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Welcome to the Entergy app, the app for everything Entergy.

Manage your Entergy account – you’re mobile, and we’re there for you!… ANYWHERE… ANYTIME. You’ll be able to see your balance, make payments, request an extension and more … all in one place, at your convenience.

Want to check if the power is on at your home or business? Report an outage? Or quickly check your account balance? The Entergy app can easily send pre-populated text messages and get the information you need!

Want to watch do-it-yourself videos about energy efficiency or read the latest company headlines? Now it’s all in one place! Staying informed & “in-the-know” has never been easier.

The Entergy app is an easy way to stay informed about your account and the company.

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It is a shame they have spent so much money (increases my cost) to develop a POC. The PSC should be looking into the expense that they pass on to the people for something that is this bad. However, it could be a valuable program if they would hire someone who knows something. But that’s probably not going to happen because of politics in the company.


There’s no point in getting the App. It sends you to browser for every option. What’s the point, really?! If there was an option to rate ‘0’ star I would’ve, instead of the 1 star. Oh well!

Foxy 5Oh

I can’t believe they even call this an app… it’s 100% useless and serves no purpose. Can’t sign in to view or pay a bill with it.


What’s the point of having an app when you have to use a browser to pay anyway???


If I could give this app 0 stars I would. When you log into the app and go to pay your bill it then takes you to the website we’re you sign in and click pay bill. Except when you do this action it says processing but never pays the bill!! This has been going on 4 months now and I end up having to call every time so I can pay said bill. Even when the app did work you still had to pay billmatrixs $3 to process payment. It’s a ripoff


The purpose of this app is useless . It still brings you to a different window outside of the app so it really makes no sense to even download

Vie Cruelle

This app is basically just a bookmark for safari, which opens the most horrible/broken mobile website. There is no reason to have this app. I can’t make payments, view my bill, make request through it— you have to do all of that through the website.


This App is a total joke. I can only use it one time before it doesn’t recognize my password. If I try and log in after I use it it tells me it doesn’t recognize my password and I have to change it. Who designed this thing? Also good luck trying to contact entergy. They are a bigger joke.


Piece of crap


This app just links to the browser, now. It is very frustrating. Stopped working about a year ago. They need to update it so that it works.


Not intuitive at all. Can’t even get something as simple as the outage map to load. Re-registering my account was a total nightmare. Should not be this difficult as much as they charge they should have a better app. Clearly cut costs on app development. 👎👎


The new app is extremely hard to navigate.


Whoever is responsible for this app should find another profession. It crashes and mainly links you to either a text message or to a web page. What do I need this app for if I log into the web based service anyway


Total waste of time! I went through the whole set up process with my account to get outage reports by phone and it still tells me I’m an unauthorized user!


Doesn’t let you pay by card stuck in endless loop doesn’t redirect you to billmatrix just sends you back to the account dashboard page 👎


It won’t even let me pay the bill online…?!


Can’t log in, can’t see my bill, useless!


Got the following when I tried to view my bill. No idea what it means. I guess we’re not allowed to see our bill now. What a joke of an app. To protect all customers from excessive usage and Denial of Service attacks, we limit the number of long-running requests that are processed at the same time by an organization. Your request has been denied because this limit has been exceeded by your organization. Please try your request again later.


The app is useless now. I tried to use it and it made me create a new account which took 10 to 15 minutes including waiting on a confirmation email. Now when I go onto the app it just redirects to a website where you have to login every time.

News Junkie 42

This App is absolutely horrible! It does not allow one to pay one’s bill on line using a credit card, neither by smart phone or by tablet. In other words, it is worthless. It wasn’t always this way. Prior to “upgrading,” it was quite functional! Please make it work again!

Allie 1959

I have used the app for a long time. It is now sending me to the Entergy website when trying to use MyAccount feature. This on top of frequent glitches is the reason I deleted the app today.


It just takes you to online web portal. Waste of time. Work on improving.




The app forced me to re-register, then told me there was no service at my address. It told me to change my password and the result was “Oops, something went wrong” I could not report my outage.


I’m not sure what happened to this app but it is horrible. The last time I had their service, it was actually useful for paying bills and the other capabilities it had. Not the best, yet it was actually useful. Can’t do anything really on this app. Directs you to the website, which is also in my experience useless. I’m not able to do anything I need to with this company if it isn’t by phone (after waiting on hold for 45 minutes -1 hour).


This app used to be good but the last 2-3 months it changed and not I can’t even login to pay my bills.


This is the worst app ever. Entergy’s previous app worked fine. This newer version is sluggish, non-responsive, and continues to freeze, looping me back to the original page. The entity that developed this app should be fired. To pay my bill, I finally had to call Bill Matrix. After 30 minutes trying to pay online, I gave up. Wanna bet I will receive no response from Entergy? Nah, won’t happen. Larry Nesbit / Jackson, MS


I got the app so that I could have easier access than I do on the website. But the links on the app open on a web browser, so what’s the point of having an app that takes me to the website that I’m trying not to use?


After creating a new account, it keeps bringing up my old one after we have moved and started a new service. I set up a new service a month ago with the new address and my phone number. Now it doesn’t even exist…or it is not allowing me to request access on myEntergy account. Either way… The app designer and web developer should be fired. It shouldn’t be this hard to log into a new account.


Since ENTERGY has changed to myentergy I have been unable to get online or use the app . I have spent NUMEROUS hours trying to find the issue. IT IS NOT AVAILABLE TO CALL. I have to WAIT until IT calls me . 😡😡Technology is SUPPOSED to move forward. This is a train wreck. 😢


I need an app that works and the latest update is the pits. I’m trying to pay my bill and I had to set a new login account. Then my saved info isn’t there. Even though one of my accounts is set on auto-payment, it is now past due. The new website is difficult to navigate and isn’t mobile friendly. Awful and frustrating.

An angry egg

Why do you make paying a bill such a difficult task? Why do you make signing up such an annoying process? F**k you entergy

Word girl qwerty

Recent changes make this app not an app anymore. Tap anything and it opens your internet browser and takes you to the Entergy website. So there is no app anymore. Wish I could rate it zero stars.


When you click anything in the app it just opens your browser to MyEntergy (their new janky system)

waf go imnvdtuj



Seeing as I live in a township that has actually contracted with Entergy, effectively thwarting capitalism and competitive rates, I am forced to abide with this company. However, the application as well as site has “updated” recently, making it virtually impossible to pay a bill. The links lead no where or to a loop right back where you started. Want to set up new service? Sorry, that link is dead too. For the money you extort, you would think Entergy would provide a viable way to collect their fees. Useless.


Not only has this app not worked majority of the time and would always redirect me to a web browser, now it redirects me to a new website that is inaccessible. It does not recognize any of my information. Apparently Entergy doesn’t want to get paid. I will not pay for a small fee over the phone, nor will I go to a payment center. This is 2020. Get it together.


Literally most pointless app ever. Lol Links you straight to their webpage.

Gris Gris

Entergy always had a nice website you could pay your bill through very easily. over the years they have tried to produce two mobile apps which failed miserably. you can’t even pay your bill with a credit card as it won’t take you to the bill matrix system it just keeps asking you to login over and over again just like the last app. Even going directly to the bill matrix page and entering in your correct account and code number still doesn’t work. I’ve never seen a company that makes it so difficult for customers to give them their hard earned money.


Hands down the worst app / web site I have ever had the displeasure to deal with. I would love to give it a -5 stars if possible. I have been trying to access my bill for over an hour via the web site & text messages. No such luck. Horrible.


I have to change my password every time I use this app to get in….!!!


Why even have an app if it only links to your website???


This app is useless!!! Tried paying my bill countless times and not once did it go through!


This app is a waste of time. I didn’t have any problems with the old app. Looks better but doesn’t work.


The new app increased the amount of steps to do simple tasks and actually eliminated the purpose of the app to nothing more than a pass-through which slows down the process even more. Takes 2-4x longer to do the tasks I was did and I don’t have that kind of time to waste. Next time check may be in the mail. It would get there easier and probably faster.


This app is a piece of crap. Would not let me report outage. Continually goes black and non-responsive. If it was discontinued we should have been notified and another app ready to replace. Terrible


Why have an app that opens my safari browser such a waste of money!!!!!

Tiara WK

I am accustomed to paying all of my bills online or via an app. I have used the Entergy app since 2017 when I began my service. A few weeks ago, Entergy upgraded (changed) their system therefore forcing account holders to update our username and password in the myEntergy app. I’m a millennial and we usually roll with the punches. However, it is unfair for us to do our part as account holders by updating our account, but Entergy not do their part by ensuring the app will work and function to its best capacity. Not being able to log into the account to pay my bill, even after updating my account is not cool. Making me call to pay over the phone and incur a $3 surcharge is unacceptable. I have two accounts, so that’s $6 a month and $72 a year wasted all because Entergy is incompetent of having a functional app.


This isn’t even an app. What’s the point if it’s just going to redirect me to my browser (safari) and after the so called “update” it won’t let me make a payment. It keeps sending me back to the make a payment page after tapping on the bill matrix button. It’s completely useless and defeats the purpose of paperless billing. Get it together.


This app was recently changed and it forced me to create a new account. I absolutely despise that because it is a waste of my time. You already steal ridiculous amounts of money from me for overpriced electricity and now you’re stealing my time. This is the problem with a monopoly. Also, the outage map is OFTEN unavailable. It always says that Entergy is “performing maintenance.” If Entergy performed that much maintenance, the app should work. Further, they should spend more time and money upgrading the power grid, instead of tinkering with an app.


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