the time, i cant believe i can play mobas and mmorpg but not this PHONE GAME i spend more time waiting to play than actually playing


Yo pienso 🤔 que todos amamos a los caballeros del zodiaco y por ese amor todos entran a jugar el juego; Una ves dentro del juego nada es como lo muestran algunas de las publicidades, si tú tienes un héroe o personaje favorito de la serie animada o el manga prácticamente es imposible conseguirlo a menos que sean personas de relleno en la serie y el manga, los únicos personajes medianamente buenos que obtienes en muchos tiempo jugando son regalados el primer día del juego; por que si no inviertes dinero en el juego y solo gastas el dinero q el mismo juego te da, nunca o prácticamente nunca obtienes nada sin importar cuanto ahorres lo poco que el juego da como recompensas; a parte de eso las compras son muy altas en todos los cambios de monedas es decir: (lo obtenido es muy poco por lo pagado) y esto para utds es normal cuando es un presión extremada mente alto, la falta de personajes buenos gratuitos y imposibilidad de obtenerlos en eventos especiales y con gemas sin mencionar el costo de las compras hace que este juego sea muy poco apetecible tal ves te diviertas un poco pero tampoco puedes tener amigos de otros servidores lo que empeora aún más las cosas ( porque si yo tengo un amigo que recién empieza a jugar tiene que entrar a mi servidor para poder jugar con migo y compartir juntos pero es injusto para el , tener que entrar a un servidor con gente que ha gastado una fortuna hace mucho tiempo para conseguir y nivelar todo ; el no podría aunque gastara una fortuna igual) y si el se va un servidor más reciente para intentar jugar a la par con gente nueva: nunca podría jugar con migo 🤦🏻‍♂️ así que así mismo como lo descarguen lo borran Por que la gente no tiene tanto amor por la serie animada o el manga, como para jugar un juego donde prácticamente o pierdes el tiempo en una cosa o en la otra ( ahorrando y gastando) y para jugar con amigos hay muchas dificultades así que hagan algo o ustedes también terminaran perdiendo algo con todo esto. Gracias perdón si me equivoqué en lago, es una opinión y todos nos equivocamos espero sirva de algo y adelante que yo aún tengo mucho amor por el juego por la serie y por poder compartir con amigos el juego sin injusticias o trivialidades como los sistemas de pvp y la obtención de personajes favoritos de cada persona 💁‍♂️


gato, fragmentos, invocaciones, nerfeadas. tienda subió costo a eventos $$$$ el libro de la semana pasada de $3 a $5 y ahora $50 por un libro verde, ahora dan esas invocaciones con tiempo para no poder ahorrar para el gato, ESTAFA


can y’all stop add stuff and fix the game it so laggy and annoying


Some of saints are loosing turns for no reason in galactic duel, i would like you to fix this, it’s really hard already a pvp adding this is really annoying.


The game features really good history and playthrough tools. It has many features to make it enjoyable, up to a certain time without paying. Without paying, you will move slowly and hard. Nevertheless, story-wise it has good chapters and storyline. Progress in some aspects will be delayed due to the opponents being too tough, even when you reach the max level. Although I like the game a lot, things like that (stop your progress without paying) makes it bad. I’ve playing it for month but mostly now only to finish the story.

Reynaldo Acevedo

Mis cielas espero que estén bien, porque yo estoy mal no me sale nada desde que salió saga. Cual es el plan quieren que juegue con puros caballeros negros. Los quiero ya mismo sale kanon de saga los tendré en mis oraciones 😘.


You won’t be able to enjoy this game without paying fortune of cash. Not friendly for free to play users. Even you spend $100 every month. There are more whales spend more than you and won’t able to fully experience the game unless you spent a ton of cash. The management is greedy and trying to squeeze out cash from your pocket as much as you can.


Awesome graphics and sounds, just like the anime! At the beginning it is very easy to level up. It really reminds me of summoners wars…


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