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Rosie lets you shop online from local grocers for same day delivery or in-store pickup.
Simply select a grocery store in your area, pick your favorite items, and choose a time to receive your groceries. Shop from your mobile phone at local stores you know and trust.

– Order online for same-day delivery or in-store pickup from grocery stores near you.
– Access all the items you would find in the store, even household supplies.
– Simplify shopping with personalized recommendations.
– Get items hand-picked by local grocers to fit your preferences.
– Sync your Rosie shopping experience seamlessly across the Rosie mobile app and website.

Rosie is rapidly expanding its service to additional locations by partnering with leading, local stores nationwide.

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Managed to select items but could not enter payment info and finalize payment.


My confirmation code with total charge came through to my email. Then on my charge notifications it said there was an additional charge. I reached out to customer support and they said the first amount was incorrect. They refused to refund the additional charge that they had no authorization to charge in the first place. I am working back with my credit card company to dispute the charges. I informed the customer support representative that would be reporting the fraud and posting a review in my app and play store. One moment of shopping, 30 days to clear up the additional charge. They don’t even care.

Kikis Mama

I wish you could add to your order since they give you a minimum amount. Let’s be honest, you add your groceries then you run out of milk. You have to either A) cancel your existing order or B) create a new order of 35 dollars to add that milk. Other grocery store apps give you a cut off time to tweak your orders, wish Rosie gets with the program and adds that feature too.


The app was easy to use. I did not appreciate the substitutions made without my input. On whatever Fred Meyer uses directly, there is an option to opt out of accepting substitutions. I ordered bread flour, they replaced it with all purpose flour. That’s not equivalent, it requires a huge recipe work around. I ordered parchment paper, they replaced it with wax paper. That’s not the same, you can’t bake with wax paper. It was the same brand, but a totally different product! If they had parchment paper from another brand, that would be ok. I’m not using this again since I don’t want to be forced to buy things I don’t want.


We usually use instacart to shop at several locations, but my father wanted specific pies from stauffers for his birthday and they use rosie so we thought we would try it. They only deliver 2 days a week and they won’t make smart substitutes, so not only did we not get a pie but we also didnt get half our order. Don’t bother using it. Just use instacart if available.

brooksey baby

I live in Tupelo MS. I am attempting to buy from Todd’s Big Star Market. They have listed my items at some store in NY. I am attempting to delete this store but it is not allowing to change. It’s not very user friendly,


I like to shop Macey’s but this app is awful. I loaded my cart. Went to pay and it said my password was wrong. Then my email didn’t exist. No support on the phone. I’ll shop somewhere they don’t use this app.


This app falls short in their customer support. I have been trying to reach someone regarding an error (I was given ground cinnamon when I ordered ground ginger, like they can’t even be subbed, they are quite different). The customer support keeps sending me a broken link via email to access their help. When I try to click on “support” on the actual app it doesn’t work. Will not be using their services again.


Support button doesn’t work. When needing to Choose More Dates, the actual calendar dates don’t work when clicked. Search function is just ok. Far from all items in the store available. Compared to other shopping of grocery apps this one is weak.


This might not be the app’s fault, but we used it to place a curbside order from a local grocery (Roseurs), and when we got home we were missing all of our frozen items. We drove back to the store, they apologized and gave us some of those items but when we got home (again) we realized they had forgotten another entire bag of frozen items. Total disaster.


Poor to no communication during the shopping process & afterward. After waiting a week for my order (during the Covid-19 pandemic & subsequent panic shopping) I picked up the groceries. I had *no* idea which items were unavailable until I got the bags home. It’s been two hours and I still haven’t seen a receipt or got a total for the bill. Wondering if I ever will get a receipt through this app or by email. Might have to check my credit card for the total. Too bad because I would like to support my locally owned supermarket that uses the Rosie app.


I have been trying to place an online order for three days so we don’t have to go to the store during this pandemic. The site shut down and lost my entire order twice. When I finally had an available time slot, I tried to pay for my order and it kept telling me it was an invalid account number. I tried two other cards but I got the same message and I lost the first time slot that was available for three days and have no idea when the next one will be available. This is the worst app I’ve ever used!


This used to be an amazing app. Now I can’t even get my shopping cart to load. I’m unable to go to the store because I’m in one of those high risk categories.


That about covers it. You can’t select a store so you’re kinda done.

Garth Ranzz

I placed an order, through the app. The morning I was to pick it up, the store called saying only a total of two items were available. They asked if I wanted to cancel the ENTIRE order to which I said yes. Three days later Rosie sent another email saying those two items were ready for pick up, three days in the past! I called and was promised a call back and that the full order would still be cancelled. Still no word back and I now have a completed charge for the two items I never received! I will never use this app or the stores it supports again!


If you come to a fork in the road, take the one that looks less traveled. This service is a complete waste of time and it only costs $10 more for the groceries that you can already have put away by the time someone even receives your order


Absolutely the worst app I’ve ever used. Can’t pick a store. It assigned me a store in TN. Can’t change it. We have plenty of supermarkets in western N.Y. so I’ll pick one that doesn’t use this garbage of an app. Deleting it!


It’s a nice concept but not functional for my family. A lot of what I search for doesn’t show up, even though the store carried it. For example, heavy whipping cream. No results found. Why can’t I just scan bar codes of things I’m out of? That’s a feature I would love to have. Definitely takes me longer to build a list on here than it would for me to just go shopping for myself. My store doesn’t offer delivery either, only in store pickup. Such a bummer, I wanted to love it.

Toucky toucky

Absolutely cannot easily look at what you want. I searched for bacon in the meat tab. What came up was everything with bacon in it or just bacon flavoring?!?! When I look through the pages upon pages, bacon is scattered here and there between over 10 other items or more. Including lunch meat, frozen food, dog and cat food, etc. NOT USEFUL. If that is not aggravating enough, they DO NOT show product ingredients and nutritional information. Why would any legitimate company want to with hold that information when so many people have severe or life threatening food allergies? I like this store but am house bound. This app does not make it possible to resume shopping there. I’m not putting myself through hours of looking through their up selling stuff to get what I want.

1973 Kel

Why do I have to login every time? Every time I get on to add something to my cart I have to login again. At least make it an option to stay logged in its just my grocery list. I have a pin on my iPad and iPhone I don’t need a full login for this app.


My local store uses this app for their online ordering. After installing the app it defaulted me to a store across the country from me and won’t let me change stores.

Ruined a good thing

I have used the Fred Meyer app for years with blissful ease. Then I moved to an area where There is no Fred Meyer and fatefully decided to try this. I chose my store and spent an hour filling my cart. First of all, when I search for “milk” I get a whole bunch of ransoms stuff like almond milk and Ensure. Why the heck is regular old milk not the most relevant result? Same with tomatoes. Three brands is ketchup cans up before I could find actually of the earth tomatoes. When I went to check out, it somehow defaulted to my old city. I changed the city back to where I live now and it erased my entire cart. Not only did I lose the hour I spent, but by the time I could do it again it was too late for same day pick up. So now I have to spend another hour going to the store to do over what I already did. But it’s all good, Super 1 gave me a $10 odd coupon. 🤦🏼‍♀️ The irony is this exact same thing happened to my sister twice before. I told her to shop at Fred Meyer.


Great app


This app is provided by my local grocery store, but does not contain most local items. I can shop the store for exactly what I want faster and more accurately than I can use the app.


Very easy to use and so convenient!


I really like the new Rosie app. It’s easy to add items to your favorites and add notes to each item for the shopper to see (like instructions for the deli counter). I’ll definitely be ordering groceries using Rosie!

Faye 777

I am a senior citizen without transportation and before Rosie, I had to depend on others for grocery shopping. Then it was a chore getting all my groceries into my apartment. Now everything has changed! I simply order online or my iPhone using Rosie and I’m in business. Soooo easy! Try it….you’ll love it just like I do! Thank you Rosie!!!!!!


This app is so easy to use!! I appreciate being able to order from another state and give the gift of groceries delivered to my hungry college kids! 😁👍🏻

kathleen shotz

Without a car it has been wonderful to have this option. Thank you!!


This app is organized into categories that make it easy to find things. It has a very user friendly layout also!


I tried to find my local store and the zip code search function isn’t working. The stores are not listed alphabetically, and I shouldn’t have to scroll through all of the stores to find one. I tried support, but the button didn’t work.

Lisa working Mom

The Rosie App is so easy to use! Ordering my groceries online has made juggling family life, selecting food option, and meal planning needs so much better. I saved about 2 hours out of my weekend using the app. I will definitely use the service again!


Easy to use and quite the time saver!


The good news is that Rosie allows me to remotely shop at a small, local supermarket chain. However, the app can at times be frustratingly slow and yield strange search results. It’s also annoying that the App doesn’t take advantage of the IPad’s larger screen showing only an IPhone display.


Please pay a professional to either “fix” this app or totally rewrite it. It feels like the developers were cutting their teeth on this without enough understanding of what was going to be expected of it in live production. OR, am I on Candid Camera?? Can’t get around, no way to lead me back. Just wanted to order a few things. Am old but mostly computer savvy, this app is not friendly. Am so disappointed.


I created an account, logged in, spent hours filling my shopping cart. I tested this to make sure that I was logged in and shopping cart was saved. When I logged in to check out, my cart was empty. Contacted tech support. Told me I could recreate the cart – with about 100. No thanks. Will never shop at Super1 or use this app again.


I keep having to restart the app so I can look at item details. The interface just seems clunky, I think the ability to pinch and zoom I think messes things up when you’re looking at search results.


This app is cumbersome and unreliable. The search feature is not robust at all. It freezes up with some regularity. Could be more intuitive. So much room for improvement.


I try to use this app to shop at Macey’s grocery store and it’s a terrible experience. The process for putting items in the cart often results in items not actually getting there, or the wrong quantity. I just spent 20 min trying to checkout but every time I went to review the number of certain items was wrong. Every time I tried to fix it the app crashed. It’s get serious issues. Please create a user friendly process for adding items to the cart and find a way to fix the bugs. Soon!


If you can’t even get past the second screen to create your account, that doesn’t bode well. It wasn’t clear about what date they wanted (today ? birthday?) and that seems unnecessary for grocery ordering anyway…I also don’t love disclosing household size. I’m deleting and sticking with Walmart grocery.


Great idea but a lot of bugs that need fixing. First off when you sign up it asks for the date, what date? Birthday or day or current? Why does it need that info anyway?? Including my gender… just why? Also the invalid form pop up stayed in my screen the whole time. Also when I type in the zip code it doesn’t load the places near me. I just got started so I’ll let you know what else has issues.


This app has several flaws. •very picky on wording things to find an item. •says one thing is a sale price and then I’m charged regular price for it are just a few. I love shopping maceys online but it’s very time consuming with picky wording… for instance to get all the hotdog items to come up you have to type in “hot dog” not hotdog.


The app crashes when I get to the review my cart step. It has so much potential. Only if it worked!


Takes forever IF it even works


You need to update your app it does not work


It would be faster to drive to the store and handpick your groceries rather than use this app. It’s outdated and difficult to navigate.


I’ve been using the Fred Meyer app prior to this and have had some frustrations with finding things with them that I KNOW they carry, but Rosie makes it so much easier by allowing to scan a barcode or even just describing the product and they go and find it for you! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that they still need to work out some bugs like duplicate items that make things confusing and not having product photos for everything. Otherwise I love it!


App keeps crashing!! It worked fine the first time I used it a few months ago. But today it just keeps crashing!


Love the concept, but cannot get it to work. When I try to use the coupon codes given out by my local store to generate interest, the app crashes. Hard to find the item I want unless I know the exact name and flavor. Scrolling is difficult. I feel like this was designed for a tablet rather than phone. Adding things to favorites is easy, which is nice for the items we buy all the time. I do wish you allowed for a wider variety of payment options as well. Being able to see the items on ad for a given week would be nice too. Rather than having to search for items I might need and being surprised when they are on sale.


The schedule my family and I have we don’t always have time to go grocery shopping (or sometimes we are too tired and don’t want to go!) and this app has made life simpler. There are a few things that need improvement such as when I search for “honey” literally EVERYTHING with the word honey pops up and I have to search for awhile to find what I’m looking for. Also if you could put your ads inside the app to “clip” and apply to the order that would be fantastic! Other than that I think this concept is amazing and I will never “grocery” shop in the store again!


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