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Smashburger Rewards iOS

Smashburger Rewards 简介

Is Smashburger your favorite destination for delicious burgers, shakes and unique sides? Become a member of the SmashClub today and begin receiving juicy rewards that will make your mouth water.

Download it today for free and you’ll be able to:

• Join our program and begin earning rewards today.

• Find a Smashburger closest to your location.

• Check out our menu.

• View your member account balance and your rewards.

• Get notifications from us announcing new menu items, offers,
special events, and more!

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Smashburger Rewards 下载

App Store 官网美版



I downloaded this app to make ordering lunch easier. But the Order Now button takes you to the web, where you have to log in yet again. So you log into the app and log into the web? Waste of time. Quicker to call in my order.


Crashes frequently. Cannot order online. How can a company release something this horrible. I click order and it won’t let me order from any store on map. I call the store and it’s busy. The phone is off the hook. I go to the store and I see the phone off the hook. Doesn’t take rocket science to look at a competitors app to get ideas and do it right.


I’ve tried to play orders using the app numerous times, and it won’t allow me to log in. The app shows you’re logged in, then you go to place the order, and it takes you to the websites logged out. One cannot log back in. When you try to log back in after placing the order, it doesn’t save the order, and you have to start over. I had to go into the store to order. The experience was infuriating!

Cincy Elvis

Doesn’t link to rewards to order food. When ordering it takes you to another place where you have to log in again and rewards isn’t linked!


I was trying to order online and decided to download the app, thinking it would be faster or a better experience. It was slower than the mobile website. I completely gave up after trying to sign up and the lengthiness of the process. The app isn’t as sleek and streamlined as most apps for a fast food company. You have to drag through the page like an online website, making an app pointless. I gave the two stars only for the effort the company had for creating an app.


Awful app. Doesn’t go through every time.


Trash app, trash website. Never parronize a business that makes it difficult for YOU to give THEM money!!!


Frustrating experience. Tried to order food through the app, while logged into my account. It basically opens up the Smashburger webpage within the app, and makes you sign on again within the webpage (whyyy isn’t this better integrated). After doing so, it doesn’t allow you to use the rewards you have available. The previous app version was much more efficient than this.


This app is so counterintuitive. Everything about it is difficult. You have to login many times, ordering takes forever. No way to save your favorites or reorder recent. Smashburger needs to keep up with the times. Every other restaurant has better apps that are much easier to use. Fix soon, please.


Smash is my hometown company, and I want to see them do well. But I’ve been reporting the same bugs for over a year and they just don’t care. I should start with U/I and U/X. They can’t get responsive design right, so you might not notice that you’re signed out and not getting rewards points. And there is always a data base problem, menu items that are missing or regular fries are available but not large. The biggest frustration is their rewards program. Progressing through the app to the ordering process results in signing out of your account, so you don’t get credit for the purchase and can’t redeem rewards. And if your order using the app, you get a totally different receipt that does not have the redemption code. What really stinks is that I know a ton of developers in Denver that could fix this. No idea who Smash contracted this out to, but it’s garbage work. They need to move on, write off the loss, and get pros to do it.

kijsahagsdj sfgalkg

Can’t get past the store locator page. I try to select my location and nothing happens. Same issue on both the website and app. Also, why can’t we see prices when looking at the menu?? I can’t view prices until I select a location to place an order, which I can’t do because the location select feature is broken. Considering the other poor reviews for the app, this should be a huge concern for the app developers!! Myself and six other guys were ready to order food from you until we spent 15+ minutes trying to order / see pricing. I’ll take my business elsewhere


WORST APP There is so much lacking with this app – where to even begin. 1. You can’t apply a reward to an order through the app/website. 2. Separate login required for ordering through app that really redirects you to their website. Developers should check out Zoes Kitchen, Starbucks, or Moe’s to see how a properly functioning app is configured for ordering.


This app has been like this for a while, crashes a lot, I usually just give up and order from the browser website. I’m not sure how to use the rewards system, it says I have 2 free sides, but there is no way to redeem them, or add them to your order


I love this place they have gluten free buns and a fryer specifically for gluten free fries. The only issue I have is online ordering and the rewards system changed. I liked it when we could just add out receipt barcode and we got the rewards. I have had trouble adding my points since this switched over and haven’t gotten any points added because it’s confusing on how to do so. But the FOOD if that’s what I was eating it would be a 5 Star. I love this place

Andee O

This app doesn’t keep me signed in when I try to complete an order. I just spend time collecting orders from different people only to loose everything while trying to log in again. This app is total basura.


You’ll just be frustrated by the errors and you can’t get to the actual ordering part.

David Becerra V

Very bad experience trying to place an order thru the mobile App, If I am already logged in why I need to login again when placing an order? Functionality is not integrated with the app as it is just browsing pages from smashburger.com, food is good, app is really bad


Why do I need to make an account? Can’t I just make my order and pay for it one time like most other food apps? I order from you guys like 3-4 times a year, I’m not handing over all my personal info to yet another sketchy app just to buy a burger once.


Ordering online is impossible!!


This app is very hard to figure out. On the surface it seems simple but trying to order and apply your earned points is like rocket science. Why so complicated? Today it’s not working at all keeps giving me some obscure error message. The folks that work in a SMASHBURGER store can’t help either. I have lots of points I can redeem but 3 out of 4 times I try something goes wrong and I end up not getting any points redeemed. The only thing that seems to work is the scan code feature.

Bobo Dragonlady

The app is unusable. Won’t allow login or ordering, why even have this?


The rewards program is overly complicated and does not let you redeem easily at all. Ordering on the app does not give you rewards points for whatever reason. It’s not a broken app but its very close to being one.

mill any all

Between their site and app, I’ve had to register multiple times and now the same email and password doesn’t work anymore. The forgot password email must have hard bounced or was never sent at all. Ridiculous. What a mess. Franchise owners should be livid over this kind of incompetence. If they go out of business, their website and app is why. Not COVID.


You can earn rewards for smash by downloading the app. Lol. Well here’s the truth: Rewards scanner is constantly down in the restaurants. And it doesn’t matter which one you go to- they rarely work. So you have to scan a copy of your receipt to smash corporate to get your points. Ok great- now I have my points. Well you CAN’T apply your rewards to an online order. You can only do that in the restaurant. Did I mention that the scanners rarely work???? So drive all the way over there for them to tell you the system is down and no free food for you. And why have an app that I can’t actually use my rewards in? So I still have to wait in line, pay in person. wait for them to prepare my order. I think they make it so difficult to redeem rewards that you give up. Well, I gave up on smash totally. Not worth the hassle.

Ausome chic

The tasty food at Smashburger does not redeem the fact that there past and present apps have always been very difficult to use. Use Doordash or Grubhub to order from Smashburger or order from restaurants with well-designed apps like Chipotle. The Smashburger app, requiring multiple logins which or may not work, is unusable.


This was my first and last experience with Smashburger. Downloaded the app and selected my location. After selecting my burgers and navigating to my ‘cart’, the app informed me that they were out of burgers and removed the burgers from my cart. So, I selected an alternative burger…same problem…out of burgers…but you are a burger fast food… So I call the Smashburger location. They do have burgers..shocking. So I order (2) burgers WITHOUT drinks and a kids meal….$32. Are you kidding me? I arrive at Smashburger and the staff ignore me and serve two other persons who entered the facility after me…ok this is not going well. I recieve the burgers and they are greasy…not juicy and the fries taste like frozen fries. For $32, I can go to so many better burger restaurants. Waste of time and money.


Geesh…a borderline worthless app. Online ordering from the 1980s. Just copy Sonic’s app…it’s not that difficult.


I downloaded the app, set up an account and then after about 15 minutes, tried to order food. Keeps asking for zip code even though it was give location permission, and once started to order food (finally), I had to respond to a text. Swapped out, came back and guess what – it asked again for a zip code. Totally lost the order. So I gave up and phoned it in. As others mentioned, there is no clear way to navigate the app and the menu seems to be hidden. As the lede says, the food is great, but this app stinks.


This app is awful to use. Not very user friendly.

T Yves

Since it takes forever to order in person, we gave the app a try. By far, one of the top 10 worst app I’ve used. It’s not intuitive. It shouldn’t be rocket science ordering a burger and side.


This app doesn’t give you the cheaper option to create your own burger. This is the NO cheese option


I have been running in circles on this app trying to place an order for pick up for 30 minutes. The app just doesn’t work for orders. From store locator to order back to store locator. I guess I have to go in to order if I want SMASHBURGER today. Very disappointed.

MattS 2020

This app really makes it hard to order. I finally just called the restaurant like in 1986.

Andrew Hollern

Tl;dr version–Don’t waste your time ordering thru the app. Tried to order on the app, almost got to checkout screen when I got an inbound call and it LOST, did NOT SAVE my order. Re-do everything that I wanted to include in my order, but then my girlfriend wanted to customize her burger to light mayo, but I guess I picked the wrong back arrow cause it closed out my order again. Now I’m just getting hungrier and more annoyed… Third time apparently wasn’t the charm because it didn’t have the option to do “light mayo”, except maybe in the special instructions, but instead of trying to customize the burger with the “plus” button, it just added another burger and made things extra complicated for me. I was too hungry to finish the app order, decided to walk in to order because the app is too clunky to function in a common sense manner.

DTV Newbie

When I think of having a burger it’s SMASHBURGER or nothing. None can compare. It would be great if the app was better. Your business would definitely be increased. That is the age we live in. I’ve read the comments and everyone HATES the app. Whatever your reason is for not getting something better is not worth it. Get someone to design a better app soon!


After spending time to make an account nothing integrated over appropriately, nothing saved appropriately, and the custom-ability is abysmal. Please get a half decent developer to fix this mess and allow for a better UX.


This app is horrible. I always get errors when trying to order online. It is not reliable. I always have to call in my order which adds more work for the staff. If it were not for the good customer service of the staff and the good food, I would not bother! Please fix this app soon!


Great burgers. Great fries. Great service.


App won’t let you log in to actually place an order. What a joke….


While the app says welcome shiv, when I navigate to the order menu it asks me to sign it. It won’t let me sign in via Facebook or email. The app is very buggy and the UI is bad. Please update and make it more user friendly


Why have a reward system that doesn’t allow you to use with online orders AND you don’t get points for online orders?!? Pointless. Won’t use the app ever again. Spent $30 when i coulda spent $20 AND earn more points. Only 2 stars bc how good the food is

Hello Moe

I wish this app worked so I could actually order food. The last three times I’ve tried it’s been the worst experience and I have ordered elsewhere. Does anyone care you’re losing business? It’s been this way for almost a year.


You can’t order on it. It will show you are logged in but when you access other areas it tells you to log in. Can’t reset your password. I wonder how much business they are losing because of a terrible app like this. It’s pretty simple too. I own a business and I’d be embarrassed if this was my business.

Zenobia in CA

BEST BURGER EVER. AND BEST FRIES, too. My favorite !!’


App is garbage at its best No further comments


I have attempted to use this app at my local SMASHBURGERs and none of them can accept it. Totally useless.


1. login to membership, but need to create login again for online order from the app 2. claim the reward and shows in balance, but not able to bring it up to use 3. online order can’t count towards the membersahip because of (1)

Ari Ola

I used to have an account and then I got a new phone and de-downloaded the app. When I tried signing in it said “user not found” so I tried making a new account and it said “user already exists”. So I’m pretty much locked out of my account. This app needs serious work.


This app is A total waste of time. I just wasted so much time resetting password and now can’t even log in to order some shakes to go. The store doesn’t even answer the phone. Guess I will go elsewhere. It says I’m logged in and even says my name but then when I try to make order it won’t let me add item and only gives option to log in and it won’t. Waste of time garbage app.


App ordering simply puts you on website which uses a totally separate login. Which means you cannot redeem rewards via online orders. Only in person. Total BS


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