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The doorbell rings, but you’re not expecting visitors. With the iDor Mobile™ app, you can immediately see who’s at your door. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can now communicate with your visitors from your home or remotely on a 3G/4G/LTE network.
• When someone rings your doorbell or presses the call button, an image automatically appears on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. You can now talk directly with your visitor and decide if you want to open the door.
• If you have multiple cameras installed, you can also switch between interior and exterior views of your home. You can use a soft button to call up the elevator to your floor or even your apartment.
As long as you are within the wireless range of your home or are accessing a 3G/4G/LTE network, iDor Mobile is always ready for you — it’s the most useful innovation since the invention of the doorbell!
All you need to control the iDor Mobile app is the controller, an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch with Version 11 and up, a Siedle or iDor Mobile video intercom system, and a wireless or 3G/4G/LTE connection. Is your intercom system older? No problem — iDor Mobile is compatible with most video intercom systems

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This app is awful. Never works. When are they going to fix this?!

I Wanda Why

This system has never worked correctly. I can see the cameras but none of the useful functions like buzzing a visitor into ground floor or opening the elevator from visitor parking or the ground floor. It’s just like having a security camera but that’s it


This app is always down, leaving me locked out of my building.


This app promised I could control my building door remotely. It has never worked. I paid for this app, and although I can see who is buzzing, I have to use my physical intercom to let them in. And of course cannot do remotely. Nothing on the app works as the sales pitch stated.


This is the app I use to let people into our apartment building, like friends or deliver persons, but there are some improvements that elevate this app considerably. – When sending a notification, include a sound and vibration option. Right now the notification simply appears and doesn’t actually notify the person. This is incredibly annoying for me and the person waiting for me to answer. – Move the controls to the home screen. There is no reason they need to be hidden behind a tab/button. – When tapping a button, provide feedback that the intended action was completed. For example, when “unlocking” an elevator or mailroom, the virtual button doesn’t provide enough feedback to appear as though it actually completed the task. – UI seems pretty outdated in general. Some updated visuals and layout would go a LONG way!


Horribly designed app. Full of bugs and riddled with poor design choices. Easier to run down multiple flights of stairs to answer the door than to use this poorly designed app.


This app is terrible. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t notify. Always offline. Can someone fix this? What the point of an app if it doesn’t work?


App is super buggy. It always crashes before I can left any one in. Please fix!!!


Aside from being a clumsy design, this app does not allow multiple alert options. When someone rings you, your phone will let out a completely unnoticeable chime and/or vibrate once. There is no way to set up an alert the keeps vibrating or ringing until you answer. It is not intuitive how to let people in after they ring you. Although it mostly works, it feels like this app was an afterthought. Needs a update with improved user experience.


Likely our Bldg Mgmt will need to fix, but we have a SIP error which notes to check our Audio Settings for correct values, but the new update removed our ability to access Audio Settings. So functionality is limited to just opening our door manually, but we can’t hear the buzzer remotely nor can we answer the intercom nor can we call the elevator, sadly. Would love to see an update more recent than 11 months ago. Thank you!


App never notified me of someone at the door. My whole condo building hates this app. So many missed packages because we can’t buzz people in


So I did not willingly decide to use this app. My building installed it and I have no choice but to use it. It is super glitchy, I have to delete and reset the IP and password every few weeks otherwise the app crashes as soon as I open it.


This app stopped working (every time I open it, all I see is a blank screen) and now I don’t get any of my packages at my apartment. Fix this app.


What’s the point of this app if notifications are not even working?


This is the most frustrating app I’ve ever used. Such a simple concept – someone rings the bell, you pick it up and let them in. Somehow, however, this tiny app is riddled with bugs and a terrible user experience. In under a year of use of this system, I’ve had countless bad experiences trying to let package deliveries into the building. I get the notification for the doorbell ring, but God forbid if I answer more than 10 seconds after the notification comes in, the app bugs out and I’m left just staring at the delivery courier without any way to talk to them or open the door. The main design decision that they’ve royally screwed up is that they’ve chosen to only allow you to open the door when someone rings. And due to the bugs, you only have ~8 seconds from when you receive the notification to open it. I don’t know how this app has so many good reviews. Literally everyone in my building hates it. I imagine they’ve bought reviews as all of the 5 star reviews look extremely robotic. We’re evaluating replacing the system now and I’d recommend anyone considering systems to steer clear of this one.


Having this app installed reduces phone battery life significantly.


My building switched to this and now we don’t get notifications when someone is buzzing from the gate (yes, I’ve confirmed notifications are on). Once someone calls me, I can then go into the app and let them in, but it defeats the purpose to have them look me up at the gate, get no answer, and then hope they decide to try my cell.


Wish I had read these reviews before my building switched over to this. Unfortunately, now I’m forced to use this terrible app. Routinely crashes or gives a blank offline screen when you try to answer the door, which means you can’t actually let people in.

Customers should com

At first was unable to use controls to open door, now when someone buzzes, it doesnt even ring. Worse than useless.


My users need flexibility to customize their configuration – which this app indeed allows for. The problem is that once they’ve done this, every time they open up the app they get a nag pop-up asking if they want to sync to the server configuration. If they select “yes”, then all of their customizations are instantly wiped out! Only by selecting “not this time“ may they go on to use the app without losing their custom configurations. I have been asking iDor to fix this behavior for over a year now with no response. it does not seem like they even listen to their users. As of the recent update this nagging pop-up still appears EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


App loads, I log in successfully… No camera feed. There are no user controls to reset or configure anything. Plus, the thing looks like something out of 2009. My hands are tied. My whole building’s security system is at the mercy of your lame developers.

TriBeCa pass holder

I would love to see the volume louder, perhaps some options for alert sounds too. The doorbell is nice, but it’s easy to miss. Apple’s built in alarms are substantially louder and made to be heard. Otherwise it works well.


I have downloaded, deleted, waited for new versions, etc. I can’t keep the app open for more than 30 seconds without it just shutting down. If trying to use to get someone into my building it just does nothing when trying to call me.

Jo Bach74

Replaced the battery operated toy (Ring) with a premium product. Siedle + iDor. Should have gone with them in first place.

Dana Moulton

Compared to all the other like Ring.. iDor Mobile works.

62Chloe Moulton

We installed the Siedle intercom with master and App connection. Very reliable setup.


Siedle intercom and iDor Mobile App .. perfect combo.


Rings the iPads every time someone is at the door. Don’t have to get up


We have 4 iPhones and 5 iPads throughout the house. Very convenient. We can see who’s outside before letting someone in through the app.


Had it installed in our home for years. Superb system


Love it. Just works


works 100%


Cool system.


It rings my phone when not home and iPad when home. Just cool

Chris Abbo5

Very clear video. I can see who’s at the gate from my iPhone. Very nice product


Love it.


I can open my door when not at home.. how cool is that ?!


Have a Siedle system with the iDor App. Works great.


Been using this from the start. Never had any problems with the iDor Mobile solution.


Excellent video and audio. Excellent customer service, any issues were fixed quickly. Mostly operator error.


I must say is great to know what is going on at home when you’re away.Works


Calls my iPhone when home and remotely. Awesome


I’m using their app to remote monitor our vacation home. Can call up the iDor entry door and scare anybody away.


Love the way i can remotely get the door intercom call and see who is at the door.


It’s really cool how i can use the iDor Mobile app to activate my alarm remotely.


Awesome that i can see, talk and open the door remotely.


We live in a high rise and use the app to call the concierge. He can call us even when we are not at home. How awesome

robin slicker905

We have the iDor Touchscreen entry station with the iDor Mobile App. Great i can let the FedEx guy in to drop of the package when i’m not at home.


Love it ..just works.


We have the iDor Mobile solution installed at our house where it rings the iPhones and iPads when home and also remotely. Just works.


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