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Accountable2You 简介

Accountable2You is an internet accountability service that works across all your devices. The iOS app allows you to setup a VP* or use it’s built-in browser to logs activity and report websites to your accountability partners. You can also enable GPS monitoring and allow selected accountability partners to view your location history.


• VP* to monitor internet activity across all your apps*
• GPS Monitoring**
• Multi-tab browsing
• Unified URL and search bar
• Bookmarks
• Share a link
• AirPrint
• View search and browsing history
• Save an image to your photo library
• Choose your default search engine
• Set your homepage
• Scan QR Codes to open websites
• Accountability for your mobile browsing

To use this software you must have an account with Accountable2You.

* Use of the VP* will send all of your internet activity through the Accountable2You servers to be monitored. Some apps, such as Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Video may not work while using the VP*.

** GPS monitoring is off by default and must be enabled to start tracking your location. Your location is only shared with accountability partners that you select. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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What a blessing Accountable2You is! I highly recommend for all your devices if you are serious about your personal integrity, honesty, and transparency in your most important relationships.


I switched to A2U from another program because A2U handles all my devices both Windows and iOS (iPhone and iPad). It has very strict monitoring protocols and I can’t cheat or slide. There was an issue with delays in connecting to the VP* that lasted a couple of days but the tech team responded very quickly and resolved the issue with great communication by email. I’m recommending A2U to my friends who want strict accountability.


I am so thankful for this app, but I do have one problem. The VP* isn’t always connected, and it won’t let me connect to wifi until the VP* is connected, and where I live my service is really bad so it gets really frustrating when i’m trying to load stuff on my phone.


This app is really wonderful and has helped our marriage significantly to bring back trust!!!! The one issue we have found is the “app use report” will change the name of some apps used to something entirely different and not recognizable in the App Store at all. So it will say an app was used that doesn’t even exist. We got in an argument at the beginning because I thought he was using apps and not being truthful so I messaged and found out they said it’s a gliche on the app’s part. I have decided since to ignore any unusual apps on that report. What I absolutely LOVE, are the daily reports for each device as well as the email alerts/text alerts! It’s phenomenal at tracking web browsing and then YouTube as well! Overall this app is so great and we use it on all our devices! Maybe a suggestion would be to put somewhere in the setup a disclosure for Apple products about the app is usage may change the names of apps. That would have definitely helped an unnecessary argument!


The app itself is great. I love you reports!! That works great. I have two issues with this app: 1) the text message alert does not work at all. I look at emails and see an alert, but have never received a text alert. Those who have me as there accountability partner have had the same results. We have the setting checked as well. 2) This app kills my internet speed. This is an issue with 2 of my accountability partners as well. Our apps keep crashing and saying no internet. If we turn off the VP*, our internet works with no issues. I love you app itself, and have only been using it for a week. I hope the issues can be fixed. I would like to stay with it, but this internet issue may cause me to look in another direction.

Isaac buck newton

There is no excuse for the amount of times my VP* will stop working with my cellular data and keep me from connecting to the internet at all. Not to mention it stops working whenever I join a WiFi network. The FAQ is useless and the software works well when it wants to work.

Zoe Deummond

My kid found a loophole immediately. I’m never using an app like this again.


So I have to turn off WiFi for the VP* to connect to the phone through cellular. Once that happens, I can connect to the WiFi, but within the next 30 seconds it will completely shut me out of the WiFi next work and say VP* Connecting… This wouldn’t be that bad but I don’t have unlimited data so I basically can’t use my phone. It’s not a network issue, it’s not a phone issue, it’s an Accountable2You issue. Plz fix it. Like my dad won’t pick another accountability software, so you are all I got. Plz fix this. It’s infuriating


I can’t stand using this VP*, it slows my phone down drastically to the point where I would have to sit for 3 minutes for somethings to load. The VP* also drops all the time! It is so aggravating because I have to wait for like a minute for it to reconnect so I can continue what I was doing. One of my apps that I use often, won’t load anything at all so I can’t use that app at all!


I’ve 98% success with this accountability software . Occasionally the VP* disappears from my phone and access is disabled. Not sure of this issue and haven’t tried to resolve due to the infrequent times. I recommend this for anyone trying heal and become whole.


App does what it is supposed to but VP* doesnt register sometimes. Requires reloading pages and some things such as #images on messenger you won’t be able to send at all. Good base but could be better. Thankful for it nonetheless as I am someone who needed this.


Love this app. Been using it with buddies of mine for a while now. However, there’s one thing it is missing from my iOS safari browser. A swipe to go back button. I have to tap the back arrow at the top to go back. It would be very beneficial to be able to swipe and go back as I could in safari.


This app slows my phone a lot and drains the battery. It also messes up a lot of my other apps. Twitter hardly works when the VP* of this app is on and my Face ID doesn’t work since I’ve had this app


I had this app for my old Android phone and it worked great, but now that I have an iPhone 8, it’s preventing my internet from working on a pretty constant basis. I’m also an accountability partner for a friend with an iPhone, and I consistently get reports with “no records found”. Hope these issues can be fixed.


Please update the browser UI to make it look like it was designed in the last 10 years. The tab system is horrible and gets in the way. I’m tired of using a VP* and it’s obvious that no work is put into the app. No updates for 11 months? What exactly are we paying for? I don’t see why accountability needs to come at the cost of usability. A good app browser would fix this.


I am also experiencing the problem that the VP* will not let my iPhone to stay connected to the internet. I try switching wifi or data (whichever I am using at the time) off and on, but it drops the connection as soon as it reconnects. The app would be very effective for monitoring internet use and other apps on the phone, but it is pointless if the phone won’t stay connected in the first place.


I’ve tried other popular accountability apps but this one by far out shines them all. The daily reports pin point the activities on the devices, letting the accountability partner know detailed information about device usage. I highly recommend Accountability2You.


UPDATE (2/19/20): VP* connectivity issues have returned with a vengeance. Reaching out to support has only yielded the same futile things they tell you to do in the troubleshooting guides. A2Y has been great for so many years but, with the last software update being almost a year ago, this is sadly starting to look like abandonware. I really hope they can pull it together and soon. UPDATE (3/30/18): Though I had tried this multiple times before first posting this review, I reinstalled the VP* and found it to be working as expected. I also found that the most recent update also has started monitoring traffic from some of the apps that it didn’t used to before, like YouTube. Well done, guys! Not sure if the issues I encountered were server related or what (and a developer response to my review wouldn’t have been remiss) but I’m very happy with A2Y and have updated this to a 5 star rating. Original review: Just like the subject says. Some apps will connect while others do not. I even had to turn off the VP* to access the App Store to come here to write this. Houston, we have a problem. I will update this review once this is resolved.


This has been helpful for monitoring our family’s devises. Although the site isn’t as user friendly as I would like.


This is such a great tool and it allows me to really do my work and everything on my computer/laptop/iPad without any interference! The set up instructions were easy to follow. I appreciate this ministry and I thank God for it every time my accountability partner checks in with me. We’ve had great discussions about pushing each other to be better followers of Jesus!


Please reconsider when you are using this app. My fiancé and I used this app as an accountability tool after infidelity. Long story short, his app usage report showed he was using Snapchat (a previously agreed upon no no). When I confronted him about this he swore he did not use Snapchat. I was in complete disbelief that after all of our recovery work this could happen. I kicked him out and called off the marriage. He then began contacting Accountable 2 You to find out why this was showing on his phone. Turns out, per two Accountable 2 You reps they verified it was a glitch in their system causing the app to falsely appear. I contacted them via chat to verify this and waited almost TWO hours on chat and they never did respond. They sent me a vague email. I inquired what their plan was to make this CRITICAL error correct and received the same form letter response they’ve been sending out to all of their customers dealing with the same problem. I cannot believe the complete lack of accountability from an accountability app! Please look elsewhere. The information is inaccurate and they couldn’t care less.


Constantly disconnects and you have to wait for the VP* to reconnect.


I did the month for free and glad I didn’t pay a dime. It worked great on my computer and tablet, but the phone!!! Gosh, it made me sign in every 4 seconds and it would STRONGLY impede the performance of my iPhone. I went through all the support options, basically for the entire month and did every step and talked to three different people, but to no avail. They said, “we’ve never seen speed hampered like this before!” But comments online suggest otherwise. The fact is my internet would flat out stop working… I turned off the VP* and it immediately worked and flying speeds. I wish this app worked, covenant eyes is twice the cost but I guess I’ll have to try it.


Using the VP* so that I can use the iPhone the way Apple intended it is a game changer for me! I haven’t had issues with the VP* on my device, but granted, I also have good cell phone signal and WiFi at work and at home – which makes a difference with VP* connectivity stability.


I’ve been using their VP* on my iPhone for a while now and have been impressed. While it isn’t perfect, it does a very good job and their tech support is always responsive and very helpful with any issues I’ve had. I excellent service and a very good product on top of that.


For some reason the VP* constantly disconnects from Hilton Honors WiFi, which I use more than my own home WiFi. Also, the VP* doesn’t connect to inflight entertainment on United, Delta or American. Can y’all get this fixed please?


I’ve been having a lot of issues with the VP* cutting my signal out lately.

David in need on the

I find that this app drops the WiFi connection every 15 seconds or so. This is really annoying.


Constant drops of VP*. Interference with simple apps like amazon. The VP* literally dropped twice while writing this.

Erik at Harmony Hill

This is the best accountability app for iPhone, hands down. Having used Accountable2You for almost a year now on my iPhone and iPad, I am happy to say it works great! It lets me be totally transparent with my wife and with another accountability partner, since they can see all my activity in the reports. Also the support team was very responsive and helpful when I had an issue a few months ago, and it was resolved quickly. I highly recommend A2U for personal accountability, and it’s a must-have app for parents!

Tim Townley

I have had to delete the app and reinstall now because it is not allowing me to use safari. It continues to ask for proxy username and password. I have no idea what that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This product absolutely does what it says, report inappropriate material to your partners, but not at a cost. The VP* not only makes the internet slow but also just drops service suddenly, making anything you need a stable connection for impossible to use and everything else frustrating. I am committed to putting my porn habit to an end and this is a great tool to do so, so I use the in-app browser, which is mediocre. Definitely worse and harder to use than google or safari, but still worth it. If the VP* didnt interfere with the usabality of the internet so much this would get 5 stars.


The VP* is completely disconnecting all internet connections. Tried WiFi abs cellular connection. No way of resolving being disabling the VP* which obviously defeats the purpose of the app. On every other platform I have no problem with Accountable2You but on iOS the VP* limitation seems to be a huge issue


Ever since installing this app I’m having a variety of issues. I can’t fully watch videos or view accounts but it’s inconsistent. Very frustrating.


I’ve tried this for a few years now and it just isn’t reliable (on my iOS devices specifically). SOMEtimes it sends an alert whenever I disable the VP*, but often it doesn’t. This completely defeats the purpose. If I can disable the VP*, view whatever I want, and the re-enable the VP*, all without any of my accountability partners ever detecting any of it, then what’s the point of this service? Customer service is great about responding promptly and they seem confident in their desire and ability to help me resolve such issues. However, ultimately it’s always the same ending to the story, that being unreliable. It seems to work much better on my MacBook, as that doesn’t rely on the same type of detection software as on an iOS device. Another great weakness is that currently the A2U app is unable to detect any usage on certain apps on iOS devices, such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. This is problematic, because there’s a great deal of explicit content on all three. A2U customer service has explained to me that such restrictions are due to Apple, which doesn’t surprise me at all, but again… it boils down to A2U being unreliable in ways that I really need it to be. I’m sure there are certain contexts in which A2U is great. As I mention above, it seems to work well on my MacBook and I’d expect the same for PCs. I’ve no idea of its effectiveness on other types of tablets and smartphones. The basic idea/premise of A2U is fantastic. It would be precisely what I need if it worked.


I used to love the app but your update team must have fallen asleep on the job. The VP* is constantly dropping off which of course shuts down everything requiring data and I use such things all day like podcasts or radio streaming apps. It is getting really old having it get cut off about 30-40 times a day because the VP* won’t stay connected. I’m paying for this service for accountability, but if it continues to render my phone useless I will have to uninstall it and cancel my subscription. Get this fixed ASAP please


Because of rating your app 17+, if someone enables restrictions on their device to make it so their kids are not able to download apps of that higher age level, it actually disables the A2U app from functioning on their device because they can’t use apps of that age level. Please consider dropping the rating to 4+ so anyone can download the app and yet still set restrictions on app downloads for their kids that are age appropriate. If you do, the problem will be solved

Oliver Klosauff

I’ve been using A2U with my friend for ~3 years, works great! We trade weekly reports and ask eachother about anything sketchy that shows up. I don’t use the VP* option, as I understand the technical limitations there. I wish the browser would receive more pop-up blocking support, as there are many websites I visit, even when just reading the news, which redirect me to those ‘Your Phone Has Been Compromised. You have 57 Viruses’ etc spam pages, which I think would be easy to block. Otherwise, my browsing is practically the same as Chrome or Safari!


I agree with the other reviews, it’s amazing when it works, but especially within the past week or so, the VP* has been basically freezing up my phone, making it so that I cannot use my phone’s data at all, even on WiFi. It especially interferes with safari and a few other apps. Very annoying when every time I have to disable the VP* I have to let my accountability partners know, and that’s gotten to be several times a day now.


This app does exactly what it’s supposed to, but there is an issue with the VP*. Since I downloaded the app, it consistently logs me out of WiFi and I have to turn it off and on two or three times before it works again. I really hope this can be resolved soon

TrevorTron 3000

Monitored VP* helps to cover most internet activity, especially on mobile devises where other services fall short with dedicated browsing apps etc. However, I’m still facing three somewhat major issues: 1. My data often feels a bit throttled- somewhat slower connectivity and lower download speeds. I can live with this one because the accountability service is valuable to me. 2. The biggest issue is that the VP* fairly frequently cant connect on the first attempt- especially when switching from WiFi to cellular data and visa versa. It often gets stuck and I have to fiddle with turning off the cell data or WiFi until the VP* connects. 3. Similarly to number 2 every few weeks I get a notification that I need to log into the VP* account in order to connect- after entering the username and password the prompt pops up again- I havnt found a way out of this one- no matter how many times I enter the username and password it continues until I remove the VP* and restart the service.


Don’t like it’s so nosey


Siri cannot get a connection, must be VP*.


I had no problems with this app for the past 2 years, but recently, when asked to re-install the VP* setup, it forwards me to a page full of letters and numbers (I’m assuming this to be an error code). Now I can’t get the app to work. I DO love how it has a VP* option, but there are times when I have to re-set it up and it’s agitating.


Accountability on IOS is inconvenient. Apple’s own IOS works to discourage apps from doing exactly what Accountable2you wants to do. Apple “sandboxes” apps. Meaning, Apple doesn’t want apps to “talk” with each other unless they use Apple’s own (very limited) rules. Accountable2you wants to monitor app use. Apple does not like this. Blaming Accountable2you is misguided. It really is totally Apple’s fault. IOS is extremely limited. I have a large family with members on Android and iOS. We also have tried multiple accountability systems like Covenant Eyes etc. They all face the same issue… Apple’s very limited operating system. You as an end user need to make the decision. Do you care MORE about using an apple product or accountability. The best accountability experience will NOT come on an IOS device. Believe me we have tried and paid for EVERYTHING! If Accountability is first priority, switch to Android… Yes, it will be inconvenient, but in my home we have decided accountability is more important than wearing the latest Apple bling.


I know apple is very secure with their privacy policy and I love the concept of this app being made for accountability but the VP* totally ruins the speed of my LTE and WIFI. I go to college and can’t even connect to the internet because the VP* interferes with it. I have to continuously delete the app and it gets my app partners to question me. I have super fast LTE but the moment I turn on the VP* my loading speeds go from fast to slow. Please fix this issue, There has to be a way to solve the connectivity.


I have this app on three iOS devices and it is great most of the time. Unfortunately, on my iPhone the VP* frequently gets stuck in a connecting/disconnecting cycle, rendering my WiFi and LTE inoperable. The only thing that has fixed it is to turn WiFi off and on, which doesn’t always work the first time, or to disable VP* and reenable it. It’s an inconvenience, to say the least. (Have never been able to get it to work on a Kindle Fire.) Update Sept 16: Periodically, we still have the same issue with the VP*.

bigger jd

This app is what it says it is. It does get stuck in a connecting/disconnecting sequence every once in a while. Sometimes with sites like Cabela’s and bass pro it won’t load the entire web page when the VP* is on. The alerts are instant and very helpful.


I got this application because it promised what I was looking for. On desktops and laptops it works perfectly but when it comes to mobile devices it is the worst system imo. The VP* system crashes all the time and if the VP* can’t connect then you can’t use any application and it’s frustrating and their costumer service is horrible.

Kenzie Beckenhauer

Won’t let me online outside of my WiFi. Very crappy app.


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