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【图】AAFCU Mobile
【图】AAFCU Mobile

AAFCU Mobile iOS

AAFCU Mobile 简介

The Air Academy FCU mobile banking application allows you to check balances, view transactions, transfer funds, pay bills, and review and make loan and credit card payments, from anywhere at any time. It’s fast, secure and available to all our online banking users.

View this app you may also:
View pending transactions
Create, approve, cancel or view funds transfers
Send and receive secure messages
Access branch hours and location information”

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North Valley Bank GoDough苹果官网最新版下载,ELIGIBILITY/HOW TO REGISTER FOR MOBILE BANKING SERVICE. To use GoDough, you must have an active, eligible account at the Bank, register for NetTeller Online Banking and have a compatible Mobile Device. During the registration process, you will enter your mobile phone number as well as other information required to authenticate your identity. After you have accepted these Terms and Conditions and clicked “Continue”, you will receive an SMS Text Message to your Mobile Device acknowledging that you have registered for this Service. After you receive the SMS Text Message, you will be provided with further instructions on how to access the Service using the browser on your Mobile Device as well as how to receive account balance information using SMS Texting. During this registration process, you will be required to provide your Online Banking identification credentials (“NetTeller ID” and “Password” ) that you must use each time you access the Service.

【图】North Valley Bank GoDough
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NLBBL mKlik苹果官网最新版下载,mKlik mobilno bankarstvo - Banka na dlanu. NLB mKlik je mobilna aplikacija NLB banke a.d. Banja Luka koja omogućava da upravljate svim svojim računima u Banci, vršite prenos sredstava, upravljate svojim karticama ili plaćanjem na internetu bez obzira gdje se nalazite. Moblino bankarstvo mKlik omogućava: • Pregled stanja i prometa po računu kod Banke • Obavljanje transakcija između vlastitih računa i računa drugih lica • Prenos sredstava između računa ili uplate na karticu • Kontrolu mogućnosti korišćenja kartica za plaćanje putem Interneta • Konverziju sredstava i još mnogo toga Prednosti korišćenja su mKlika su: • Povoljnije naknade za realizaciju transakcija • Korišćenje gdje god se nalazite • Dostupnost 24 časa • Ušteda vremena Mobilno bankarstvo mKlik može da koristi svaka osoba koja ima otvoren račun u Banci, domaće i strano fizičko lice, i posjeduje mobilni telefon koji ima pristup Internetu. Za početak korišćenja potrebno je obratiti se najbližoj poslovnici Banke.

【图】NLBBL mKlik

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Plexus Worldwide苹果官网最新版下载,The Plexus Worldwide app offers a rich mobile experience. Get the simplicity and convenience where it matters. - View your balances - Transfer money - Review transaction History

【图】Plexus Worldwide
Plexus Worldwide

AAFCU Mobile 下载




The AAFCU app is amazing and so convenient.


It works very well.


Everything is good except I wish there was a way to make payments on my loan through this app


Not the most user friendly app I’ve used. Many other apps make paying bills extremely simple and easy, this app is a whole process and over complicates making a smooth and easy payment

Snowy Colorado

This was a great app, but all of the sudden I can pay my bills. I keep getting an error. Please fix ASAP


Need to join the 21st Century with interconnectivity to my other financial institutions


Appreciate the quality service fromAAFCU


I don’t like the two level security and I hate that I have to use paper checks to pay loan and deposit. Not only wasteful of paper but very inconvenient. I pay everything online except 2 credit union bills


A great convenient app. Does what it does and not confusing.


Pisses me off trying to pay a bill through the app… and how do I call someone?


I never remember my password so I liked my last credit union that used facial recognition! When are you going to initiate that?


This app lets me access my account very easily while having security in place.

great easy banking

Very easy app to navigate. Glad I downloaded it.


I’m not very tech savvy. I like this ap and find it quick to load and easy to use.


This is an easy app to use and very secure


Easy to use, reliable


For over a year I have been using their mobile deposit system on the app, and to say it is terrible would be an understatement. It is a true gamble every month whether it is going to work, consistently as you hit submit after taking the photos if the front and back of checks you have to hold your breath whether it is going to work. About 7 out of 10 attempts will take you back to the log in screen when you hit submit and you have to start all over. If you call them there recommendation is to uninstall and then install the app from the App Store. Such a pain! I have two other banks that we use and deposit all the time from my iPhone with no issues, but this app is highly unstable, you would think banks would of heavily invested in better app technology for deposits, after all isn’t depositing money their back bone if survival? I would of never been with this credit union had it not been for the relationship they had with the car dealership that we bought our car from. I contemplated leaving 1 star but I just could bring myself to rate that low.


Thanks to your Academy for making a quality product


Almost all my transactions are online now


Passwords never save, despite saving every single time. Mobile deposit never works right either despite taking a bazillion pictures. VERY FRUSTRATING. Have other credit union acct and never ever have these issues.


Like the app. It is easy to use.


the interface is really bad and it’s really difficult to use.


Very easy to use. There is no need to get in the website when you have this app.


Best rates around Friendly staff Web site and interface woefully lacking


This app is so hard to use. Understanding tasks is impossible and everything seems hidden and hard to find.


Just one request … Will you kindly understand many members are aging; bolder print style will be helpful.


No where on the app is the bank routing number. Also, your account number should be on your like it is on your check. A big inconvenience to the customers and frustrating! Please fix and thank you!

This name is taken 1

This App is very helpful. It works great no trouble.


I paid my balance on my loan yesterday in full. They did not apply the payment until today. Called to ask of they would waive the ..31 cents and they said no. I will never use or recommend this CU to anyone ever again. Over .31 cents!

Sir Dwe

My wife and I have been members for some 30+ years and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the prompt attention to our requests. Being seniors we are not always attuned to current procedures and updated offers. Your people are always there to assist and walk us through,step by step!

Switching to Bose

Despite some negative reviews that I have read, I have had absolutely no issues in interacting with the app, website, or personnel.

Goldie Acorn

I love this app. It has made electronic deposits simple and I can check all my accounts quickly


needs updating


Easy to use! Love it!


I have a car payment every month. Because I “don’t log in enough” I was scrubbed from online services. Which then made me redo my online, which made me resubmit my exterior account, which takes up to 3 days, which will most likely make my payment late. Why would you scrub people that have logged in within a month? Kinda seems crappy. Always happy with this bank until I tried using the online service for convenience.


I enjoy this app because of its accessibility and ease of use.

T Israel

Convenient 👍

John Wineland episod

When logging in the process between the front end server lags


One of the easiest apps to use. I highly recommend it!

me and inky me



Easy to use, with opportunity to accomplish everything desired.


I have been with AAFCU coming up on 40 years!!! I can not imagine being with a bank or any other credit union. The People who work at my location are Wonderful Kind and so Helpful Thank you AAFCU 💜


I really like that it uses the apple face recognition. The app is reasonably easy to use and has the information I need.


Good overall app, the bill pay pending and move money pending could use some help, can’t seem to successfully edit either pending. Rest of the app is very good, but not a substitute for desktop version.

Joel Bevacqua

Got a car loan and trying to pay it off on this app has been very painful.

Finance profesiional

Very difficult to set up, no online help, no definitions of terms. Whoever released this to the public should be fired.

Love my AAFCU

I love this app


I can do everything that I can do on the web version plus have the camera ready for deposits. Excellent app!

disappointed 10005

The app needs to add the ability to transfer funds from a credit card or a pre paid debit card when needed. It’s insane that it doesn’t already have that option.


I like having the convenience of checking my account quickly on my phone, instead of having to be at my computer.


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