【图】Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle下载
【图】Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle
【图】Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle

Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle iOS

Mob Psycho 100 简介

Reigen, Mob, and Dimple and the delinquent cast of Mob Psycho 100 have arrived in an all-new mobile game!

Explore the world of Seasoning City, battle with a team of delinquents and take on the most challenging villains from the Mob Psycho 100 universe. Play and interact with your favorite moments of the anime with animated cutscenes in crisp 3D graphics. Create your ultimate delinquent team with the entire cast of the Mob Psycho universe and take them into the battle in story events, pvp, and raid battles.

The Ultimate Mob Psycho Experience
– Play through fully animated cutscenes with the original voice over cast to live your favorite movements from the anime
– Defend yourself in 5v5 team building, fast-paced, turn-based battles
– Explore the story and battle at school, abandoned houses, underground tunnels and other classic locations from the show

Become the Best Version of Yourself
– Train, collect, and upgrade Mob Psycho characters to build the strongest troublemaking team.
– Challenge yourself in limited time missions against the strongest delinquents of the Mob Psycho universe
– Characters can unleash their own signature moves in rich 3D graphics

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Mob Psycho 100 下载

App Store 官网美版



The game in all are okay but the servers are trash and just trying to play the game and I loose connection to the server

Albar Blanc

Me gusta mucho. Me ha parecido un juego realmente excelente en casi todo. Los gráficos están muy bien sin ser maravillosos, las batallas están muy bien hechas… El único pero es la falta de nuevas actualizaciones quizás. Me da la sensación de que le falta un pequeño empujón. Si consiguen darle ese empujoncito se puede convertir realmente en uno de los mejores juegos de largo.



a slighted individua

I really enjoy this game, especially because I can come back a week later and there are new challenges. It’s fun to constantly progress rather than repeat the same games over and over. I like that you also have little side things you can do. My only issue is that sometimes when I auto battle, after I’ve defeated someone, my game will glitch and it won’t let me exit. But, I understand that this is a very complex game and it’s hard to have everything always perfect. I enjoy the game immensely!


I completed chapter 1 and 2 but I can’t progress to chapter 3 I don’t know why it just will not let me play chapter 3 so that needs to be fixed if I could actually progress through the game I’d give it a solid 4/5 it’s pretty decent.


I’ve been waiting for a Mob Psycho game and I’ve always figured it’d probably come out on console or pc first, but it’s actually come to mobile and is really fun! Like most games I play it’s very addicting and is very easy to get used to. Honestly i saw this through an ad while rewatching the series and figured I’d check it out. Very nice game, thanks for making this!


Update anytime soon? 😅

David sommer

I do admit that the game is amazing while playing it but there are a few problems that are mainly the servers. Every time I do something having to do with battle I always have to wait a while for it to load. Eventually it will kick me out of the server and I think that during one battle I was kicked out about 5 or 4 times due to needing to connect. I know it isn’t my internet because I don’t have issues with anything else having to do with outside the game. But otherwise the game is enjoyable to play if you do manage to stay in the server.


I’m using my Crunchyroll account as my login and it won’t let me sign it.. when I try, it goes to a blank screen. I was almost level 50.. it really is a pain to lose all of that progress..please get that fixed

Cha0s Incarnate

Tried to like this game, but ughh Horrible


Somehow every single recommended name is ‘already in use’ I’m very confused by this. The game is probably going to be half baked if I somehow make it though the name selection


Don’t listen to all the negative reviews. This game is super fun to play especially when taking breaks or if you’re relaxing and watching tv. It’s a fun kick back and grind type of game that feels super rewarding and there’s plenty of things to keep you busy. The only thing is I noticed a spelling error with one of the leaderboards and they need to fix the chat system. Once those small things are fixed the game will be perfect.

YTSpebble is my user

So I started with the salt lake middle school 2nd and I was level 45 with 6 stars and I made another acc on the 1st one and now I can’t login to 2nd server which is stupid


As you seen the title, no matter what I use, it’s already taken. Every time I roll a random name, taken. A random name I came up with? Taken. I can’t play the game at all because of this, and it really upsets me. If this might be a bug or something, I really hope someone can help me with this.

Gage Cone

Literally every single name is taken and I can’t get past name selection because of it, I imagine this is subject to change in the future once they have caught on to the issue but for now it is a one star for me.


Logged me out and won’t let me log back in, and when it asks me to choose a use name no matter what random letters and numbers I enter I’m told the username is already taken so it won’t let me play anymore


I’m kinda far into the game and after the recent update it has an employment paper and it says dear, name but for each name I put in there it says that the name is already in use


i couldn’t play the game bc it wouldn’t let me use the usernames i wanted bc they were being used already, then the random names the game gave me were being used too !? make it make sense


I type in a username and I can’t even get in


Any time try to play on home xfinity wi-fi cannot get past initial loading screen. Can play if using cell data but inability to use wifi to play or even apply updates is very inconvenient.


Couldn’t even get past the terms and services disclaimer that you get at the start


Terms of Service prevented me from continuing until I just kept tapping all over the screen to get past it. Honestly not a good impression at the start of the game. However, I really like the game and battle style. Really satisfied.


When I open the app there is this Entertainment Game Labs (EGLS) that I can’t navigate out of. Pls fix this and I’ll happily change my review after playing. Thank you


My complaint is that the game won’t let me get past the terms of service because there is no button that clicks accept and continue please fix


I can not buy the monthly subscription card


the audio is working for me and like it’s just so frustrating ehhhhh.

cant think 123456789

I can’t get in to the game because I’m the main menu theres a box with text with no exit or I accept button


It’s a very addicting game that’s very free to play. Devs are quick to fix issues and compensate accordingly for mishaps. I am very pleased playing this game. Now, there’s some bugs and translation issues, but I am sure all that will get ironed out as time goes. 4/5 until game is bug free.


Doesn’t even open past your legal mumbo jumbo screen…just sits there.

Sofa bruh

Mob and Reigen did a tik tok together while dimple died of a stroke In the back very good game.


Game is NOT working and not even allowing me to log in… yet there has not been a single post on their twitter page addressing the issue or even a timely update to address this problem.


Tons of bugs of this game, failed to login in for two days and nobody try to fix it. Immediately login out if you switch to other app, pvp always noticed error and never works. I played it since the first day of this game release and completely disappointed.


Devs don’t communicate with there consumers. Don’t even post patch notes Game ben having buggs sense day 1 no fix And as today 2/13/2020 you can’t login with Apple ID

Akame ga shellee

It’s a near perfect game with a lot of flaws if that makes sense. I would be able to assist you with the flaws in the game by relaying play through info to you.


You can’t even get past the name selection because everything is take! I Litterly pushes a bunch of random letters and numbers and it said that the name was taken. Please fix this.


I can’t even start the game because every single thing I type for a username is apparently already taken which I know isn’t the case. Idk what’s wrong with it


Why are all the name I think of all are takin and I be been at the naming screen for half an hour explain devs why can’t I pick any names or ima delete it also why do the randomizer still has tAkin names and I pressed random letters and it still not working hurry up and explain it’s definitely a strategy game because you gotta find a name


It says all the names are take and I can’t even play


I get to the contract page…tried 10000 different name ideas, “that name is already in use”….then I decided what the heck I’ll just click the randomizer and take what it gives me..same thing. “That name is already in use” it was like “RoyceFlybb” lol come on, I just want to try this game


I have tried for about an hour trying to get a username. I know this game is relatively new but from the looks of it, it’s littered with BOTS. Even the random name button names are all taken.


This game has everything except some text alignments and the chat interface that must be fixed.


Amazing graphics and gameplay! Maybe have more characters and fix bug for Broccoli Cup that doesn’t allow you to find a match


The game won’t launch on my iPhone 6s. my phone has iOS 13. I’m just sad because I loved the anime and wanna see the game adaptation.


Soooo many bugs! Can’t play psychic challenge AT ALL, and it’s been like this since launch. Everyone complains about this but literally nothing has been done to fix it. You’ve got like half of a working game and you can’t even play the one thing that’s been advertised!


The game has nothing special going for it. It seems like they just copy-pasted the game from a Japanese version or something because the text does not fix. The translations are quite bad which makes it hard to understand what some of the skills actually do. I wonder if the translations for the anime that CR are this bad, it is like the translators first language is not English. As far as good things about the game, I want to say it is nice to not lose any stamina if you fail a map. This allows you to try and test the limit of your team without worrying about failing. It also seems to give you starting units that are usable at the start. All in all, it is a decent game that has things to fix, but also doesn’t have anything standing out aside from the game being made from an anime.


Such a bad cash grab. Cant even roll the limited gacha with the currency. Poor cash grab. Move on to Arknights the better gacha release


Every time I open the app and click on “enter” it starts connecting and then it say that “lost connection to server”

Gamer Who Loves You

I love the game for about the 10 minutes I played this morning but now I’m unable to do anything… can’t make it past the login screen… keeps saying I lost connection to the server… been like this after my first login… I don’t know it says I have lost connection to sever I have good WiFi… I even tried doing deleting and re-downloading the game but same problem occurs even if I try to use my data says same thing… hopefully it’s just a server crash or something and is back up soon


It’s a fun game and I’m a fan of the anime, but I haven’t been able to log on in 2 days because of server connection issues.

Takes too long to le

It keeps saying that I lost connection to the server So I can’t play


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