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Access your CRB Auto powered by Mechanics Bank account with the CRB Auto application for iphone® mobile devices.
The CRB Auto application allows existing CRB Auto customer to check the balance of your account, get a payoff quote, make a payment, set up recurring payments and text payment reminders.
-Make a payment
-Set up recurring payments
-Set up text payment reminders
-View Account History
-View Payoff quote
-Update Contact Information

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App crashes every time you’re trying to PAY you’re monthly bill. Doesn’t even allow me to set up autopay.


App crashes when trying to pay!


This app used to work wonderfully. Now it crashes when you log in or right after. Had to go to the website to pay. Account information for my bank wasn’t available on that site so I had to re enter. Please fix!!


App isn’t worth using. It never works and always crashes. I think I’ve been able to make a total of three payments with the app because that is how often it doesn’t work. You are better off making a payment through their website even though it is very outdated and not organized. Many times I have tried using the app and I am left wondering if my payment even went through. I have to call my bank to see if the payment was processed and the answer is usually no. I then just go to the website to make my payment.


I’m in total agree with all the recent (negative) reviews! I’m so frustrated — but I’m glad it’s not me! What piece of garbage….with all the programmers out there, you’d think they could read their reviews and fix the “glitches” Wondering how they manage to stay in business at all….


Terrible app…..useless, doesn’t even work. If I could switch banks completely I would…..terrible This is the year 2020. Get it together CRB


I cannot make a single payment because the auto account disappears, the bank accounts disappear, and then it crashes and closes the app.


Biggest scam of a lender I’ve ever dealt with. Most difficult customer service. They legit rob you. Don’t ever purchase from carplus and do not ever use CRB as an auto lender.


My source to pay my truck and I can’t even do that. Crashes when attempting to pay. Crashes when I review my contact info. After signing in my truck account disappears. When it decides to let me attempt to pay it keeps cycling on agreeing to pay my bill. I’m left guessing if I submitted a payment or if my account will be billed multiple times. I can’t win with this app. As a lender if you put in the effort to approve loans at least update n fix your app that assures your OWN customers to pay you back. Last thing I need is a late payment due to your poor business management. No option to submit a complaint in the app no feed back option. At this point im ready to slap someone across the face w a physical check if I had the option.


App ALWAYS fails/ crashes.


This was fine for the first two years of my loan. Was able to make payments and would save my banking information so I didn’t have to enter it every time I made a payment like when you do online. Now my loan account won’t even come up and when I re entered it, it would pop up once but didn’t save. Got this loan at a high interest rate cause my credit was bad at the time, maybe it’s time to take up one of refinance offered I’ve been getting in the mail lately. I’m sure a bigger bank like Bank of America or Capital One who have both been sending me offers would have an IT team that actually knows how to create and update an app.

True buyer

Only let me log in, does not display my accounts or anything else. It also shuts down by itself.


I was able to make my first car payment last month. And now it wont even pull up my account. Then it crashes. Guess I will have to call and pay now. Smh.

Uncle Mooseknuckle

The app just plan ol doesn’t work. You can tell the developers don’t care about it at all. Apparently neither does the company. If I could choose to deal with another company I would. The app crashes constantly. I can’t even make a payment! Do you guys not want my money? Do you even read these reviews? Do you even care about your customers? The button for remembering Face ID still says remember finger print. It’s been more than 3 years since Face ID came out and you haven’t fixed that? That’s just the tip of this schitshows iceberg. I’m gonna refinance just so I don’t have to deal with this crap.


Keeps crashing. Can’t even see information


I’m having an issue with my app deleting my account or my account just not showing up. Then I get this bug message or error message when I’m actually able to choose make payment.


I started using the app when I purchased my car in July 2018. It was ok, basic and barebones, but it worked. Now as of October 2020 I can no longer use the app. It still asks for a fingerprint for a password, does not support Face ID, when I put in my password nothing shows up in the box until I hit the box again. I’m then taken to the app page where my account should show up, but it’s blank, I have to open the menu and choose different options before going back to the main page, where if I’m lucky, my account will pop up. I go to make a payment, the first attempt didn’t work because my information was no longer saved, I went back to the main page, went into payments again, payment information was back, but once I hit submit payment, I got an error code and the app forced itself to shut down. I had to make a payment in safari. The app serves no purpose anymore.


Whatever new update they did with in the last month causes the app to crash. Used to love the connivence of logging in and paying with just a few clicks. Now can’t even do that


The app keeps on crashing with in seconds of opening the app or signing in


Completely useless. It will not pull up my information, or let me make payments. The app crashes or spams my screen with error notifications.


The first few months of my loan, the app worked great. Now and for the last year or so, the app insists my username is incorrect and won’t let me attempt sign in. I’ve contacted their tech support who requested I screenshot and email them, which I’ve done. Unfortunately, I’ve seen no fix to this and resort to using their full desktop site.


I just made an account and it’s not letting me log on. I put the correct username and password and it says there was a problem. I tried to change my password but it comes up as an error with changing my password and to go back to forgot password! I didn’t forget my password though. I’m disappointed!!


Doesn’t let you change payment amount, so you can’t pay extra towards principal unless you go online where it doesn’t save your bank info. Very inconvenient. Will probably just delete.


This company will not help you at all they get you with late fees event if you call and ask them you need and extension specially times like this they won’t work with you. They promise to help you and send your info and they never do. I spoke to Gabby and she’s had a bad attitude Im sure it because she has no help with management I don’t recommend this company. Take you business some where else. That why they have 1.5 stars that should tell you a lot.


My username has an underscore and thus now an invalid username when trying to use this app. I am still able to log in through their website, but I have to put my payment info in every single time! They really make it difficult to make a payment.


This app is not good. I’ve had nothing but trouble recently. I can’t get real time accurate information on my balance. Payments aren’t registering causing late fees that shouldn’t be there. Very frustrating.

cany pay

This app needs to be fixed so I can make my payment on time. I’m having problems with this app crashing on me. Contacted CRB about this. They did absolutely nothing about it. Not impressed. Had to us their web page to make a payment. It cost me $10 more. Which they would not waive even though I expanded to them that it wasn’t my fault. Fix your app or waive the fee.


Can’t even open app anymore


I’ve had my loan thru them for almost a yr and can’t log in at all.. this app is absolute junk.. and charging 10$ to pay over the phone with a card is robbery too!!

Doesnt really matter

App crashes when trying to open


This app is absolute garbage. I recently got this loan in oct 2019 and had no issues with the app and making payments despite the mountain of terrible reviews saying how bad and glitchy it was. However, the most recent update really screwed things up. The app won’t even open. It’s just a black screen then immediately crashes every time. And the most recent update was OVER A MONTH AGO and they have made literally zero effort to fix. If you want me to make timely payments, give me the resources to do so. Because the website is just as much garbage. You have to enter your banking info every time you make a payment. It’s total BS that late payments could potentially have an impact on our credit scores and screw things up in our actual real lives, when people are literally trying to throw their money at you and can’t even make a payment without jumping through 10 billion hoops. COMPLETE BS!


Please fix this app


I didn’t even want to give it a one star! It won’t let me change my bank account. The company has no clue on how to do it.


I just bought my vehicle last week, and i just downloaded this app today. I can sign in online, but every time I attempt to login on here, it says my username & password is invalid. Please fix this! This is more than inconvenient.


App crashes every time when I try to open a nd make a payment. Why does this app even exist if it doesn’t work? Been broken since early December for me and hasn’t seen a fix since


Does not open. At all.


This app crashes and doesn’t work. The company does nothing about it!!


It doesn’t instill confidence when the bank’s advertised app keeps crashing. Their website was slow and failed a number of times to show the user that the system was process anything while I set up my account. First time I’ve used this bank, so I’m a little leery now of the efficacy of their technology.


I can’t use this app anymore. It won’t open


App no longer works. It will not open. Deleted and re-downloaded and still will not open.


This app was working just fine, for me, for almost two years but now suddenly it crashes every time I try to open it. Uninstalled and reinstalled with the same issue so I’m not sure what’s going on since I just used it to make a payment last month.


App doesn’t work! Assuming payments are still required??? If you pay online bank info needs to be put in each month. Ridiculous!

anthony 280z

App keeps crashing


App was fine for last year 2019, not sure what happened, but since December 2019 and now January 2020. This app crashes every time I try to get in. It doesn’t open at all. I removed it and downloaded again and same issue. Now I have to go online to make a payment which never saves my bank information and I have to enter each month. Fix this app or get it out of the App Store or respond to comments. Lazy tech department


Very poor app, crashes often and at times won’t open at all.


Updated app crashed on open.


1.3.0 was garbage so now I can use the app again but there is Face ID! Shows Sign in with Fingerprint on the sign in but if u click on it iPhones with Face ID works. Weird it doesn’t say that.


Be very careful with this App! Payment don’t process correctly, it will send you an email and you can even see the posted amount online. But customer service will tell you that account number number is invalid. You can’t remove the account or even edit the account number. For 2yrs I have payment my car not on this app and nothing but issues now. Deleting this app and I will got go online to process all payment. This app is an inconvenience. Thank you


It was pretty bad app, but after last update it’s just dead app, I can’t imagine how it can be like this, who developed that app, please fire them and hire normal developers and DESIGNERS.


Fix your frickin app you twatwaffles. Easiest way to lose customers. Should just stop making payments all together. Everyone else should follow suit 😡 total trash of an app


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